5-Days On The Road & We’re Heading As Fast As We Can


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

Anne & I are Exhausted . . . But you should have Seen the Smile on our Collective Face when we saw the Welcome To Texas Sign We’re Home Again.

And in Spite of the way Anne & I were Treated at US Customs, None of that Means a Hill of Beans to Either of us any more, since America is far Greater than some Rude NY Bureaucratic Behavior.

We’re Already Setting-Up Our Dance Card . . . As I Write This Editorial.

With just Another 5-Hour Day (Tomorrow) in the F-250, Pulling the 41-Foot RV, we will be Ensconced for the Next Five and a Half Months in Austin, amongst Familiar Places & Familiar Faces.


Sitting Behind The Wheel For Days & Days On End . . . Prisoner to the Radio (Sirius/XM), one gets to Hear & Absorb an Enormous amount of Information.


From everything I was able to Glean from the Talking Pundits, is that they’ve Learned NOTHING from November 2016 and their Dismal Polling Prognostications, when all the BS Artists were Virtually 100% Certain that we would be Saying Madam President . . . even Before the Ballots were Finished being Counted.

I’ve Written Repeatedly for the Longest Time, that there will be NO BLUE WAVE, and have Suggested just as Often, if there will be any Wave at all, IT WILL PROBABLY BE RED.


As a Matter of Fact, I’m already Hearing LEFTIST Pundits Starting to Make Excuses from where they were All But Certain that the Democrats were going to Swamp the Republicans and Take the HOUSE in Huge Numbers . . . & PROBABLY THE SENATE TOO.

Now All Of A Sudden . . . The LEFT have Conceded the Senate to the Republicans, with Probably a Gain in the Chamber for the Republicans, and are now Talking About Tight House Races.

Does Any Of That Sound Convincingly Like A Blue Wave To You?

I’M NOT INFALLIBLE LIKE THE SELF ABSORBED PUNDITS . . . And I might be Wrong about the Republicans Increasing their Seats in the Senate & Holding onto the House . . . But I Don’t Think So.

I Wasn’t Wrong about Riding the Trump Thoroughbred from Wire to Wire Across the Finish Line in November 2016, and I Sincerely Doubt that I’m Wrong Now.

And if I am, I’ve been wrong before.

But If I Was Going To Lay A Bet On The Outcome . . . I’m Betting On Trump.

And anyone who doesn’t See this as a Trump Election, isn’t Seeing what I’m Seeing. President Trump Might Not Carry all the Republican Candidates Across the Finish Line . . . But The President Will Carry Enough.


When You Have Nothing To Lose – I Really Mean Lose . . . You Tend Not To Fight. But – When You have EVERYTHING TO LOSE . . . Employment, Great Jobs, Growing Salaries, Pension Plans, New & Repatriated Factories . . . That’s An Awful Lot For The Average Working American To Lose.

The Average Family in America – Especially Working Families trying to Build a Life for themselves & Children . . . Safety, the Opioid Crisis, Street Gangs – Etc, Are Very Heavy On Their Minds.

Not that Working Blue Collar Americans Aren’t Interested in More Erudite Issues such as Immigration, Border Patrol, Trade Agreements, Currency Manipulation and Foreign Policy, which many are . . . But These Are Issues Which Affected Those Who In The Past Voted Democrat.

SO HERE WE HAVE IT . . . If you were to Vote for the LEFT – You Would Essentially Be Voting AGAINST all that President Trump has Done For the People Voting this Tuesday, AFTER PROVING 100%, that within Less than Two Years of being in the White House . . . President Trump Turned America Around.

Promises Made . . . Promises Kept.


It’s Quite Simple . . . There are no Shortages of Fools who will Vote for the LEFT, because of their Insane Hatred for President Trump – Who Mostly Think Too Much Of Themselves . . . Or Don’t Think At All.

But More People Think Than Don’t Think . . . And Most People Have Something To Lose if the President Loses. And Make No Mistake About It . . . If The President Loses the House – The Move To Make America Great Again Stalls. AND WHO WANTS THAT?

The Difference Between Me & The Pollster/Pundits . . . Is that I Live in the Real World, with Real People, not the Elitist World Of Academia, where the Media is Born . . . & Thinks it is the Cat’s Meow – The Beginning and the End.


I See Things Not The Way I Want Them To Be . . . But How They Actually Are.

I’m Sorry for Not Getting Back to Most of the People who have been Contacting Me during the Past Few Days . . . But I Guess You Can Understand.

If You Want Your Voice Heard . . . VOTE!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What is the schedule for the Joint Session? Do we know what time Mr. Netanyahu will speak? I don’t want to miss it.

  2. I will never pledge to always vote straight Republican, because we all know there are crooks on both sides. But I will this time. MAGA! And God bless America!!

  3. Welcome back to the U.S. Many comments are being made about the number of people who have ALREADY VOTED and how much this election RESEMBLES the 2016 turnout. The Democrats try to IMITATE the Republicans regarding how much they CARE for the PEOPLE, but it’s NOT WORKING, as people have realized that the DEMOCRATS are LIARS! They have made all sorts of ACCUSATIONS against Pres. Trump, without any success. It APPEARS that the DEMOCRATS will AGAIN be CRYING after this election! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  4. Glad to hear you’re almost “home” in Austin. And knowing you’ll be celebrating Wednesday with us, your readers, & all freedom-loving Americans, will be a great way to start your time with us. God bless you & Anne; and God bless the USA.

  5. I really hope Republicans take everything. The Leftist Meltdown will be better than the Best Movie I have ever seen!

    But don’t count out the Dumbocrats. There are seriously a lot of very stupid people around.

    Look at what is happening here in Canada. Polls say that if there was an election in Canada today, Trudope would get back in.

    So this just proves my point that and I will say it again, there are a lot of Very Stupid People in our midst. And a lot of evil people.

  6. Welcome back to Texas, sir. We are proud to have you among us and wish for you the most wonderful stay. Who knows, maybe this year I will get down to Austin and be able to say “Hello”!

  7. Welcome Howard and Anne, glad you made your trip bk. to America safe and sound. Know the trip was a long drive but you are safe and sound now. God, thank you for that.
    As always love your editorial, I pray we go Red all the way on Tues. sir. I sure will be wearing Red and voting that way. We do have to worry about the humans who will be voting for the Democrats for they surely are brain washed sir. We can pray, vote and the rest is up to God. Happy trails to Austin God be with you both.

  8. If you are not a leftist when you are young you have no heart: if you are not a conservative when you are older you have no brain!
    Harry. Comox BC.

  9. Welcome to the USA. Hope it is all it can be for all of you. I wonder how many campaign signs you saw on your way to Texas. Here in Mn where I live there are only Democratic signs out, no Republican signs and I live in a Republican county. I’ve been told it is because of fear of vandalism.

  10. Harry Koi……I must give credit where credit is due. Sir Winston Churchill made the statement. And here is his exact quote…..“If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”
    Sir Winston Churchill
    “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against y

  11. I’m SO THANKFUL you did arrive in your home, safely in TX, & WELCOME BACK to the USA!

  12. Safe arrival Howard and Anne. Enjoy the heat while we freeze here in Canada. Still hoping for a red wave and a repeat of 2016.

  13. Welcome to the USA. Safe & Sound! With a positive mind I am voting Straight RED. Not something I have ever done. We need to take back our country, stand up for the flag, protect our borders, continue the GROWTH, continue draining the SWAMP. Our POTUS Trump is keeping the promises he made. Amen. God Bless

  14. Welcome home in the USA. Glad you have arrived safely. Wishing you a wonderful, warm winter in TX. Voting Red all the way.

  15. Greetings: Welcome back Howard & Anne! You’re arrival coincides just about to the day of the midterm elections… HOPEFULLY we’ll all be CELEBRATING a RED WAVE on Tuesday night!!! It’ll sure make your Winter stay in America SWEETER!

  16. H, Just before the Bridge Tollbooth in Cornwall, heading to USA is a very large sign. A red circle with the crossbar over a picture of a Marijuana Plant. I’m guessing the hard time US Customs gave you was because they are thoroughly pissed off with processing Pothheads going to smoke it up over the border, thanks to Trudeau making it legal. Understandable. Hope you arrived safe and have a great time in Texas. Hurry home next year, we need you here.

  17. Pray for us in Alabama in the 5th Congressional District. Incumbent Republican Mo Brooks (was injured in Congressional Baseball Game for Charity) is being challenged by Democrat Peter Joffrion . All of our “high minded” Democrats in Huntsville are really “politicking” for him. Huntsville is becoming way too “Blue” for me these days. Very few of us “BORN and BRED” Madison County/Huntsville folks around now! Glad you two are “down here” again!!

  18. I’m with you, Howard. I hope you’re right, but it’s really difficult to wake these hard-headed, hating Lefties.

  19. Welcome back to the great State of Texas! My Wife and I are so Happy you and Anne are safe and back in Texas

  20. Welcome to USA. They don’t save it just 4 Canadians. A Mutt (female) & Jeff US tag team worked me over in the QC boondocks NW of Pburgh, NY. Your guys E of Odgensburg were nice. The boss said to me you’ve even got a printer (small bbox). I asked him if he needed a US tax return done! Now 2 the Canuck pricks. 2 buzz cut former/wanne cops spent 30 minutes reviewing my stuff on the border NE of Lake Champlain. I get that again I’ll do a 180! Jack Warrington is 1 of 2 Canadians I know.

  21. Ya’ll are welcome back here in Texas! Cruz better win Senate or we won’t have a Border with Mexico (if there still is one)! Democrats don’t realize their party is “Socialist/Communist” since they have gotten used to “Freebies” (sacrificing freedoms in return)! Blacks are getting used to life off the “Liberal Plantation” (if they want to work, not exist off welfare).
    Tuesday’s election will decide the future of our nation! So, if you haven’t voted, please go vote, plus plan to wear red!

  22. Welcome back to “home” to Texas Galganov family. I can commiserate with you because we just got back home from a 6.000 mile car trip from Corinth, Texas to Maine and all of New England & Niagara Falls, Canada. We spent most of 12 hours each day in the car. The foliage in Vermont was indescribably beautiful; Niagara Falls was awesome, NY City like a huge carcass teeming with maggots. Love your blog.

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