I Am Insulted & Have Been Defamed


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


Some People Never Learn . . . Some People “Carry”!

My Good Friend Perry Birman In Boca Raton Florida . . . GIFTED all Willing Synagogues in the Boca Area with FREE PROFESSIONAL SHOOTING LESSONS, so in the Case of a Similar Attack on His (their) Synagogue(s) . . . The Jewish Worshipers Could & Would Be More Than Able To Defend Themselves & Others.

The Takers Of Perry’s Largesse . . . Were Not LEFTISTS Thinking – That For Some Reason They Would Be Immune To Jew-Hatred & Attack. They Knew & Know Better.

It’s A Terrible Thing Which Happened & So Is Not Wanting To Defend Yourself.


The Good News . . . is that President Trump has Quickly Recovered from his Political Correctness Funk the other Day (October 24th) during his Rally in Mosinee Wisconsin.

The Bad News . . . For The LEFT – is that President Trump has Quickly Recovered from his Political Correctness Funk the other Day (October 24th) during his Rally in Mosinee Wisconsin.

It was a Thrill to see the Return of President Trump Unleashed Yesterday in Charlotte NC, where he called out the Bad Actors for whom and what they are and Stand For.

Isn’t it Remarkable how so many People on the Right and the LEFT know what’s Best for President Trump, and how the President should Speak, what he should say, what he should not say, and how he should say whatever it is that he says . . .


YET . . . President Trump – In Less Than Two Years, and in Spite of the President’s Tone which Bothers so many People, the President has Already Done More for America, Israel and the Entire World . . . COMBINED – than all other Presidents have done in my soon to be 69-Year Lifespan.

How Do The LEFT, The Media & Trump-Haters Square That Circle?


What Gives The LEFT The Right To Accuse People Like Me Of Being Like Them?


I Have Never Advocated Violence.

I have Never Suggested that Anyone Get-In the Face of People with whom I Disagree with Anywhere, Including At Public Places.

I have Never Published the Personal Phone Numbers and/or Addresses of Anyone with whom I Politically Oppose.

I have Never Disrupted Anyone’s Rally who Shares a Different Opinion than Mine.

I have Never Assaulted, nor have I ever Participated in the Assault of an Opponent or a Supporter of an Opponent.

I have Never Marched in a Mob . . .


Ed Henry Of Fox News Should Think Before He Spews His LEFTIST Opinions.

And For The Media . . . INCLUDING FOX NEWS – to Suggest in any Way, Form or Manner, that I or Anyone Else who Shares My Conservative Values is Anything Like the LEFT, by saying – THAT BOTH SIDES HAVE TO TONE DOWN THE RHETORIC . . . Is Not Only Dishonest & Insulting – It Is Outright Defamatory.

To Think That Fox News . . . Could Even Stoop To That Level Is Abhorrent.


Does Fox Want to Become My Speech Police Because They Don’t Like My Tone?

In Essence . . . To Look So Fair & Balanced – And Somehow Smarter Than Their Audience – Too Many on Fox News are Comparing & Making an Equivalence of all their Millions of Conservative Viewers like Me, who Really Say what we Think . . . TO THE SOCIO/POLITICAL & MEDIA THUGS ON THE LEFT.

Where’s The Fair & Balanced In That?

And If That’s Not Their Intention . . . They should Shut-The-Hell-Up and Stop Insulting People like Me, who Put Food on their Table by Giving their Advertisers a Reason to Advertise.

If We’re Not Prepared To Fight For Our Values – We Don’t Deserve To Have Them.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A point of interest gleaned from an article published in Israel – while it’s true that in the US Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech will be given on the day before Purim, in Israel Purim will already have begun when he addresses the joint session of Congress.

    Ron Buhler, Ontario, Canada

  2. Certain foreign media had Bower’s name at least an hour before US media would announce his name. Twitter immediately took down his account. Why, because they want to downplay that Bower is a Trump hater

  3. Now this is Truly…One of the Best..Give “em” Hell Editorials….I have been so pleasured to read Lately…Thank you very..very..very.. Much Mr. HG

  4. Ed Henry of Fox doesn’t gravel me half as much as the other Fox commie liberal Geraldo Rivera! this long time little hot head Latino is strait out of hell with his agenda on Fox – in my opinion! Do wonder here if others see him for what he is?!

  5. Does “Fair and Balanced” now mean supporting “Liberal Agenda” (calling Conservatives “Deplorable”, but if “Leftists” win election, they may become “Disposable”)? Many Jews have “liberal” views (but that doesn’t mean “All Jews must die”)! Our Judeo-Christian values are being “challenged” like never before! “Political Correctness” increased “propaganda” (we can’t say what we think or believe)! Sadly, lives were lost at the “Tree of Life” Synagogue today. Pray for peace and that “justice” prevails.

  6. Just want to make a comment on the Fake Bomber! I think this is a total set up by the Democrats, and the truth will come out. Are we to believe that a van with all this decalling on it, would not get damaged, shot at, or even worse, in that part of Florida? Decals were custom made, and appear to be new.
    This moron was paid by some leftist group to try to do harm to the Republicans, period.
    They will try anything. I do think the Caravan that they have put together is backfiring on them thou

  7. I was turned off by Fox a long time ago and consequently turned THEM off. I get my news and what is going on from YOU. I am soooooo sick of the hypocrisy in the MSM. Disgusting that you are being unjustly attacked. They have NO clue about anything. Been watching WW2 documentaries about the rise of Hitler and it is a shame that people do not see that the same thing is happening right here again.

  8. Thanks for sharing your indignation! NO ONE, on Fox News or elsewhere, who projects that smug, I-know-it-all or I’m-better/smarter-than-you attitude gets more than my passing attention. Several on Fox have recently begun to appear that way to me. I hope I’m mistaken, because Fox has kind of been the one media constant I felt I could believe, mostly. Willard Elliott, I’ve always thought that down deep, Geraldo is a decent human, just way too much in love with the sound of his own voice!

  9. To Hopr, of Clevrs, Ohio: And just who is the Hitler you see on the horizon? DO Trump is successful because he is NOT a politician; He is just a man who loves his country and is not afraid to step on toes WHEN NEEDED! HE HAS MY VOTE IN 2020 FOR SURE!

  10. Most of the talking heads on Fox News I can put up with, but there is one who reeks liberalism: Shepherd Smith.

  11. After 10/24 & 10/25 watching FOX, I decided I had had ENOUGH. I am a Trump supporter. I do not succumb to being anything else ie. left, right, liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, independent. I detest being LUMPED into a category by some talking head or SEN./REP. And BTW..I enjoy the BBC, Jewish TV, cctv (yes, Chinese sponsored) because I get a totally DIFFERENT view of the NEWS. It does NOT appear to have been ALTERED! God Bless

  12. Think it is time to IGNORE the left, their antics, viciousness and PC demands of the REST of US. THEY GET AWAY with their bad behavor because we pay attention. Negative behavior cannot be rewarded. SHUN them. I too, think the “bomber” is a set up…All too neat and organized. Hit all the prominent dangerous LEFTIST Politicians (DIFI, Schumer and Pelosi not withstanding). So NOW are WE supposed to feel sorry for them? I think NOT!

  13. President Trump was not elected to take advice from anyone. He was elected on his solemn promises and his believability factor to fulfill them. He would also listen, but if he didn’t like what he heard – working in concert w/ both Houses of Congress – he may optionally decide by EO, in those circumstance where he could, to go it alone. If you’re that dumb, and prefer the drudgery which immediately preceded #45 don’t vote him in again! Nobody’s forcing anyone. But only an absolute fool wouldn

  14. When Obama was president this sort of thing was not happening against Democrats. Not to this level any way. Why? Conservatives tend to me more sensible. Play by the rules. Liberals … just the opposite. I can hardly wait for Trump’s next 3 SUPREME COURT Nominees. Just waiting to see how much more insane the liberals can get!

  15. Shepard Smith is so way left I don’t understand why Fox keeps him. He is fake news quite often, doesn’t check the facts and clearly anti President Trump. I wrote recently to Fox requesting they dump him; I doubt if they will but at least I try. Who/what motivated the bomber? So many have the answers, and really they have none. HG ignore those who criticize you, they are not worth the digital ink.

  16. So sorry Howard some nut case did harm to the Synagogues I am sorry I did not watch the news to see what all happened but praying no one was harmed. Keep sending the new Howard for we no longer watch that T.V, has to offer it stinks. So your the one who I wait to hear from. God bless you and Anne hope you had a great trip down to Texas.

  17. Howard,
    I hit the ceiling when I heard Ed Henry criticize President Trump. Rachael and Pete immediately were like white on rice rebutting what Henry said. He turned red faced when they commented on his BS. Comments were “right on” today – what a turnout! Keep up the good work.

  18. False flag attack set up by Brennan and Clapper. The whole thing was A HOAX–the “bombs” were not real. They wanted to distract us while the Mexican authorities moved the huge illegal caravan closer to the border. I’m pretty sure the military is going to actually have to shoot some of them in order for the rest of them to get the message that they are NOT welcome and NOT going to be allowed to stay. Nothing else will get the message across. Terrible optics, but I can live with it.

  19. God bless those Jewish victims and their loved ones. I only watch Fox evenings, Lou Dobbs mainly. If Fox keeps moving left, there will be no place for creditable news. The left wing MSM is nothing but Trump hating propagandist’s. BTW, I just saw the movie, Death of a Nation, it’s scary that we seem to be repeating the evils of the past. Leftist groups like Antifa & BLM are the modern day brown shirts. And our education system brainwashes our kids with leftist ideology. God help us!

  20. I once watch FoxNews until I realized They are just gonna ruin my day so I hit the off button and only watch Fox Buinesss occasionally. I now tune in to OANnews until repeat and repeat gets old. Newsmax is worthwhile with a little history thrown in. Why would anyone with brain one listen to Jerry Rivers aka Geraldo Rivera. Life is good,enjoy every moment.Billie

  21. I have to admit I only watch Fox news when Hannity, Carlson or Pirro are “ON” the air. Don’t listen to the rest. At least these 3 are still Conservative Republicans and never talk against Donald Trump, they praise him. All the megyn kelly leftist newscaster on Fox should have the same fate as was given megyn kelly and be fired. Now she’s also been fired from nbc because of her extreme leftist views. Time for the FCC if they are not leftist themselves to remove the lsm licences !!!

  22. “If we must die…then we die defending our rights.” Native American Chief Sitting Bull
    On another note…I am and have always been confused as to why the world hates the Jews. Jews gave us our American heritage, they gave us the Bible, the Ten Commandments and most important of all they gave us Jesus ! Speaking for myself I am eternally grateful to the Jewish people for all of the wonderful things they have provided me with. I will always honor and support them no matter what anyone says !

  23. I feel the same indignation and insult that you do, and I have my little list of Fox folks that are more than annoying. I did not expect this from Ed Henry. I have total contempt for the behavior and inflammatory speeches from the loony left, and consider it inhuman. So, to lump those of us in a meatball with that kind of stuff is a nasty slap in the face. I have refused to watch Snit-bird Smith, Wan Williams, and Rivera. Now, I will switch to OAN, or HGTV when Ed’s face appears, too.

  24. WOW, right on, Howard. Great points & the right to feel offended! I will NEVER understand why US Jews can NOT get it into their brains, that they are just as much of a target as Israeli Jews are!!! Anit-Semitism is UP, NOT DOWN in the US. Must ALL of the Jews in the US be dead, before they see the light??? We in the US are fighting a different daily battle that Israel is, but it is STILL a BATTLE!!! Our BATTLE is WITHIN … The hardest battle of all!!! (Real News OANN … COM)

  25. A friend told me the day after the “bombs” were found, “The FBI will find this person, he will be killed (wrong on this point) and be shown as a Trump Supporter”. Who mails bombs to people who do not open their own mail. From what I have seen (been shown on the NEWS) none of the bombs could have gone off because of no detonator. The Caravan is being driven much of the way so that some of them can be at our border by next week. Distraction from all the GOOD and Promises Kept by our President.

  26. What is it about a conservative! If we only agree with 75% of what a person or network says we have to through them out as not good enough to meet my standards! I will be standing very alone if I require that everyone I listen to has to be in full agreement with my views. This is a very big world and I have a very small voice (alone).

  27. I turned off Fox news years ago….also turned off ABCMSNBCNBCCCBSCNN even more years ago…. I watch local news for the weather…thats it for news on TV….I watch taped shows during news hours…. (gosh do you remember when nat news was only 15 min, and then local news 15 min)… my news comes from your blog plus many, many other op-eds, blogs …even a few from the left…those folks are sick/crazy for sure.

  28. We are presently in a DANGER ZONE, unless CONSERVATIVES win the HOUSE & SENATE in NOVEMBER!The BEST FOX hosts at this time are: Dobbs; Pirro; Hilton; Hannity; Ingraham; & Carlson.The military will do what it MUST in order to prevent the ILLEGALS from ENTERING the U.S.If the BOMBER ACTIVITY was not a SET-UP then WHY was GEORGE SOROS involved? HUSSEIN OBAMA created much of what is TRANSPIRING NOW, as he CONTROLLED the DEPT. OF JUSTICE & HILLARIOUS was his COHORT!PRAY FOR PRES.TRUMP!GO TRUMP! AMEN!


  30. Jews gave us the Bible and most important, Jesus! I am eternally grateful to you Jewish people for all of the wonderful things they have provided us. The Caravan is a bunch of people who are unwilling to fight for their own rights but instead ey want to hijack our freedoms and better life for which our ancestors fought and died. From the inception, I suspected that the political[y inspired bombs were fake and that their existence may have been financed by liberals. You go Howard.

  31. Greetings: I agree with many of your readers about Juan W, Geraldo R, Shepherd S, Ed H. They’re obviously retained by FOX so the network can attract ad revenue from moderate Liberal businesses. My opinion is: SHUT YOUR TV’s DURING THEIR PROGRAMS! Eventually FOX will realize which side their bread is buttered! I watch the Conservative programs only, along with the morning’s FOX & FRIENDS. They’re entertaining and lean Conservative. GREAT JOB HOWARD!!!

  32. Watched a little snippet of Mika on MSNBC this a.m. giving a Democrat campaign speech. I really feel for her and her dozen or so viewers.

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