The Mother Of All Elections

You Never Hear Of LEFTIST Sites Being Blocked . . . How Come?

There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


The LEFT Is Not Wrong.

Let Me Put This Into The Best Perspective As I See It . . . If the LEFT were to Win the Majority of Seats in the House, but Not in the Senate – There would Indeed be Major Changes to What President Trump could and could not do to Continue Draining the Swamp and Making America Great Again.

But In Spite Of The Hyperbole From The LEFT – There Would Be No Impeachment.

It’s Critically Important for the United States of America and the Rest of the World, that President Trump Doesn’t Lose Either the House or the Senate this November 2018, Especially for the People who aren’t Expecting a Free Ride at Everyone Else’s Expense . . .

And For People Like Me, who Believe that the First Amendment (USA), Specifically, the Relatively Unabridged Right to Freedom of Expression, is Not Thwarted in any Way, Shape or Form, to the Point . . . Where, Anyone With Bad Rhetoric Can Be Stopped By Someone With Good Rhetoric. We Will All Be Winners.

Nazis Should Have The Right To Speak, ‘Cause I Want The Right To Expose Them.

I Am More Worried About Social Media . . . Than I am about Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren, and the Rest of this Wretched LEFTIST Crew, because the Aforementioned are Easy to Debate and Debunk . . . but only as long as we are on a Level Freedom Of Expression Playing Field . . . Which We’re Not!

As Long As Hate-Groups . . . Like Nazis & Islamo/Fascists are Out-There in the Open, Spewing their Filth, IT IS NOT HARD for People like me to Show Them-Up for Who & What they Really Are.

But . . . if these Groups can have their Say Without Real Opposition, Especially in the Shadows, or Even Under the Bright Lights of Transparency & There’s No One out there like me to Take-Them-On . . . They Win – We Lose!


The LEFT Is Indeed Right When They Say The Coming-Election Is Critical.

You Don’t Have To Imagine This . . . Because It’s Happening: There have been Multiple Books Published with Unnamed Sources Defaming President Trump & his White House. The Day doesn’t Pass without Media Reports giving Credence to Unsubstantiated Anti-Trump Rhetoric . . . And the Social Media is Swamped with Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories & Outright Lies.

And from what we’re all Hearing, Reading & Seeing . . . In Spite of the Incredible Accomplishments of the Trump White House in Less than Two Years – you wouldn’t know about any of the accomplishments by Listening, Reading & Watching the Media – INCLUDING THE SOCIAL MEDIA.

When I write about Nazis, Islamo/Fascists and other Bad Actors, which also includes Antifa, Occupy & Black Lives Matter . . . I Would Be Remiss If I Didn’t Include The Socialist One World Government LEFT, who are seemingly Passive, yet are a Deadly Threat to our Freedoms, to which most North Americans (American/Canadian) are Ignorant . . . Mostly Because Opposition Voices Are Being Muted By Social Media.

I Personally Don’t Need Anecdotal Proof . . . That Conservative BLOGS are being Blocked in a Myriad of ways by Social Media, since is Constantly Spending Time, Effort & Money Fighting to Release Blocks & Censorship.

No One Is In The Directory . . . Unless They Want To Be.


Even This Past Week . . . If you use Apple as an Email “Server”, Chances are Better than Not, that you Didn’t Receive My Most Recent Email Editorial Advisory from the Directory . . . For which I had to Pay our IT Manager to have him do what had to be done to Release the Apple-Email-Block, which is Unfair to Me & Unfair to all the People who want to be Informed when there is a New Editorial.

The Only People . . . Who Want To Block Freedom of Expression – Are People Who Have Reason To Worry About Their Argument, which is why Social Media and the Great Internet & Communication Providers such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Apple and others . . . ARE DOING ALL THEY CAN IN THE SHADOWS, to Restrict Freedom of Expression, on their Massive Communication’s Platforms.

You Never Hear Of LEFTIST Sites Being Blocked . . . How Come?

Because Of The Stellar & Meteoritic Rise To The Epitome Of Global Communications, the Above Mentioned Players to Social Media & Communications Should Have More Than Just A Free Business Obligation, amounting to an Oligopoly, with which to Continue to Enjoy their Wealth in Free Societies such as the United States of America & Canada . . . by Being Responsible “CORPORATE CITIZENS” by each Providing a Level Playing Field.

And when we Hear the Specious Arguments of the Big Internet Players, about Algorithms and all other Forms of Technical BS, about why some Web Sites get Blocked or Shadow Banned, While Others Don’t . . . Don’t Buy It For A Second, since Google and all the others like Google, are only Too Happy to Comply with Censorship in Countries like China, Iran and all Other Tyrannies.

If Google Can Block Some – Google Can Free Others . . . So Where’s The Problem?

It’s Not A Question Of Algorithms . . . It’s A Question Of Censorship. And as much as I Detest Censorship & Taking Away Choice – I No Less Despise The Guile of the Mass Providers of Global Social Media, Pretending to be Advocates of Freedom of Expression, when in all Reality & Practice, They Are Anything But.

I Don’t Have A Problem With AT&T, Apple, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Others Screwing with my Right to Freedom of Expression, and your Right to be Informed about New Editorials & Broadcasts . . . AS LONG AS THEY ADMIT BIAS AGAINST CONSERVATIVE EXPRESSION.


If The Charade Was Over . . . And All People Understood That Social Media Doesn’t Play Fair – These Players Wouldn’t Last In A Truly Competitive World.

SO HERE WE HAVE IT . . . I have no Fear of the LEFT, just as I have no Fear of Nazis, Islamo/Fascists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter & Occupy, as long as I have the RIGHT to Debate & Confront All Of Them On An Equal Playing Field of Information.


The Problem With All The Above . . . Is That we are Indeed Looking at the Mother Of All Elections This Coming November, and In-Spite of all the BS Fed to us by the Captains of Social Media – We Will Not Be Able To Fight On A Level Battle Field, which doesn’t Mean we Can’t or Won’t Win, which we Will . . .

It Only Means We Will Have To Fight That Much Smarter & Harder.

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I believe that Christians agree around the world that the Israelis are Gods Chosen. Netanyahu has been chosen of God for purposes. Not yet disclosed in full to us. And he is not fearful of the Consequences of his purpose. We must trust in God for his safety and effectiveness. In his Resistance against Barrack Hussein Obama. ?? Does that name sound Muslim to anyone else.

  2. In regard to what you expose of the fascistic social media giants and their totalitarian practices, why do you think a conservative leaning person/corporation hasn’t started a social media giant to counter the immoral, if not criminal behaviors of the Zuckerbergs, et al? A lot of people are desperate for a social networking site that won’t try to force them into re-education gulags – I just did a 30 day bit in Facebook Jail! Which included not being able to comment/share on most MSM sites!

  3. Trump is a Marketing GENIUS!!! Look how he won 2016 against everything against him.
    He’ll win 2018 and he’ll win 2020. BET on it!!!
    I can hardly wait to watch and listen to all the liberal whining in November and 2020 ….
    Honestly, I’m going to take the shows and keep it for a good laugh down the road.
    Enjoy the Ride Folks!!!

  4. Yesterday at a restaurant in a heavy Hispanic-Democrat area of town I smiled as I listen to two Hispanic gentlemen complain how they can’t believe anything the media reports and the stupidity of the younger generation. There’s hope even in this dark hole of ignorance.

  5. Like usual Howard bang on !!! I hope people are seeing pass the lame stream media censorship and hope the Conservative movement will vote in great numbers in the mid-term while hoping that the left being over confident they will win won’t show up to vote. Hope you had a great New Year !!! Keep on truckin !!!

  6. Ground zero for the November mid-terms is southern California, where if the Demonrats can flip 7 red seats to blue, Trump is toast, and so is the USA. The usual suspects i.e., social media, ruling elites, crapademia, liberal press, etc., will move mountains to make it happen. Trumpsters have to meet the challenge. That means getting out the vote, big time.

  7. Trump won the vote because of the electoral college, The Founding Fathers of the “Republic”
    knew exactly want they were doing with that. America is NOT a democracy! However, in voting
    in each state, it is a democratic type vote. The conservatives have to beat Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and New York’s
    votes across the board to win. The social media has blinded the majority of Americans making sure they can’t see all that Trump and his Congress and Senate has done.Obama even claims they are

  8. The hype was the same running up to 2016 prez election and look what happened. The more the Dems show themselves for who/what they are, the more people become determined to shut them down. I’m confident, apart from voter fraud, 2018 will be another win for Trump and his supporters.
    BTW, Happy belated ROSH HASHANAH!

  9. All conservative Americans MUST vote! The left will have illegals voting, college students voting multiple times (particularly where you can register the same day) in multiple jurisdictions, ballots for people who died, fictitious names (since no ID is required to vote), plus the usual thugs with bats to scare people away, and any other way they can think of to “fix” the results. This is not fictitious. They used to load up illegals in front of my Mom’s house in LA, give them money, vote lists

  10. “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”? How much more “creative writing” (lies) can this nation tolerate? “Apple” in Garden of Eden was “knowledge of good and evil”, but today seems others (not God), are determining what’s “good” or “evil”! Entire fate of our nation depends on next election, so what will it be? New World Order (Globalists/Elitists/Illegals/Communism/welfare) or “U.S. Laws and Order” (Republic/Patriots/conservatives/Citizens/workers) as “priority”?

  11. If anyone thinks the days of the “Hanging Chads” or the intimidating people at the Polls like Holders crowd did, you are mistaken. Look for the “Deceased” voters and all others to be in line on Voting Day.

  12. “Show me the money” is a GREAT quote for the LEFT. In other words “Put up or shut up”! People have had it with the FAKE NEWS. They are now publishing their GARBAGE ANONYMOUSLY hoping that people will BELIEVE & SUPPORT the LEFT! The DEMOCRATS [Hillarious] CREATED a DOSSIER to BEAT Trump in 2016. We should wonder what they’re TRYING to CREATE NOW? Trump became PRESIDENT because the PEOPLE were FED UP with HUSSEIN OBAMA’S LIES! HUSSEIN sees the SWAMP being DRAINED & he CAN’T COPE with it! AMEN!

  13. The mid term elections ARE very important this trip around. If we lose the House we can bend over and kiss you know what good bye. We are working hard in our communities to see this does NOT happen. We need all of the USA on board. You can lead a horse to water but you can not make it drink. RE: the Social Media…it’s not SOCIAL any longer. It is out of control. MYPOV

  14. A free email that has no ads, doesn’t track you and is encrypted so even they (supposedly) can’t read is proton mail. So far I have had no problem receiving any conservative emails. I am hoping this doesn’t count as a link.

  15. Ignore the polls, they were led by the evil CNN et al in 2016, and they were incredibly wrong as evidenced in the closing hours of the election. I am putting my faith in the silent majority who will turn out to increase the Republican majority in the Senate and Congress.

  16. I listen for the ‘clues’ people give such as: A man calling in to Hannity said he recently went to LA. Last year – his Latino friend was against Trump. Now – his friend and HIS friends are saying:Trump is not so bad. Another man confided that his stalwart Liberal friend had just become a Republican. Things are happening ‘under wraps’. Be encouraged! Hang tight!! And most of all VOTE!

  17. I REALLY LOVED the other “BLOGGER’s” comments! AND ESPECIALLY your editorial, Howard. GO PRES.TRUMP GO, & GOD BLESS, YOU!

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