Woe Is Me . . . Trump’s Taking Away My Security Clearance


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WHAT A CROCK . . . From a Horde of Self Centered Pieces of Former Elitist Government Crap – that President Trump has Taken Away Brennan’s Top Secret Security Clearance.

It is now Reported . . . that as many as – and Probably More than a Dozen Former Directors of American Security Agencies are UPSET that President Trump REVOKED the Top Secret Security Clearance from a Former Director of the CIA (Brennan), who should not only have Lost his Clearance, but should be Indicted for Sedition for his Government Attempt to Stage a Bloodless Coup.


As The Media Illustrates It . . . All of these Former Agency Heads Represent Various Party (Political) Allegiances (Democrat & Republican), who have Come Together in a Common Cause, because as they Intimate . . . They’re Upset, because “Trump’s” Action VIOLATES a Long Held “Policy” of Former Holders of Top Secret Security Clearances – to Hold onto Their Top Security ENTITLEMENTS after they Leave their Jobs . . . Who Could Now Lose Their Security Entitlement . . . ONLY Because President Trump Wants To Punish His Political Adversaries.

This Is The Height Of Political Elitist BS.

Don’t Be Fooled By Their Crocodile Tears . . . These Dozen or so Former Agency Heads AREN’T ABOUT WHAT’S BEST FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE . . . This Is All About Them – and How they See Themselves as Being SPECIAL in Comparison to the Rank & File of the American Taxpayers, who have Given all of them a Publicly Funded Privilege, which the Funders (Taxpayers) could in a Gazillion Years Never have imagined they could or would Enjoy for Themselves.

You’re Finished Your Job . . . NOW LEAVE!


THIS BS . . . about them NEEDING to Keep their Security Clearance “Just In Case They’re Called Upon To Consult Sometime In The Future”, is Nothing More & Nothing Less than Elitist Tripe.

They’re Out Of The Limelight And They Can’t Accept It.

If Called Upon In The Future . . . These Elitist Legends In Their Own Minds Could Have Their Respective Security Clearances Temporarily Restored At The Speed of the Swipe Of A Pen.


There is no Question in My Mind, that Paul Manafort Is As Guilty As Sin for Cheating on his Taxes and who Knows what Else . . . But that’s Not Why Manafort is being Mentally Tortured . . . Manafort is being Tortured on the Judicial Rack of Robert Mueller FOR ONE PURPOSE & ONE PURPOSE ALONE – TO GET TRUMP!

BECAUSE OF THE TRUMP WITCH-HUNT . . . Mueller Went After As Many People On The Periphery of President Trump’s Presidency As He Could, using DRACONIAN Methods to Get To Trump – Paul Manafort Being One Of Them.


Not Only Is This Downright Wrong . . . It Is Un-American – and is Worthy of the Actions of a Police State. In as Simple a Way as I can Describe it . . . If these Tactics are Condoned in the United States of America . . . THEN THERE IS NO FUTURE FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM WHATSOEVER.

Manafort Is Probably A Tax Cheat At The Highest Level . . . But the Real Threat to the Shining City Atop That Hill – ARE PEOPLE LIKE MUELLER.

Therefore . . . Free Manafort & Prosecute Mueller.


I Don’t Know Anything More Than You know . . . But This Is My Opinion From What I Can Surmise. I think the Swamp is About to have a Not Too Pleasant Comeuppance.

I Think . . . that After the Republicans Keep the House & Perhaps Win a Super Majority (60-Seats) in the Senate, The Gloves Will Come-Off.

Jeff Sessions Will Either Get With The Program . . . Or Will Be Shown The Door.

President Trump will Demand from the DOJ (Department Of Justice), that the Full UNREDACTED “DIRTY” DOSSIER & FISA COURT APPLICATIONS, which have Caused so much Wasted Time & Money, and have Egregiously Divided America to the Point of a Very Possible Violent Revolution . . . WILL BE MADE PUBLIC!

THEN . . . There Might Very Well Be A Special Prosecutor Appointed By The DOJ To Dig Deeply Into The Deep-State & All The People Responsible For The Attempted Coup Of President Trump, Which After The November Mid-Term Elections, Will Come To An Unfortunate End For The Conspirators.

Maybe Even Crooked Hillary Will Have Something To Worry About.

If I was Part of the Deep State . . . I Would Be More Concerned Than Just Somewhat.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am sooooo looking forward to what he has to say! Thank you for another great editorial Howard.

  2. TO: Mr. Brennan… Feel free to speak freely. No one is attempting to stop you. You now have a BIGGER soap box on which to expound and be awed by the beloved idiots on NBC and MSNBC and similar Fake News media. You can thank President Trump for that. Are you still in the “Need to Know” to obtain and sell secrets for more book deals, speeches and interviews? It worked for Hillary… Compromise the Nation to promote your Trump hatred. Pretty typical.

  3. I’m happy and relieved that Brennan is GONE!!

    Hopefully there are more to get the perverbial
    BOOT! I cannot wait!!

  4. Once they retire and leave their position, they should lose their privileges of top security. If called back to serve, they will be investigated again. The swamp is indeed deep. Wonder when they will get to Hillary?

  5. Perhaps ‘former’ former heads of security agencies retained their clearances & are afraid they too will lose it. GOOD; should have been done when they left. Like former Pres Carter-wonder if he still has his; he acts like it. Esp. when they go back to private life, clearances should be rescinded no later than 1 yr after. Consultations generally don’t occur except with media & no clearance required. This whole thing is horse manure. You’re right, it’s the elitist entitlement mentality.

  6. I hope it will lead to a good cleansing on the top, but afraid the RINO’s will give them a pass. They worry it could hit them also. Hopefully, Trump will have a stronger hand and more cooperation after November. Maybe the voters will give a good cleansing to the bunch.

  7. Howard……I so hope your predictions come true. How refreshing it would be!
    Chuck McCoy…..Leander TX

  8. Spot on Mr. G., the scumbags should have had their security passes jerked the day they were released from job or whatever. Boo hoo, bunch of sniveling cry babies.

  9. When the job is over, so is the security clearance. That is how it works in the real world. As for Hillary, she is going to disappear to a country with a no extradition policy when the crap hits the fan. That is my predication on her.

  10. For the first time your email was sent to the spam folder….is this a sign censorship to come??

  11. Security clearance is a privilege, not a right and typical you lose it when you leave a job that required it. This MSM flap is nothing more than the continued attack on our POTUS by the leftist & other anti-Trump factions. POTUS should pull clearance for all the former Obama minions & those FBI & DOI Deep State seditious creeps who tried to take him down before the election & after he was elected.

  12. Odd.. in 1952 the rule was that classified information was available to a government employee or contractor who needed that classified information to peform his/her job and only if he/she had the clearance of such level to access such information. It is not an honorary title. I had a Q clearance but as a rad safety officer had no need to know exact design details of fusion devices. General knowledge helped me explain observations in the field immediately after detonations.

  13. If I remember correctly it was past President Truman that replied to a number of companies that wanted him on their board of directors ” you don’t want me but just the Past President of the United States” . That was a true statesman ! At least in my humble opinion. Too bad there aren’t more like him ….

  14. Like vermin, the members of the deep state are falling from the ceiling of a thatched roof home during a heavy rainstorm. Clean house TRUMP!

  15. Spot on, Howard……I NOT ONLY AGREE with the other “bloggers” on the SECURITY CLEARANCE “ISSUE” item, but side with them on “concluding” that when “job is OVER”, OUT THE DOOR YOU GO! Brennan is “part of the problem”,he is still carrying on about our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP…..HE’s “THE SWAMP”!! AMEN, GO TRUMP GO!!! ONLY A BUSINESS MAN CAN “DRAIN THE SWAMP”…..GO PRES. TRUMP, GO!!!!

  16. My husband holds a TS security clearance that is required for his job. If he did anything to lose the clearance, he would lose his job as well. A Top Secret clearance is a privilege, not a right. Even with a clearance, you still have to have a “need to know”, you can’t just walk into a SCIF and say “tell me everything” if you don’t have a documented need to know. President Trump needs to revoke ALL obama-era clearances–including obama and hillary and the rest of the criminal cabal.

  17. Your email was also sent to my SPAM folder!Is this the BEGINNING of FURTHER issues?BRENNAN is OUT and there’s a LOT MORE TO COME!WHY would Pres. Trump want to keep those DEEP-STATE INDIVIDUALS in place?JEFF SESSIONS should have been “shown the door” a long time ago, along with the rest of his PLOTTERS!The TRUTH is the DETERGENT which is helping to DRAIN the SWAMP!The other CLEANING AGENT is PRESIDENT TRUMP who CONTINUES to EJECT those who DON’T WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  18. From your mouth to God’s ear!

    Half a lifetime ago I had a security clearance. When I relinquished my federal commission, it would have never occurred to me that any perk that went with the job, i.e., said clearance, should have remained in my hip pocket to be pulled out in the future and waved around as evidence of my (self)importance! Such rubbish!

  19. I don’t get it. President Trump gets interviewed often by Judge Janine Pirro and Shaun Hannity and all the questions that should be asked to the president are not. President Trump should appoint Pirro as the new AG and Trey Gowdy as AAG. Let’s see if prosecutions would start yesterday with those 2. The deep state is still to powerful and would like to know why the President can’t do more to expedite things. Why doesn’t he release all those supposedly documents unredacted for the public to see.

  20. Why should anyone who is no longer employed by the government have a security clearance? What is going on is no longer their concern and should not be. Need to go through the records and stop all of the security clearances that still exist for people who are no longer entitled. It is no longer any of their “business”.

  21. IMHO, All those with unnecessary security clearance should lose their clearances. But I believe that both Manafort and Mueller should be prosecuted. It is impossible to unlearn that Montafort is probably a criminal. Since I have seen no verified evidence, I don’t know. But I feel that all criminals exposed by this investigation, regardless of political association, should be charged, indicted and tried.

  22. I do not see how Manafort has any value to current day news. As far as Brennan, he should have taken his Drivers License as well and locked him up in GITMO.

  23. The head of the snake is Obama. If this head doesn’t roll, it is mostly all for naught.

  24. Why would any President want to keep a man like John Brennan who from day one has espoused for his impeachment. That disgraceful hatred aside, how could the President comfortably rely on this man (Brennan) given the facts that show he is implicated in the Russian collusion coup of the Presidency. And how dare the Fake news media continue to propagate all the lies!! The Luciferian reign is in full swing!

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