Investigate What?


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Here’s The LEFT’S Playbook . . . Akin To The Nazi’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels: Create The Lie & Make The Lie So Insidious – That It Would be Impossible To Discredit The Lie Out-Of-Hand.

And Then – Based Upon The Lie . . . Build Your Own Truth.

In Nazi Germany . . . To Those Who Hated Communists – Jews were Communists. To those who Hated Capitalists – Jews were Capitalists. To those who Hated Bankers – Jews were Money Lenders & Loan Sharks. To those who Feared Racial Impurity – Jews were Raping Blond Haired & Blue Eyed German Girls. To those who were German Nationalists – Jews were the Enemy of the State Within . . .

In Other Words . . . Make the Lie so Intense & Conclusive, as to Satisfy as Many People as Possible, Until the Lie becomes the Reality, and the Defense of the Truth Becomes the Lie.


Christine Blasey Ford is of Course the Woman whom the Media Insists on Emphasizing as Doctor Ford, to Elevate her Persona, who is a Professor of Psychology, who came out of Left-Field at the 11th Hour with a Claim that Judge Brett Kavanaugh Assaulted her THIRTY-SIX YEARS AGO, while they were in Separate High Schools (Different Ages) at a Private Party.

Ford Insists that Kavanaugh Assaulted her at a Party . . . But she Can’t Remember When or Where. She also can’t Remember who was at the Party, other than Kavanaugh’s Friend, who she says was in the Room when this Alleged Assault Happened . . . HOWEVER – THE “FRIEND” HAS NO RECOLLECTION OF ANYTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENING!


As The Media Churns Up The Story . . . The ALLEGED Assault went from a Booze Induced Forced Touchy-Feely Teenage Thing on someone’s Bed, to an Attempted Rape, to Ford (or someone else) Telling the Media that Ford had to Flee for her Life, because she was Convinced that Kavanaugh “Was Going To Kill Her”.

Supposedly It Was A Suppressed Memory & Other Fairy Tales.

Ford Never told a Soul about this Life-Changing Experience, until she “Remembered” the Event during a Session with a Marriage Therapist several years ago, many Years after it Purportedly Happened. And even at that . . . Ford’s Story Now, and what she told the Marriage Therapist Then . . . Aren’t Congruous.

SO . . . TO HEAR IT FROM THE DEMOCRATS & THE LEFTIST MEDIA – The Entire Procedure to SEAT Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Must Come To A Screeching Halt until a Full Investigation . . . Has To Be Carried-Out By The FBI.

How Many More Than Six Investigations Of Kavanaugh Will Satisfy The LEFT?


The so-called Victim Doesn’t Remember when. She Doesn’t Remember where. She says that she was Drinking. And the only Person she Put in the Room with Kavanaugh, Says Nothing Like This Ever Happened In Front Of Him, Or Anywhere Else Of Which He Is Aware.

BUT – To hear it from the Media and the LEFT, Including the Hollywood Excremental Crowd, She’s (Ford) a Victim, Kavanaugh’s a Rapist, and in Spite of a Stellar Personal Life & Incredible Judicial Record . . . Kavanaugh should Not be Seated on the Supreme Court of the United States of America, ONLY BECAUSE OF AN UNFOUNDED ACCUSATION THAT WAS NEVER TOLD PUBLICLY FOR 36-YEARS UNTIL NOW.

In Defense Of Safety & Justice For Woman – We Need A Full Investigation!

So Let’s Start With Politicizing, Exaggerating & Outright Lying About Sexual Assaults, whether the Assaults are Job Related, Emotional or Physical. Because . . . Nothing could be Worse for Women’s Rights, THAN WOMEN LYING ABOUT ABUSE, Relegating True Accusations of Abuse to the Junk Heap of Doubt.


In Quebec & Ontario . . . And I suspect throughout the Rest of Canada – All a Woman has to do to Totally Screw-Over a Man’s Life, is Call the Police, say that She has been Threatened or Abused by a Boyfriend, a Husband, or a Boss . . . and that Boyfriend, Husband or Boss will be Arrested Immediately & Taken in Handcuffs to Jail. He will be Treated as a Common Criminal, Charged, and in Need of a Lawyer BEFORE any of the Accusations are even Contested.

Malicious Accusations Are Made Against Innocent Men By Women All The Time.


The LEFTIST Women’s Movement – Whether it Came to Burning their Bras in the 1960’s, Wearing Ridiculous Hats that Resembled their Private Sexual Parts in 2016/17, or Blaming their Personal Disappointments on Misogyny, while Failing to Celebrate all the Fabulous Successes Enjoyed by an Enormous Number of Women – Demeans All Women Who Want To Be Treated As WOMEN . . . Who Are Equals In Every Other Way To Men, Other Than For The Natural Differences Of Gender.

So – Have The Hearing . . . As A Matter of Fact – FORCE THE HEARING, To Let Ford Prove Her Accusation Is Critical – And If Ford Cannot Prove Her Accusations . . . Charge Her for False Testimony & Defamation of a Decent Man. And maybe, other Women will then think Twice about Leveling Slanderous Unfounded Accusations, which Destroy Lives of Decent Men . . . Without Merit.

In This Case . . . It’s Kavanaugh’s Life & Career & The Lives Of His Wife & Children & All The People Who Depend On Brett Kavanaugh.


All Of That Said . . . If the LEFT Thought this was a Good Political Strategy to Curtail the Appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Bench of the Supreme Court of the United States of America – They Are Wrong. Kavanaugh Will Be Seated.

And if the LEFT Somehow Thought this was a Good Strategy for the November Midterm Elections, again, it was a Great Strategy to Turn Away Independent Voters from the LEFT, While Ginning-Up More Support For Republicans.

So Let The LEFT Keep Piling-It-On.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I am going to take the day off just to be able to listen to Netanyahu’s speech. I do hope that he will come out with guns blazing and with the courage of David against Goliath. Wish him the best.
    Steve Acre, Montreal, Quebec

  2. Lies,Lies,Lies and more damn Lies. It is sad that 60 plus million US citizens can support the demonic left.

  3. It seems that the Democrats have about 8 million in the bank for the midterms. The Republicans collected more than twice the donations–$260 million to $116 million and have over a hundred million in the bank and are debt-free. Since money is a barometer of support, I don’t see how anyone can really believe there will be a blue wave–unless we do not vote. I am madder than I was in 2016. Wild Horses couldn’t drag me away! Turnout defeats Democrat voter fraud.

  4. Only our self proclaimed feminist PM Trudeau can assault women and insult them with regular, various forms sexism and mysogyny and get a free pass from the public and media. And only Trump and Trump-supported-people will be attacked and investigated by media for non-stories 1500 times over in the pursuit of discrediting them over the tiniest detail, if it indeed exists or is in fact made up.

  5. I read this on the computer but have never heard it on Fox news Wish they would check this out The ole Gal may have a stack of them to send out to the next gentleman she wants to keep out of the current adminis tration
    (Kavanaugh Accuser Sent Similar Letter On Neil Gorsuch ) Sorry Howard had to tell it maybe someone knows how to be a investagator.I usually post these on Facebook and forward them to friends just through regular email . When we read this we know it is true and factual

  6. None of these lies carries any water if the Media isn’t colluding with the Dems. None of it. The dems and left have NOTHING to offer the people in policy that will benefit their lives ….. so they have to lie. I sure hope someone puts out a movie on what wikileaks revealed about Hillary and Obama and another about this Russia Dossier conspiracy. Factually based with photos of the actual wikileaks emails or the texts and FISA Warrant. We really do need a Conservative TV/MEDIA Company to counter

  7. Howard… This is the first email from you in weeks (that I have received and read)…! Glad to get it, too. I WILL be checking my “spam” folder for sure.
    I totally agree with you on the “Should Be Held Accountable”, and if it is proven she is or was lying, should face a lengthy prison sentence!
    Good writing as always, and I bet you are “chomping at the bit” to get back down to Texas (God’s Country). Haha!

  8. Instead of her “middle” name being Blasey, perhaps we should call her ballsy, as in “She’s certainly ballsy to be bringing this up now!”

  9. I hate these “feminists!” As a woman, I have forgotten all the stupid things drunk high school boys did. And girls.

  10. Howard, I wonder how many of the so called Senators who are sitting in Judgement of Kavanaugh were themselves involved with sexual encounters when they were 17 years old and drunk? Is this suddenly news items? Most young men and women play the field in high school or college dances. What is the big deal? Steve Acre, Montreal, Canada

  11. Back in the late 60’s an individual gained traction on her cause which we see in full bloom with the Kavanaugh fiasco.
    Her name, Gloria Steinem. The damage she has done to the Female Movement is now for all to see.

  12. I do NOT believe, Ford. What I believe is that Ford hired a ‘trick’ lawyer, is receiving funding, is totally psych, Ms. Diane knew it was a lie & should produce the ORIGINAL letter, this is all to STOP the process to JUSTICE & hope that only Democrats are voted in 11-6-2018 for the Senate & House. This is a travesty. I have never seen so many, hate ONE MAN so much they would destroy a country. They don’t realize there is a reverberative/backlash to these actions. God Help Us.

  13. Shouldn’t Diane Feinstein be censured for withholding information she had in her hand and did not present until she knew it would delay the confirmation. The Resist Movement is getting old fast.

  14. Again let me repeat what was once said by a famous celebrity: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”
    Ron Powers
    Beaver, PA

  15. I’ve always thought it was the ones who talked the most, screamed the loudest while pointing fingers, had the most to hide. It’s called projection. Seems that’s Dems play book which became a more prominent feature of their political competition as they absorbed the Socialist Party of the US, lots more so during Obama’s 8 years. They went ballistic with Trump’s election win; totally -0- scruples, morals or integrity – and they don’t get it or care.

  16. Kavanaugh should hire a great lawyer, and immediately charge Ford with defamation, and also include Feinstein and Chucky Cheese Schumer in the lawsuit. And also Anita Hill.

    This will make for a great Netflix movie!

    What a lying POS!!

  17. Maybe it is time that men reported being sexually assaulted by young women. I know, they like it I did, but imagine if the
    rest of the story were told. of course “Maninism will never replace Feminism” Just saying!!

  18. Due process and the presumption of innocence are at stake here. Those things must be upheld and preserved or America will die.

  19. Thank you for this one Howard. I’m sick of what ‘liberal’ women continue to do to ‘conservatives’ (women and men). I’ve slapped a few faces in my day and I can’t even recall their names. Who is she kidding. I notice she identifies ‘boys’ at tis party – how many ‘girls’ were at this ‘supposed’ party that she can’t recall any details. On with the confirmation already!!! Enough is enough.

  20. Oh Howard, enjoy your editorials so much and I do receive all of them. A long time ago Cox tried doing the same thing, but we fought them and won with your help! What about this 15 year old out drinking at parties? Doesn’t sound like the parents knew where she was either! The Liberals still cannot get over Trump winning. Go Trump go……we need someone strong like you are! Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Dr. Ford is a LIAR! WHY didn’t she address her SEXUAL ISSUE when she PARTOOK in the group who WORE the RIDICULOUS PINK HATS that Resembled their Private Sexual Parts in 2016-17?That would have been the PERFECT time for her to do so!Also, WHY hasn’t a copy of that FAMOUS letter been SUBMITTED to Kavanaugh’s ATTORNEYS?WHERE is the TRANSPARENCY?All these WOMEN GROUPS are GOOD FOR is to CAUSE TROUBLE!Sadly, I truly believe that I’m becoming a MYSOGYNIST! Let’s HOPE that the VOTE ISN’T DELAYED! AMEN!

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