Ellison Is Getting The Obama/Jack Ryan Treatment


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What’s Sauce For The Goose Is Sauce For The Gander . . . Even LEFTIST Gander.

Minnesota House Member . . . Keith Ellison, the Moslem Supporter of Louis Farrakhan who Hates Jews, Whites & America, and is the Current Number Two in Democrat Party Hierarchy (DNC), wants to become the Minnesota Attorney General . . . But Has A Few Problems Standing In His Way, least of all his KNOWN AFFILIATION with Jew, White & America Haters like Farrakhan .

Ellison’s Recently LEFTIST Former Girlfriend . . . has Accused the Wannabe Minnesota Attorney General of Physical & Mental Abuse – WITH POLICE RECORDS & HER SON AS A WITNESS TO PROVE IT. But, according to the DNC, there is No Corroborating Evidence, to prove her Accusations Except for Police Records, and her Eye Witness Son.


For those of you who might not know, or might need a little Reminding . . . Barack Hussein Obama won his Federal Senate Seat before becoming President against an INCREDIBLY WELL LIKED REPUBLICAN (Jack Ryan), who was Extremely Generous with his Time, Effort & Money – LOTS OF MONEY, who was also a Self Made Mega Millionaire.

Ryan Was By All Counts . . . A Shoe-In.

And If The Name Jack Ryan Doesn’t Ring A Bell – His Beautiful Ex-Wife, Movie & Television Star Jeri Ryan Probably will, since Jeri Ryan Played the Incredibly Sexy Role as 7–Of–9 on the Star Trek Voyager Series.

Jeri Ryan also Played the Role of a Super Accomplished Educator on Boston Public, amongst a Host of many other Successful Movies & Television Productions.

I’m Telling You This . . . Because, when Obama Ran Against Jack Ryan, Obama didn’t have a Rat’s Ass Chance to Win – HOWEVER, in Previous Years Prior to the Senatorial Campaign, Jeri Ryan Sued for Divorce from Jack Ryan on Grounds of Sexual Abnormalities – Jack Ryan wanted his Wife Jeri Ryan to have Public Sex with him at a Swingers Nightclub in Paris as his Birthday Present . . . ‘Nuff Said.

The Ryans Mutually Agreed To Have Their Divorce Documents Sealed.

And Then Came Obama & His Media Chums . . . Who Sued The Courts to Release the Sealed Court Documents, for the Supposed Well-Being of The Nation’s Need To Know.

Jack Ryan Had No Choice But To Drop Out Of The Campaign At The Last Moment.

The Minnesota Star Tribune & AlphaNews, have just Recently Sued the Minnesota Courts to have the Mutually Agreed Upon Sealed Divorce Records between Ellison & Ellison’s Ex-Wife Unsealed, in the aftermath of the Abuse Allegations Made in August by Recently Former Girlfriend Karen Monahan.

So What Happens When Those Records Show Ellison Was Also Abusive To His Ex?


GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT . . . How Many Times, have we Heard & Read in the Last Month, that the Unsubstantiated Claims Against Brett Kavanaugh were Acceptable, because they were Just too Good & Compelling to Ignore. Who Needs Proof Anyway?

Florida Republicans Are Worried . . . That Andrew Gillum, the Failed Mayor of the Failed City of Tallahassee is going to Beat Ron DeSantis to become Governor of the State of Florida. I’m Not That Worried.

BUT NOW . . . All of Sudden – There’s a Letter Circulating in the Mail & over the Internet, that Andrew Gillum is being Investigated by the FBI for Fraud & Corruption in the UBER-FAILED CITY OF TALLAHASSEE.


To which Gillum and the DNC are Crying Foul, and have Empowered their Lawyers to Seek a Cease & Desist Letter against the Accusers, which the Courts Won’t Do, even though Gillum SWEARS that he is Not Guilty, and is Not the Focus of the Ongoing FBI Criminal Investigation.

THEN THERE’S POCAHONTAS . . .  One Thousand-Twenty-Fourth Native American.

If There was a Way for the LEFT to Invent More & Better Ways & Means to Embarrass Themselves, whether on Gubernatorial, House or Senate Races . . . I Can’t See How?

And In Spite Of The BS We Hear & Read About The Big Blue Wave – Where?


In Case You Forgot . . . By Voting-Day In 2016 – The Pollsters and the Media all but Crowned Crooked Hillary to Become the 45th President of the United States of America. And by the Time the Voting Began . . . Crooked Hillary Outspent Donald Trump by TWO TO ONE – And Look Who Is The President Of The United States Of America . . . & Look Who Is Not.


We Need More Honest Reporting Not Less . . . And More Focused Opinions.

The Good News/Bad News . . . is that with the Advent of the Internet, Especially Under the Socio/Political Thumb of the LEFT, and the Substantial Corrupt LEFTIST Teaching in our Schools . . . Journalism is Nothing Like it was when I was a Much Younger Man.

But The Good News Is That Because Of The Internet People Like Me Have a Voice.

Today . . . It’s Hard to Tell the Difference Between Television Journalism & Entertainment. It’s Hard to Read a Newspaper & Believe what you just Read. And on the Internet, where Opinion Journalism should be Sacrosanct, it is Heavily Controlled & Slanted to Express a LEFTIST View.


And As I write Once Every Month On Or Near The 15th Of Each Month . . . Whether I Receive Financial Support or Not, to Help me Carry the Load, I will Continue to Write & Broadcast Regardless.

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  1. Appreciate your editorial per our milk toast conservative U.S. leadership & Netanyahu’s soon visit. A lot of us down here concur with you Howard!

  2. Karen Monahan has a video of Ellison’s abuse and she’s letting him deny deny deny and I hope she’s doling out the rope for him to hang himself when she releases it around the 1st of November. It has cut his huge lead down to the margin of error and the Democrats refusing to investigate reinforces their hypocrisy vis a vis Kavanaugh. We need HUGE turnout to overcome their vote fraud and PLEASE VOLUNTEER to be a poll watcher–there are never enough and most places PAY YOU to do it.

  3. Sent check last Wed-Thur so hope it arrives before you leave. As for Ellison, he should get what he deserves. It seems that in national elections, Dems (Soros, et al) can spend billions but it’s all for naught because thinking, common sense people vote their conscience. They are better able to separate truth from fiction. I’m more excited & not nervous about results of Nov 6th. Come on RED wave.

  4. I loved it Howard: goose = gander & gander = goose. They deserve everything they can get. Oh, by the way, we here in Austin welcome you back to our home!

  5. My House Member is Ted Deutch, from FL. Yuck! But the Republican nominee opposing him is Nicholas Kimaz. I have read he is a Hezbollah sympathizer for Lebanon, etc etc….But the Broward Republican committee is supporting him, but I have read suspect things about the committee. I don’t know where to find the truth, and as much as I LOVE President
    Trump, there are many republicans to blame for the mess we are in and aim hate toward Trump. Anyone know the real
    story on Kimaz? TY for help.

  6. Excellent Editorial, Mr. G. Pocahontas wants HER $1M dollars because of her % of Indian heritage. Hillary says it is OK he USED Lewinsky because SHE was an adult at 21. Booker wants to be PRES even tho he has charges against him. Ellison wants to be AG & he has charges against him. Brett Kavanaugh did NOTHING & his & his family’s reputation has been ruined forever & Ms. Ford is a Millionaire because of Feinstein. The Goose Grease being spread is UNBELIEVABLE. What a bunch of CROOKS!! MYPOV

  7. Don’t you know, it’s only sexual assault and worthy of news and condemnation if allegedly committed by a conservative. If committed by a liberal, it’s only a big mistake and waste of time for media or anyone to discuss. Witness our very own PM Trudeau. A big proponent of women’s rights, but also felt justified to grab the female goods for his male jollies. But hey, he’s a liberal – so nothing to see here, folks.

  8. I have always remembered the wonderful Jack Ryan. And I think his wife Jeri recanted these accusations later…..too late! He gave up a career to help troubled inner city kids. Only evil Obumma could destroy him! Even in Delaware, Senator Coons only won by trying to prove, yes really, that his lovely opponent was a witch. (She had done some silly things in high school.) They only win by tricks. Never by positive programs.
    Best luck in Austin. When I sell some property I hope to contribute.

  9. when you look at the polls 1st note who took it NBC, CNN ABC ETC. THEN NOTE THE PEOPLE POLLED usually 900 to maybe 1200. How does that reflect to the number of people in this country and who knows the states that were polled. I am saying polls are not to believed when taken by such liberal media bias.

  10. GauchoSam says…
    What e observe, the illegal residents vting, violent mobs, violent “protesters”, rabble, murderus gangs and the “IT” styled comedians as well as waters, Clinton, Holder, “spartacus”, harris, 1024 level Native American pretend warren etc, ARE the Hussein bin Obama true “legacy”.

  11. ANOTHER “AWESOME BLOG”, Howard…..& I enjoyed the other “bloggers'” comments as well! Florida is a “failed state” as well…..this guy, Gillum, is a REAL LOOSER, running against De Santis!! GO DE SANTIS, GO, & GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR RUN for Govenor!!!

  12. I’m one unhappy resident of Florida who sees all the BS coming from the Gillum camp. Having that retread Bernie stumping for him will be a factor in his LOSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wish that I could vote early AND often…………….

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