Ante-Up Or Shut-Up


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Whether You’re An American Or Canadian . . . This Is For You.

ANTE-UP . . . Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. And if you don’t have the Money, Use Whatever else you have. Speak Publicly. Use the Internet. Write Emails and/or Letters. Tweet. Go to Town Halls. Go to School Board Meetings. Go Wherever you can be Heard . . . And Make Your Conservative Values Known!

I am Far More Interested in what’s Happening in the United States of America than I am in Canada, because . . . How America Goes, is how Canada and the Rest of the World Goes. Which Doesn’t Mean I Won’t Get Into The Fight In Canada.

Finally . . . At Least One Province In Canada has a Political Leader in Office, With The Gonads to Say & Do the Things, which have to be Said & Done.

If You Don’t Support The One Who “Brung ‘Ya” . . . You’ll Never Be “Brung” Again.

Because of Years Upon Years of Liberal (LEFTIST) Governance in the Province of Ontario, Ontario has become a National, Fiscal & Socio/Economic Basket Case.

On The Surface . . . Everything seems Great, but in all Reality, the LEFT have Created a Massive Division Between Truth & Reality.

Our Hospitals Work, but our Medical System Doesn’t. We are Led to Believe that Ontario’s Spending is under Control, but our Debt is Gargantuan & Growing. Our Civil Service is Bloated, our Roads & Bridges are Crumbling, and our Cost of Energy is Thru-The-Roof.

Our Ontario Taxes Are Stifling . . . To The Point – Where Opening a Business in Ontario is Treated by the Bureaucracy as a Privilege, with Suffocating Red Tape & Regulations, OPPOSED To Being Welcomed With Gratitude as it should be, since Business Accounts for 100% of the Base Revenue of the Province, which keeps the Bureaucratic & Social Wheel Turning.


I VOTED FOR DOUG FORD TO LEAD THE ONTARIO CONSERVATIVES! I Convinced as Many of my Ontario Readers, Neighbors & Friends as I could to Join the Ontario Conservative Party To Vote For Doug Ford Too.


And when Doug Ford Won the Conservative Leadership, in spite of the Fake Conservative Insiders . . . who did all they could to Keep Ford from Winning – DOUG FORD WON ANYWAY, IN SPITE OF THEM!

AND THEN . . . I did all I could to Make Certain that Doug Ford would Win the Provincial Election & Become Ontario’s 26th Premier, akin to being a US Governor. AND DOUG FORD WON A HUGE VICTORY.


Where the Province of Ontario Used to be the Engine which Drove Canada, Ontario at Best, is now Sputtering like a Tired Automobile with Far Too Many Miles on the Odometer, Abused by Too Many Drivers, who’ve Ignored even Minimal Maintenance.

So . . . Instead of Ontario Humming Along like a Fine Tuned Machine – It’s Gasping, Not To Fall Much Further Behind – And here comes Doug Ford, a Business Man, whose Government Experience was as a Toronto City Councilor for one Term (4-Years), while his Brother Rob Ford was Toronto’s Mayor.


I Joined The Ontario Conservative Party. I Put My Personal Money On Ford’s Leadership Campaign. After Ford Won, I Put More Personal Money on the Ontario Conservative Party. And after the Conservatives Won the Election, I gave them More Personal Money Again.

And I will Continue to Put my Time, Effort, Voice,, and my own Personal Money on Ford as long as Ford Does what Ford Promised to do.

On Wednesday, September 12, 2018 – I Sent More Money To The Conservatives.

Toronto Has Become A Sick City, Governed by Political Elitist Jerks, Making Far Too Much Money, Perks & Benefits, led by a Walking, Talking, Example of the Peter Principle – John Tory, who is an Unabashed Liberal in Conservative Clothing . . . Tory Makes RINOS Look Conservative.

Premier Ford, who Won the Recent Election (June 12, 2018) by Wiping Out The Opposition, to Form a Massive Political Majority . . . Decided as the Premier of Ontario, that Toronto City Hall was so Bloated, that it has Become Useless & Unable to Govern the City. And as such, Doug Ford Decided to Literally Cut the Number of Councilors to Near Half, From 44 To 25, which has Elicited a Maelstrom from the Councilors . . . Who Might Lose Their Ticket To The City Gravy-Train.

The Councilors . . . Led By Mayor John Tory, Turned to an Ultra Liberal Superior Court Judge, as all LEFTISTS Eventually do, to Thwart the Will of the People, to have this Provincial Pronouncement Overturned, which the Judge Did, by Invoking Totally Inconsequential (Non Existent) Constitutional Articles.

To Which Doug Ford Responded With . . . SECTION 33 OF THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS & FREEDOMS – Better Known As The Notwithstanding Clause, which was Implemented into the Patriated From England (Canadian) Constitution in 1982, which States the Following (To Paraphrase) . . .

Section 33 of the Canadian Charter Of Rights & Freedoms, Allows Each Canadian Premier and the Prime Minister of Canada . . . TO OPT-OUT Of LEGAL MANDATES ACCORDING TO THOSE, WHICH ARE NOT CONSIDERED FUNDAMENTAL TO SPECIFIED RIGHTS & FREEDOMS.

And Nowhere . . . In The Canadian Constitution – Are There Laws Or A Preamble, Which Allows A Judge To Override The Mandate Of A Duly Elected Provincial Government, To Legislate The Size Of A City’s Legislative Body.

In Other Words . . .
. . . Premier Ford Gave The Finger To Judicial Over-Reach & I Wrote Another Check.

Because We Have Bad Government . . . Doesn’t mean we have to Accept what we have. And it doesn’t mean we should ever Stop Fighting, because the Laws which the Government & Judiciary have Created to Take our Freedoms Away from us, are the Same Laws we can use to get those Freedoms Back . . . But If We All Don’t Fight – We All Don’t Win.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Each time that I read one of your insightful editorials, it makes my mind go back and look at all that my 86 years have seen, the causes, and outcomes. Mid 1960’s Barrons had an article re the American Communist Party and the plan. The US was years ahead of the plan. I don’t remember if it was according to Gus Hall or whom. In short, there is, or are, long term master plans to change the US and they are executing them well. First, they indoctrinate the young. Nazi Germany is a model.

  2. Yes, Howard, I do my part. I’ve had an conservative email newsletter for 20 years. Recipients include fellow high school classmates, former math students & teachers from my high school teaching days, veterans that I’ve met over the years, etc. I know a number of my 100 or so forward copies to their lists. And, depending on the subject of the edition topic, there is usually at least one link to an article you’ve written that is included in my newsletter. So KUTGW and I’ll continue to send yours.

  3. I wish Quebec would do the same in October’s election. Unfortunately, it’s the same old same old. Canada so badly needs a Trump federally and provincially.

  4. “LEFT have Created a Massive Division Between Truth & Reality” is the truth! “Socialism” simply isn’t working in Canada, so why do Americans assume it will work here? (It can’t/won’t due to much higher percentage of people on welfare!) Does USA want to become a “National, Fiscal & Socio/Economic Basket Case” (were we almost there under Obama)? Howard, thanks for supporting conservative American politics! Nothing is “free”- somebody (taxpayers) must pay for it! Stop “Freebies” to “Foreigners”!

  5. I would support the National Republican Committee (of the GOP) if there was proof they were not “establishment-party” oriented. If they were true conservative, they’d be worth donating to. However, they seem to back ‘establishment’ republicans–RINOs. Don’t need any more progressive liberals running as GOP candidates. What Dems were truly aiming for has finally come out – socialism as advocated by Bernie Sanders, now being bandied about by others without using the word socialism. True colors.

  6. You have to like Doug Ford’s courage and determined leadership skills. Unfortunately for Ontarians, the premier wont be with you long. He’s about to be conscripted to lead Canada as PM.

  7. Believe it or not a number of conservatives are “AFRAID” Ford is rocking the boat and will hurt future elections??? Personally I’m tired of the ‘fear of the media”. I’m tired of the political correctness. We are going to have 4 full years of True Conservative Rule in Ontario and I’m ecstatic. The same liberal sources in the US attacking Trump with law suits (using Soro’s funding) are the same sources trying to manipulate our Ont courts! Ford put down his foot! Ford is protecting democracy here!

  8. Why are judges not removed from the bench when they make decisions where they invent new laws ??? Not in their mandate and also not elected like in the U.S.A. This judge and all other liberal judges that try to invent new laws so that their judgement is now the law should be fired on the spot. Like Mitch Wolfe was saying, the NWC didn’t have to be used for a rewriting of the constitution by a single non elected liberal judge. Stephen Harper should have used it more often when he was PM.

  9. Just like Howard I did all I could to help Ford. Toronto under John “Uber is here to stay” Tory ruined the lives of all of us in the cab business in Toronto. I am part of a group that launched a $1.7 Billion law suit against the City. The incredible part is that due to Ford, 22Toronto Councillors will loose their jobs and these hypocrates are taking the Ford government to court because they were not consulted. BUT it was ok to foist Uber on us without consultation. How do you define Chutzpah???

  10. Just found another Liberal/NDP Cool Aid Drinker.

    Martin Lemish, above.

    Typical of many living in Vancouver.

  11. Looks like Premier Ford is NOT going to back down or roll over!!!! Someone with backbone! Just like POTUS Trump!
    NOW, if we can just get the folks out to VOTE this November & continue to VOTE TRUMP we will have made one heck of a decision on how the USA is going to be! I am praying! God Bless the USA & Canada

  12. Just like Don Bos, I suggest Martin Lemish above move himself to a socialist country. Nice canadian premier you have in BC Martin. Most of we true Canadians think your views belong in another country. Go Ford, go.

  13. We on the west coast are not all like “Lemish”. There are a good number of us who support true democracy and conservatism. We are in total support of what Ford is doing and him spearheading the wave that will role over Canada against political correctness and the lefts “progressive” agenda. The federal liberals are completely controlled by Soros (the puppet master) who was already meeting with Trudeau prior to being elected PM. Lets get rid of misleading progressives in upcoming elections.

  14. What Canada is experiencing NOW is exactly what AMERICA suffered during HUSSEIN Obama’s 8-year REIGN.He & Michelle succeeded at CREATING A RACIST AMERICA.THEY have RETURNED and are ATTEMPTING to do so AGAIN.This time, THEY will NOT SUCCEED, due to our GREAT PRES. TRUMP!DOUG FORD is a BLESSING to Canada!Let’s hope that he gets more SUPPORTERS!Hey! It’s a BEGINNING…just like when Pres. Trump was elected!The CONSERVATIVES need to OVERCOME the LEFT!PRAY for these TWO leaders!GO TRUMP & FORD! AMEN!

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