I’m Only Alive Because I Wasn’t There


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


I Am An Unabashed . . . Secular, Zionist, America-Loving Canadian Jew.

The Only Reason I Am Alive . . . Is Because – Amongst Other Reasons, an Anti-Semite hasn’t had The Opportunity To Kill Me.

If I had been a Jew in Nazi Europe – Chances are I would have been Murdered in the Holocaust for the CRIME of being Jewish.

If I had been a Jew in Jerusalem During the Time of Christ, I would have been Driven out of Jerusalem or Murdered by the Romans.

If I had been a Jew in Jerusalem During the Crusades, I would have been No Less Targeted for Brutality & Death by the Crusaders than were the Moslems.

If I had been a Jew living in Spain, France or any Other Christian Country During the Inquisitions, I would have been Tormented, Attacked & Dispossessed by the State, People in Power, Random Citizens, “Friends” & Neighbors.

If I had been a Jew living in Eastern Europe . . . Russia, Poland, Ukraine – Etc, During the Pogroms, I would have been Treated like a Dog Without Rights, Dispossessed, Beaten, Jailed & Driven Out . . . No Less with an Equal Chance of being Raped if I was a Jewish Woman & Murdered, just because I would have been a Jewish Man.

BY 1939 – The Global Jewish Population Was 17-Million.

By 1945 – Post Holocaust . . . The Global Jewish Population was 11-Million.

TODAY . . . In The Year 2018 – There are Approximately 14-Million Jews Worldwide – Three Million Less Than Before The Holocaust.

In a Global Population of 7.6 Billion People, the Entire World Population of the Jewish People NUMBERS LESS THAN TWO-TENTHS OF ONE PERCENT.

The Jewish Population of Israel is Approximately 6-Million People, More or Less Equal to the Number of Jews Slaughtered in the Holocaust.

The Population of the Jewish Community in the United States of America is Slightly Less than 6-Million People . . .

Imagine This . . . EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT of the Entire Jewish World Population Lives In Tiny Israel & the United States of America . . . YET THE WORLD HATES JEWS.

In Terms Of Size . . . Israel is Slightly Larger than the State of New Jersey (Approximately 8,000 Square Miles) – Yet . . . To Seemingly Most Of The World, Israel (Jews) Occupies Too Much Space.

In Terms Of World Contributions . . .

No Culture, No Religion, No Unified Group of any Size, has ever Contributed Even a Modicum of Progress or Benefits the World has Enjoyed . . . from Religious Acumen (The Ten Commandments, Torah, Bible & Jesus Christ), Politics, Literature, Entertainment (Hollywood & The Movie Industry), Construction, Manufacturing, Banking, Financing, Music, Science, Communications, Medicine, Social Media & More . . . Than what has been Contributed by the Jewish People . . . YET THEY HATE US.


I have been Asked More Times than I can Remember, Why Does The World Hate Jews? And More Times than I can Remember – in a Contemplative Moment, the Answer is always, I Don’t Know.

I Don’t Believe we are Born Hating Anyone or Anything, so I have to Surmise, that Jew-Hatred is Taught in the Home at the Earliest of Age, as Parents, Relatives and People of Authority and of General Respect . . . TEACH THE YOUNG TO HATE.

Did You Know . . . that most People in Germany & Throughout Most of Europe BEFORE THE HOLOCAUST Never Met, Nor even Knew a Jew – more than just Casually . . . YET THEY HATED JEWS WITH A VENGEANCE.


Jabotinsky Was A Jewish Realist . . . He was from Eastern Europe, and saw the Writing on the Wall . . . Jabotinsky knew, that if Jews did not Defend Themselves . . . Gather Guns, Learn how to Shoot & Fight, and then set the Guns Aside in the Event, that One Day Jews Would or Might Need Their Guns For Defense – Because . . . as Jabotinsky saw the World, there was Coming Far Worse for Jews, than the Pogroms which had Recently been Brought upon the Jews Of Eastern Europe.

Jabotinsky Feared Hitler & Begged The European Jewish Community To Leave.


JABOTINSKY . . . Created the Much Vaunted British “Jewish Brigade”, which Served with Incredible Pride & Valor During World Wars I & II. Jabotinsky was also Instrumental in Creating Irgun . . . & Irgun’s Derivatives, which Wrestled Israel away from the Anti-Jewish British Military in Pre-Israel Palestine.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky Understood The Teachings Of Hillel . . . “If I Am Not For Me, Than Who Will Be For Me . . . ? And If Only For Me – What Am I . . . ? And If Not Now When?”

Anne & I Have More Non-Jewish Friends Than We Have Jewish Friends . . . Anne & I have Lived most of our lives in Non-Jewish Communities, and do the Kinds of things which are not Customarily done by Jews.

Both Of Us Were Born Jewish . . . I was Partially Educated in an Ultra Orthodox Rabbinical College (Yeshiva). At one point in my Life I contemplated becoming a Rabbi . . . And Here I am Today – a Secular Jew who Eats non Kosher Foods, Drives on the Sabbath, and no longer Attends the Synagogue . . . But Understand This:

I Am Always Wearing My Star Of David Around My Neck Lest I Forget.

Like Ze’ev Jabotinsky . . . I Am A Conservative Jew – Who Believes with Heart & Soul, that if I’m Not Prepared to Stand & Defend Myself & Mine, How could I Possibly Expect A Christian Or Any Non Jew To Do It For Me?

By The Age Of 18-Years, I Joined the Montreal Jewish Defense League. And Took The Oath Of NEVER AGAIN.

I Meant It Then . . . I Mean It Now!

I Learned Karate & Krav Maga. I Fought in Tournaments. And when Necessary, I Fought on the Streets. I did all that I could to Help Free Soviet Refusniks (Jews Imprisoned For Wanting To Leave The Soviet Union). I Marched Against the Russians & Participated in Efforts . . . such as Throwing a Star Of David-Draped-Coffin over the Fence and onto the Lawn of the Ottawa Russian Embassy, so they and the World Would get the Point . . . We Are Jews. We Are Not Quiet, We Are Not Afraid. We Care About Russian Jews . . . & Will Not Be Stopped.

And During The Intifada In 2002 . . . I Financed My Own Trip To Israel, so I could Broadcast Across The Atlantic Ocean – back to Canada & the United States, LIVE On Network Radio Stations . . . Telling the Truth about Israel – Opposed to the CNN & CBC Lies.

And Over The Past Number Of Years . . . I Organized and Led the Motorcycle Pledge Ride with my Christian Conservative “Brother” . . . Pastor Gary Burd, who Isn’t Shy to Stand For Israel and the Jewish People, while we All Take the Pledge of Never Again!


I Greatly Appreciate The Outpouring Of Sympathy & Support, which the Non Jewish Community is Expressing Towards the Victims of the Jewish Pittsburgh Synagogue Congregation Shooting.

And Like All Jews . . . I Am Extremely Grateful for the Sincere Grief, which has been outpouring by Non-Jews because of this Slaughter. But This Is Not Where The Story Should End.

The Shooter (Murderer) is just one of MANY-MANY MILLIONS OF JEW-HATERS, most of Whom are Quietly Whispering, or Maybe not so Quietly Whispering . . . Why Couldn’t He Have Killed More?


I DON’T CARE . . .

I Don’t Care to Try to Figure-Out Why Jews have been Targeted For Outrageous & Brutal Treatment for Thousands of Years, Throughout The Entire World . . . But What I Do Care About – Is that the Jewish People should have Taken the 100-Year Ago Advice given by Ze’ev Jabotinsky, that every Jew MUST be Armed, Capable and Able to Defend Himself and/or Herself, without having to Pray that Others will do it for Us.

Anne Shoots. I Shoot. And Most of our Friends Shoot . . . And let me Assure You, Neither Anne, Myself, Nor our Friends are Nut-Jobs. But we are also Not Patsies.

The Second Amendment Makes It Absolutely Possible . . . So Every Synagogue In America Must Be Armed, Willing & Ready – Then . . . WHY? – Will Be Insignificant.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s a complete DISGRACE to the USA that the President, Vice-President, Sec. of State, and other Democrats will not be in attendance for Netanyahu’s speech. Here is a Dodinsky quote which FITS them to a tee: “Be so Positively Positive that the devil issues a memo directing his minions to avoid you at all cost.” I guess the Democratic Minions have received their MEMO from you know whom! They all FEAR Netanyahu–and with good reason; it’s because he’s a TRUE LEADER!

  2. Listening to Jeff Kuhner at WRKO Boston who tells it like it is on his radio program. He is absolutely correct and he totally agrees with you. What’s with all the Reform and leftist Jews who don’t even want Trump to come to Pitts to speak with the community. Why is the media blaming him when they are actually the ones who are causing all these problems. We are living in very dangerous times and I hope that people are truly prepared for the times that are coming. They won’t be pleasant.

  3. So true! My husband said just this morning: “Why did they not have guns to defend themselves?” So very sad!

  4. The decimation of 36% of a total cultural, and religious sector of the earth’s population is irrefutably, and unforgivable, by anyone’s standards,….but it happened!! That is a “sin” neither the world or the “victors should ever forget, and have the obligation to allow, and SUPPORT, in the future. The UN did it’s part by establishing Israel as a country in 1948, and Israel has done it’s part by”making it happen.
    We have done best we can to MAKE it happen,…now it’s up to you the PEOPLE

  5. Saying it like it is – that’s your best strong point Howard – with you all the way

    Dave MacKAY

  6. Remember the song by Nellie Forbush in “South Pacific,” “You Have To Be Taught To Hate?” Your first comment is bang on.
    J. D. Innes

  7. Bravo, Howard. Excellent column. As far as I am aware, I know three people who are of the Jewish faith: you, Anne, and a friend here who introduced you to me and whom joined with me in having lunch with you here in Austin. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to meet you two. And we readers are greatful to have you in our lives.

  8. We were taught the HISTORY about Hitler’s HATRED against the JEWS. No one can/could ever imagine, however, what and how they SUFFERED under his reign.Recently, I watched a documentary about Hitler which made me realize even more what the JEWS had experienced!There is so much HATRED these days that SOMETHING VERY SEVERE [don’t know what] will HAPPEN to make the PEOPLE REFLECT and TRY TO ABATE this HATRED!One way to do this is to VOTE for CONSERVATIVES on NOVEMBER 6th and to PRAY for PEACE! AMEN!

  9. The people at the congregation didn’t have guns because of their age. But they should have had young people there who WERE armed. Evil does not discriminate.

  10. I question the unwillingness to protect yourself from harm, whatever your religion or culture. I question the desire to rely on gov. agencies to do so for me and even worse, be critical of anyone who chooses to seek self protection rather than relying on gov. agencies. I am amazed that Canada and the New World Order insists on removing my right to do so and disarming me to ensure I cannot. This is a Right I seem to never have had in this country and society is determined I never will

  11. Anti-Semitism was started at the founding of the Roman Catholic Church by the pagan emperor Constantine. It was based on the lie that the Jews killed Christ which the church of Rome does not discourage to this day and in fact encouraged and maintained the lie until less than 100 years ago. I don’t believe that the cult of Rome is or ever was Christian. If it was, it would be followers of the teachings of Jesus which often it didn’t even come close such as centuries of the burning of”infidels”

  12. I stand with you, Mr. G. I have no idea WHY Jews are hated. I have appreciated your contributions to the world, but most of all Your TOGETHERNESS. You have always supported one another. This me me me, attitude has brought the world to its knees & the USA under Trump is TRYING for togetherness. These Caravans are for me me me. NOT WE. I despise the thoughts of what can happen in the next few days. God Help Us In Our Time Of Need. Amen.

  13. Unfortunately, a couple in my community, Sudbury, Ontario, are in the process of making their way to Pittsburgh. Their cousin, a recent widow, was attending services that fateful Sabbath, and was brutally murdered. We Jews have suffered some devastating setbacks, but will prevail, and not turn the other cheek.

  14. Hello Howard
    I share the sorrow of the members of the synagogue in Pittsburgh
    The entire United States is going through a Monday night quarterbacking of why?
    I do believe that the problem starts with communication.
    Could this be a cure for hate?

  15. I’ve never understood this kind of hatred for another human being – sometimes I wonder if human beings are essentially evil or do they have to be taught to be so? One thing I do know – this hatred for the Jews have made them a very strong people. Adversity does create strength!!

  16. I’ve questioned that for many years, come up with multiple reasons, but truly only God knows the hearts of man. It seems to have been destined from early times when Sarah had Abraham ban Ismael & his mother. Or perhaps further back to Cain being banned after killing Abel. Hate-to-killing began with the first off-spring & it was toward the ‘favored’ son. God blessed Israel to be His people. Satan’s tempting of mankind never stops; it’s what we do w/that temptation that counts-deny or give in.

  17. Jewish people are hated because they are God’s chosen people. In the Garden of Eden man gave God’s world to Satan. Since that time Satan has been at work deceiving man. Satan is at war with God’s chosen people! Nothing less! Only when he is defeated by Jesus Christ will his war end. What we see are the physical results of the ongoing spiritual battle. Only through man’s prayer and acceptance of Christ will the battle be won! God bless the Jewish people and God bless America!

  18. The prayer that our Sacred Heart Catholic Church parishioners will pray every Mass from now on, announced yesterday during Mass: “Saint Michael Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; may God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of our souls. Amen.” I invite all to pray with us.

  19. Howard my heart is sadden for the people who were killed in Penn. I have Jewish friends they are my dearest friends if you needed help in Israel to fight a war as old as I am I would be there to help. I have Jewish girlfriends for long time now many long years, I have a male friend who I simply adore as my best male friend other than my brother. I was never brought up to hate anyone we are all human beings Hitler and Germany were sick minded people. My heart to all of you.

  20. Howard the only reason the Jews are hated so much by the world is that they are His chosen people, the apple of His eye through which He (Jehovah father God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) revealed and send His son Jesus Christ the Savior of mankind. The bible teaches us to pray for Jerusalem and its people. My grandfather helped Jews in Holland in World War 2 and our family will always support and help the Jews in any way we can as we are commended to do. Blessings

  21. I am broken hearted for what has happened Howard and will keep everyone in my prayers. Stay safe.

  22. Why are Jews hated? My guess: because they are outstandingly accomplished. Jews are 0.2% of the world’s population. Of 902 Nobel prizes, 203 were won by Jews — 22.5%. How many Muslims won Nobels? 12 (— and 7 of those were Peace Prizes! How ironic…). Lots of people hate and want to destroy accomplished people. Witness the horde headed our way from Central America (— and containing ISIS, and others who work for our downfall). “Build it, and they will come” — to take away from you!

  23. Bang on Howard. Just remember not only we were hated in Europe ( Pogroms and the Holocaust ) but we were expelled, imprisoned and dispossessed in ALL the Arab countries as well. No matter what we do to help the world in Medicine and Science, we are hated. But, I am a firm believer that we are here as a light to humanity and we must endure and try to fix this broken world. Steve Acre, Canada

  24. Today’s Blog – inspirational. Like you, I am convinced there is no plausible explanation for anti-Semitism. So, BEING PREPARED is the requisite solution. I am, also, pleased to say, that I visited and placed a stone on the Jabotinsky gravesite – my hero.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  25. William J. Laux is correct. To non achievers, it is far easier diminsh achievers (Those of the Hebrew faith) than to achieve. (March 1960 attack on Temple Beth-Israel. A 16-year-old threw a bomb into the synagogue; the bomb did not explode, but the bomber shot at congregants as they ran from the scene, injuring two of them) My friend, Dave Lowii, was on the congregaton. Many of the most successful merchants (and large employers in the South) were Hebrew at that time.

  26. YOU are Gods ………..Don’t touch Gods people ………………The battle is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and rulers of spiritual wickedness in high places

  27. Sincerest condolences to all the worlds Jews now in mourning from this Gentile. As for a mourning period now after this latest – even we non Jews know full well that the mourning for your innocent ones lost will as in the past times – never end! Thanks Howard and so very sorry!

  28. Hello, & greetings from a Florida “follower”…..I so enjoyed the other “bloggers'” comments! EVIL DEFINITELY EXISTS in our “IMPERFECT WORLD”!! My heart goes out to those “souls” murdered in PA. May GOD continue to bless, this imperfect world we live in, & thank goodness for our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, in trying to “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”!

  29. As a young man, I was taught Jews were weak, passive, nonviolent people. What do Bullies like to pick on? Hitler was a Weak Bully, he first disarmed the people then enslaved or killed them. My father served in WWII, he saw personally one of the camps that so many died in. He made comment I cannot believe that they did not fight back? When it is not your nature to fight back and have no weapons to fight back it is a difficult decision. In Warsaw, a small band of Jews did battle the Nazis.

  30. Greetings: I’ve lived an almost parallel life, Howard, growing up in Montreal. I saw early on that the times were about to change in my birth city, province & country & applied IMMEDIATELY following the November ‘76 Quebec election & moved permanently to the U.S. the following year. I did it legally & patiently. I’ve NEVER REGRETTED my decision & applied for citizenship on the FIRST DAY I was eligible, exactly 5 years to the day. Ironic that the doctors caring for Bowers were JEWISH, isn’t it?

  31. I have made copies of this one for many in my Baptist church who support Israel with prayers. Thank you, Howard. Gail Pate

  32. Guns should be everywhere! Shoot the shooters. I’ve been saying all along, bring back the death penalty and let’s get some swift justice on these nuts. The other nuts will think twice.

  33. One would imagine after the Holocaust, hatred and the persecution of Jews would have been tossed out to the dustbins of this world. But the truth is: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Anti-semitism is alive and well on this planet, including the United States and here in Canada. My heart goes out to the families victimized by the “Tree of Life” shooting. Trouble is, it will happen again. WHEN WILL WE EVER LEARN ? Thank you, Howard, for your bang-on observations and comments.

  34. I am so sorry about the terrible thing that happened in Pittsburg. There is more anti Semitism (actually anti Jewishness)
    around than is realized. I came across some horrible books saying awful things about the Jews and the revival of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” There are some publishing houses spreading this anti Jewish hate propaganda. WHY is no one talking about all these hate crimes against the Jews but only against Moslems? Not right. It is disgusting.

  35. I agree with you, I do not understand why Jews are treated as they have been over the years. When I was a young (19) married man and out of work, ONLY the Jewish Free Loan gave me any help. Because of them, I was able to feed my wife & I after she was discharged from the hospital. She had major surgery and I had rot find a new place to rent as well as food. Red Cross nor any other outfit helped but Jewish Free Loan did.

  36. The Jewish people of Israel understand that they are the first line of defense. There is a great pic of an Israeli teacher toting an M-1 carbine out on a school field trip with her class. There are also many pics of young men and women serving in the military carrying their rifle walking around in their civilian clothes which denotes that they’re on leave. Good on Pres Trump saying that someone with a gun in the synagogue may have prevented the massacre–sometimes the truth is a bitter pill.

  37. All I can say is my most sincere condolences to those who died and the same to all Jews in the past that have died for no reason whatsoever.

  38. Howard, I am not Jewish and as far as I know, I have no Jewish blood. I am eternally grateful however that the Jewish people were responsible for preserving GOD’s word as we know it in the current BIBLE. Furthermore, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth was a Jew. I cannot even imagine why anyone would hate the Jews.

  39. Bashing various churches is not very Christian, none are without sin. Jesus was born a Jew (to a Jewish women, Mary) and died a Jew. Jesus died for a sinful world, he didn’t blame Jews, he was a Jew. Like part of old saying, when they came for the Jews and I didn’t speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me–there was no one left to speak for me.

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