It’s Worse Than Fake News


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

The Terminology of Fake News, Assumes that the Report you’re Hearing, Seeing or Reading is Fake, which is more or less Untrue or Slanted to the Point where the Truth becomes Irrelevant . . .

But What If I Told You . . . That It’s Far More Serious Than That?

Throughout History, especially since the Invention of the Gutenberg Press, the “Modern” Media Always Leaned in one Direction or the Other, with the Exception, where the Government Controlled the Media, vis a vis Totalitarian States like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China, Cuba . . . And On & On.

YET – In Free Western Societies, where Freedom of Expression was always the KEY TO MAINTAINING ALL FREEDOMS, the Media always seemed to have Divided News from Opinion (Editorial) . . . But That’s No Longer True.

The Balance Between Liberal & Conservative Media Was More Or Less Even.

TODAY . . . News Is Opinion & Editorial Is News. And what you Believe to be True is Only the TRUTH the Media wants you to Believe.

Here’s A Perfect Example . . . When Describing the Testimony of Christine Blasey-Ford versus Brett Kavanaugh, the Media – INCLUDING FOX NEWS, Described Ford’s “STORY” as being Credible . . . as Ford “TOLD HER TRUTH”.

WHAT DOES “HER TRUTH” MEAN? . . . That’s LEFTIST Talk – For We Don’t Really Want To Know The “REAL” Truth – PERIOD! And we’ll (The Media) Pick the Truth which Matches the Media’s Narrative and want you to Believe.

If Brett Kavanaugh, would have Suggested, even no more than a Nano-Second during Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearings, that he Rules on Cases, Based NOT on the Facts or Corroborating Evidence, but Rather, on who was a More Compelling Story-Teller . . . Kavanaugh would have never have been Confirmed, not even by the Most Conservative Republican.

But That Never Happened . . . Because, as far as I’m Concerned, there is ONLY One Truth, The Truth Which Is True. And in the Case of Blasey-Ford, Her Truth was 100% UNSUPPORTABLE with Facts, or any Sort of Corroboration, even from Ford’s Own Witnesses, who all Refuted “HER TRUTH”.


Therefore . . . A Woman (Blasery-Ford) who Laid such a Scurrilous & Unsupported Charge Against a Man, which Led to Unimaginable Angst for his Wife, Children, Extended Family, Friends, Colleagues & Socio/Legal & Political Supporters . . . UNLESS PROVEN OTHERWISE – MUST BE DEEMED A LIAR & HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

But More To The Point . . . The Media Should Also Be Held No Less Accountable.


Do We Know Who Khashoggi Was . . . And What He Stood For?

I Know That From Everything I’ve Been Reading . . . Khashoggi was Deeply into the Moslem Brotherhood. And I Know for a FACT, Not Speculation, and Not Without Corroboration, that the Moslem Brotherhood HATES Western Style Freedoms, Supports Sharia, Hates America, Hates Israel, Hates Jews . . . and is essentially at the Root of all Moslem Extremism.

I also Wonder whether Khashoggi was even a Journalist, Opposed to being an Advocate For Islam, Slanting his Reportage for the LEFTIST Washington Post to Make Islamization more Palatable & Less Threatening to the West.

WE ALSO DON’T KNOW . . . what Khashoggi had on the Saudis, which Compelled the Saudis to Kill Him.

But Here’s Something We Do Know . . .

We Know that as Many as 800,000-Syrian Men, Women & Children, have been Murdered by Islamists, Iranians, Hezbollah, Assad & Russia. We know that Syria has GASSED Thousands of Syrian Civilians. And we know that Syria, with the aid of Iran, Hezbollah & Russia have Created MILLIONS of Refugees, Flooding already Overwhelmed Neighboring Countries as well as Europe and part of North America (Canada and the USA) . . .

Yet The Media Is Far More Fixated On Khashoggi Than On The Syrian Genocide.

When Tayyip Erdogan Became Prime Minister Of Turkey In 2003 . . . Turkey was a 99% Moslem Democratic State, which Enjoyed 100% Separation Between State & Mosque. But, from 2003 To 2014 – Erdogan Slowly Moved Turkey Towards The RE-ISLAMIZATION of Secular Turkey.

And In 2014 . . . When Erdogan Started His Journey to become the Defacto President For Life of Turkey, which was made Real by the Most Likely Phony Coup D’état in 2016, which Enabled Erdogan to Drive-Out, Arrest, Imprison & Murder his Military, Political & Media Opposition . . . WHERE WAS THE VOICE OF OUTRAGE FROM THE MEDIA?

And By 2018 – Erdogan Cemented His Power By Becoming Ruler For Life Of Turkey.

KNOW THIS . . . Erdogan Is An Unabashed Supporter Of The Moslem Brotherhood. And in Turkey, there is NO FREE PRESS, and after the Failed “Coup D’état”, almost every Independent Turkish Newsperson was Arrested or Detained, Reportedly With The Exception Of Khashoggi.


Outside of Israel, there is Not One Free or Democratic Society in the Entire Region, where Corruption & Thugocracy Rule Unchallenged.


Saudi Arabia Hates the Brotherhood . . . Turkey Loves the Brotherhood & Hates Saudi Arabia, and in One Way or the Other . . . They All Hate Each Other, Democracy, America & Israel.

And Here’s Another Real Truth . . . The Arab/Moslem Proverb – “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend”, is the Only Truth we in the West should Consider, since we know that Arab/Moslem Countries Play by a Totally Different Set of Values, Morals & Integrity than We Do.


So . . . Even Though The Media Is Portraying the Death of Khashoggi as the Worst thing Imaginable, even Worse than the Murder of as many as 800,000 Syrian Men, Women & Children, and the Displacement of Millions More – The Enemies of the USA & Israel (The Moslem Brotherhood, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, China, Russia & the EU) are Milking it for all that it’s Worth . . .

And with the Help of Our Western Free Press, which outside of Most of the EU, Wouldn’t Exist . . . Let Alone Survive in any of the Aforementioned Countries . . .

Our News Media Is Nonetheless Aiding & Abetting The Enemy.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Watched CNN this morning. Couldn’t believe how biased against Prime Minister Netanyahu they were. They interviewed the other candidate standing for the Israeli election. He had nothing good to say about him. Surprise surprise………

  2. Let’s face it, the majority of Americans couldn’t care less re: the Death of Khashoggi. Yes, those who MUST deal with this situation view it very differently, however. The people ARE now more interested in the thousands of ILLEGALS who are TRYING to ENTER our Country! Thank God that Pres. Trump has DECIDED to use our MILITARY if needed. These days, most people FEAR the TRUTH–especially the LEFT.This is WHY they have CHOSEN TO ACT in a MOB-LIKE manner via which they will FAIL! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  3. Extremely well stated, as usual, Howard. The Demonrats are so bent on seizing power that their penchant for violent authoritarianism is starting to show its ugly face. That they are contenders in several congressional races next month is due solely to the pernicious influence of the party’s propaganda arm – the corrupt Pravda media.

  4. IF the ‘fake news’ were to delve into & obtain FACTS and report them, NOT over looking the 800,000+ murdered & the CHANGE in the Turkisk Government, would there not be a completely different thought process by citizens world wide? Of course, but then the ‘fake news’ couldn’t SPIN it to THEIR & the Dems advantage as the Nazi’s did. Where are the Thinkers? Where are the REAL news reporters? You laid it out succinctly, Mr. G. Thank You. God Help Us. God Bless

  5. To quote Stalin: “the death of one man is a tragedy, the death of a million is a statistic.” What he understood in 1931 applies today.

  6. My sole comment is simply,…..Why is it that few if none of my American citizens, and Canadians as well, don’t really understand the cross roads we are at?

  7. Even when there is no Broadcast with your Editorial, I would like to hear your Bumper music … it’s great.
    Norm Von Herzen, Newport Beach, California

  8. SPOT ON!!! Perfect editorial, Howard. I have been reading about all of this & saying “What???” To me, this was a Moslem issue, not a Trump issue. However, the Left is so deranged that they want an ANY EXCUSE or REASON to try & impeach Trump – IF – They win the Nov. Elections of the US Senate & House of Reps!!! That is why the sneaky MSM hasn’t given any background on this whole issue. It’s called keeping the masses completely blind, especially the STUPID masses which is mostly the Dems.

  9. In all fairness Howard my friend, must add that the US has been as responsible as anyone for destruction of towns and villages in Syria and creating refugees flooding Europe. Simply can’t give Obama and Clinton a free pass, in fact in my view the Saudi’s and US are very guilty. I also don’t believe there is evidence that Assad gassed his people, on the contrary they were false flag attacks designed to make Assad look guilty. These are very difficult times and little is what it appears.

  10. In the 1960’s colleges were already teaching kids that truth was relative and only perceived by the beholder. They were taught the lies that there were no ABSOLUTES including TRUTH. What we are seeing now is a result of decades of teaching lies and communist propaganda. Heaven help our college young people who have no clue about anything except what they are wrongfully taught. This junk is also taught in ALL public education from preschool on… and we wonder WHY we have problems?

  11. This Kkassogo nonsense is all about embarrassing Trump because of his improved relations with the Saudis

  12. The Middle East has been killing each other for thousands of years, when rulers are not chosen but created by birth right, the hate is linage. The US is involved because of MONEY as always. If the REAL TRUTH was known, most of our elected politicians are invested there. I agree with you, the Reporter had caused his own fate by his hatred. Why are we involved, MONEY. How did the thousands marching toward our Southern Border suddenly start, notice how clean and organized they are, MONEY….

  13. Howard, I truly enjoyed your “blog” today, as well as the other blogger’s comments…..& thanks for shedding the light on the “supposed journalist” killed in Turkey! I plan of sharing your blog on my face book timeline. GO PRES. TRUMP, GO & AMEN-AMEN!

  14. WHO is Khashoggi ? I don’t care. So much MSM time wasted on this issue. I’m more concerned about what Muslims and the Demorats are doing in the US and Canada. 4,000 mostly men, again, marching through Mexico (maybe) to get into the USA illegally and you bet some will continue to get into Canada. WHO is Khashoggi ? I don’t care.

  15. GauchoSam is my pen name. Dr. Ford was selected for a hiit against Judge Kavanaugh then, now Justice Kavanaugh. there are hghly specialized professionals who can manga/coach such persons. Dr. Ford “little girl” voice and head tilt and very unsteady eye contact as well as her side standing position made her suspect from the word go.
    Her handlers and coaches must face stern investigations.

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