Voter Fraud Is The Highest Crime Against A Free Nation


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I Know This Has Been Debated To Death . . . well Actually Never Really Debated, because, just like we Need Two to Tango – we also Need at Least Two to Debate. And as I see it, the LEFT are Absolutely Not Willing to Debate this Issue, which is FUNDAMENTAL to the Future of the American Republic . . . VOTER FRAUD.

With This Coming Election . . . Voter Fraud Must Be An Extremely Serious Concern.

As A Canadian . . . I have an Enormous amount of Respect & Gratitude to the United States of America and for the American People, for all that America has Sacrificed on this Planet for Freedom and the Well-Being of Others . . .

And when President Donald Trump Stands-Up to Thuggish States like China, Russia, Iran and their Proxies, the President of the United States of America is No-Less also Standing-Up for Me & Mine Too.

And Because President Trump, by Extension, is Standing-Up for Me & Mine, so are the American People . . . None Of Which Anne & I, Nor any of our Many Conservative Canadian Friends Take-For-Granted.

In Less Than Two Weeks (October 31, 2018) . . . Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I will be Crossing Into the United States of America, to spend just under 6-Months in the Greatest and Freest Country on the Planet, for which, we are Eternally Grateful for America’s Generosity & Acceptance.

THAT SAID . . . As you all know, I invest an Enormous Amount of my Writing and Broadcasting Time, Dealing With American Socio/Political & Judicial Issues, and am Probably No Less Excited about the Coming Midterm Elections, than any American who is Not Actually Running, because, as I Intimated a few Paragraphs Back . . . Whatever Happens in America – Touches The Entire World . . . Canada & Israel The Most.


Several Times . . . Anne & I Took The Online American Citizenship Test To See How We Would Do. And we couldn’t have Done much Better. We also took the Texas “Carry” Test – And We Aced That Too.

And when we Both took the Nexus Tests, which Demands a Full American Homeland Security Check, also Involving the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), so the Two of Us (Anne & Myself) could Earn the Most Favorable Traveler Status into the USA . . . We Passed That Too, With Flying Colors – Red, White & Blue.

AND HERE’S ANOTHER FACT . . . In any Debate Dealing with American History, Politics, Social Issues, Geography, the Judiciary & Overall Culture – I can Promise, that Not Only Can I hold my Own against Most Americans, but Most Americans Couldn’t Come Close to Holding Their Own Against Me, which can also be Said for my Socio/Political/Judicial & Historical Knowledge of Canada & Israel.

I Know These Things . . . Because I’m Fascinated By Them.

ALL OF THAT BEING SAID . . . When it comes to American Elections, from Voting for the President of the United States . . . To Voting For A Dog Catcher – I HAVE NO STANDING!

I Am Soon To Be 69-Years Old . . . I am White, Male, Relatively Articulate Without Any Foreign Accent, and can Easily Pass Myself Off as an American at any American Voting Booth . . . WHICH SHOULD SCREAM BLOODY MURDER, since Men & Women who Can’t Come Close to my ability to be 100% Perceived to be an American, But Who Aren’t – Are Voting ILLEGALLY In American Elections All The Time.

AS A CANADIAN IN CANADA . . . I Would Be Furious To Know, that someone, anyone WHO IS NOT A CANADIAN, should be or would be Voting in a Canadian Election, so much so, that I would PROBABLY Resort to a Violent Confrontation if I were to actually Catch Someone ILLEGALLY Voting in a Canadian Election.

NOTHING SHOULD BE MORE SACROSANCT . . . Than The Integrity Of Elections in a FREE SOCIETY, where it should ONLY be Citizens Who Get To Vote to Decide who will Manage All Aspects Of The Country – AND NOT A CITIZEN WANNABE.

Even In Israel . . . Where As An Orthodox Jew – I Have The Right To Return, where I could go to Israel, Claim my Citizenship, and then go Back Home to Canada, and then go to Israel during times of National Elections & Vote . . .

But That Would Be Wrong Too . . . Voting Must Mean More Than Just Proximity.

Not Only Should It Only Be Citizens Who Vote . . . It Must Only Be Citizens who should be Permitted to Contribute Financially to a Party and/or Individual. I would LOVE to Contribute Financially to some American Candidates I Support for a Myriad of Reasons . . . But – I Have Never – And Will Never Break Any American Election Laws – Including the Making of a Financial Contribution . . . Because It Would Be Wrong-Wrong-Wrong.


It Rankles My Mind . . . When I Hear, Read & See LEFTIST American Politicians Campaign for the RIGHT of ILLEGAL Aliens to Vote in American Elections – Any Election Including School Boards.

If You’re Not An American Citizen . . . Whether You’re in the Country Legally or Not, by what Metric, does it give a Non-American the Right to Decide the Political Will of Actual American Citizens?


That Said . . . Even though the US Congress has the Sole Authority to Regulate National Elections, Vis A Vis who can Run in an Election, who can Vote in an Election, when Elections Must be Held, how long a Representative or Senator can Serve, and the Number of Representatives & Senators who can Serve per Respective State & District – ETC . . . THE STATES ALSO HAVE ENORMOUS AUTHORITY, since it is Each State which is Responsible for Carrying out the Mandate of Federal Elections.

THE PROBLEM WITH THIS . . . Is that there is No Electoral Commonality Concerning The Ballots. And Also – There is No National Guarantee that the Person showing-Up to Vote is a Legitimate American Citizen Entitled to Vote in a Federal Election, since in Most States, it Seems . . . THAT PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP IS NON-MANDATORY.

I Truly Believe . . . That all Eligible Voters must Carry Valid Voter ID Cards to Be Able to Vote. I know that the LEFT call this Suggestion Racist – But It’s Not. I Suspect With 100% Conviction, that the LEFT Don’t want Voter ID Cards, Because Cheating is a huge Part of their Overall Campaign Strategy.

If No ID Cards . . . How Can Any American Believe His Or Her Vote Matters?

Forget About Immigration Reform . . . It’s Time For Election Reform.

PS – For Anne & Myself To Get Nexus Cards . . .
We Had to Submit To Finger Prints – Both Hands & An Eye Scan.

There Was Nothing Racist About It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’ve quit watching Fox News, they’re no better than the rest of the “lame stream media” anymore!!!! They just kept leaning further and further to the left, so I finally gave up on them!

  2. People don’t care. People are small minded. People would eagerly give up their own freedoms, well being, standard of life, finances, economy, even children and their own selves, just to cheat or lie to win at something smaller. World War 2 is the best example. People eagerly sided with the devil (Nazis) where the world suffered immensely, just to fulfill their own greed and hateful agendas. And they are still doing so today.

  3. I completely agree with you Howard. How do we get our politicians to accept and take this matter as seriously as it should be taken and address it. I am sickened by the cheating and win at any cost attitude of the Left in this country. The right NEEDS to grow a backbone, take a stand for voter ID laws/integrity nation wide, and quit allowing the Left’s proclamations of racism and every other “ism” into blocking them from passing common sense voter protection measures. ???

  4. The invading Southern hoards are probably financed by the Dems, just for their vote count in 2020! Photo ID, pencil and paper are still most reliable! Am confident that after Nov, the Senate will deal with immigration really seriously! Also like the pre vote announcement that Trump will decrease mid income taxes by 2%…clever little devil:-) Enjoy your trip South, we leave for Fla the same day. Chimo

  5. Volunteer to be a poll watcher/election judge! They never have enough and most places will PAY you for the day’s work, so you can take a vacation day from work and double dip. This is the most important election in out lifetime–if we lose, everything we have worked for is GONE and we have Civil War II. TURNOUT is the only thing that will negate the vote fraud, and it’s why we beat hillary in 2016–we had so much turnout that she couldn’t even cheat ENOUGH to win. VOTE Nov 6th!

  6. As all ways I think you are very CORRECT, and that one party does not care who votes so long as it is for THEIR party!

  7. It was very sobering, and humbling, to read your post. I wish that so many who trivialize our sacred right and privilege of the vote could — would — read that column. So many take for granted, trivialize, and are willing to compromise a right and privilege that was bought and paid for with the blood of national martyrs.
    You understand. I thank you for reminding us. I’m afraid, sadly, that what Thomas Jefferson said is true — that the tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time.

  8. Howard, I have a great deal of respect for you, you are a man among men. It bothers me no end that the schmucks stoop so low to let illegals vote. Both illegals and the people promoting this treasonous action should be dealt with accordingly. Bless you Mr. G. for being a staunch voice for freedom.

  9. Today is the start of early voting here in Texas. As I must walk with a cane, I always vote early so I don’t have to wait in line. We Texans will do our part and hope all others will do the same. Actually, I believe it will be a “Red Rout” and the progressives will receive their just due after their treatment of Judge Kavanaugh.

  10. During disability for breast cancer in 1992, I registered people (400) to vote at Wal-Mart off 1960 in Houston, Texas. (Almost everybody marked “citizen” box.) Contacted Tax-Assessor Collector’s office to find out who was “verifying citizenship” on voter registrations. Reply: “Nobody! They didn’t have time or staff to do this!” (How long has this been going on?) Texas Democratic Party now sending cards out with citizen box already checked off! Pray for bad weather (how BREXIT passed)! Vote early

  11. You are correct. And with the INVASION at our southern border we are in treacherous deep trouble. This was ORGANIZED. People don’t just all of a sudden decide to come to the USA. The Dems need the votes so ANARCHY is the BEST way to get them. I don’t want to be another Venezuela. These are treasonist times. And we can thank the liberal colleges & those who did absolutely NOTHING. Some of us HAVE worked to stop it, but NOT enough of us. God Help Us. We are at a turning point. God Bless

  12. As always thank you for your editorial I agree with you 100 % sir. I have always though had to show my registration card and my drivers license when voting. What states are not doing this as people go into to vote should be arrested for letting them in to vote without proper ID. All states should should be doing this. I hope and pray you an Anne have dual citizenship to here in America and you will vote sir. God bless you both.

  13. I go into vote for whatever election we have in the Summerville, SC area… They don’t want anything but to see your drivers license… I offer to show them my voter registration, and they tell me they don’t need to see it… Hello?????
    I really agree that when people go to register, they need to either take a birth certificate or some proof that they are US Citizens… otherwise, our country is going to hell in a handbasket… so much FRAUD!!! Absolutely Disgusting!!!!

  14. I agree with Kathy West that this caravan is being financed by someone other than the illegals. What I have never heard or reported is who is feeding this hoard. This march will take days or weeks and these people need to eat, 7,000 up to 10,000 people will require a lot of food, use a bathroom?, need water, wash their clothes and places to sleep. Someone, if not a reporter, needs to investigate and expose the person or persons financing this group. GEORGE SOROS maybe.

  15. I share your opinions, I too am “fascinated” by the laws and basis of EVERY country. It tells you what their moral compass is, and their commitment. I however have one major complaint with the U.S.! It actually 2, but the Civil Rights act in 1965 resolved one issue. The other is the “prostitution” both the Constitution of the United States, and the laws of God himself, when we allowed Roe/Wade to change the 5TH Commandment directly from GOD, and given to Moses on the mountain! Next question!

  16. The INVASION of our Southern Border was DEFINITELY ORGANIZED by the LEFT!Let’s HOPE that Pres. Trump WILL USE THE MILITARY to PREVENT them from ENTERING AMERICA!It seems that ID Cards are required for almost everything, EXCEPT for VOTING, thus ELECTION FRAUD is quite RAMPANT! Pres. Trump is monitoring this election very closely, so WHO KNOWS what’s “in play”? If the THOUSANDS of people who ATTEND Trump’s rallies are a SIGN of a POSITIVE OUTCOME in November, then we’ll be all set! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  17. In reading your Editorial it dawned on me (yes I can be late catching on). Why do Dems push for no voting rules; why do they push for allowing illegals, as many as can be rounded up, entry to this country; why do they use voter fraud then deny it, etc.? Because DEMS WOULD NEVER be Voted IN OFFICE Again without it, and they KNOW IT. With their more recent behavior (Waters, Booker, Holder), I’d say they’re going all out on voter fraud; feel they’ve got it in the bag for blue wave. Welcome back!

  18. I REALLY ENJOYED the other bloggers comments,& remarks…..this all has to be funded by that “creep”, GEORGE SOROS!
    WHENEVER THERE ANY “FUNDING” of the LEFTIST “LOONS”, he is behind it!! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO & thank goodness we have you in charge, & AMEN!!!

  19. Until the lame stream media, the demonrats, the fiberals and the dippers are arrested and thrown in jail for inciting illegals to vote or vote without a picture I.D., we are screwed. The “right” is not doing enough to stop this against this law anarchy and disrespect. To the left, to win at all cost even making the dead vote is a crime and should be dealt with accordingly.

  20. Where I’m from in CT we have voter ID but we also have sanctuary cities and allow illegals licenses. I am not positive but now they have register to vote when you get a license. So like what happened in CA how can we in CT be sure this isn’t happening in CT. Also, there is only a single small notification from legal to illegal licenses. I wonder how many of those at the voting booths are trained to look for that! None of this should have been allowed for illegals. IMHO

  21. Regret to say this is the last item from your goodself. Can you add me to your list again. The censors must be at work!! John W.Robertson , Glasgow. Scotland. Do enjoy your blog plus superb radio.

  22. I have just seen the early voting numbers in key states. Republicans are beating democraps with SIGNIFICANTLY higher numbers. To paraphrase Wyatt Earp in the movie “Tombstone”: We’re coming and hell is coming with us! The red tide will sweep over the country in November and the dems will have to go back in the holes they came out of. Trump is pulling record attendance numbers at his rallies, and Obama can’t even fill a room. And lots of dems can’t stand Hillary any more!

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