How Low Can They Go . . . And What Exactly Is A Mob?


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


Let Me Say This For The Umpteenth Time . . . The Red Wave Is On The Way!

Because of the Despicable Treatment Brett Kavanaugh Received at the Hands of the Democrat Leadership in Full View of the Entire Interested American Public, what the Democrats did in Effect . . . was to Create a Circular Firing Squad for Themselves.

And Because of the Way the Democrats PROMOTED the Lynching of a Good Man, in Full Witness of his Pretty Wife & Delightful Daughters, the Idiot Democrats Created an Ongoing Episode of Reality TV, which got all of America Viewing, Hearing, Reading, Thinking, Speaking & Seeing Victims & Villains.

AND TO THE GREAT CHAGRIN OF THE LEFT . . . Democrats & Media Combined, Specifically when Considering Level-Headed Americans, WOMEN ESPECIALLY . . . The Kavanaughs Came off as Believable & Sympathetic VICTIMS, while Democrat Imbeciles like Feinstein, Booker, Harris, Hirono, Blumenthal and others were the UNDISPUTED VILLAINS.


When Donald Trump Became President Trump . . . Anne asked what I was going to Write About, since the Seemingly Impossible became the New Reality? To which I asked Anne if she was Kidding, because what I saw, wasn’t a 4-Year Hiatus, but Rather, the Beginning of a Serious Revolution, where Unlike Conservatives, all of Whom virtually ENDURED Decades of LEFTIST Policies Including 8-Years of a Super Failed LEFTIST Obama Presidency with Decorum, unlike the Viciousness about to be Unleashed upon America by the LEFT.


We all Bore Witness to the Outrageous Anti-American LEFTIST Tactics, which were used Against Honest & Meaningful Advocates of Conservative Thoughts, Beliefs & Initiatives.

With Class & Decorum . . . American Conservatives Suffered Judicial Indignities of the LEFT, which Included Spying on Conservative Minded Journalists, Special IRS Treatment for Non Profit Corporations, including the People Making the Applications.

Conservatives Knew all About the Outrageous Behavior of Obama’s Phone & Pen, as he Wrote his own Unconstitutional Policies into Actual Law. We knew about Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and the Not so Secret Tarmac Meeting Between Bill Clinton & Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

We Knew about Illegal Clinton Internet Servers, Destroyed Cell Phones & BleacheBit Hard Drives. We even Knew about Presidential Pardons for People who Hadn’t even been Subpoenaed.

None Of The Aforementioned Are Maybes . . . They Are What They Were.

And Even With All This Crud . . . Thrown into the Collective Face of Decent, Honest, Caring, Hard Working Americans, over Decades of Government by Democrats & RINOS – Rank & File Conservatives Absorbed the Blows . . . Remained Civil – and Worked to Gain Power the (Democratic) Honest Way, for their Conservative Kick-At-The-Can.

And Now That Conservatives Have Won Legitimate Power . . . In the White House, Congress (House & Senate) and the Supreme Court – THE LEFT HAS BECOME INSANE. And as a Result – their Thin Veneer of Political Civility Is In The Garbage . . .

No Less Than Their Ridiculous Governance Policies.


The LEFT Can’t see the Forest for the Trees. They are so Cock-Sure of Themselves, since they have Not been Challenged by Academia, the Media and their own Bureaucracy, that the LEFT can’t for the Lives of Themselves even begin to Imagine that Debate in a Free Society is Essential & Good.

The Left Sees Honest Debate As A Threat To Their “RIGHT” To Govern.

SO WHEN A LEFTIST MOB . . . Cheered-On by Political Leaders in the House & Senate, and by Failed Politicians such as Crooked Hillary and the Gutter-Snipe Purveyor of Fast & Furious . . . Eric “Kick-Em When They Go Low” Holder, says that there WILL NEVER BE CIVILITY in Government or the USA, until the LEFT Wins Back Power . . .


I have been Writing About This For Years . . . But it took Three Exceptional Circumstances to Smoke Out the LEFT from Under their Rocks . . .

1 – The Election Of Trump & His Subsequent Success In Making America Great Again.

2 – The Public Lynching Of Brett Kavanaugh At The Expense Of Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

3 – The Public Display & Campaign Of American Socialism Versus The American Dream.

It’s Taken A Long Time . . . But The Wait Will Be Worth It This November.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. I would never speculate or second guess Jehovah. But I am a bit curious as to His silence with all that’s going on around the world right now. The only thing that I can compare His silence to is when we were in school and the teacher passed out the test we were taking, then she would go to her desk and sit down and not utter a word. She would sit there in silence while we took our test. MAYBE that’s what Jehovah is doing right now. We’re in a high stakes test and He’s sitting and watching !

  2. Right on Howard. Important, TURN-OUT X 10. Here in Florida their seems to be little interest. Sure we have the recent storms that are real problems, especially Michael. The overall activity here with 110% employment have everyone focused on their daily lives. Never have seen so much activity in all sectors. Hope for the best.

  3. “Patriotism” is accepting and appreciating United States for what it is- not trying to “change” things to be like wherever you came from or whatever you think is personally best! (Ethics, morals, and “telling the truth” are “things of the past” in the minds of most “liberals”!) “Deep State” members (who are attempting to overthrow last election and disrupt DOJ) must be indicted ASAP! Our choice in 2018: Justice or “Chaos/Revolution”! Lesson learned: “Better to be respected than to be liked”!

  4. There are three “boxes” that can solve the problem of out-of-control liberals/socialists. The first is the SOAP BOX – free speech, clear concepts spoken persuasively, eloquently, and fervently. Failing that, there is the BALLOT BOX. You can use it soon to vote the left into obscurity. PLEASE do so. Failing that, as a last resort, there is the CARTRIDGE BOX. I hope and pray fervently that it never comes to that, but if it does, the left should know who is better equipped to prevail. ‘Nuff said.

  5. I can feel it in my bones. The red wave is coming. I pray that the Republicans make MAJOR gains, not just gains. For the life of me, I can’t see how anybody, even if they are not paying attention, can’t see the extreme dangers the Democrats represent. The Kavanaugh debacle should have opened everyone’s eyes.

  6. I MISSED your COMMENTARY, Howard, but you ARE 1000% CORRECT, as usual….. & I really enjoyed the other “blogger’s” comments, as well! Just think, this is what our AMAZING PRES. TRUMP, HAS TO PUT UP WITH ON A DAILY BASIS!! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS HIM, & AMEN-AMEN!!!

  7. Breaking news that MSM is avoiding, about Obama’s liar in chief, Susan Rice, whose son, Cameron, the Stanford College REPUBLICANS president, is pressing charges against a liberal student who allegedly “hit him” and “forcefully pushed him back” during a pro-Brett Kavanaugh event Tuesday afternoon. My brain is exploding over imagining their mom and son discussions!

  8. 1st-Family in Florida are okay (PTL). 2nd-I too am excited for Nov 6 outcome to be a huge sweeping victory for conservative republicans, and a huge sweeping defeat for crazy democrats & any RINOs up for re-election. Read there is even good change of GOP win over a Dem in Calif races. Love to see that. How can we push & succeed to have TERM LIMITS for Congress? Then a lot of swamp & issues created by politicians (not to mention making themselves rich) will stop. Can’t it be a ballot issue?

  9. The Left slithers on. Frankly they would disappoint me if they didn’t. It gets to a point their whacked out shenanigans are something to behold in their lowness, stupidity, irrationality, fascism and hatefulness. How any supposedly sane person can follow, latch on, think like or side with them is beyond me.

  10. I sure as heck hope you are right. On the other hand, a bunch of my business girlfriends here in Dallas, Texas are having a MAGA party tomorrow night to celebrate Judge Kavanaugh! I’ve got my MAGA hat and I’m ready to rock and roll!

  11. Greetings: I’m trying to be positive, but all you see & hear in the media is that the House will likely go to the Democrats. I’m hopeful all this HYPE motivates EACH & EVERY Republican, every Conservative and EVERY SANE AMERICAN to vote for their REPUBLICAN Congressman/Congresswoman, Senator & Governor! With Pres. Trump we’re heading in the right direction and FINALLY most INTELLIGENT Republican politicians are recognizing Trump’s SUCCESSES and SUPPORTING him!

  12. As always your editorials are wonderful to read and you are right on what you have to tell us all.
    I have always voted Republican sir and will always do so. I am in my mid seventies sir and love to read what you write always. Wishing you and Anne a wonderful lovely fall. Take care and keep up the great work you do for us. God bless.

  13. I, too hope and pray that the GOP will not only remain in power, but gain seats in the house and senate. While watching TV about the destruction caused by Michael, my husband said he wondered if these poor souls, who have lost most everything, will be able to even “think” about the Nov. elections. God bless them! Most of that area votes conservative and we certainly need to elect Ron DeSantis as FL governor & STOP Gillum from turning FL into CA! Also, Rick Scott MUST replace Bill Nelson!

  14. AGAIN, wouldn’t it have been INTERESTING to see the OUTCOME of HUSSEIN OBAMA’S PAST had IT been SCRUTINIZED as PRES. TRUMP’S was?When the LEFT discusses Federal, State or Local politics, the topic always seems to TURN TO TRUMP! The LEFT is COMPOSED of BULLIES who are just FOCUSED on DESTROYING Conservatives, no matter HOW or WHAT IT TAKES to do so!BULLIES lack CONFIDENCE and usually live in some sort of FEAR! Hence, this is WHY they need MOBS/GANGS to FIGHT BACK! God help us all! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

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