The World Versus The USA . . . Versus Trump


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


To The Communists & Nazis . . . All Their Means Justified The End.

When Everything & Anything Is Justifiable To Win At All Costs . . . Which Includes Lying, Intimidation, Propaganda, Rigged Elections & A Dishonest Judiciary, What Is The Win Worth, Especially in a Supposedly Civil “Democratic” Society Governed by the Egalitarian Constitutional Secular Rule Of Law . . .?

“Of The People, By The People & For The People”

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . American Exceptionalism & American Values Are Under Attack, and the Seriousness of the Attack is not coming from the Russians, Chinese or Islamists.

America Is Under Attack From Within . . . & From America’s Foreign “Allies”.


If the People who Teach the History & Values have been Indoctrinated In How to Teach . . . & What to Teach from Propagandists with their own Anti-Exceptionalist Socio/Political Agenda for Generations – As Far Back As I Can Remember, and Before, how can those who are to Learn the Truth from the “Educators”, Learn Anything Other than what the Teachers want to Teach?

And Those Who Learn The Lies As Truths . . . When Their Turn comes to Teach, What will they Teach to the Following Generation(s) – & Where Will It Stop?

. . . The Lies Become The Truth & The Truth Becomes The Enemy.

We Are Not Bearing Witness To Anything New . . . We’re Watching & Living the Repeat of History. And we’re Living in the Nightmarish World of George Orwell’s 1984, where Ignorance & Propaganda Reign Supreme – Where War Is Peace, Truths Are Lies . . . & Good Is Evil or Evil is Good – AND BIG BROTHER WILL DECIDE UPON WHICH IS WHICH.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS . . . The Global Foundation of Freedom is Under Open Assault, Going As Far Back As Forever – But for our Forever, it goes back to the Academic Presidency of Woodrow Wilson, who did all that he could to Establish the “League Of Nations”, the First Modern Attempt Towards a One World Government.

Then To FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) With His Socialist “New Deal”.


It Went To Bush 41 . . . Who Brought America To War in the Middle East, while Boasting of the New-Coming World Order. And then to Bush 43, who Continued America’s March To Globalism . . . And Thus Far – to Obama, who Revealed America’s DIRTY LITTLE LEFTIST SECRET on his World Apology Tours . . . While using Saul Alinsky’s Tactics to Destroy America from the Inside, by Neutralizing the Military & Overwhelming all of Society in Massive Debt & Entitlements.


The Media Loved Trump . . . Because the Media was Certain that Trump, their Perceived Loudmouth, Narcissist & Buffoon with No Political Experience, would be an Easy Target for Crooked Hillary To Defeat, who (Hillary) is Yet another Apostle of Alinsky.

When More Than Half The Population Pays No Federal Taxes . . . and Half the People who do Pay Some Federal Taxes Benefit from Federal Entitlements – and everything Taught in Academia & the Media Teaches all that has been Wrong with Conservatism, and all that is Great about Socialism . . . Victory for the LEFT Seemed all but Certain . . . But Then Came Trump.

Make No Mistake About This . . . The Globalists HATE President Trump & Conservative America, and will do Whatever needs to be done to Help the American LEFT to Destroy President Trump’s Presidency.

All of NATO has Agreed to Pay their Fair Share . . . But Not Right Away. Why not right Away? They Either Owe the Money or they Do Not. But they do. So why not right Away?

The ONLY Reason NATO is Stringing-It-Out, is in the Hope that Trump Loses in 2020, and that LEFTIST America will at the Speed of Light REBUILD America’s Dismantlement of American Exceptionalism, and Once Again Fall In-Line with the One World Order.

When I Hear Macron Of France & Trudeau Of Canada . . . Mock & Castigate President Trump, while at the Armistice Day Commemoration In Paris, for President Trump’s Nationalism, because of President Trump’s Love for his Country . . . And as I see what is Happening to France & Canada through this One World Order Of The New Communist Agenda . . . I Understand how Critical it is for All Freedom Loving People Worldwide, that President Trump Succeeds – Because Like it or Not, President Trump is Our Last Great Hope To Keep Our Freedoms.

I’M NOT AN AMERICAN . . . But No Matter – because this is far Greater than Just the USA, since the Freedom of the Entire World Teeters on the Success of President Donald Trump.


If The American Judicial System Runs Contrary To The Constitution . . . & Judges Make the Laws at their Whim, Opposed to Interpreting the Laws as the Laws have been Detailed for almost Two Centuries, how can there be any Public Trust in the American Secular Rule of Laws . . . Where Justice Is Supposedly Blind?

If Integrity Is Lost In The American Electoral Process . . . as we have all Borne Witness, with Contrived News (Propaganda), Fixed Debates, Illegal Voters, Stuffed Ballot Boxes & Corrupt Election Officials – as we are Watching Develop in the State of Florida . . . Where’s The American Dream?

Who’s To Say That It’s Only Florida? And if Illegals Can Vote Anywhere . . . Why Should Real Americans Vote At All?

If The Veracity of the Judiciary & the Integrity of the Election Process are Suspect, as They are Now in the United States of America . . . How Soon Before Honest Americans come to the Realization that while they were Believing in the Truth of their Teachers, Politicians, Media & Judiciary . . . That America Had In Fact Been Slipping Towards Dystopia?


For People Who Love Freedom . . . Such As Me – How Long Before My World Comes Crashing Down If America Falls?

The Next Two Years Will Decide The Global Future Of Freedom.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Right on, Howard. It reminds me of a quote. A doctor asked Ben Franklin: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” And he answered: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” The Trumpests are doing all we can to save our republic, but are we fighting the MSM, the educrats teaching our children, Communists & socialists who have just about taken over the Democratic Party, and the members of the Democratic Party to boot. If we don’t control immigration, our republic will soon be lost

  2. Right on Howard, why can’t more see the danger ahead ?We have a government group which is known as THE DEEP STATE and should be scaring the crap out of anyone with half a brain !
    GRAMPS CARLSON Terlingua,Texas

  3. The SINGLE BEST Editorial yet written!! It’s well worth the read, …..and more importantly the CONSIDERATION of it’s contents. I really and truly don’t know what being “on the head of a pin” is like, but I do sense we are rapidly our FREEDOMS, and OUR COUNTRY, in favor of not only EXTREME liberalism, but the very freedoms that our Forefathers worked so hard to get us, is hanging by a very thin string! What we lack is the “Call to Freedom” we need to make it survive!

  4. Unfortunately I have to Agree . Watching my PM piss on our nearest and dearest neighbor and their leader was indeed disheartening, however I suspect the arrogant ass is well supported by the general population here in Canada. He certainly is by his arrogant Eurotrash cohorts. All is well, talk is cheap until the World Bank takes over the country to pay our overwhelming debt . Can Canadians spell Venezuela…maybe not .

  5. This is a warm-up for 2020. They couldn’t cheat ENOUGH to beat us in 2016 because they were so sure Hilly would win. If they steal the FL seat after they got the AZ seat, we are back to a 51-49 in the Senate with RINO never-Trumper Romney teeing up to be the next McCain obstructionist. Thank God Rick Scott is a scrappy guy–like Trump.

  6. You are exactly right in the mark Howard. I am 74 years old and have witnessed what you have stated . The world hates America because “It is the last stronghold of a Free People” THAT IS WHY AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK . I am Canadian and have watched this nation go from hard working people to a government dependent socialist people. Trudeau and the Liberals have a mission …. to destroy all that is charitable and Holy. Ohhhhh Canada is right ! GOD HELP US ALL .

  7. I agree (sadly). We can NOT let the naysayers win. WE THE PEOPLE must at all costs fight this & it starts with the HOUSE, the illegals voting (corrupt voting), NEGATIVITY & when I heard The FRENCH idiot say Nationalism was against Patriotism I almost punched the TV. You are right, even our allies are turning. Is that why NK cancelled their meeting? This will be an UPHILL climb & I will meet the challenge, I hope those with minds do too. God Bless

  8. Great Editorial today, Howard! What’s going on: “Freedom” now means “Freebies”! Republics require people capable of making their own decisions, not simply being “slaves” to whatever Government wants! Half the people (not paying taxes) have “nothing to lose, everything to gain” (“higher taxes”= no money out of their pockets)! Are liberal “Americans” today those who don’t speak English, don’t work, but can make babies and vote (“illegally” or more than once)? Thousands more coming here soon! Why?

  9. Trudeau is a condescending fool. And Trump is doing all the right things to MAGA. We on the right will all agree on this. But in Canada, we are clearly the minority. On a recent MSN online poll here in Canada, the question was asked, “As a Canadian, how would you vote, Democrats, Republicans, or Other.
    Result: 68% Democrats, 20% Republican, 12% Other.
    Solid proof of what a Leftist/Socialist/Marxist Country Canada has become.
    Enough said.
    Our Younger generation will be living in another Eu

  10. You are so right Howard. Thank you once again for your Editorial. I love my country and I am sure you do your’s. But for a long time now America is not free they our government makes up new laws one after another. I am heart broken over what has happened to our country, all I can say is God have mercy on all of us for screwing up this beautiful world He gave us and money hungry powerful people just wanted more and more. What they have done is and are doing is destroying it.
    Shame Take care

  11. Greetings: The rest of the world has never LOVED America. Some “LIKED” America when she finally entered WW1 in 1917 & then WW2 at the very end of 1941 & almost single-handedly saved the WORLD! WHO CARES what Macron or Trudeau or Merkel or any of them say about TRUMP! Trump could continue to write MILLIONS in checks & THEY may stop SAYING IT… BUT THEY’D STILL GO ON THINKING IT! France is an exceptionally JEALOUS country! Hell, they’ve BEEN BEATEN in every war since Napoleon!

  12. Dems use free stuff to get more votes; may finally get & hold majority. Eventually the $$ runs out as it surely will, those on freebies go after those who worked/paid for their needs. When that’s gone & martial law is set, they will be made SLAVES to produce what everyone needs & rest goes to those in power. THEN they will realize this could have been avoided if they’d just worked for themselves to begin with – & didn’t vote Democrat. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  13. I watch these election results unfold and foresee our future in Canada. The corruption leaves me seething. I am wondering aloud why conservatives don’t go the John Galt route seceding several states and give the left have the rest of the US. With no conservatives to fight they quickly turn on one another and tear themselves apart. I think it would hyper expedite what seems to be their wish, becoming Venezuela. This will happen much quicker if the pool of makers aren’t there to fund the takers.

  14. I REALLY ENJOYED the other “bloggers'” comments, & living here in SE Florida, watching the DEMS trying to “STEAL THIS ELECTION”, from Gov. Scott…..THANK GOODNESS HE’S “SCRAPPY”, & “KNOWS THEIR OLD DIRTY TRICKS”! I ALSO “PRAISE” former Gov. Scott, for taking the DEMS “to court”, as well…..he has the spirit of our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, & DEFINITELY WILL “GIVE THEM A RUN FOR THEIR MONEY”!! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO, & AMEN, AMEN…..both PRES. TRUMP, & GOV. SCOTT, GO!!!

  15. Howard, as you know I am Canadian, and I want CANADA & THE UNITED STATES to remain best friends.
    The bond between our two great nations should be iron-clad. Unbreakable. President Kennedy said it best on Parliament Hill (Ottawa) when he visited Canada, back in 1962: “Geography has made us neighbours. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies. Those whom God has so joined together, let no man put asunder.” – JFK

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