Stupid Is As Stupid Does . . . Words To Live By – By Forest Gump


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

In A Gazillion Years . . . I Never thought I would be Quoting Forest Gump for anything Political – But Here It Is . . . “Stupid Is As Stupid Does”, which is the best Definition I can Give to the LEFT in their All-Out Quest to Self Destruct.

If I had to Lie Awake every Night to Invent ways for the LEFT to Throw Elections, I Couldn’t even come Close to what the LEFT is Dreaming-Up all on their Stupid-Own.

And to make things even that much Worse for the LEFT, and that much Greater for Conservatives, is that the LEFT have their Lapdog Media to help them in their Headlong Pursuit to Commit Political Suicide.


ABC took a Kicking when they so Stupidly wouldn’t Renew Last Man Standing, Driving the Weekly Comedy to FOX, with more than 8-Million Viewers and about One Hundred Million Dollars in Revenue . . . Bringing with it an enormous Number of People, who as a Result, might now Vote Conservative, who had they Stayed with ABC . . . Might Not Have.

But With Roseanne . . . WITHOUT ROSEANNEABC might as well Broadcast Dead-Air, since Nothing will be More Embarrassing for the Network than a Slap In The Face because of Bad Ratings . . . when (ABC) Chose for the Second Time to Destroy a Prime Time Superpower Show, because ABC didn’t like the Conservative Politics – & Roseanne wasn’t even all that Conservative.


“STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES” . . . When I was a much Younger Man, still in my Liberal Phase, I LOVED MURPHY BROWN, and all the Goofy Characters on the Set, who in Real-Life, were Nothing More & Nothing Less than LEFT WING SELF ABSORBED SHMUCKS – who were Mentally Intoxicated by their Television Success & Wealth, who thought they were the Ultimate Voice of Values & Ethics.

But I’m No Longer A Young Ignorant Impressionable Liberal – Thinking the World is all about Self-Guilt for my Male Gender, Successes & Social Values . . . Compared to what I Saw on Murphy Brown . . . AND I’M NOT ALONE, since the Reborn Murphy Brown Sitcom BOMBED in Front of an Expectant Audience, which Wanted None of what Candice Bergen had to Sell.


The LEFT Simply Don’t Understand That Their Message Is A Failing Narrative.

The LEFT Tried all the Demagoguery they could. They Played the Misogyny Card, the Conservatives want to Kill the Elderly Card, how Conservatives Hate Blacks & Latinos Card, and how Conservatives want to Destroy the Planet’s Environment Card.

They Used the Media to Propagandize their LEFTIST Message. They’ve used Academia, Hollywooders, Awards Shows, Musicians, Rappers, Actors, Sitcoms, Late-Night Television, Day-Time Television, Nightly News Shows, Sunday News Shows, Athletes, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Email Providers and the Failing Print Media . . . AND THEY’RE STILL FAILING!


Don’t Listen To The Pollsters . . . Most of them are LEFTIST TOOLS, and those who Claim to be Impartial, are virtually all Affiliated with Academia, with Little To No Relationship to the Real Working World.

The Truth Is Right Before Our Eyes . . .

If The LEFT was doing Half as Well as they Claim to be Doing, Murphy Brown would be Number One & Last Man Standing would be History. And the Producers of Roseanne Without Roseanne Wouldn’t be Crapping Bricks.

And When President Trump Shows Up At Rallies . . . Tens Of Thousands of Everyday People Show Up to Hear what he has to say and Cheer Him-On . . . Like The Political Rock Star He Is.

And when Obama Turns out at a LEFTIST Rally . . . They could Barely Fill a Ball Room, let Alone a Large Stadium Inside & Out.

And to Witness the Treatment of Kanye West at the Hands of the LEFT, only goes to Show how Desperate the LEFT have become because of their Losing Narrative.

There’s Almost A Month To The Mid Terms . . . It’s Only The Beginning.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Heard Scott Clark on the same program and he had the answers before Schaefer ever asked them. He is the MAN who will stand up for Israel.
    Larry Camp
    Graham, TX

  2. Got in trouble with facebook called that porn lawyer white trash so fb jail for 3 days.So they really are watching every little thing We better vote and let nothing jkeep you from the polls on that special day

  3. Hope the midterms turn into another 2016 event but with more popular votes going to the Republicans and for them to keep the house and senate with even more Republicans then there is now.

  4. Stupid is-as stupid does. So, watch how many stupid people vote for the dimm,dimmocrats. Too many stupid people today. All taught by the evil left, K- 12 and then completed in college. Smucks for sure, but stupid smucks vote. They are so stupid they vote against their own freedoms and self interest.

  5. Facebook and Twitter are dead to me, but Gab has a total NO censorship policy and kicked Microsoft’s Sapphire Servers to the curb when they tried to make them remove a member’s post. It is up to you to mute or block people that you don’t care to hear from–like an adult. The SJW nannies are just too annoying and I am too old to put up with them. Luckily, I have no issues telling them the truth as I see it from my chair without any filter.

  6. Churchill sayeth: If you’re young and not a liberal you have no heart; if you’re old and you are not a conservative, you have no brain. That’s me I think.

  7. Howard!! You are the best. This article on the LEFT is wonderful / fabulous and perfect! Thank you!

  8. Meanwhile, in Canada, the left marches forward practically unimpeded by strength from the Conservative side. Trudeau, Canada’s witless head of government, is a willing dupe of George Soros, and the mentorship of Barrack Obama. The deep socialist Liberals are leading in all polls, which tragically reveals much of Canada is
    blindly falling headlong into a future of preferred poverty and loss of freedoms, all within an environment of leftist cultured ignorance, through educational manipulation!

  9. Yes, Patrick Brown wrote an excellent article detailing many of the 800 political pages and accounts delisted by Facebook censors. Of course, most of them were conservative or libertarian in nature or written by those authors. Evidently, I am unable to see them because they do not meet FB’s “standards”. What a bunch of BS! I will have to look at Gab. Thanks, Teri for your post!

  10. I love the Forest Gump analogy!! That is the entire Democratic “Playbook”! “WE THE PEOPLE” don’t “want” change in this country, we DEMAND it,….the difference is we do it under the terms and constriction of our governing documents and the appropriate methods WE THE PEOPLE agreed to 240” years ago,……that’s what makes us DIFFERENT, and LEADERS in the world. Globalism failed,…the WORLD can’t handle it,……We’ve “picked up the slack” for a long time,…it’s WHO WE ARE!!!

  11. As usual, right on! Bonus: I learned my something new today, courtesy of one of the comments above. I had not previously heard of Gab, so I’m investigating. Thanks, Teri Newman!

  12. Right again, Mr. G. Thank You! I long for the ‘OLD DAYS’ when there was one (1) hour news & then you read the newspapers & magazines on CURRENT EVENTS. Now it is 24/7 ruthless backlash, back stabbing, lies, manipulation of words, disrespect. I want my Country BACK! I want civility, morals, caring hearts, people who respect our POTUS, military, flag & country & most of all GOD. Vote Republican. I don’t want to be another Venezuela. God Bless

  13. Now the left is calling in the WITCHES of NY to come against Kavanaugh ….. Pulling out all the stops!

  14. This partial quote from Shakespeard’s Macbeth could have been written about today’s Democrats.
    “… Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”

    Dems will, like a weak hurricane, die out before it ever hits land. It tried to gain strength by sound & fury, but wound up signifying nothing.

  15. Howard, “ANOTHER HOME RUN”, & I really enjoyed the other bloggers’ comments, as well! I REALLY FEEL SORRY, for our PRES. TRUMP, HAVING TO DEAL WITH THIS ON A DAILY BASIS…..MAY GOD BLESS HIM FOR “HANGING IN THERE”, on a DAILY BASIS!! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO & AMEN-AMEN!!!

  16. Seems anybody with over “double digit” IQ is no longer welcome in this nation of fools and idiots! “Character is made by what you stand for, reputation by what you fall for”! Those of us unwilling to fall for all the MSM lies, propaganda, and Facebook control are being punished! (Perhaps we’ve been too nice and kind in the past?) Time to “give Dems a dose of their own medicine” (as the saying goes)! Kanye West has left the “Liberal Leftist Plantation” (more Blacks need to do this in November)!

  17. The MULTIPLE thousands of people who attend Pres. Trump’s rallies is PROOF that he has GAINED even more FOLLOWERS! The LEFTISTS will be CRYING again on NOVEMBER 6th! It will be a RE-PLAY of 2016! HILLARIOUS will go back into the woods!The LEFT is trying to PORTRAY a “blue wave” in November. They STILL haven’t ACCEPTED their 2016 LOSS–as PROVEN by their MOB-LIKE STYLE of attention seeking! Their DESPERATION is PROVEN by their ATTACKS on the RIGHT! Please PRAY for Pres. Trump! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. I will not watch “The Connors”. I did watch the 1st episode of “Murphy Brown” but no more since I realized she is one of the insane, double digit IQ, LEFTist. I do watch “Last Man Standing” on the other channel.

  19. I agree with Ben Eby from Calgary. We have lunatics running our country. It will be interesting to see how Faith Goldy does in the race for Mayor of Toronto. Rogers media is currently requesting voters give them the right to ban her adds on their social media as they label her a “nazi supporter”. I filled in the form for them to contact me and left a recording to ALLOW her campaign adds as I am a supporter of Freedom of Speech. I have a feeling I won’t be hearing back from them. Left media.

  20. When the CNN commentators said Kanye was an ‘example’ of a “Negro” who doesn’t read – that was all you needed to know about the fake news media! THEY used that word to avoid the ‘n’ word but-that was their ‘code’ way of using it anyway. They deliberately insulted KW by NOT referring to him a ‘black.’ And now-CNN is trying to comment on Trump’s ‘thoughts.’ The IQ of people on MM is MAYBE single digit!! Everyone has been alerted-now VOTE them out even more!

  21. This will be the first election that I have voted a straight Republican Ticket. I do hope that you nice folks out there will vote your conscience. GO TO THE POLLS, VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Early voting starts here the 17th. You are right on target all the time Mr. G. I forward your blogs………..Thanks for all you do……Ashley Raper, Rocky Mount, NC

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