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BEFORE ANOTHER WORD . . . Thank You – to the People who Helped to Financially Support And to the People who Apologized for not Being in the Financial Position to Help the BLOG . . . PLEASE NEVER APOLOGIZE.

Being Somewhat Tight For Cash Is Nothing To Ever Apologize For.

Just As A Reminder . . . I Read all the Emails Sent to me. I Respond to Most of them if they make Sense and aren’t Too Long. I Read all the Comments . . . And I Personally Send Out All The Thank You Emails.

The Email Thank You Note For Your Support Will Soon Be On Its Way.

Vigilance Cannot Be Overstated.

Yesterday . . . I Wrote that HUNDREDS of Email Addresses were BLOCKED for the Previous Editorial Alert, which I had our IT Manager Deal with. Fortunately, our IT “Guy” is Very Good at what he does, and Yesterday’s Broadcast Alert seems . . . NOT TO HAVE BEEN BLOCKED.

Because Of Your Help . . . Things Like That Won’t Happen Without A Fight.

If We Do NOT Stay On Top Of All The Challenges . . . There would be No to Read, Listen-To or Speak-Of. It’s just that Simple. The LEFT, which Literally Controls the Internet, will do whatever they can to Silence Conservative Speech . . . Including The Speech Of This BLOG.


If we Need any Further Idea of how Entitled American Elitists have Become, and how Special American Elitists Think they Are – All we Need Do is Look & Listen to the Media Outrage over the Loss of Brennan’s Top Secret Security Clearance.

I’D LIKE TO SAY THAT I DON’T GET IT – BUT I DO . . . Everyone in the Private Sector, when He or She Retires, Quits, Gets Laid-Off or Gets Fired – He or She Subsequently Loses All Privileges to the Company they just Left for whatever Reason, INCLUDING The Key To The Bathroom.

SO – IN ADDITION . . . To Receiving a Higher Public Sector Salary than does Someone working in the Private Sector, and having Far Greater Benefits & Privileges in the Public Sector than does a Person in the Private Sector, and Retiring in some Cases 10-Years Earlier in the Public Sector, than does a Worker in the Private Sector, and Receiving a Pension in the Public Sector, which is often Equivalent or Greater to a Full Working Salary for Someone in the Private Sector . . . THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR THEM!

I Would Love To Know . . . How much Money John Brennan Received as Salary as the Director of the CIA; Information which seems to be Unavailable. And what about the Rest of them in the same Circumstance?

I Ask about their Respective Incomes, Perks & Pensions, Not because I don’t Think they’re Worth It, which is a Different Question for a Different Day, but Rather, because I want to know WHY they think, that After Leaving Such Fabulous Jobs . . . They Still Feel Entitled To Be More Special Than You & Me?

There Is No Reason For Anyone Who Leaves A Government Job, To Keep His Or Her Security Clearance, No Matter What Level That Clearance Happened To Be.

You’re Gone – You Had A Great Run . . . Now Get Over It & Just Leave.


DON’T BE FRIGHTENED TO SPEAK YOUR TRUTH . . . The LEFT Depend upon OUR Timidity to Say what WE BELIEVE, to Contradict what they Say – And Stand-Up To Them – Looking At Them Right In The Eye As We Speak The Truth.

They Think They Know How To Fight Because They’ve Never Really Been In One.

So Let’s Give Them The Fight Of Their Lives. Let them know that they Don’t Own Us, whether in Canada or the United States. That our Voices are just as Good as theirs, And That They Depend On Us Far More Than We Depend Upon them.


Years Ago – In 1996 . . . The Leader Of The Liberal Party Of Quebec Called Me, and asked that I TONE DOWN MY RHETORIC (Sound Familiar?), Because In His Words – “You Are Disturbing The Social Peace.”

My Response to Him was this . . .

“Then Why Don’t You Disturb The Social Peace & Do The Right Thing?”

Soon After That Brief Telephone Exchange . . . I Asked My Friend & Co-Founder of QPAC (Quebec Political Action Party), the very Talented Noah Salzman, to Create A Battle Anthem For QPAC, which was Titled “Don’t Let Silence Be The Voice Of Quebec”, which I Played on my Radio Show with every Broadcast.

So I Say To You . . . Don’t Let Silence Be The Voice Of Our Freedoms.

I will Write. I will Speak. I will Shout. I will Lead. I will Follow, I will Support & I will Shake the Rafters . . . But I Will Never Be Silent & Neither Should You!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The “THING” in the White House has already demonstrated his strong Arab support and complete hatred of Israel and Jews. Let us not go back to what we all already know. The speech would have gone quitter without all the publicity of the “THING” and his lackeys. As per usual the lies are flying, Kerry attacked Netanyahu and said that he was responsible for having influenced American invasion of Iraq in 2002/3, Netanyahu was not in government until 2009 but Kerry did vote for it as a senator.

  2. WHY do they think, that they Still Feel Entitled To Be More Special Than You & Me?
    While I know that THE PEOPLE WROTE THE CONSTITUTION in order to give limited powers to a central government, it appears that most people believe that the government wrote the constitution to give limited rights to the people.
    Just a reminder, IT IS MY COUNTRY and MY CONSTITUTION. The government WORKS FOR ME, not the other way round.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Howard. Truth is foreign to blinded minds. No matter how rational our point, common sense does not penetrate the Left. We see this again and again on the Fox News channel. I have yet to see a single Liberal express a moment of clarity! We MUST speak up to defend law and order, reason, logic and goodness in America for as long as we can.

  4. You are correct. When WE leave jobs, we take NOTHING. Everything stops as we hit the door. Should NOT be any different in the Government either. They should NOT be entitled. I shoot hand written letters to those in elected positions to let them know when I am or am NOT pleased & I include ‘suggestions’ where appropriate. I won’t be silenced & neither should any of us. I will NOT take a backseat to anyone. MYPOV God Bless

  5. Get READY everyone because there is a LONG LIST of others who will be LOSING their SECRET CLEARANCE. Yes, THEY DO feel ENTITLED TO BE more SPECIAL than you & me! As you said, HG…”Get Over It & Just Leave”! Why is it that when the TRUTH is SPOKEN, it’s referred to as RHETORIC by the LEFT? Yes, our SILENCE IS the LEFT’S GREATEST WEAPON! The LEFT are BULLIES and they NEED to be CONFRONTED with the TRUTH! They CANNOT be ALLOWED to CREATE FEAR among the RIGHT which is their GOAL! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. Unless they’ve changed the rules, when an employee leaves a position, their security clearance is rescinded & they are debriefed. Not knowledgeable if that applied to high-rank positions or not, but can’t see why it wouldn’t. As for salaries, there is a published/available salary scale for levels up to GS-15. After that, positions go to a Congressionally-approved scale & not published/available; perhaps because it’s individualized. As gov’t grew, so did their power over a trusting citizenry.

  7. Look what “retirement benefits” members of Congress receive (they don’t have same healthcare plans as rest of us and aren’t forced to “retire” at age 65)! “Salaries” posted are “official” (don’t include what’s obtained “unofficially”- perhaps from “foreign sources”)! Most Government employees have lost any sense of “loyalty” today (same goes for “private sector”)! Those who are “too nice” get “taken advantage of”! Many of us were raised to have “manners” (which Democrats have totally forgotten)!

  8. Howard, love what you write! My husband spent 21 years in the US Navy. He had too secret clearances also. When the job was over or the purpose for this particular clearance ended, his top secret clearance was over. It should be the same for every person who served in Congress or anywhere in the government. Why isn’t it? It’s a privilege not a right. Brennan is no different.

  9. Brennan salary – Somewhere between 150 – 200k. Maybe more if they managed to get the weasel a higher supergrade rating. SES

  10. A question that should be asked and hasn’t been is,”why do they think that they should still have their clearance?” When I left the Navy, I lost my Top Secret clearance. I didn’t think I should keep it. The thing is that I had NO NEED of it, and neither should anyone else, once they’re out of government.

  11. Recent, I was asked 2 donate 2 Conservatives. Relating th ‘good’ things we have 2 do 2 get rid of Trudeau she said Andrew Scheer is household name across Canada. I stopped her right ther n askd if she rememberd “Joe who” n since meeting AS in February not a word since. He is Andre Who and I don’t relish our chance of winning the next election with him. Has anyone else heard anything from Andrew Who except he has agreed with Trudeau a few times. NB I didn’t contribute. My contribution goes to HG

  12. Howard, my primary public contact is Facebook. I have not friended people I do not know but I do post publicly on important matters such as this. I make it clear that comments are my opinion. Unless they’ve changed the rules, when an employee leaves a position, their security clearance is rescinded. Both in government & private sectors, employees loose all perks immediately on separation from their employer. I refute the premise that Brennan deserves clearance several times per day.

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