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The Definition Of A Straw-Man . . . Is Someone or Something, which is Rigged or Presented as Part of an Argument, or the Focus of an Argument with no Honest Basis – Which is Used as a Foil to Present a Lie or to Detract from the Truth.

In This Essence . . . The Me Too Movement, which was Created for a Worthy Cause, for Women to come Forward & Disclose Men who Sexually Abused them, Physically, Mentally or through Discrimination in the Work-Place, Especially for Advancement has become a Straw Man.

THE PROBLEM WITH ALL OF THIS . . . Is that Discrimination through Mental Sexual Abuse is Open to the Interpretation of Sex Abuse by the Accuser and the Accused. So who’s to say?


FOR EXAMPLE . . . I Dated A Lot Of Girls Before I Met Anne in 1972, & I Do Mean A Lot Of Girls – and like all Red-Blooded Canadian Males, with Over-Flowing Testosterone . . . Who were Neither Shy, Introverted, “A” Sexual or Gay, I always HOPED for an Intimate Relationship.

And It Was Always Up To The Girl To Say No . . . Which To Me Was A Red Light.

This is Normal . . . Because that’s what Life has Always Been About – AND STILL IS, Unless You Were Or Are A Sexual Freak Of Nature.

All Great Literature & The Arts, from Paintings, Music, the Torah, the Bible, Books, Magazines, TV Shows & Movies . . . They’re All About Sex.

SO . . . WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? – What Is Sexual Assault & What is Not. Is Attempting to French-Kiss a Girl Assault? How about Trying as a Young Man, to become a Member-In-Good-Standing of the “I TOUCHED A BOOBY CLUB”? Is that a Sexual Assault?

What About . . . Telling a Female Co-Worker, that she looks Nice in what she’s Wearing? Is that Sexual Assault? Or how about asking a Female Worker in your employ if she would like to go out on a Date. Is That Assault Too?

I could go on until my Typing-Fingers Hurt – Trying to Decide what is and what is not Sexual Assault, since everything I just wrote, is to many Freaky Women Sexual Assaults.

I even Know a LEFTIST Woman, who I Prefer to be miles away from at any time, who thinks that a man who opens a door for a Woman is Sexually Degrading to the Woman . . . And She Isn’t Alone.


If I Had A Son . . . I would Tell him to Steer Clear of any Woman-Liber – who has a Gender Axe to Prove. And Find a Decent Girl who wants a “NORMAL” Girl/Boy Relationship, who wants to be Treated like a Girl, who wants to be Treated with Respect & Reverence, who is Neither a Sanctimonious Prude Nor the Village Lay.

I would Expect & Hope that my Son would do the same things all of my Friends & I did Growing-Up (Boys & Girls), Like Playing Spin The Bottle . . . Etc.

I Would Tell My Son to Find a Girl with Real Character & Values, who Wants to make something of herself as a Wife, Mother, Academic, Business-Woman, Construction Worker, Truck Driver . . . ETC, Without a Chip on her Shoulder, who Understands that there Really are Substantial Differences between Boys & Girls (Men & Women) – With Whom He Could Form A Serious Life Partnership.

If I Had A Daughter . . . I Would Say The Same To Her.

THE PROBLEM AS I SEE IT . . . Is that the ME-TOO-MOVEMENT, has been Highjacked like all things that Start-Off with a Laudatory Single Purpose, to become a CUDGEL, with which to Smash The Spirit & Rights Of Normal Men & Women.

People Who Ascribe To These Women’s Rights Uber-Alles Groups Are Freaks.

There are those Women who don’t want to be Objectified, but Dress and Comport themselves as Provocatively as they Can . . . And then Complain when Men Look at their Breasts, Butts or Legs.

Next To Them – A Porn Whore Like Stormy Daniels Has Ethics.

I Love The Me-Too Hollywooders . . . Who All But Have Sex In The Movies, or on Internet TV, and then Scream to the Rafters about being Objectified – Not Wanting to be Treated Differently Than Men.

And They Want To Be Taken Seriously.

Or When These Hollywood Women “Paragons Of Virtue” in their own Minds, Line Up on The Red Carpet & Pose for Photos, of whichever Award Show we can think of, who are far more often than not, Wearing Clothing which leaves Very Little to the Imagination, who when accepting their Award . . . Give Speeches About Women’s Rights.

These Self-Righteous Uber-Alles Women . . . Are Normal Women’s Worst Enemy.


Ford was either Looking For A Hit & Run for whatever Reason, by Wanting to Remain Anonymous as she Claimed, or she Wanted to have her Andy Warhol’s 15-Minutes Of Fame.

I Suspect That Ford Made The Whole Dammed Thing Up. And as a Possible, or Perhaps a Probable Sociopath, which is Partially Defined as a Person Without Conscience . . . She is Relishing in her Moments Under the Media Klieg Lights.

If What I Suspect Is True . . . Which I really think it is – There Is No Redemption For Blasey-Ford, AND EVEN MUCH LESS for the Democrats & Few Republicans which Aided & Abetted Ford in this Hit & Run of a Good Man & His Family.

As Much As I Wished McConnell Would Have Just Called The Vote For Kavanaugh.

Perhaps The Best Republican Strategy . . . After all is Said & Done, is to Allow This LEFTIST Horror-Show to keep on Going right into the Mid-Terms, which to my way of thinking will Deliver the Coup De Grâce (Death Blow) to the Left for Several Elections Beyond 2020.

Sometimes You Have To Fall Into The Septic Tank To Get The Real Whiff.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Very keen insights, Howard. Well said indeed. There is a great split in this world and it is incredible how wide the gap between the 2 sides is. What to do…but follow Winston’s advice…”KBO.”

  2. I think Ford was convinced by the leftists that if she announced “charges” that Kavanaugh would withdraw. When he didn’t, the leftists had to convince her, and the other accusers, to apply more pressure. When that failed, we ended up with what we got on Thursday, which was a “he said/she said” all along. That Jeff Flake flipped himself inside out to appease the Democrats was just typical of a RINO turncoat. May God have mercy on us all!

  3. I agree with you – what’s there not to agree to? She has NO corroborating witness and Kavanaugh has a fool proof daily diary for the time. End of story. But the demos are playing to the public voters come November. They presume that they are stupid. I hope not. But I know that ours are or were. My expectations are not that good. Too much CBC and CNN in my ear. Second amendment here we come – I think.

  4. 1. Ford got these lawyers thru Ms. Feinstein.2.The lawyers assisted in set-up of Fund Me Account ($700,000),3.I think the lawyers ‘leaked’ the info to press (for fame & lots of fees thru Fund Me Account) 4.Take Down Trump was the aim 5.Do the lawyers contribute to Ms. Feinstein’s elections? 6. Do they set up Fund Me Accounts for ALL persons referred to them by Ms. Feinstein?7.Will the FBI question lawyers & Feinstein? They are taking down a good man. More than 1 Fund Me set up. MYPOV God Bless

  5. Give the Dems what they want – an FBI Investigation which will satisfy the moderates (Dems and Repubs) to vote for Kavanaugh once the FBI finds nothing more of substance. Kavanaugh should then be confirmed.

  6. I could go on for a very long time on this and run out of characters…. I was/am disgusted with it all. The loons coming out of the woodwork, the HATE of the left and their desire to destroy a good man all for their own POWER! We all need to pray for America, the Judge and President Trump. We need our country, our dignity and peace of mind back! The left has stolen it all and filled our world with HATE and HATERS! So sad!

  7. This is absolutely ON THE MARK!! As usual!! I don’t think I will ever understand these liberal loons and the warped way they think!
    Best to you!


  9. Mrs. Ford was used a pawn in an elaborate set-up by the Dems. Dems were responsible for the leak & her attorneys (maybe instructed by the Dems) blocked Grassley’s offer to go to CA to interview her….because they wanted the spectacle that followed. Ford’s HS yearbook had graphic pictures and stories about sex/drinking parties. It was then mysteriously scrubbed. However, a few illicit portions still remain. Google it. A portion of the FBI investigation should include examination of Ford.

  10. To quote a friend, “If you want an argument, pick a different subject”. Thank you Howard. I live in the Washington DC Metro Area – I sick and tired of the “whiffs”…I cannot even stand to watch TV/Cable news and haven’t done so for years – much to my improved mental health.

  11. With as many Dems involved in this smear campaign, there must be some hard evidence such as an e-mail, text, something in print or voice that can be exposed and SHOWN to the American people. Could that actually be the FBI investigation our President has asked them to do?

  12. With all the trouble the FBI has had who can possibly believe them? Ford has several degrees but never heard the word ‘exculpatory’? If a person tells ONE lie – is everything else said by THAT person a lie – as one Senator suggested? Well, Ford said she was afraid of flying but – flew all over to professional and holiday places. Therefore..does THAT lie indicate the rest she said as ‘lies??’ If it applies to Kavanaugh-it applies to HER!

  13. I’m so grateful the R Senators stood their ground and let Kavanaugh give His Testimony LAST. No wonder her lawyers were stalling to have her testify Last. Media Image. Either way, even if Flake flakes out, 50/50 gives Pence the deciding vote. Now I’m just waiting for ancient accusations against Current Justices picked by Dems – Breyer. Maybe 1 or 2 others have skeletons in their closet. If they are going to come out … This is the environment… And Trump WILL win in 2020 & hold the Senate 2018

  14. It is an issue of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, and your “core belief” systems. As a Roman Catholic, sure I had all the “urges”..BUT was strongly convinced I wanted to save myself for my future “Wife” , I did NOT want to give my wife a “used car”, regardless of prevailing the 60’s morals. And I did, it was far more rewarding, and did not carry with it ANY Judgements of How “good” she was, or comparisons to “tonight” vs 1996, etc.
    After 52 years of marriage to that girl,..we are in love!

  15. This is simply a matter of tactics, however reprehensible you may find them. If you do not demand your elected representatives stand united against these tactics, they win . . . game over! Pick up your phone, call or email your reps. Demand action or promise you will replace them with someone who is willing to fight back!

  16. All part of aim to destroy USA from within. Dems signed on one by one since the 1960s, some before that. Kinda thought Lindsey Graham was a middle-of-the-road RINO. But gotta say, his tirade pointed at the Dems during the committee session with Ford Thursday was right on. He earned back a bit of respect with that one.

  17. People are getting VERY TIRED of hearing the Democrats’ DECEITFUL ACCUSATIONS against Judge Kavanaugh.WHY don’t they look at THEIR OWN group, e. g., MR. ELLISON who is guilty of ABUSING his girlfriend.PLUS there IS PROOF of this abuse! Will the FEMALE DEMOCRATS DEMAND that HE be REMOVED from THEIR PARTY?What type of SEXUAL activities did the DEMOCRATS partake in when THEY were TEENAGERS?Maybe the REPUBLICANS should start CASTING STONES in THEIR GLASS HOUSES! They wouldn’t even have to LIE. AMEN!

  18. Being that we are the same age, we both remember the sexual revolution. Women wanted to be like men to have the same sexual prowess that men had – to be a man’s equal sexually. Free sex was the mantra and morality went out the window. A A Pandora’s box was opened and the vapors cannot be put back in their place. Today women wear clothing as a second skin and men are not supposed to admire what is being shown. Who is being played for the fool?

  19. Thank you and agree with your great editorials. I listened to the entire “hearing’ on Thursday. My question,where was Ford’s husband or parents to back her up,as did Kavanaugh’s? This is just another leftist hatred to Trump, never did I dream of such horrible stories..And to comment on one of above blogs, personal responsibility, our life also. Married 53+years when my one and only love passed away. Sept 5, still ‘my’ anniversary, 70 years! God Bless…..

  20. Greetings: One thing is really bothering me about the 7 day FBI investigation BEFORE the full Senate vote… I had hoped ONE GOP Senator had stood up and asked: IF WE AGREE TO A 7 DAY FBI INVESTIGATION and it VINDICATES Judge Kavanaugh, HOW MANY DEMOCRATS WILL CAST A VOTE TO CONFIRM??? I would’ve cherished the moment. I’m afraid the answer is still NONE (maybe 1 or 2 from Trump dominated states, but essentially the Judge will never get the REALLY LEFTIES (almost all) to confirm him. SO SAD!!!

  21. As for an other FBI investigation (#7) of Kavanaugh, I recall Einstein’s definition of insanity where he said- “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” After six such investigations, which all revealed the same results, can someone explain why the 7th will be any different? This entire situation is truly insane.
    Norton Milecofsky, Jackson, NJ USA

  22. Ford is not disinterested in the outcome of this hearing. She is an anti-Trump Democrat. Could this have had some effect on her recollections? Perhaps over the years as she observed the progress of Kavanaugh’s career she developed an obsession about this man that she believed had traumatized her when they were teenagers? It’s possible.

  23. I believe that you are so correct on your analogy Howard! This stinks to the high heavens! This in my opinion is a chapter right out of the democratic play book, socialism 101! No matter the outcome, the democrats will still insist that he is guilty in the first degree! They truly want to take him down at whatever cost! God help this country with the poison that the colleges are serving up to our younger generation!

  24. I agree with what President Trump said today…..”This investigation may be a blessing in disguise”. I don’t think the Dems actually believed it would go this far. I think they believed Judge Kavanaugh would resign and give it up, but he’s staying strong and determined. Hooray for him!!! Trump picked a good and decent man. This is all happening for a reason. The Dems will be exposed and all this will backfire in their pathetic faces. We all have to remember that God is ALWAYS in control.

  25. I hope the Republicans have a lot of camping gear because they are going to be in the wilderness for a long time after the mess they allowed to happen with the Kavenaugh affair

  26. I find it a bit interesting: Christine Ford is a Prof at University in Palo Alto, Dianne Finstine’s husband, Dick Blum is on the Board of Regents for that University. May be coincident but, a physic ward like UofPA can pop out a Victim like Ford, require many weeks of prep and delay, that is going to be Truthful!!! They can get a vegetable to believe it is a Cow with all the mind altering drugs they dish out. It is a mockery of the country I served and it’s judicial system… Shameful.

  27. You are so right in saying that provocative dressing women are sometimes hypocritical. Years ago at a Senior NCO’s mess at Canadian Forces Base Chatham , N.B. A female in a mini skirt, covering about as much body as a wide belt, stomped up to where I was sitting and accused me of embarrassing her by staring. I suggested she go home and finish dressing. I guess she saw the error of her ways and left, not to return.

  28. I feel very sorry for the state of politics in the USA. If you are a Republican then Trump is a certifiable genius, Fox is the only credible ‘news’ agency, and Kavanaugh is a church going boy scout who never blacked out from excessive drinking. If you are a Democrat then Trump is a ‘moron’, Fox is not a news agency and Kavanaugh was so drunk at times and blacked out on many occasions so his statement that it did not happen really means he does not remember. Whatever happened to critical thinking

  29. When did folks lose their backbones and their common sense? I appreciate that you still have yours, Howard, and I am trying to have faith that MOST Americans still do, too, and will make it clear at the ballot box in ’18 and ’20.

  30. Howard, I would like to know what did these Senators who are sitting in judgement, do when they were 17 years old? I bet they drank Beer and tried to score with a female student. Is Brett Kavanaugh different than them? and how about young women that go after men ( football players; basketball, etc.) This whole charade by the Democrats was appalling to say the least. It was disgusting and shameful. Steve Acre, Canada

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