Everyone’s An Expert . . . And No One-Knows Squat


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

LET ME BE CLEAR . . . I Write & Speak about Things I Really Know About . . . & Things which I Fully Admit – That I only “THINK” I Know about. And I clearly Differentiate between the Two.


My Political Prognostications are NOT Based upon a Crystal Ball, with which I Look into the Future, but, are Based upon Things that I try to Deduce from Trends, Conversations & Things I See & Hear with my Own Eyes & Ears.

What I Don’t Do – Is Predict On BS & What I Would Like To See Happen.


So . . . When I Hear these Talking Heads on Television, or Read what the Pundits Write in Newspapers, or on the Internet, as if they have the Political Truth Cornered . . . It’s All Laughable, because they Can’t see the Future Any More than Anyone Else.

Their Guesses Are Just Media Packaged Guesses – But Nonetheless . . .

The Problem with Big Media Guesses, is that they are Not Objective, and they have an Agenda. And because they come from so-called “Reputable” Media Providers with Big Money & Great Marketing Presence, they have a Certain Cache, giving them far more Credibility & Weight than they Deserve.

And as Such, they have the Ability to Move a Voting Group or Groups in a Misleading Direction . . . Which Is Far Too Often In The Wrong Direction.

We Saw The Media Smear A Good Man (Kavanaugh) By Means Of The Big Lie.

We’ve been Viewing & Hearing the Media Prognosticate about the Midterm Elections by Means of Slanted Polls, which are in themselves No Different than the Big Lie . . . Creating Momentum Where There Should Be None.

First They Made One Unsubstantiated Claim Against Justice Kavanaugh – And Based Upon Only the Word of a Woman whose Entire “Story” was Founded upon a 36-Year Old Resurfaced Non Corroborated Memory – Refuted In Its Entirety By Her Own Witnesses, which Morphed from an “Alleged” Tussle in Bed between Two Teenagers with a Third Teenager Present, into Extreme Drunkenness, to Attempted Rape, Attempted Murder, to Groping and a Later Severe Beat-Down on a Yacht, to Organized Gang Rape . . .

NONE OF IT CORROBORATED . . . Not even with a Shred of Evidence, and Totally Against Kavanaugh’s Lifelong History . . . Yet – The Big Lie Became The Unvarnished Truth.


What The LEFT & their Sycophant Media are doing is No Different Whatsoever with their Slanted Polling, than what they did with Brett Kavanaugh. And as Close as the LEFT came to being Successful with their Big Lie Against Kavanaugh . . .

That’s How Close They Could Get With Their Big Lie Of The Upcoming Midterms.

Decent People Like Most Of Us . . . Think that all People – with the Exceptional Few, are also Decent People, Especially the Politicians we Vote For . . . Because, if we Believed Otherwise, that Many of our Politicians, Specifically the ones who have the Greatest Ambitions, MOSTLY ON THE LEFT, are Indeed Amongst the Most Despicable People Amongst Us . . . Our Entire Political System Would Collapse Into Apocalypse.


The Truth . . . Is that the Morality, which we have been Educated with by LEFTIST Teachers over Several Generations, from Pre-Kindergarten through University, has DEVOLVED to the Point, where Winning has no Boundaries . . . Other Than To Win.

Honor, Values, Morality, Ethics & Conscience Are Out The Window With The LEFT.


The Worst Part of this Entire Narrative – is that the ONLY BARRIER we have Enjoyed for more than 250-Years against the Barbarians . . . which was Freedom Of Expression & Trust In The Media, Has Become The Absolute Reverse Of What It Used To Be.


Remember Germany . . . Circa 1932 – 1945.

Remember Big Brother & 1984. Remember When Atlas Shrugged – Remember, Because History & Dystopian Literature Are Catching-Up With Us . . . And We Have Just One Shot To Stay Ahead.

November 6th – Vote For Freedom & The Continuation Of The American Dream.

Or Be Prepared To Live In Orwell’s 1984 Nightmare.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I think as a christian I have never been so fransfixed by a moment in history This is a watershed moment when the truth will be spoken and likely 3 billion people will be watching some from a perspective of hatred but many from a persepective of love yet the truth will win out for the world to see. lf God be for you who can be against you

  2. I totally agree with you that “WE ARE LIVING IN FAR MORE DANGEROUS TIMES THAN MOST REALIZE”. I also agree that, for the time being anyway, whether we rise above the mob tactics or succumb totally hinges on the outcome of Nov 6, 2018 just as it did in 2016. Rational thinking, common sense people (no matter political affiliation) need to continue to win over the Dem, socialist, liberal, progressive mob until they give it up–or Soros and his ilk run out of money &/or die. This is war.

  3. Good read Howard.
    An opinion is like an asshole, everybody has one, generally it stinks.


  4. Clinton H, great admirer of Saul Alinsky. USA has no idea how close they came to 1984. Pres Trump saved the day tho I think we are at the beginning of 1984. Many stores, business, industry closing and walking away. Are we on the verge of Atlas Shrugged. 4,000+ takers on the way to US from Honduras. Canada Post, really well paid plus benefits, about to strike. Canada pot legal, stoned on 17th October. How long before it’s too late and the great minds disappear.

  5. Yes, our country is becoming Stoned. Just saw on the News that 22% of drivers via a random inspections by Law Enforcement are driving while under the influence of POT. Scares the heck out of me to be on the road, Idaho is surrounded by states that POT is legal and we are being invaded by them all, our population is blowing up. I hear most of them are retired cops, firefighters and military getting out of the craziness.

  6. Even though I understand the situation and appreciate your apprehension Howard, I will step up and make a prediction regarding the midterm election. The Democrats as well as the entire left will get crushed! Once that happens, then the party will really begin.

  7. There is another, and final, barrier against the barbarians, Howard. We have the Second Amendment firmly entrenched in our Bill of Rights. It is not there to protect hunting activity or sport shooting. It is there so that we can defend the United States of America from ALL enemies, foreign or DOMESTIC. Its intent was to affirm the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and at the time of the signing of the Bill of Rights, with weapons comparable to those of the military. That still holds!

  8. I agree with the first post …. being 73, I never, ever, thought I would see something like this happen to our country. Where did these animals come from? Is this mob tactic a carryover from their childhood? I have people living above me in an apartment that I’m actually afraid of, and they’re not older – quite young in fact. It’s sad to watch all this go down, and my big question is “why aren’t we doing anything serious about it?” We just talk about it ….. somehow we need action.

  9. Unbeknownst to many, Canada is on the brink of living the “1984” nightmare. The perfect scenario was created when George Soros, the CBC (our socialist brodcaster), and the resources of Barack Obama were used to elect a feeble minded, but willing dupe for his deep socialist sponsors. Now the “dumb down” process has begun with the legalization of pot, soon to be followed with drastic indoctrination procedures within the education system. Fortunately for America, it has one last chance.

  10. The LEFT has the NERVE to CRITICIZE Pres. Trump re: his TWEETS as being INAPPROPRIATE when, as noted by HG, THEY, THEMSELVES, have absolutely NO SENSE of HONOR, VALUES, MORALITY, ETHICS & CONSCIENCE! I agree with Mr. Wuench above that “the entire left will get crushed”! If THE LEFT thinks they CRIED in 2016, “they ain’t seen nothing yet!” There is STILL a MAJORITY of PEOPLE who TRULY FEAR what is happening to America and who SUPPORT Pres. Trump—WHO will LEAD us to VICTORY! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  11. Vote! Vote! Vote! Our President Trump is the man and Republican is the way! Get rid of the democrat mobs.

    Ashley Raper, Rocky Mount, NC

  12. ENJOYED ALL THE OTHER bloggers’ comments! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO…..& AMEN, AMEN!!

  13. Howard thank you once again for your great editorials you send. I just asked my 83 yr. old neighbor has she ever seen such a mess with our Democrats acting the way they are now? She said no and no to what the college kids are doing. Their parents have not taught them good things to live by. I agreed with her and I agree with you. Not to worry if I must stand in line for hours I will be there to vote in November all the way for our President and the rest of the Republicans.

  14. Voted today in Delaware since I’ll be out of town. Though Carper is entrenched for life, I suppose. I too predict another big win in November, and wish it would hurry up and get over!!

  15. It’s very pathetic when Canadians are now leaving (escaping) the country because of growing totalitarianism. All that’s left of the true north strong and free is north. Mark Stein escaped to New Hampshire, which itself is dying from political correctness, for being found guilty by the B C Human “Rights” Commission of being a hater for writing a book about changing demographics. So much for New Hampshire’s of Live Free or Die. There are more but space here doesn’t permit.

  16. So we’ll and cogently said, as always, Howard. As I filled out my mail-in ballot 2 days ago those very thoughts were filling my head. My gut tells me if the left wins the House in 2+ weeks, all the momentum we’ve gained will not only be stalled, it will be lost. God help us, if that happens. I feel as if I’m living in a parallel universe!

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