It’s All Falling Apart For The Bad Guys


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


The Problem With The LEFT & President Trump . . . has Nothing Whatsoever to do with President Trump’s TONE, as the LEFT & Media want Everyone to Believe, but Rather, their Problem with President Trump, has Everything To Do – With President Trump’s Willingness To Take Them-On Straight-Up.


I Wouldn’t Take A Bet – Not One Way Or The Other . . . that the Accuser, Blasey-Ford, who Admits to Drinking, who can’t Remember When or Where she was when she was SUPPOSEDLY Sexually Accosted by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, whether she will Show-Up or Not Show-Up at the Special Senate Hearing on Thursday, since what can Blasey-Ford Possibly Say More than what she has Already Said . . . ?

The Maximum Damage – Short of a NO VOTE to Seat Brett Kavanaugh . . . has Already Been Done. But Not To The Republicans.

So what Point would it be for Blasey-Ford to show up UNDER OATH, to Explain to a Skilled WOMAN Prosecutor Whose Specialty Is Sexual Abuse, why she should be Believed for her so-called “Repressed Memory” Accusation, which is 36-Years Old, with no Witnesses, no Corroboration to her Story, and no Foundation for Proof?

Claims have been Made, and Reinforced in the Media, which Started as a Drunken Tussle on the Bed of a Friend at a Party, who Blasey-Ford can’t Remember When or Where, which Morphed into Attempted Rape to the Fear of Murder.

And Now . . . The Scum Lawyer Avenatti – has a Witness Claiming, Booze, Drugs & Gang Rape at Parties she Attended Multiple Times . . . So How Credible is a Witness, who says she went to Multiple Drunken Parties, where Gang Rape was a Normal Thing – WHERE SHE CLAIMS TO HAVE BEEN RAPED?

Which Normal Girl Goes Multiple Times To Drunken Rape Parties?

So . . . I ask you – If you were Blasey-Ford, how Willing & Anxious would you be to Step into the Senate Chamber, to Effectively be Cross Examined by a Skilled Woman Sex Crime Prosecutor?


No Matter How This Plays-Out . . . The Democrats have more than Amply Showed Themselves to be the Political Prostitutes they Really are, where Winning-Is Everything, where the Means Justifies The End . . . And To Hell With Decency, Morality, Ethics & The Real Rule Of Law . . . as long as the LEFT gets what it wants – REGARDLESS to how many LIES they must Create, and How Often they must RETELL THOSE LIES, no Matter how Many Lives Are Destroyed In Their Path for Power . . . The LEFT Will Not Relent – But Will Be Punished In November.

On The World Stage . . .

The British People are Finally going to Realize their BREXIT (Exit) from the European Union’s One Continental Socialized World, Run by Elitist Unelected Thugs in Fancy Suits.


And For Theresa May . . . She’ll be Remembered as a Failed Politician, who Created Enormous Damage for the British People . . . when, HAD MAY GOVERNED the Way the People Expected of her, she could have been Remembered as a Modern-Day Margaret Thatcher, Instead of just Another Loser-Leader Politician.


Global Warming . . . AKA Climate Change – has made Hordes of Repugnant LEFTISTS like Al Gore Immensely Wealthy, at the Expense of Hundreds of Millions of Decent People in the Free World, Driving-Up Prices & Inhibiting Development, while doing NOTHING to Benefit Either the Planet or the THIRD WORLD.

And Now . . . That there are no Shortages of Reputable Scientists, who are no longer COWED by the LEFTIST Global Warming/Climate Change Propaganda Machine . . . The Truth Is Finally Bringing Sanity Back To The Planet.


A Country Which Cannot Survive On Its Own Merit Is Not A Country.

But I’ll Go Much Further Than That . . . A People Without A Common National History, whose only Commonality is a Regional, Religious & Linguistic Culture, with no History of any Manner of National Governance, who Claim to Own what was Never Theirs, Are Nothing More & Nothing Less Than USURPERS.

A Real Country Has An Economy . . . History, a Social Structure with Law & Order – of which, “Palestine” has None. And without the SUPREME Charity of the Rest of the Free World – Palestine and the So-Called Palestinian People would Not Exist.

So . . . By What Metric Is Palestine A Real Country? . . . Arafat Was An Egyptian.

Gaza & the West Bank are in Financial Free-Fall, while Big-Name “Palestinian” Players like Mahmoud Abbas (President Seemingly For Life), Saeb Erekat (Senior Negotiator), Hanan Ashawri (Propaganda Mouth-Piece) are Wealthy Beyond Belief.

How’d That Happen In A “Country” That Can’t Afford To Keep Its Own Lights On?

Well – Their Gig Seems To Be All But Up, for which the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, should have Reason to Rejoice, since Life & a Good Future for the Palestinian People under the Palestinian Authority, where Unemployment amongst “Palestinians” is Rampant at more than 50% is anything but Hopeful.

And Without Israeli Employment . . . Based-Upon the Same Workers’ Rights, as are Enjoyed by Israelis, there would Literally be no Employment for the Palestinians. Education within Palestinian Schools is based upon Race Hatred for Jews. Great Medical Care for Palestinians is in Israel. Even Water, Electricity & Waste Disposal is Courtesy of Israel . . . So How Is Palestine A Country?

And Now That President Trump Has Called The Palestinian Bluff – It’s A New Day.

Make No Mistake About This . . . This Isn’t Reality TV – This is Really Serious Stuff, which is about AN ALL-OUT SURREPTITIOUS WAR TO DESTROY THE AMERICAN DREAM, Real Freedoms & National Pride . . . In Favor Of A One World Communist Society.

Incredibly . . . That’s What’s At Stake With The Kavanaugh Nomination.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good article!!! I hope you are availing yourself to Dr. Vineyard’s blog. I know a bunch of conservative, G-d fearing Christians who are in the camp of Israel. They whole heartedly believe Gen. 12:2-3. The jewish left had better heed the Word of G-d in Rev. 3:9
    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. 1611KJV

  2. You NAILED all of the above, Mr. G. Bet Ford is a no-show. And the NEXT accuser attends ‘RAPE Rampant’ Parties? Yes sir, she is ‘believable’, NOT. Palestine better realize without ISRAEL they are ZIP/NADA! I will VOTE 11/6/2018 & it will be for TRUMP & ‘good’ Republicans. No Democrats on my agenda. We want freedom, not SOCIALISM. We are in a state of anarchy, as I see it, thanks to the DEMS/LEFTIES & those who have their hands out! Thank You and God Bless

  3. I concur!…Unfortunately, there seems to be no end of “suckers” willing to buy into the “free lunch” progressive lies and character desecration without ANY PROVEN evidence in this very organized 3 ringed circus!
    The progressives are showing their true motives–but, people have to finally realize they are being conned.

  4. HG–GREAT QUESTION–“Which Normal Girl Goes Multiple Times To Drunken Rape Parties?” As THEY say, “This isn’t Judge Kavanaugh’s FIRST RODEO!” ALL one hears at this time is about the LEFT’S MULTIPLE LIES; however, does one THINK or BELIEVE that Kavanaugh and his SUPPORTERS will not be PREPARED for Friday? The LEFT WANTS the Republicans to speak out, so they’ll KNOW how to REBUT them. Sometimes, the LESS SAID, the BETTER! THE SWAMP is DRAINING FASTER than anyone can even IMAGINE! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  5. Lies,Lies,Lies and more vicious evil Lies. The left is evil and despicable. Satan vs. the left – is there any difference ? Yes, the left brings ill-repute to Satan!!!

  6. If the left wing media thinks they can help the DNC to block Kavanaugh with their bias reporting … They have another thing coming. Their ratings are down because of their obvious bias in the PAST. Does in not stand to reason these same people Turning Off CNN and others are going to get sick and tired of these constant Lefts Tactics …. and at election time punish them??? I say let the left bring it on. More Fuel to create anger all over again in the undecided voters to vote GOP once again.

  7. Aren’t unfounded accusations , once legally disproved , subject to legal action ? Is slander not a crime ? Maybe some Jail time is what is needed to quell this rash of unfounded accusations . Certainly the accused is Jailed if accusations are proven in a court of law (Bill Cosby).

  8. How can Senator Richard Blumenthal create such an uproar when he has lied about being in Vietnam to a group of VFW
    veterans. He later said that he misspoke – a lie is a lie is a lie
    His own creditability is questionable. Remember what Adolf Hitler once said “tell a lie long and loud enough, and people will believe it”. I am sure that Blumenthal will go after anyone and everything to cover up his own blemished past
    He is in the same boat as the Kennedy family

  9. Senator Collins,
    It’s time to take a stand: will it be in support of Judge Kavanaugh or will you throw in with the despicable scum-bag democrats.
    Schumer, who early on announced they would use all means possible to defeat the nomination, and his cohorts are not concerned with sex allegations or judicial qualifications. They want to ruin this man and his family so that no decent conservative person will never dare to attempt to serve the American people.

  10. Wishful thinking here…..Because of all that’s happening, perhaps if we could get the Democratic Senators on this committee under oath, we’d have this whole thing solved pretty dang quick. IF IT WERE POSSIBLE.. and lies were told…then truth emerges… maybe something like losing their Senate seat on the spot and facing 10 to 20 years in prison would change the whole meaning of running and becoming a representative of We The People. In this day and time, honesty is no where to be found.

  11. The Socialist party of America aka. the democrats need to lose the mid terms and continue losing long into the future. They need to be out of power for about twenty years so that they can have a genuine rebirth with all new members and far from the madness of the left. As for the republicans, they need to grow a spine, buck up and do what is right for all Americans.

  12. I do not understand how anyone out of the blue can bring an accusation and it has standing! Isn’t there something in place that accusations have to be vetted though before they have standing?

  13. The Democrats are “politically abusing” these woman to stop a Supreme Court Nomination. Everyone knows it, sees it and most would agree it’s disgraceful. Chuck Grassley knew this would be tough, but I don’t think even he knew it would be this bad. I pray he stands firm tomorrow and goes to a vote on Friday. If not, his error could have grave consequences. I stand stong in my faith. God’s got this!

  14. I think it is GREAT that a woman lawyer will hopefully ask really tough questions of Ford. I hope she puts her on the spot for her lies and after this, the Demorats can’t say that “mean old white men” were mean to her and scared her into making mistakes. Very smart move on the Republicans. Go Trump Go.

  15. The world we live in today morals and character is never more so-said the Raven. I often think of Oscar Wildes ‘Protrait of
    Dorian Grey’ in the way people do evil things but believe it will never be found out. But out there ‘someone’ is keeping score. It doesn’t end well for the sinner.

  16. AWESOME EDITORIAL, Howard, & I so enjoyed the others comments…..LOOKS LIKE “THE SWAMP IS FINALLY BEING DRAINED”?!? GO PRES. TRUMP, GO as well as GOD BLESS YOU, & AMEN-AMEN!

  17. The Palestinian Lie is only perpetrated by israel’s detractors in the west. A 2 state solution never existed before modern liberalism, and palestinians themselves have no interest in it. All the west and arabs want is the jews gone or severely reduced. All this palestinian/israeli rhetoric is nothing more than the undermining, detraction and desired destruction of the state of israel, the only nation for jews on the planet.

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