The Media Are The Weapon – Even Fox News


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Thus Far . . . Judge Brett Kavanaugh has gone from being the Epitome of a Great Guy, Exceptional Family Man, Renowned Judge, Incredible Educator to an Attempted Rapist, Attempted Murderer, Alleged Gang Rapist & Degenerate Drunk – ALL ON THE SAY-SO OF A WOMAN WHOSE REAL CREDIBILITY IS LACKING ALL MERIT.

I’m Not Going To Rehash The Media Meat Grinder Bullshit, Because I Don’t Have To.

All you Need Do is read any Newspaper, listen to any RINO or Liberal Radio Broadcast, or tune into any Television News Program . . . INCLUDING FOX NEWS, to “KNOW” with Certainty, without a Shred of Evidence or Doubt that Christine Blasey-Ford is an Entirely Credible Witness, even though she CANNOT Corroborate Any of her Story.

In My World . . . Anyone who would make such an Egregious Accusation, such as Attempted Rape & Murder Against an Individual – HE OR SHE BETTER PUT-UP OR FACE REAL CONSEQUENCES FOR FALSE ACCUSATION.

AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED . . . At This Juncture – Blasey-Ford should either Substantiate her Claims of Attempted Rape and Potential Murder at the Supposed Hands of Judge Kavanaugh – or Blasey-Ford should Face Severe Judicial Retribution for Uttering False Witness.

There Are Clear-Cut Laws Against Making False Statements . . . They’re called Defamation, which carry Serious Penalties on the Civil Side. But, Blasey-Ford isn’t just making Defamatory Un-Corroborated Claims on the Civil Side, but Rather, what she has said, if Unsubstantiated, BLASEY-FORD MUST BE CHARGED FOR A FELONY, FOR OBSTRUCTING A FEDERAL HEARING WITH FALSE TESTIMONY.

BUT MORE THAN THAT . . . Diane Feinstein Must Also Be Charged For Withholding Evidence & Playing Politics With A Judicial Matter. In Essence . . . Diane Feinstein LIED to the Judicial Nominating Committee by Withholding Evidence, which means that she Participated & Colluded in the Destruction of the Public Trust and in the Destruction of a Family’s Good Name.

The Pain & Suffering Caused To The Kavanaugh Family Is Irreparable.

John Nolte had Written on Breitbart News . . . that Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano, should Never have Heaped such Credibility on Blasey-Ford, which to Nolte’s way of thinking (and mine too), gave the Lynch Mob (my words) more than enough Rope to Hang Judge Kavanaugh On A 100% Unsubstantiated Accusation.

I Don’t Like Napolitano . . . He’s A Self Proven Smug Windbag.

The Pity . . . Is that the Media are a Flock of Sheep, without the Courage to Stand Alone On Principles of Honesty & Integrity against the Wolves of Deceit & Corruption.

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED 36-YEARS AGO . . . Other than Ford & Kavanaugh, And We Know Nothing About Blasey-Ford.

Is Blasey-Ford A Nut-Job? Was she the High School and College Good-Time-Girl? Was she a High School Drunk? Has she Lied and Spread Salacious Rumors in the Past. Why’d she Wipe-Out her High School Year Book from her Facebook Page? Why did Blasey-Ford make such a big Deal about being TOO SCARED TO FLY, when in Fact . . . That Has Been Proven To Be A Huge Lie.

Imagine – Blasey-Ford Can’t Remember When, Where & How She Got To Where It All “Happened” & Back.

And What About Balsey-Ford’s Witnesses Who Corroborated For Kavanaugh?

AS I SEE IT . . . The Democrat Senate Should Be On Trial – and if None of these Accusations can be Corroborated, there should be Hell To Pay for Feinstein, the Democrats, Blasey-Ford and the Lawyers of Blasey-Ford if they were at all Involved in a Conspiracy to Collude to Defraud the United States Senate and the People of America.

AND AS FOR THE MEDIA – FOX INCLUDED . . . They have to Hold their Heads In Shame.


What An Embarrassing Joke My Country Has Become . . .

Canada is trying to Spin this new Version of NAFTA as a Great Compromise Deal, where Canada Benefits Greatly. That’s like saying the Sheep have Scored a Great Victory because the Wolf only Ate Half the Flock.

Don’t Get Me Wrong . . . I was Cheering for the USA, since I’m sick & Tired of being Ripped-Off, on how much, I as a Canadian have to Pay for Milk, Cheese, Butter, Chickens, Turkeys & Eggs, only because of our Communist Era Supply Management Policy.

Canada Is A Nation Awash With Energy . . . from Enormous Coal Reserves, Gas & Petroleum, yet, we In Canada are paying a Criminal Amount for our Oil & Gas, Compared to what is paid in the USA, which for them is also too much.

Canada’s USMCA Victory Is That Canada Didn’t Lose More & Has a Deal.

Shakespeare Wrote In Henry VI . . . “The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers”.

Perhaps Shakespeare Was Also Writing About The Politicians?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Surely CSPAN will cover this histroic event of the Israeli Prime Minister addressing the joint session of Congress. I would urge patriots listen and watch for themselves.

  2. Thankyou Howard for a great blog!!! As always, you hit the nail on the head.. hopefully, things will finalize this week and Kavanaugh will be confirmed as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.. This has been nothing but a “Circus”!!

  3. Howard – I read in some article that as part of being a federal judgeship, Kavanaugh has undergone several FBI investigations before/during his appointment. Alas I cannot find the article that states this. Have you seen this information? If previous FBI investigations have been conducted for whatever reason(s), why did the media, not mention the judiciary committee NOT STATE THIS? If I am mistaken, I apologize. The sanctimony, hypocritical, liberal view is disgusting, stultifying and hateful.

  4. Someone should ask Mrs. Ford how she responded to her best friend when her friend called her that night after Mrs. Ford as a 15 year old ran out of the party without telling anyone. Surely the best friend would have been concerned and questioned Mrs.Ford about her disappearance. Her best friend probably reported the incident to her Mother. Why has not a single Republican probed Mrs. Ford about her best friend’s response to her abrupt departure ?

  5. Nothing said about Ford’s whereabouts prior to hearing. From her answers to the Dems , it was obviously orchestrated. The time she spent obfuscating was spent in Democratic School of Corrupt Practices.

  6. as far as politicians go, aren’t they all lawyers anyway?? who else can lie, cheat, and steal, with a straight face?

  7. Ms Feinstein should be investigated deeply because she has been traitorous to the USA. This sham that is going on is only the tip of the Feinstein iceberg. Where has the investigation of her “driver” of twenty years who has been exposed as a Chinese agent. How and by how much have the Feinsteins benefited from this arrangement? We’d be finding the answers and more if she were a Republican. Like a boxer she is diverting with Ford to avoid and forget the Chinese connection.

  8. Great article Howard. The Democrats have to stop Kavanaugh because he’s Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. He has an impeccable record so they have to resort to slander. Enter Blasey-Ford with Feinstein directing for maximum timing. Who benefits? Feinstein politically for maybe being the Democrats giant killer. Blasey-Ford with her unsubstantiated accusations but with several go fund me accounts. Follow the money. Try to destroy a good person and his family. Sickening.

  9. The conservatives who are bending over to state that Ms. Blasey Ford is “credible” do so for one reason: P.C.
    They say she is credible and then they all follow with BUT THERE IS NO CORROBORATION. People always want to have it both ways. I do NOT think she is credible! Lie about ONE thing and the rest can be taken as untruth as well. AFRAID TO FLY?

  10. As I shared with Howard, a recent comment about the Supreme Court case accuser that I wrote, was removed. There was no foul language, just real fact about some of the persons involved. If you look at Feinstein and her spouse, you will find an interesting connection to the accuser… Let your fingers do the walking amazing what can be found out about our Demo friends.

  11. As usual, Howard, well-said. Interestingly enough, Michael Savage just came out with information that connects Ms. Ford to the CIA though her family and one of her employers. The “stuff” keeps one coming out that this is a total hit job on Judge Kavanaugh. And that’s a freaking shame. Too bad senators don’t have the cajones to go after their comrades who are responsible for this travesty.

  12. Just read they are investigating Weinstein/dept for leaking Ford’s Letter. If Weinstein lied … is she guilty? Maybe they senators should also be Forces to swear to tell the truth before the questioning starts … just in case they do get asked a question like she was on the leak. I wish Trump would have held out on Canada’s Dairy tarrifs and the rest of supply management. Make them give in 100%. That would have helped Conservatives here in next election lol. Anxious to read the fine print.

  13. CONSPIRATORS=Make the Lie so Intense & Conclusive, as to Satisfy as Many People as Possible, Until the Lie Becomes the Reality, and the Defense of the Truth Becomes the Lie. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO IS DESTROYED IN THE PROCESS! HILLARIOUS called the REPUBLICANS “DEPLORABLES” during one of her RANTS, but she had the WRONG PARTY! How much more DEPLORABLE can the DEMOCRATS be regarding Judge Kavanaugh!DR. FORD needs to be queried MORE INTENSELY. WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER! AMEN!

  14. I disagree. Media is not a weapon. It is an unholy monster. Weapons are benign and safe if untouched, or if they are used properly and responsibly, or if safety features are employed when handling or storing them. Media on the other hand, is a vicious beast that attacks on its own and destroys anyone at will even when unprovoked. It has a mind of its own. It is far more dangerous and vile. Media cannot be controlled, weapons can.

  15. Her yearbook revealed she was a drunk who dropped acid; a party was only good if you didn’t remember the night before. Her pre-wedding photo showed her as an exhibitionist. Her parents lost their home by a judgement by Kavanaugh’s mother – also a judge. Convincing herself Kavanaugh is evil, blaming him for everything is no far leap. Ford, 2 masters and a Phd came across as a bit of an idiot, starting with wanting “caffeine” instead of a coffee. Little girl voice, playing “pretty, sad girl”. BS.

  16. When the FBI completes its investigation re Blasey Ford is that the end? Will the Dems ask for more time, more delays?
    I say yes. They have no shame and unfortunately the Republicans placed pillows at Fords feet instead of playng hardball. Why no questions about her being afraid of flying. You stand up to the bullying by being in the bullies face and maybe, if warranted, a slap in the face. The GOP will never win against the Dems by appeasement and crossing the aisle. THEY WILL REQUEST DELAYS.

  17. Greetings: It’s AMAZING how the left all seemed to agree that Judge Kavanaugh was “TOO ANGRY AND EMOTIONAL” in his own defense… WHAT??? THAT’S EXACTLY how any INNOCENT human being WOULD act!!! Had the Judge acted like MRS. FORD… demure, childlike, timid & detached… AND had spoken in a horribly “GRINDING” teenage manner, the world would RECOGNIZE a liar!!! Take another “frightening” airplane flight, Christine… our Senators should’ve asked if she takes medication for flying!!!

  18. I’d love to watch Grassley ask Feinstein if she believes the FBI needs more time to investigate. Then, he should ask her why she delayed the proceedings for weeks withholding Ford’s letter until the 11th hour. The look on her face would be priceless!

  19. Excellent Editorial. Sen. McConnell & Sen. Graham are asking for FBI investigation of 1. Feinstein 2. Wash DC lawyers recommended TO Dr. Ford (They are well known to the Senate & House) & this evening these lawyers are attending a Democrat Fund Raising Dinner per McConnell on LIVE – Senate C-Span. Kavanaugh & Ford WILL BE interviewed by the FBI. P.J.s report was just posted on FOX..he passed with flying colors (my words). The delays have just begun. God Bless


  21. Isn’t it odd we never heard any more from the supposed 2nd male in the room (Judge) after he indicated he was not there either, so for them it never happened? Two against one is bad odds for leftist Dems & press all with an agenda.

  22. I also think that women is a bear faced liar. Anyone who believed her, including all media, must believe there is a real Santa Claus. I also have a magnet on my refrigerator that has that quote on it.

  23. I so look forward to your blog. every day. It reinforces me, I know I’m not alone paddling upstream. G-d Bless you.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  24. I don’t wish to offend anybody on your blog, but really, Have you ever known a physiatrist that didn’t have problems of their own? I think that is why they become physiatrists to figure themselves out.

  25. GREAT, and if conservatives would fight back, we could stop this shameful circus. Phone calls and letters to our congress do make a difference. We just need to unite and speak up in large numbers.
    Thank you, Howard
    Sharon in Texas

  26. Blasey-Ford started her story when Romney ran for President and Brett Kavanaugh was on his SC list of nominees. (Therapy session) She never pursued his take down then because Romney lost. I believe Ford held her (and Democrats) well orchestrated plan until now. Bty, the second door constructed on her home was for her in home business. I hope the entire truth comes out. I pray for the Kavanuagh family.

  27. I believe it was “Elmer Fudd” who used to say “des-pic-a-ble”, the truth of the SWAMP, for sure.
    Secondly, I will NEVER criticize another Bombastic, confrontational Business leader again. In that line of work if you can’t “walk the walk” AND just Say you can do it,… are a CAREER SENATOR OR CONGRESS PERSON!
    If you have to be retested to DRIVE, then why is it acceptable that some many losers occupy those “seats of Honor.
    I reiterate my opening comment,…”DESPICABLE”!!

  28. Blasey-Ford can tell all the cute stories she wants because the media is on her side – what a ‘basket of deplorables’ as the truely deplorable one likes to say! If I were an American I’d be ashamed of those Republicans who are such cowards to not speak up and defend Kavanaugh! It sickens me to no end; it makes me want to get rid of my Ford car!!!!

  29. On Fox News, I only listen to Hannity,Tucker Carlson and Judge Janine Pirro. They have been supporting Kavanaugh since the beginning and also are strong supporters of Donald Trump. Pirro on her show even dared to call democrats demonrats,which they are. Remember Howard,there is a 2 tier justice system. demonrats and fiberals are above the law and Conservatives and Republicans are guilty before trial on anything they do,even just caught spitting on the ground. Until that changes, we are screwed !

  30. I’m upset that my email account has not been receiving your daily insights and honest assessments of the lopsided mess the
    USA & Canada are in due to progressive left wing nut jobs. I only have 2 or 3 “get through” weekly and although I could fish some out of Junk files in mid Sept., they are not showing up at all. I have tried to support your efforts with contributions twice this year and added some of my friends to your Directory. Would you please have your folks try my email again?

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