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No Spin . . . The LEFT Lost “Big League” Under The Trump Juggernaut.

It didn’t quite Turn Out As Good As I Hoped it Would . . . But in itself – It Was An Enormous Victory for the President of the United States of America, America’s Allies and a Massive Psychological Defeat for America’s Enemies.

It Was Also A Monumental Defeat For Socialism & Socialist Money.


Not Only Did The LEFT Lose The Senate . . . Which They All But Assured Their Base They Would Win – Conservatives Won & Expanded Their Senate Seats, Giving President Trump Even More Power To Appoint Judges & Change-Around His Cabinet.


I Don’t Understand Why This Isn’t Really Big News . . . ‘Cause it should be, since Former President Barack Hussein Obama, who now Appears to be Nothing More than A-Flash-In-The-Pan, since Obama Took One Where The “Sun Don’t Shine”, same as Opra Winfrey, Taylor Swift and all the Other “LEFTIST” Entertainment Geniuses, who Threw Everything they Could to Defeat Conservative Commonsense Values.

When We Consider . . . the TOTALITY of the Money Spent By The LEFT (Billions Of Dollars) and the Unbelievable Volume of Negative Media, which Includes almost all of Hollywood, Television Sitcoms, Late Night, Morning & Mid-Day Talk Shows – The DELUGE of Negative Print Media and the Never Ending Smear Jobs of Cable News (With The exception Of Fox News) – They Took, in the now Infamous Words of Barack Hussein Obama, when Obama Described his 2010 Mid Term Loss . . . A SHELLACKING!


To Paraphrase – Einstein Reputedly Said . . . The Definition Of Insanity, Is Doing The Same Failed Thing Over & Over Again – Expecting A Different Result.

THIS IS AN IDENTICAL REPEAT OF NOVEMBER 2016 . . . When the LEFT Pulled-Out all the Stops, and Threw Whatever they Could against Trump’s Campaign to Beat Crooked Hillary.

It Was Also The Same BS Almost Two Years Ago . . . With The Media, Hollywooders, Entertainers, Academia, Billionaires, Liars, Distortions, Smears, Cheating, Fake News & Contrived Polls – WHEN IT DIDN’T WORK THEN . . . & IT DIDN’T WORK NOW.

And by the Time 2020 Rolls Around . . . The LEFT will Prove Einstein Right – And Do It All Over Again.


To Paraphrase – It Was Better To Lose By Some . . . Than To Win By A Few.

Now . . . Let’s See What The LEFT Is Going To Do – and How Pelosi and this Sick Bunch of Democrats without a Platform will Deal with the Civil War within their own Ranks, between the Democrat Socialists and the Democrat Center LEFT.

Also . . . Watching the Enormous Field of Wannabe LEFTIST Presidential Candidates – All of whom Believe that the Sun Rises & Sets around each and every one of them, will also be a Circus worth Enjoying, as they Savage Each Other, As They Surely Will.


When For The Past Two Years . . . All the Democrats could do was Resist & Obstruct at every Turn, without Putting Anything of Substance Forward, why should Anyone Believe things will be Different Now, that the LEFT Holds the House?

President Trump No Longer Needs The House . . . Certainly Not A Weakened House.

In Less Than Two Years . . . President Trump has been Able to Present & Pass More Regulations, Laws, Trade Deals & Treaties than most Presidents have been Able to Accomplish IN TWO FULL TERMS.

And even though President Trump Doesn’t have the House . . . Like Hussein Obama, President Trump Has His Pen & His Phone. And the President has his New, Improved & Strengthened Senate.


Once & For All . . . Obama Has Been Shown To Have Been Only A Political Bad Dream.

Oprah & All Entertainers Have Been Exposed For Who & What They Are – Nothing.

With The Full Force Of Virtually All The Conventional Media . . . They Proved To Be Useless.

With The Fix Being-In With The Social Media . . . They Too Fizzled.

With All Their Billions Of Dollars – The LEFT Couldn’t Do The Deal.

For All The RINO Never Trumpers – They’re In The Dustbin Of History.

This Senate Is The Trump Senate . . . And the Republican House Members, who are Smart Enough to Understand on Which Side of the Bread is their Butter – There will be a New Energy amongst Republicans in the House who will want to be the House Majority in Just Two Years.

Gone Are The RINOS . . . & Gone Are The Paul Ryans – This Is A New Day.

And when the People who didn’t Vote for Trump Republicans . . . After they get a Good Sample of how Screwed-Up the Democrats will be in the House, Falling Over Each Other Grandstanding . . . That by the time November 2020 Rolls Around . . . It Will Certainly Be A Red Tsunami When President Trump Can Finish His Job Of Making America Great Again.

As Strange As This Might Seem . . . Losing Was A Great Night For Conservatives.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Evidently I am not the only one who has been screaming at the news I hearing on Fox New station on television! I keep hollaring ‘PATTY! Didn’t Republicans win the House and the Senate???” And hearing “Yes Dear”. “Well! weren’t the Republicans supposed to be on the American citizens side??? “Yes Dear”…Well what the **** are they Doing?? They all need to be line up against the wall and….!

  2. Great comments! And I think Trump is going to be even more bold….that he is tired of all the silliness. And we can just ignore them, even though it is very hard to look at Nancy Pelosi! I’m just not going to look!

  3. Amen, Mr. G! Now if President Trump could come to California and save us Conservatives and “little” people from this huge gas tax we’re facing. Lord help us. We’re facing $5-a-gallon gas. I guess they want everybody but the poor and rich to remain here.

  4. With a 50-50% split between the goons and the “deplorables” 50% back up of voters was all that Trump could work with. So Trump achieved more than he could have expected and a monster first step to recovering the glory of his country. Congratulations and all the power to him. When it’s all over in two more years a Nuremberg trial with the same consequences should be the outcome for those demrats. I’m serious, they stupidly jeopardized peoples’ lives!!!!!

  5. So succinctly said! Let POTUS Trump unleash his POWER! It is going to be a ‘slug fest’ in the HOUSE! I think we will have a ‘ring side seat’ to the performances!!! I am so glad I was working our precinct. I have never seen so many ‘youngsters’ as first time voters, voting. We had them, most of the day standing in LONG lines waiting to cast their votes. It was like Obama’s first run. But we were setup and ready for them! Pelosi is going to have to COMPROMISE & deal on Trump’s terms.

  6. Howard, I feel we won the battle, but, lost the war. Amendment 4 allows ex-cons to vote in Florida except for those that committed rape and murder. This is will increase the Democrat voting population. With the razor thin edge of Gillum being defeated, I do not feel confident on the upcoming future elections. In addition, Guillum is a Marxist and for nearly 1/2 the population of Florida voting for him, it is scary. I see Marxism/Socialism penetrating our society and political class.

  7. GREAT POSITIVE EDITORIAL! Your narrative is so ENCOURAGING! It will, no doubt, be another interesting TWO YEARS! Hope your are all rested from your long trip to Texas! AMEN!

  8. The House will continue to be in a stalemate because nothing the Dems pass will pass the Senate. My major concern is this election included the 5th generation of elementary-thru-college students increasingly propagandized by leftist (progressive) teachers & professors. The fact that only presidential elections include the electoral college, Democrat-populated large cities & suburbs now have numbers larger than rural & outlying areas, so it’s possible we’ve reached the 50%+ mark of Democrats.

  9. “Great American Give-Away” continues! BTW, just who is “entitled” to what today? Healthcare for all? (In the past, this was a benefit of having a job, with “pre-existing conditions” that excluded folks!) This nation is so focused on “equality” today that people don’t have to do anything anymore (including respecting other people)! Just how fast do liberals want to turn USA into “third world”? Will it be “Mob Rule” (a.k.a. Democracy) now, not Republic? Trump is a “blessing” not a “curse” on USA!

  10. LETS CELEBRATE THE MID TERMS: Look at these comparisons…for Presidents Clinton in 1994, Obama in 2010 to Trump this year…..VERY INTERESTING.

    CLINTON LOST 53 in the House and 9 in Senate in 1994 Mid Terms
    OBAMA LOST 63 in the House and 6 in Senate in 2010 Mid Terms

    TRUMP LOST ONLY 27 in the House and GAINED 3 in Senate in Mid Terms

    I would call that a Trump Red Wave in comparison.

  11. Excellent Editorial, Howard!!! You are so right on with your assessment of this Nov. Election. It really is a crying shame that most Americans don’t really know just how powerful our US Senate is. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they gave the US Senators a 6-year term, which is longer than even the US President’s 4-year term. Not only does the US Senate give Advice & Consent for all of the Presidential nominees … They are to be the “wiser” of the 2 Houses.

  12. The house will be a lame duck house for the next 2 years. Nothing will get accomplished and this is new fuel for the lame stream media to go after Trump even with more vigor this time around. It will be a circus for the next 2 years.

  13. With the Senate now firmly in Republican hands, Pres. Trump can nominate and get U.S. Senate approval of more judges who will block the Democratic Left’s attempt to overturn the due process clause of the U.S. Constitution. The Democrats have shown they have absolutely nothing positive to offer except chaos and anarchy which the American people for the most part abhor.

  14. What intrigued me most was that there were 41 REP in the house that did not run as incumbents. That is a large number, swamp critters running away before they are found out? Our President is doing a great job, the idiot from CNN tried to talk him down yesterday! Bye, there should be many more Press Passes taken away. The only way this country comes together is the Press giving the news not subjective bylines that are always negative of our President. Sessions gone is a good thing.

    Good Job S

  15. Greetings: Glad you’re “Back in the USA” for the Winter. ENJOY!!! Your editorial column today was an INCREDIBLY INSIGHTFUL read!!! It gave me solace & insight into the mixed election results. Let’s not forget, over 40 Republican Seats out of the entire 435 House members had been vacated, by retirement or resignation, resetting each of THOSE SEATS to a 50/50 chance of success for the GOP. Incumbants, after serving at least 1 term, traditionally enjoy a 90% chance of reelection. God Bless POTUS!

  16. Thank God for your blog Howard. Listening to all that stupid media, I was thinking Trump had lost a little. So it’s great to hear it’s “JUST NOT SO”

  17. What’s puzzling is how so many voted for Stacy Abrams, Andrew Guillem, Ocasio Cortez and Bob Menendez to mention a few I would not want to be in my 20’s and experience what they will when they elect these socialists and get what they ask for. Once they finally leave mommy’s basement and have to fend for themselves, they’ll be in for a surprise. For now, God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump and all of you great conservatives

  18. I was going to write something similar to Pat Sugrue’s comment, but it was said better than I could have done. Thanks for the insight you posted. Excellent job!

  19. Paul Ryan continued to be a wet towel. As great as Newt was, he is the opposite. Now everyone will see what the Liberals are all about. Their antics will give great support to Trump in 2020. They will not be able to contain themselves and act civil. Trump is very experienced at “hand to hand” combat, he can handle them. He may get the job done and then hand the reins over to Spence in 2020.

  20. Howard great article. One must wonder if the populace left idiots actually think the leftist political idiots they vote in will think of the freedoms of the people the people who voted for them. HA!

  21. As a Southerner, I know, the plantations and slaves were owned by the Democrats. The KKK was formed by the Mass. Democrats and came to the South to kill Blacks because they were Republicans. That’s history – ask David Barton. The Democrats have enslaved the Blacks into a slavery of welfare, food stamps and poverty. They own them. They give them no hope. Trump has given them jobs, hope and Blexit. Blacks are waking up to Democratic slavery and hand-outs.hand-cuffs and chains.

  22. The Demonrats now face 2 years of infighting. Hopefully warring factions will fracture the party and leave it vulnerable to a Red Wave in 2020. More and more the ‘Rats reveal themselves for the fascist lunatics that they are. IMHO the real question is, What about the growing number of lunatics who voted for them? Can they be rehabilitated before November 2020? Thank you again, Howard, for your powerful insight. Also, the Comments section is extremely informative.

  23. Just 12 or 13 or more Districts not flipped would have given the Republicans Control of Congress again. How many accumulated votes of the closest 12-13 races gave the dems the house? 10,000? maybe a bit more? maybe just 2-4 thousand? THAT’S NOT A BLUE WAVE !!! That’s LUCK! And all that with out spending by 2 or 3 to 1. And all the media on their side. The Dems and liberal media should be concerned …. LOL … a we are loving it for what this means inn 2 more years!

  24. Glad you arrived safely down in Texas, Howard, Anne, & “critters”! Do enjoy your time here, & PLEASE GET SOME REST, NOW THAT YOU ARE FINALLY HERE!! God bless you, & I really enjoyed the other bloggers comments, as well. AMEN-AMEN, as WELL!

  25. Now that Paul Ryan, a RINO, is going by calling it a quit, I hope that Rep. Jim Jordon will become Majority Leader of the House rather than Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who is another RINO.

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