The Whole World Is Nuts


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


Some Conservatives Lost Close Races . . . Where Are Their Lawyers With All Of A Sudden Discovered (Deeply Suspect) Ballots?


The LEFT Don’t Like what Tucker Carlson (Fox News) has to say, so the LEFT’S “Brown Shirts” (ANTIFA) Attacked his Home & Threatened His Family’s Well-Being. That’s The New America . . . And It Will Only Get Worse.


Macron (President Of France) . . . Wants a European Army to Protect Europe from Russia, China & Get This – The United States Of America. But EU Countries Won’t Even Pay Their Fair Share For NATO.


Tomorrow (Sunday, November 11th) is the 100th Anniversary of the End Of WWI, when Nations Throughout the World Pay Homage to their Soldiers who Fought in the “Great War” to End all Wars, which is where President Trump (France) is Today.

BUT YESTERDAY & TODAY – WERE OTHER DAYS TO REMEMBER . . . Which were the 80th Anniversary of Kristallnacht (Night Of The Broken Glass), when on November 9th & 10th, 1938 – All Across Germany . . . Jewish Owned Businesses & Synagogues were Destroyed by Fire & Looting – Or Had Their Windows Shattered.

Were You Aware Of This . . . since I didn’t See, Hear or Read much if anything about this Commemoration of one of the Darkest Moments In Recorded History.

Kristallnacht Was The Precursor Of The “Final Solution”.

Jewish Girls & Women were Raped or “Just” Physically Abused, while Jewish Men & Boys were Beaten & Murdered on the Streets Throughout Germany, as the German Police Participated or Looked-On in Amusement.


As The Nazis Stormed Into France . . . Like a Hot Knife Cutting Through Butter, with almost no French Resistance, Philippe Petain, one of the Heroes of WWI, Became the Leader of the Nazi Allied Vichy Government.

And under the Leadership of Petain, 10’s Of Thousands Of French Jews were Led to Slaughter in the Nazi Death Camps.

And unbeknownst to most People, because the French don’t want Most People to Know . . . One of the First Nazi Death Camps to Gas, Shoot, Hang, Beat, Torture, Experiment & Incinerate Jews WAS IN FRANCE . . . in the Alsace Lorraine Region at Le Struthof Concentration Camp.

In French Tradition – Macron Backed-Down, Because He’s A Coward & A Hypocrite.

Here’s This Arrogant French Pecker-Head President . . . Lecturing President Donald Trump on Issues of French Honor, Commitment & Courage – who was 100% Committed to Honoring Field Marshall Philippe Petain, Amongst Other “Great French War Heroes” For His Service During WWI – Stating (I Paraphrase) . . . That One Truth Cannot Be Diminished By A Second Truth.

Can You See A Pattern Here?

NOT TO DWELL ON THIS TOO MUCH . . . France went to World War Against the British (Napoleon) and got its Ass Kicked by the British. They went to War Against the British in Canada and got its Ass Kicked. They Went to War Against the Germans (WWI) and got its Ass Kicked. They went to War Against the Germans again (WWII) and got its Ass Kicked again . . . They went to War in Vietnam & got its Ass Kicked. They Went to War in Algeria and got its Ass Kicked.

Remarkably . . . If It Wasn’t For Five English Speaking Countries – the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, France would have Lost Both World Wars. And if it wasn’t for the United States Of America . . . France and the Rest of Europe would be Bowing a Knee to the Russians.

This Is The Sick World We Live In . . . where Fantasy “Trump’s” Veracity & Pretend Supersedes What Is Real . . . Where Monsters Like Philippe Petain can be Honored and Extraordinary Courage & Commitment can be Diminished.

And if the World did not have President Trump . . . And if the American LEFT, with the Help of International GLOBALISTS could have their Way . . . Freedom Will Become A Memory.

Tomorrow In Canada It’s Remembrance Day . . . In America It’s Veteran’s Day:

I’m already Wearing my Poppy as my Reminder of the Truth, and of Our Nations’ Great Sacrifices so we may all be Free, which is a Lesson Americans & Canadians Best Never Forget.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It is time to separate the two. The true Republicans are-not the Republican ‘Party’.
    The Republican ‘Party’ part’s with the Democratic ‘Party’. They both are ‘one’ and corrupt to the core.

  2. Where is law enforcement when brownshirt thugs, at the behest of their Demonrat enablers, destroy private property and physically threaten unarmed citizens? Oh yeah, of course – they’ve been ordered to stand down by local authorities beholden to their Demonrat masters. America is terminally divided between good on the right and evil on the left. Howard continually reminds us just how good real conservatives actually are.

  3. Howard, agree that evil is reigning and if good people don’t fight back (peacefully), the evil globalists will take over. That’s why they are so intent on gun control, as they want total control. Our 1st & 2nd amendment rights are under attack, with the Left using the racist label to shutdown pushback.

  4. Thank you, Howard, I have never been in the ‘luck’ of having to fight for our country [THANK GOD]!!
    The only “close” army was, as one year, where I was in charge of “evening” watching of “movies” . . .WHOOPY!!
    And I am ‘SO’ glad we still have ‘men’ like Mr. Trump!!

  5. What about kebec’s nationalists supporting the Vichy government. I think they still do! We are living in dangerous times, no doubt about it.

  6. Satan is controlling the democrats, possibly paving the way for the anti-christ? I don’t know, just a thought.

  7. The overwhelming majority of people are intellectually lazy and brainwashed by media, Hollywood and schools. They receive constant messages of leftist idiocy designed to control them. They cannot see reason, carry a conversation nor control their basest instincts for acting like louses, and then justify it all behind pack mentality. Proof of all this is that they do not even want to try to step out of their molds or see other angles, but would rather stay parroting garbage.

  8. Every time France is mentioned, I remember Black Thursday, when thousands of Jews were rounded up in the Velodrome in Paris, while neighbors stood by and did nothing. May Petain and Marcon be cursed as rotten excrement.

  9. Let’s face it, FRANCE is pretty SCREWED UP and it doesn’t appear that there’s any HOPE for them at this time! Yes, WHERE IS LAW ENFORCEMENT?WHY are the TERRORIST GROUPS like ANTIFA ALLOWED to TERRORIZE people?TERRORIZING is NOT a FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT! SATAN is not only CONTROLLING the democrats, he is controlling much of AMERICA! We can thank HUSSEIN OBAMA ET AL for that INTRODUCTION from 2008 to 2016.RACISM became more PREVALENT during his term! THANK GOD for PRES. TRUMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  10. Difference between democrat socialist liberals & republican conservatives is CONSCIENCE–the sense or consciousness of moral goodness or blameworthiness of one’s own conduct, intentions, or character together with a feeling of obligation to do right or be good; conformity to what one considers to be correct, right, or morally good. Not hard at all to figure out which is which. Thanks to removal of school prayer+church/state separation+legalizing abortion+gay marriage, we sold our souls to Satan.

  11. I hate to say it Howard, but the French DID win once and it was BIG TIME. The British did beat them on the field BUT I think you will agree “THEY RULE CANADA” Try getting ANYWHERE in politics if you don’t speak FRENCH! I don’t know the numbers, but I would bet at least 75% of all us Canadians DON’T speak or read any French at all. And you can’t buy anything in Canada if it’s not in French and English on the label It’s enough to piss off the good humor man!

  12. Howard, super as usual. Why no conservative riots ?????? Because we don’t have the stones to do anything!!!
    Enjoy TX

  13. Thought: Maybe Dems got scared their drug supply would get cut off when wall got built, so lots of election results (like in Broward County) were “drug related”? Most conservatives don’t stay “stoned” or “drunk” to “cope” with life, but liberals love folks who are “out of it” (one way or the other)! “Illegal” isn’t just for immigrants anymore- it’s for our elections too! “Whatever it takes” to win (or get what you want) today? Lots of “nuts” and “fruitcakes” (just in time for the holidays)!

  14. Today is the Birthday of the Marine Corp. Many great Marines have died in all of the countries you mention, First in Last Out. My Grandson is a proud Marine. My father who served in WWII saw on of the Death Camps after it had been liberated. He struggled many years with those memories. France has always waved a White Flag as soon as things got tough. I did not know about the camp there. our world is a mess, with no easy way to fix it. Too many liberal leaders.

  15. Howard, I could have told you the whole world is NUTS ten years ago…twenty years ago…thirty years ago…forty years ago !!! In fact, if the world be considered “normal” then please let me be CRAZY !!! Meanwhile, in the summer of 1963, Allan
    Sherman released an album entitled: “MY SON, THE NUT” featuring a little boy’s letter from camp: “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, here I am at Camp Granada”. Just a few months later, President Kennedy (Nov 22/63) was assassinated and everything changed.

  16. Excellent Editorial, Mr. G. I am expecting the worst from the HOUSE. Investigate EVERYTHING about POTUS Trump. They will keep the Fake News Media busy for the next 2 years. The Florida finals will stir up a hornets nest I fear. Nothing but CHAOS. I would love to see calm. Is it even possible? On Kristallnacht why did NO ONE assist or step up to give aid? God Bless

  17. The French are a bunch of arrogant cowards and pompous asses. I can say that because I am part French. They put up a big “show” but nothing behind their curtains. DeGaulde left France in a heartbeat and played outside the fray until the Americans freed France and then he marched in and proceeded to buy our gold at $35 an ounce until John Connelly told Nixon to close the gold window. Scheamers, cowards, pompous, arrogant and a facade. Their fashions make women look hideous.

  18. GREAT Editorial today, Howard! Exactly ON POINT & with the exact tone needed. I fear for the US & it’s future. Too many idiots honestly believe that a divided Congress means Gridlock. Not this time around. It means WAR for the Socialist Demon-rats & just how much they can stir up trouble for President Trump & ALL Conservatives. I thank G-d that my house is armed & ready. Hubby has a Glock, ready to go, with the Concealed Weapon Carrying Card. Trust me, even at 78, he is NOT afraid to use it.

  19. There is not a Bookie in Las Vegas that would have taken a bet that all would be calm with the Voting in Florida. Just take a look at “scary” the person in charge in Broward. This is the Liberal Gestapo in action and also in Arizona. How can a count of 59+ go to 19+ overnight, easy answer, a Liberal with Cash.

  20. The last win by France was Napoleon. They’ve either lost, capitulated, surrendered or collaborated!

  21. Great editorial and great comments. Glad to see some from Quebec.
    Does anyone remember daddy Trudeau struting around Quebec in a Nazi uniform during WW11? Nobody has mentioned that wee bit of info. Now we have the cutiepie son, who resembles his mom in both looks and brains, to lead us into the future. Whoo, I’m glad that I’m old! Now in Quebec their population has to deal with the gov’t in french only. I wonder why they don’t form their own country. Perhaps its the lovely transfer payments?

  22. I’m an 82 yr old survivor of a heavily WWII bombed area of Birmingham, U.K. Tomorrow, and every day, I give thanks and remember all those brave men and women allies who died or were wounded that I might live. Once again the Western World is under attack, from an Islamic invasion. Liberals and our politicians are welcoming the enemy into North America. Under President Trump a semblance of common sense prevails but I fear it will not last if Demorats gain control. God Bless America and Trump.

  23. I agree with you Howard our world is NUTS . Enjoy your stay here in the U.S. you and Anne
    I agree also with Ken Davies from Ontario. I am getting old as well and what is going on in this world makes my heart sadden and also angry. I love my country but dislike the way our government runs it. I do like our President he is a good one trying his best to help us all. The Democrats are going to strike him down just to be more mean than they can be.

  24. As a Vietnam Veteran, I wanted to personally thank you for today’s timely and informative article. It brought to me those words, “Never forget!” or we shall allow the past to sneak right in front of us – again!

  25. Awesome article, Howard. I feel the same way. Is everyone nuts or is it ME? No, we are the ones with the sound mind. The world is crazy.

  26. I so enjoyed the other “bloggers'” comments, today & I agree that the rest of the world is NUTS…..thank goodness for Pres. TRUMP, he definitely “GETS IT”! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF OUR MEN & WOMEN, WHO HAVE SERVED IN OUR ARMED FORCES, & HAVE HELPED KEEP OUR USA “FREE”!! I truly feel our country is BLESSED, to have PRES. TRUMP “IN CHARGE”, GO TRUMP GO!!! AMEN, AMEN!!!!

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