For Me – Every Day Is Yom Kippur


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

In Two Days From Today . . . at Sundown, on Tuesday Evening, it will be the Start of Judaism’s Most Holy of Holy Days – Yom Kippur.

When all Observant Jews, and even Less than Observant Jews like me, who Under Normal Practice Don’t Pray Daily, Don’t go to Synagogue Regularly, Don’t Eat Kosher . . . BUT NONETHELESS . . . Stand Before God & Confess Our Sins.

This Is The Day We Must Confront Ourselves.

In My World . . . Amongst the Greatest Sins – Are the Sins of Ignorance, Propaganda, Disinformation, Demagoguery & Omission. Since as I see it, the Preceding Sins are the Crucible within which, Tyranny Grows & Mankind Suffers Unimaginable Pain & Torment.

On Yom Kippur . . . As On All Days – I Stand Before My Peers, Asking Not For Forgiveness for Slight Transgressions or Transgressions Against Myself, since it is Always Best to Ask Forgiveness Directly from those with Whom We’ve Transgressed, Rather than to a Deity Far Removed, when a Direct Apology to Those whom we have Transgressed is Generally more than Enough for Forgiveness.

HOWEVER . . . There can be No Simple Redemption for those who Knowingly Lie, or who Speak with Authority about what they Know Nothing About, where Many are Injured through Expressions of Malice . . . Whether Intentional Or By Ignorance.

There Can Be No Excuse . . . For the Media which Fabricates, Slants, or Withholds the Truth for Purposes other than What People have Entrusted the Media to Deliver. Therefore, For Purveyors of the News Media, who are Intentionally Dishonest by Either the Sin of Commission or the Sin of Omission . . . There Can Be No Redemption.

THE HIGHEST CALLING TO MY WAY OF THINKING . . . Is The Calling Of Trust Through Unvarnished Truth To The People.


The Antagonists Are Socialists Versus Constitutionalists . . . Where Thus Far, the Weapons are Words in Constant Battle to Win the Hearts & Minds of the People, Opposed to Bullets, which as a Possibility . . . Is Never That Far Removed.


“Words Matter” Wasn’t Just A Great Obama Campaign Slogan . . .

“Words Matter” was the very Essence of Today’s . . . TRUTH TO STRATEGY OF THE LEFT. The Nazis Understood Better than Anyone, of the Power of the Big Lie. And now, with the Recent Crop of LEFTIST MEDIA, they too have Embraced The Nazi Stratagem Of THE BIG LIE.

MAKE THE LIE SO BIG . . . That the Lie Overpowers Reason – And Repeat The Lie So Often, that the Lie Becomes the Truth, and the Truth Becomes Irrelevant. Which is what we are Bearing Witness To . . . Day in & Day Out Throughout The World.

What We Are Seeing, Hearing & Reading Everyday . . . is LEFTIST American Propaganda; with Unfounded, Uncorroborated & Unnamed Sources Purveying The Big Lie . . . Aided & Abetted By The New Media – Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a Wide Variety of Deliverers of Email Messages, who have Deigned upon Themselves to Decide which Emails are Appropriate for their Distribution, And Which Emails Are Not.

IN THIS WAR OF WORDS . . . Money Is The Ammunition, which allows LEFTIST Dissemblers who Own Conventional Media and the New Social Media to Overpower those who Do all They Can to Disseminate the Truth.

This Isn’t New . . . Going Back To Revolutions, Since The Time Of The Gutenberg Press, Brave Men & Women . . . who became Known as Pamphleteers – Spread The Truth in Defiance of the Propagandists . . . THE BEST KNOWN TO ME WAS THOMAS PAINE – Who Endured Ridicule, Poverty & Prison . . . Whose Secular Words Of Freedom Inspired Several Nations – INCLUDING GEORGE WASHINGTON’S CONTINENTAL ARMY.


I Will Write One More Editorial Before Sundown This Coming Tuesday . . . Yom Kippur, when I will Celebrate & Give Thanks for My Freedom To Write the Truth, and for Your Freedom To Read what I Write . . . And To Decide For Yourselves.

I Find It Awkward So Close To Yom Kippur, and to the Nature of this Editorial To Ask for the Monthly Mid Month Support for . . . But If Not Especially Now – Then When?

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If You Are Jewish Or Not . . . Because of the Season – This is a Good Time to Reflect Upon One’s Transgressions to Make Peace With Oneself. We All Have Something For Which To Atone.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Excellent Howard!

    And credit is due to the Republican Leadership in the House and Senate for having the foresight and courage to invite Bibi to address them.

  2. You say the world is at war, left vs. right, socialism vs. freedom.

    I agree with you, but in even simpler terms. We are at war with “good vs. evil”.

    The left constantly call evil, good, and call good, evil.

    I believe that good will prevail, but not without a fight.

  3. In the movie JFK an interesting comment was said….In order that good prevails, WE must make it so. I still believe that G-d will prevail and bring good out of evil, but we still have a responsibility to make good happen. To sit and do nothing is not the way to expect good to win. We must be active and help bring it about.

  4. I have started giving friends and others a “pocket” book of the Constitution of America. The book also has the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederations. I can lead the “horse” to water but I can’t force them to drink. I got the books from Constitution Facts. Heard something the other day. American ends with I can. Republican ends with I can. Democrat ends with rat. Hmmm

  5. Excellent article, as usual, Howard. You’re so right about all the BS that the media doles out, and many of us, likely most, don’t even question the veracity of what we read – just tend to believe it blindly. We are at fault, ourselves. You are one of the only writers (can’t think of the actual word to use), whose word and opinion I believe and support! Keep it up, Howard! Shana Tov v”Mitukah – have an easy fast! Paula

  6. When I invited Jesus Christ into my heart, ALL my sins, past, present and future were forgiven (God’s words, not mine). I just need to keep “walkin’ the walk”. Keep up the good fight, Howard. God bless you, your readers, Canada and the U.S.A. Amen?

  7. Well you know how bad it is here in Canada with the latest Ontario debacle. When a non elected left leaning judge rewrites our Constitution to make a decision against a duly elected majority Conservative government is good and when that same government uses the same unredacted Constitution to squash that non elected judge decision is bad and is supported by the lame stream media and the socialist politicians, you know we are in trouble. We still have to keep fighting to get the truth out.

  8. Right on, Howard. It amazes me that a NOBODY from NOWHERE can make any kind of unsubstantiated threat against anyone with no evidence or corroboration, which accusation is accepted hook-line-and sinker by the media. They not only accept it but publish it as absolute truth (or seemingly, sometimes with a vague disclaimer.)

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