A Little Learning Is A Dangerous Thing


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In 1709 . . . For his Essay On Criticism – Alexander Pope Wrote: “A Little Learning Is A Dangerous Thing”, which in these Modern Times is often Quoted as a Little Bit of Knowledge is a Dangerous thing . . . Both Having The Same Meaning.

Which Is Why The American Communists Might Win Power:

I Read It On Galganov.com Every Day, whether it be in the Editorial Comment Section of the BLOG . . . or Emails sent to me, that Far Too Many People, who are Decent & Well Meaning . . . GLOSS OVER THE FACTS, Preferring to Conjure their Own Facts, Loosely Held on what they would Like to Believe, Rather than what they should really Believe.

I listen to the COMMUNISTS, who for Obvious Semantic Reasons Prefer to call themselves Socialists, or even More Innocently . . . American Socialists, which Elevates “American Socialists” to a Higher Moral Value (Standard) than what they use Demagoguery to Refer to Uncaring Greedy Capitalists . . . and is Far Less Threatening . . . Than The Honest Moniker Of Communist.

Even More Appealing . . . Is the Passion & Appearance of these Modern American Communists, who tend to be OLDER & WISER – Like Bernie Sanders, whose Age Grants him the Undeserved Appearance of Maturity & Wisdom . . .

And the Younger American Communists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Whose Youthful Appearance, Energy & Enthusiasm . . . BELIE THE FACT THAT SHE IS OTHERWISE AN EMPTY SUIT . . . No Different than the “Elder Statesman” Bernie Sanders, who is a man who has Made his Entire Privileged Existence By Selling a Nonsensical-Dangerous-Dream to People Willing To Drink the Snake-Oil.

I Have Repeatedly Written . . . That Not Knowing History, is a Guaranteed Condemnation to Repeating the Same Tragedies as were First Committed In The Past.

Albert Einstein Is Accredited As Having Said (To Paraphrase) . . . Insanity is Doing The Same Failed Thing Over & Over Again Expecting A Different Result.


1 – A Little Bit Of Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing.
2 – Not Knowing History Is A Guarantee To Repeat The Mistakes Of The Past.
3 – Insanity Is In Repeating The Same Failed Thing Expecting A Different Result.


Senator Joe McCarthy . . . In Spite of all the Negative Hollywood Portrayals and the Academic Demonization of McCarthy . . . who in the 1950’s Led the War Against American Communism . . . McCarthy Wasn’t Wrong.


SAUL ALINSKY . . . America’s All Time LEFTIST RADICAL from Chicago, who Inspired no Shortage of Prominent American LEFTISTS, had a Profound Effect on Hillary Clinton & Barack Hussein Obama, who used Alinsky’s Community Organizing Models as their Own.

IN SAUL ALINSKY’S 1971 BOOK – RULES FOR RADICALS . . . Alinsky Detailed How To Overthrow The Government by OVERWHELMING ALL OF IT. In his Philosophy, Alinsky Taught that you Can’t Change the Economy unless you Crash It, and the Best Way to Crash the Economy, is to Borrow Far Beyond the Means of the People to Pay Back the Debts.

Alinsky Also Taught To Overwhelm All The Institutions, to Create a Gridlock of Laws & Counter-Laws . . . To Grow The Bureaucracy To The Point Of No Return. And to Starve those Institutions with which you Don’t Agree.

BY LOOKING AT THE HISTORY OF THE 8-YEARS OF OBAMA . . . Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals . . . was Certainly the Obama Blueprint used to Smother America in Regulations, which has Created a Nearly Impossible (National/State) Debt from which to Recover, that has Weakened America’s Military, Created a Suffocating Bureaucracy, Flooded America with Illegal Immigrants, all the while . . . Appointing Judges to Interpret the American Constitution Opposed to Defending It.


I’m Not Going To Reiterate Why, How & Where Socialism Has Failed . . . Since the Evidence is Empirical – SOCIALISM IS A SOCIO/POLITICAL DISEASE, much like Metastasizing Cancer, which usually is Undetectable . . . Until It Has Spread To The Point Of Disaster.

I Fear . . . Not Just Because the People have not been Properly Educated for Generations (Many Decades), but have Rather been Indoctrinated, that for far too many People – Something For Nothing Is A Normal Right, Especially in the Belief that Government Is The Solution Rather Than The Problem.

And Those Who Will . . . Should Share Their Success With Those Who Won’t.

THE LEFT . . . COMMUNISTS – Thrive on the Ignorance Of The People, since Critical Thought & Open Debate is Oxymoronic to their Cause, which is to them, Something To Be Discouraged At All Costs.

Perhaps the most Terrifying of Aspect of all of this, is that the Self-Politically-Righteous Socialists (Communists), who are Leading The Charge Towards American Socialism (Communism), are they Themselves Ignorant of What they are Doing, and what the Costs will be If & When they are ever Successful.

A Little Bit Of Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Obama has disgraced himself and this nation with his petulance and stupidity time after time and this is his crowning achievement; to debase himself and prove to all the world just how childish and arrogant he is. Like Lonnie Collett, I remember FDR declaring our entrance in WWII, etc., and frankly, I despair for my country. Obama may not be a Muslim, but his love is for Islam and Indonesia, not the U.S. He’s not American at all.

  2. The problem here and it’s been around since the coming of age of social media is that the most important news that sheeples follow in Canada and the U.S.A. is the news coming out of Hollywood. People prefer to follow the lives of the kardashians as an example than what is actually going on in the real world and what socialism which is communism will actually do in their lives if it continues to spread. The lack of the lame stream media to report what is actually going on in Venezuela, my God !!!

  3. So many good facts in this article not enough space to comment. I come from central Africa, born in the early 40’s.
    Communism was the direct cause of over 100 million death. The morons that tell us this is different know that it isn’t. In my time in Africa, rivalry between the Soviet Union, communism and the USA, capitalism was viral. The communist wanted to take control of as many countries in Africa by supplying guns to the dictators while the USA supplied food to the starving millions.

  4. In a democratic country where there has been a legal election and the losers refuse to accept the result and try to overthrow it as with Trump then you have all the makings for a civil war

  5. During the 70s I was a Community Activist. And ‘suddenly’ A.C.O.R.N. tried, thru a Community College, to inundate our community activities. All of our community groups ‘talked & interacted’ with one another to reach a common goal. We literally had to meet in undisclosed places so the A.C.O.R.N. students could NOT know our plans. Divide & conquer is what they strove for. We, in mass, stopped them cold & let them know they were NOT wanted. We now must do this again for the USA. MYPOV

  6. Two things leftists don’t understand are, economics and human nature. It is human nature for people to act to further their own self interest . Adam Smith understood this.

  7. I have been receiving your blog for sometime and sorry to say for the most part, I am not on the same page as you are !
    Although what you write is probably true, after awhile, it is the same story retold about our world and it’s people. The top stories are about very bad people and how they influence us in a negative way.

    Could you write in a positive way how some people in this world have made us a better world to live in. We are a flawed people but I know good is still out there !

  8. Mark Twain–It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled. Like TRUE REPUBLICANS, the SOCIALISTS believe that THEY are on the RIGHT TRACK and that’s only because they ALL want the FREE STUFF, which is a very CONVINCING ELEMENT!We know otherwise, however!There are STILL some very GOOD PEOPLE and THEY are the ones who are SUPPORTING Pres. Trump! Thus far, he has been SUCCESSFUL at TRYING to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Let’s ALL help him out and PRAY for him! AMEN!

  9. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. Once knowledge is attained then stupid is as stupid does. The data is easily available to the left so stupid is as stupid does. I’ve always been afraid of the stupid. You cannot predict what they are going to do so I stay away from them. I have all the data of the left so know their stupidity is as their stupidity does.

  10. Doug McClintock, if you find HG’s blog is “the same story retold about our world and it’s people and you would rather hear “just happy stuff”, maybe you should go to some other site. For myself, I like to hear HG TELL IT LIKE IT IS. Unfortunately, politics is a dirty business and HG does not gloss over things. BTW…….HG on numerous occasions has praised those who have done things to make this a better world. You must have missed those articles.

  11. We live in a “delusional state of mind”,.not Trump or Hillary, nor anyone else, but the “fear of what will be, without our “right” to decide as citizens”. We limit our own rights by not voting, no participating, and being complacent as to whaat is happening around us! I advocate anyone who wants to correct our “fictional” delusions that, per Chicken Little, the sky is falling!
    Present the TRUTH, not the “guesses”,….We are still AMERICA, give us credit for caring about the COUNTRY!! VOTE!

  12. I often wonder how many people do actually pay attention to what’s going on in the world, not just what’s happening in our immediate neighborhood. People who pay attention to world news know that we’re on the brink of a world conflict. This may make people worry as war is a terrible thing. Is it better to not know so that we can live without worry or is it better to know so that we can be prepared? How does one prepare for WW3? Some people would rather concentrate on happy thoughts!!

  13. Einstein also said: “Great spirits have always received violent opposition from mediocre minds!” Communists know simple minds are easily programmed with “propaganda”! “Ignorance is bliss” for “liberals”- who love to fill folks’ heads with lies! (No IQ test to vote; no “proof of citizenship”!) BTW, those “making the world a better place” aren’t ignorant! They’re “smart people” who realize the sad “reality” of what our nation would become if everyone had IQ under 100, so they “tell it like it is”

  14. What’s going on in the US today is something I could never have imagined growing up in post-WWII. I remember the McCarthy period along with more & more upheaval. We truly have/are being destroyed from within. Is the globalist ideology another term for communism? Perhaps so. Hillsdale College Imprimis for July/Aug is a speech entitled “Does Diversity Really Unite Us? Citizenship and Immigration”; it spells out where diversity & political correctness will end up. Insightful article.

  15. Three cheers for the learned who preach among us. G-d Bless you. May you live to be 120.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles, Ca.

  16. Just in Today – The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has admitted that his socialist model has failed in the midst of food and medicine shortages. And the Democrats want to follow this model??? Even a little bit of real knowledge should help defeat the Dems this November. Lets hope.

  17. Even after watching Hollywood BS movies I never thought for a second that McCarthy was wrong. There was a great deal of Intel to substantiate his inquiry. He was and still is now, even more so, 100% correct. For the life of me, I will never understand a Jewish leftist and in particular Hollywood types. This to me defies all logic. Maybe not insane by definition but insane nonetheless.
    Great read Howard. Thanks.

  18. Vote out Trudeau yes, but Scheer is as soft as a liberal. It’s time for Scheer to grow a pair and start attacking Trudeau’s plans to destroy Canada.

  19. WHO IS ANDREW SCHEER? I shook hands with someone by that name earlier this year, in Cornwall but never heard of him since. Best wishes to Doug Ford, he’s a Trump, keeping his promises. Takers heavily criticizing Councillor Layoffs like they are different. Lots of people get laid off. like Sears for example so what’s so special about councillors. It’s corporate downsizing same as in business for efficiency.

  20. Just saw the pre-release of Dinesh D’Souza movie “Death of Nation”. I grew up under Nazi occupation in Norway, and became a US citizen in 1954 after arriving with family in 1949. I pray that all young people in US will see this movie, it depicts real history that is no longer taught in our public schools. Time for voting citizens to wake up and pay attention to what is happening in media and entertainment today, and how it is being used to indoctrinate the public. God Bless America!

  21. I missed your commentary, again, Howard! May god bless you, BOTH, & especially PRES. TRUMP, as he continues to set new RECORDS, of “PROMISES KEPT”, & “MADE”…GO PRES. TRUMP, GO, & AMEN-AMEN!!

  22. Did Hillary wright her collage paper on “ The Rules For Radicals “? If so she was well versed
    it before Chicago!

  23. Wynne and Trudeau apparently love Alinsky’s principles. Wynne tried to bankrupt Ontario by skyrocketing the debt. Doug Ford, bless his heart, is trying to stop the bleeding by instituting needed reforms and the left is screaming. Trudeau that poor inept soul, is attempting to destroy the country by overspending and making really stupid decisions. He is one disaster after another.

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