I Hate Trump – But I’d Vote For Him She Said


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Anne & I are Now into Overdrive, Preparing for our 2000-Mile Road Trip from Canada (South Western Ontario) through Flyover Country, on our Way to Austin Texas for the Entire Winter . . . And We Are Pumped For It.


The other Day, I was Speaking to the Wife of a Good Friend, who is not that Politically-Minded, but knows one thing . . . SHE HATES TRUMP. And in the Last Canadian Election she Loved Trudeau.

SO IMAGINE WHEN SHE TOLD ME . . . After some Ribbing on my Behalf about President Trump, THAT SHE STILL HATES TRUMP, but would Vote for him if she had a Say in US Politics – AND TRUDEAU’S GOT TO GO!

What She Said . . . Doesn’t More Or Less Just Sum-Up The Situation . . . But Rather, What She Said – Actually Spikes What’s Really Going To Happen On November 6th.

When a Somewhat LEFTIST Canadian like my Conservative Friend’s Wife, who doesn’t Watch or Listen to Fox News, or Reads Conservative BLOGS like Mine, Comes to a Conclusion that what President Trump has done for the United States of America is Worthy of a Second Kick-At-The-Can for Donald Trump, even though she still says she HATES THE MAN . . . What Else Needs To Be Said?


It’s Real Easy To Lie . . . But it’s Another Story Entirely, when you have to Defend & Explain the Indefensible, which is now where the LEFT Find Themselves.

The LEFT (Democrats) Believe . . . that if They Continue to Tell the BIG LIE, that there will be a Huge Blue Wave this November 6th, Backed-Up with Contrived Polls, Wishful Ads and Fake News, that it will Indeed Happen – They better Start to Believe in all Manner of Fairytales, because, when a Canadian Woman who Leans to the LEFT, who has Utter Disdain for Donald Trump, thinks that Trump is Doing a Great Job, and if she could, she would Vote for Donald Trump . . . THAT’S NEITHER SPIN – NOR A BIG LIE.

BUT WHAT MAKES THIS EVEN MORE COMPELLING . . . Is that my Friend’s LEFTIST Wife, Also Believes that America Must Vote Republican, if they want to Continue the Trump Miracle.

IF MY FRIEND’S WIFE . . . was the Only Person with this Mindset, I would Consider that to be a Welcome One-Of Anecdote, which would be Nice. But That’s Not The Case.

In Fact . . . Almost Everyone I Speak To In Canada, who I know are Not Trump Supporters, are More-Or-Less Saying the Same thing as my Friend’s Wife said to me about Disliking President Trump, but Supporting Everything the American President is Doing, and has Done for America, and are just as Equally Much Against Justin Trudeau . . . This Is Not Anecdotal – IT’S A TREND.


Even Though Canadians Do Not Have A Vote In US Elections – We do have an Incredible Interest, and are even More Subjected to Fake News in Canada, than are our American Cousins in the USA.

IF LEFTIST CANADIANS . . . are Leaning so Far to the Conservative Side in their Support for a Man (President Trump) whom they Don’t Otherwise Like . . . I’VE GOT NEWS FOR THE AMERICAN LEFT & AND THEIR PRETEND BLUE WAVE.

We’re Closing in on just Several Weeks to the Midterm Elections, and with every Passing Day; I See, Hear & Read more Desperation in the Ranks of the Democrats and their Sycophants as they Try to Invent Reasons to Vote for People without a Platform other than WE HATE TRUMP!

They Might As Well Chant . . . We Hate Jobs, American Made Manufacturing, Low Taxes, More Opportunities, More Law & Order, More Defendable Borders, Better Trade Deals, A Stronger Military . . . AND A PLETHORA OF OTHER SPECTACULAR OPPORTUNITIES.

Whomever Really Said This – Was 100% On Target . . .

You Can Fool All The People Some Of The Time, Some Of The People All Of The Time, But Never All Of The People All Of The Time . . .

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It used to be a good gag line to say, “The Republicans will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” but I see it happening before my eyes. How sad.

  2. Trump has done more for working people then all the feel good do gooders who’ve ever existed.

  3. Many of my friends (and my beloved surviving sister Sarah) were reticent about Trump. I persuaded ALL OF THEM to vote for him by pointing out that they had never gone wrong listening to me–including my CPA, a senior partner at a large Chicago firm. ALL of them are now thrilled with President Trump. To quote my CPA: I’m not crazy about some of his antics, but I sure do love his policies and his keeping his promises is something I have never seen a politician do IN MY LIFE.

  4. If you want to remain free to speak or anything else you best get out and vote and turn this country red.Free speech will disappear if you don’t

  5. Every thinking American should be absolutely disgusted at the lying, cheating Demonrats. Next month and in 2020 these loathsome swamp creatures must be relegated to the dustbin of history. The question is, How many thinking Americans are there?

  6. It’s good to know, Howard! Since Donald Trump was elected, the Left have revealed their souls. We are regularly appalled at their lies and hatred and assassinations of character. As for me, I absolutely love how Trump is “trumping” them at every turn! He exposes their dark agenda and easily answers the question, “What do you have to lose?” We have EVERYTHING to lose with Democrats! They love only themselves and want to decimate our Constitution. The evidence is crystal clear.

  7. One must remember that Canada is AFFECTED by U.S. politics. There WILL be a RED WAVE on November 6th and the LEFT more than REALIZES it. Thus, this is the REASON for their CONSISTENT LIES, the LAST being about POCAHONTAS! People don’t have to LIKE Pres. Trump to REALIZE that he HAS been SUCCESSFUL in ACHIEVING what he PROMISED during the 2016 campaign. Can you imagine how MUCH MORE he COULD have accomplished if the RINOS had SUPPORTED him? PLEASE PRAY FOR A SMASHING RED WAVE! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  8. If Americans do NOTHING else, let them PLEASE VOTE 11/6/2018. Vote Republican. WE THE PEOPLE must take our country back with the leadership of POTUS Trump. We have to LEAD rather than FOLLOW. Excellent Editorial, Mr. G. Thank You. May you & Anne & your furry friends have a safe & uneventful trip to Austin TX. God Bless

  9. Hey Howard and Anne!
    we are praying and working for that red wave. We cannot wait for you to get back here in Austin. Good that you missed this flooding week.

  10. Great blog Howard!!
    Will look forward to your comments after your safe trip to Texas!!
    My goodness, seems like you just got back to Canada & now your on your way to big Texas!! Have safe trip.. Barry

  11. “Millions” today think only for themselves (particularly politicians)! Most liberals (especially those existing off welfare) have “nothing to lose”, but most working conservatives are tired of supporting those who don’t want to work, learn English, or “act American”! What Trump is doing for this nation and economy is all that matters! (Better to be “respected” than to be “liked”!) POTUS of “color” now showing his “true colors”, as is HRC (“blessing” she didn’t win)! If Dems win, UN will run USA!

  12. It is true -what you’ve heard re: ‘Hate Trump but will vote for him” -over and over again.THOSE people don’t answer ‘polls.’ Everywhere you turn you see the positive effects of Trump’s leadership. His words aren’t ‘fancy’ but his ‘transparency’ is refreshing. Must find a way to stop the latest ‘caravan’ of people trying to come here. VOTE IN REPUBS!!!

  13. Please share this email and your heartfelt thoughts about this election with your children and relatives regarding the importance of the mid term election and the importance of all getting out to vote Republican November 6th. Remind the younger set it’s not about believing your parents or elders as much as this is going to be your country. Just look at Portland and other crazy antifa antics, the USA could turn into Venezuela in a few years with liberals at the helm. Nothing is free.

  14. Happy to hear you are heading back to where you both belong. Looking forward to your return and pray that it will become permeant soon. God bless and keep you safe from all harm.

  15. So long as we have uninformed, biased, unthinking people, who vote on the basis of popularity, we will continue to have the likes or trudeau and and his ilk.

  16. The “you can fool some of the people some of the time,….etc. is attributed to Abraham Lincoln in Clinton, Illinois in 9/2/1858, but has also been attributed to an even older French writer as well. I prefer the Lincoln attribution. Not that it really matters when the “unwashed masses” are leading half the population in a world of “feel good at all costs,…” and we have pills for that too.

  17. I don’t dislike trump but her feelings are a lot like mine. He has my vote as does the Republican Party despite the fact they refuse to nominate statespeople, still voting for them despite the fact that in MOST cases it is cotinh for the least of the worst!!!

  18. Howard, I’ve just finished reading that book you mentioned a while ago. “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” by Judge Jeanine Pirro. Wow! what a great read! I borrowed the book first from my library, but now I’ve bought it for my personal bookshelf, so I can loan it to friends to read the truth. There sure are a lot of Democrats down there that really belong in prison, Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton just to mention the main ones.

  19. Dear Howard: you are getting better and better every day. I wish I could say the same about Canada. On November 6th, along with Stephen Harper and a bunch of conservatives, I’ll be watching the results as they will come, at the Vancouver Club. If things do not turn as they should, at least I will share my tears with like-minded people…

  20. I didn’t particularly like Trump but I voted for him. After seeing what he has accomplished, true to his word, unlike any others I ever voted for, I have great respect for him. I may cringe sometimes, at some of his remarks, but he is the best thing to happen in this country in my lifetime, and I will vote for him again. And, I will vote for those who share his values and goals.
    Take care on your return to home in Texas. There is water everywhere, and a lot of it around Austin.

  21. Imagine what Trump could have accomplished in 2 years if the Deep State, Media and leftist Billionaires left him alone to run the country! They KNOW Success will garner more votes and so they’ve attempted blocking his agenda they knew would be successful! I believe you are going to see a full 6 years of the GOP controlling both the House and Senate. Imagine the young conservative judges Trump is going to put in place. The Left will be defeated in every way going forward. only Antifa will survive

  22. Know President Trump, shut your ears 2 rude n obnoxious comments, sometimes behaviour BUT, acknowledge what he has accomplished 2 benefit all Americans in a short two years. Any person who promises n delivers should be supported – no hidden agenda like our Canadian Idiot. Our PM too is delivering: legalised Marijuana as of today, unlimited migrants from USA and Islam, a $4.5B pipeline project that never will be built under him, $50k/day per legal/illegal asylum seekers, $$$$ to Hamas ???????

  23. Howard, may you and your wife have a safe journey. I will try to look you up in Austin, going to visit my Grandson for his 2 birthday, Nov 14. I play golf with a couple Demo buddies, they both are amazed as to what Our President has done in such a short time, Promise Made, Promise Kept… unlike any other politician. Both my buddies have admitted that they are not supporting their party this go around, scared of what they might get.

  24. Good article.

    If we get through this election intact, and I think we will, it’s smooth sailing from here.

    By any objective measure, if you go by what has happened in less than two years of Trump, and project it over a likely eight years, Donald John Trump will go down as our best president. Ev-har.

  25. In mid 2026 I told my wife, you are voting for the Supreme Court for a generation.

  26. Hooray you and Anne heading for Tx once again. Be safe in your drive there and back to Canada when you must return. Ever think of getting a duel citizenship? We would love to have you. I have always voted for the Republicans and will always do so. President Trump is a good man but he can be out spoken with a lot of things he says. But he is doing all he can for our country. Shame on the other party for all that they have done and all that they say about everyone. Shame Shame

  27. I just hope that the RINO McConnell has not blown the Republican chances for a RED WAVE in Nov. by saying they are going to cut Social Security and Medicare. That guy needs to be removed from office and quickly.

  28. Safe travels. A follower mentioned a saying that struck a ‘parental’ chord w/me (Mollie Hejl) in quoting “better to be respected than to be liked”. That was my thot whenever my children needed discipline. They didn’t like me much as discipline was being handed out, but afterward knew I loved them enough to set rules for their welfare & behavior. For Trump perhaps the twitter tirades’ sole purpose is keeping Dems focus off his policy moves. Wish he were less crude but it sure works. RED WAVE!!!

  29. I agree Howard. I feel just like I did before Reagan won and also Trump. People are happy about Trump and upset at the crazy Democrat’s.

  30. Red wave in November really coming. One thing Howard as to why American Republicans chose red as their color and blue for demonrats (Judge Jeanine Pirro’s word) when mostly I think everywhere else in the democratic world, blue is for Conservatism and red is associated with the left left fiberals, dippers, socialism and communism. It makes it confusing. E-mail me an answer because I can’t find anything on the internet to truly explain why that is. Maybe you know better.

  31. What concerns me the most is the possibility, nay, the certainty this time of cheating on a grand scale. The Democrats lost in 2016 because they didn’t cheat enough. They’ll surely pull out all the stops this time around.

  32. Howard, I pray you are right and that your friend’s wife to be right on target for Trump. Steve Acre, Canada

  33. I REALLY enjoyed the other bloggers’ comments, & GO PRES. TRUMP, GOD…..plus GOD BLESS YOU for putting up with this crap on a “DAILY BASIS”! I TRULY HOPE THE “RED WAVE” MATERIALIZES!! GO PRES. D.J.TRUMP, GO…..& GOD BLESS YOU, SIR…..AMEN-AMEN, FOR “PROMISES KEPT & MADE”!!!

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