Who’s John Galt?


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For all the People who know the Story of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (Published October 1957), you all know who John Galt was, but for the few of you who might not know . . . John Galt was the Clandestine Leader of the Rank & File who wanted to do Better than Average in Ayn Rand’s Classic Book of American Failed Socialism.

John Galt Led the Brightest & Most Capable People away from the Socialist Dystopian Society Created by the LEFTIST American Government at that Time, to his own Secret Society.

And Every Time . . . When someone of Merit all of a sudden Disappeared from the Socialist Society, to no one knew where that Person – Man or Woman had Gone . . . Everyone Questioned One Name . . . John Galt.

John Galt Knew he couldn’t Fight the “DEEP-STATE”, at least not Head-On, so Rather than Banging his Head against a Bureaucratic Stone Wall, Galt Created a Separate Society Built upon a Meritocracy, Opposed to a Socialized Society, where the Bureaucratic Elites Ruled, and the Rest of the People were Expected to Follow & Not to Rise Higher than the Average.

Atlas Shrugged Foretold The Current Society Of The LEFT.


I Know that the People who Read this BLOG . . . RESPECT & APPRECIATE the Monumental Sacrifice being Made by President Donald Trump, since being under NONSTOP & RELENTLESS ATTACK from every Angle, from Without & Within – From the Media, to Academia, to the Powers of the Government’s DEEP STATE, is a Beating Very Few Men or Women could Ever Absorb – Yet, President Trump Is Standing Tall & Firm . . . Trump Is Our John Galt.


We Of My Age All Remember Muhammad Ali . . . Taking a Beating On The Ropes on October 30, 1974 in Kinshasa Zaire (Africa), Against George Foreman . . . In The Rumble In The Jungle, as Ali Forced Foreman, who in himself was one of the Most Formidable Fighters of all Time, to Punch-Himself-Out – Pounding on Ali, who Took all that Foreman could Give, until Foreman had Nothing Left.

And Once Forman Was Totally Spent . . . A Wounded 32-Year Old Former Champ, Muhammad Ali, Came Off The Ropes, and in the 8th Round, Ali Knocked-Out the Younger (25-Year Old) Current World Boxing Champion – George Foreman.


I LOVE WHAT’S HAPPENING TO JUDGE KAVANAUGH . . . Not Because I take any Pleasure in what Kavanaugh and his Family are going through, but rather, because, with every Anti-American Shrill Accusation – the LEFT are in Full Destruct Mode.

AMERICANS HATE BULLIES . . . Americans also Hate Liars, Cheats & Fakers. And in Spite of all the MISINFORMATION the People are Fed from all Sources of Media, that there will be a Blue Wave . . . It’s The Same Dishonest Media Which PROMISED A Hillary Clinton Presidency.


Black Lives Matter – Great!
Antifa – Even Better!
Occupy Whatever – Gone But Remembered!
Planned Parenthood – Late Term Abortions – Whoopee!
Destroy The Reputation Of A Good Man (Kavanaugh) – Way To Go!
Take A Knee To The Anthem & The Flag – It Gets Better & Better!
Close Down ICE – God Loves Lawlessness!

Do You Think . . . Even for a Second – that any of the Preceding is Lost on Decent Proud Americans, many of whom are A-Political, Independents Or Soft Democrats?

Do You Think . . . Even for a Second – that the American People Can’t See & Feel for Themselves the Trump Effect on the Economy, the Surge in Jobs, the Increase in Pay, and the Savings & Simplicity in their Taxes?

Do You Think . . . Even for a Second – that the Average American isn’t Fed-Up with Illegal Immigration, the Scourge of Drugs, and The Black-On-Black Genocide in Cities like Chicago?


Do You Think . . . even for a Second – that the People who Really Matter, Aren’t Thrilled with a Born-Again Military and the all of a sudden Responsive & Responsible Veteran’s Affairs?

I Could Go On & On . . . But I Don’t Have To, since what President Trump has done in Less Than 2-Years – Speaks Entirely For Itself, while at the same time, what the LEFT Stands for . . . Also Speaks Entirely For Itself.

We Now Know Who John Galt Is . . . And if Muhammad Ali was the King of the Boxing Rope-A-Dope – President Donald Trump is the Undisputed King of the Political Rope-A-Dope. And just as Ali KO’D Foreman After Ali Came off The Ropes . . . You Can Figure-Out The Rest.

PS – Whether Kavanagh Gets Confirmed Or Not – The Damage to the LEFT and/or RINOS is Now Irreparable & Irreversible. So let the LEFT have their Delusion of their Make-Believe Blue Wave, ‘Cause when the Votes in November Will be Counted . . .

Trump Will Come Off The Ropes & There Will Be LEFTIST Hell To Pay.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. RIGHT ON, Mr. G. Atlas Shrugged was mandatory reading my first year in college. Go Trump, our John Galt for sure. God Bless America and may SHE reign forever! Amen! Absolutely the BEST editorial!!! Thank You!! God Bless

  2. There will be no blue wave. There’s going to be a lot of voter fraud though–so we MUST VOTE in large numbers. This is my last election living in Illinois, if I live long enough to vote for MY PRESIDENT in 2020 I will cast my ballot from the great state of Louisiana! My RINO rep John Shimkus (IL-15) has NO chance of being unseated, scumbag that he is. I have never voted for him–his undervote is HUGE but we can’t seem to get rid of him.


  4. Howard, this is right on! The libernazies ( feel free to use this ) occupy the media with their relentless b.s.. It’s good to hear a voice that is loud and clear with the sanity of the American Conservative.Keep it coming buddy.

  5. Sorry about being a bit pessimistic here but I find that they are still too many brainwashed sheeples around and this fight is not over yet and my proof of that is my own Mother who hates Trump to a passion and loves trudeau. She is totally brainwashed by the lame stream media radio-canada. I still believe that it will be a red wave in November but won’t sell the bear skin until it’s killed or cross that bridge until we get there. I hope what happened in 2016 happens 10 fold in 2018.

  6. Howard, you have a way of firing up the emotions in our souls. Trump as a John Galt, Trump as a fighter getting ready to come off the ropes, Trump leading our world in a resurrection of thinking and reform…Trump slaying the dragon of leftism! Thank you for raising our heads and swelling our hearts with North American pride. And thanks to President Trump for leading us onward into a glorious future!

  7. I hope you’re right. I am pessimistic because all the news I can hear is limited to CNN and the local justinites. So if you are right, in your erudition, then we have quite a story to tell our grandchildren.

  8. Howard, I’m afraid of the leftists. I watched the Cruz – Beto debate last night, and to me, Cruz mopped the floor with Beto. He had the facts, the history (of both of them) and was more polished and it appeared to me, honest. However, this morning the news polls had the people saying that Beto did better, 55% to 45%. If the people can’t see the truth when it hits them in the face, we may be in for a major problem after the midterm elections. The left can’t see the forest for the trees.

  9. Every time,all this ridiculous stuff (can’t call it what I really want to, won’t get printed), we deal with day to day, starts to get me down, all I need to do is read Howard’s take on all this craziness. I can honestly say, you contribute to my (and many others) sanity. After reading Howard’s words, the positive attitude, we conservatives have, is again reinforced. Just put’s the SMILE back on my face. THANKYOU!!!

  10. 1. I read Atlas Shrugged.
    2. I love Trump and all he is doing.
    3. Your observation are spot on.

  11. Love your optimism; hope you’re right; but I’m not placing any big bets. If the election were in Canada, the Dems would indeed enjoy their “blue wave”…despite the disaster their Lib allies in Canada have created.

  12. Couldn’t agree more. The more irrational they behave the better for the conservatives. We are quitely watching in stunned silence at the hate, vicious reterotic and insane accusations and becoming more determined to be sure and vote. I believe they are also losing some life time Dems because of this behavior.

  13. I wonder if Trump has even read Ayn Rand. But he does exemplify John Galt more than anyone I have seen in my long life. A friend recommended Atlas Shrugged to me in college and it changed my way of looking at the world ever since. All students need to have this as assigned reading, but alas! I think iphones and quick one-liners are more attractive!

  14. The best and most concise explanation of reality in the United States I have read. Thanks Howard!

  15. Your logic makes perfect sense to me. I pray it does to enough others also. Hoping all that is happening right now will energize a decisive majority. If it doesn’t we do not deserve to win.

  16. Recent manipulated polls had the media saying that Beto did better than Cruz, 55% to 45%. If the liberals can’t see the truth, we may be in for a severe problem come the midterms. The left will not see the forest for the trees. The Democrats could enjoy their “blue wave”…despite the disaster their lib allies have created over the past eight years of Obama supremacy. Each ad every conservative MUST vote.

  17. Every time and I do mean EVERY time – you’re like a “feel good” tonic. G-d Bless you. And a belated L’Shana Tova to you and yours.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  18. Have a feeling the more media, etc. keep pushing the ‘fact’ that the Dems will see a blue wave in Nov, the more Dems feel they really don’t need to go to the trouble to vote, and the more Republicans will feel the need to make sure they go vote. Go Trumpers and all conservatives….we got this.

  19. Thanks for reading my mind, Charles Adamson, Torrance, California! Also, the current political climate appears to make idiots more comfortable in expressing themselves. Snakes such as: Senator Richard Blumenthal (Google his son, Max…much, much worse) Reps Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff, to name a few.

  20. I hope that your blog gets read by thousands more people that are able to think and make that happen! If they can not think and beleave what the media is spilling out the USA is in deep trouble!

  21. I hope you are correct, Mr. Galganov. President Trump’s cabinet members are from the deep state. President Trump can always declassify whenever and whatever he desires. The President needs no one’s approval. His AG and FBI director work at his pleasure and can be fired without cause at anytime. Mexico still has not paid for the wall and neither has our Congress. I certainly hope our President acts in such a manner which will honor and prosper the common U.S. citizen. If he does,will he survive ?

  22. I read Atlas Shrugged, Ann was telling the future and it is now. My son is a fire fighter in CA, he leads a men’s ministry that helps the PTSD, fallen and needy men of all walks of life. We were just discussing you and the world at Elk camp. Our world is slowly crumbling due to mediocracy as foretold. Trump expects the best from people and I believe like you, he is much like John Galt. I believe he will continue his drive, I only hope we have enough Honest Politicians left to help him.

  23. Wow!GREAT Editorial.Thanks for the HISTORY lesson on JOHN GALT!Love your PILE listing. Kavanaugh WILL be confirmed! FRAUD is still RAMPANT in elections; however, let ‘s ALL REMEMBER how much more FRAUD existed during TRUMP’S Presidential election with the DOSSIER, and he STILL WON!There WILL be a RED WAVE in NOVEMBER!The WAVE will be between MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL & SATAN, thus ASSURING us a WIN! PRAYERS & VOTING will help us all! The PEOPLE will STAND UP and SPEAK VIA VOTES! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  24. Fantastic editorial!! I PRAY that we keep the house and senate, with so many brainwashed, under-informed and low IQ voters out there. Trump IS our John Galt (& our Moses, as some have said)! We sincerely appreciate your well researched, well educated, high IQ editorials! Thank you for loving America and wanting to keep us great! God bless America, God bless Pres. Trump and God bless you!

  25. I laughed out loud when I read the title of this editorial – but it was a laugh of pure delight! We are currently reading The Fountainhead aloud with our kids (both in high school), and it’s like taking a lesson in current events. This article was spot on (aren’t they all?). Thank you for “whistling the tune of the fifth concerto.”

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