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It is INTEGRAL, that WHAT we Read, Hear, and/or See . . . MUST BE HONEST, since Lies, Innuendos, Half-Truths & Slanted “Reporting” are the Bane of Freedom, and the Devil-Children of Despotism, which is why it is Critical that Whatever you Read or Hear on this BLOG (, whether it is Me or someone else who Writes or Says it . . . IT MUST BE BEYOND REPROACH.

On Tuesday, July 24, 2018 . . . one of the Commentators wrote that Obama gave “$33.6B” to the Iranians, suggesting that this Money was Divided-Up between the Iranians, George Soros & Obama’s White House.

The Writer Of The Comment . . . Had no Idea what he was “Talking About” – since I Doubt that he was somehow Privy to Secret Talks & Deals between the Iranians, Soros & Obama, that’s if Soros was even involved. But somehow, he seemed to know that Obama & Soros had Colluded Together with the Iranians to Divide-Up the $33.6-Billion.


The Commentator also wrote . . . that the Executed Osama Bin Laden – was Actually Not Osama Bin Laden at all, but was a Clone of the Saudi 9/11 Genocidalist.


I Read all the Emails and all the Comments which come to this BLOG. And some of the time I Comment on the Comments, and most of the time I Respond to the Emails, even if it is just to Acknowledge that I Read what was sent.

Please . . . Never think I ‘m Not Paying Attention, even if it takes time for me to Reply.


I am extremely Proud of this BLOG; because I do everything I possibly can, at a Real PERSONAL Cost in Money, Time & Effort . . . TO GET IT RIGHT 100% OF THE TIME.

And even Though Mistakes do happen, like anyone else . . . I Too Screw-Up, But not because I’m Sloppy & Uncaring, but rather because No One Is Perfect.

BUT I REALLY-REALLY TRY NOT TO . . . so you can Imagine how MIFFED I get when anyone uses this BLOG to Push Conspiracy Theories, or Pass-Off Something they Heard or Read without Foundation, or who wants to Promote a Personal Narrative . . . SO PLEASE DON’T DO ANY OF THAT.

Also . . . While I’m At It – Some of the Commentators – Comment on what other People have Written, which is something I really Frown Upon, since I want to Read what YOU THINK, not what you Think about what someone else Thinks. Also, I don’t want to be a Chat Room, or like most other BLOGS a Free-For-All Debate Forum where Nonsense Replaces Serious Opinions.


There was a Shooting in Downtown Toronto this Week. The Shooter was a Moslem (Faisal Hussain). He was a Supporter of ISIS. The Shooter had an ILLEGAL Gun by Canadian Standards (4” Barrel & Smaller), Purchased & Smuggled-In from the USA.

The Shooter’s Brother is in a Coma for some Reason, who had an Arsenal of Guns at his Home, mostly Illegal, who was also a Serious Drug Dealer, which to my Knowledge is an Important Way for ISIS, Al Qaeda & Such Moslem Terrorist Groups to Raise Money.

But According to the Mainstream Canadian Media . . . and our Canadian Federal Government, the Shooter – who Murdered Two Innocent People (One Teenager & One Child), who were doing Nothing other than Enjoying themselves in Toronto’s Greek Town, and the THIRTEEN OTHERS whom the Shooter Wounded – WAS NOT A MOSLEM TERRORIST, but rather . . . Was A Man With A Mental Problem, who Conveniently Committed Suicide after the Shooting Spree.

As A Result . . . The Pretend-Conservative Mayor Of Toronto – Has BANNED The Sale Of Handguns, Restricted Rifles & Ammunition Anywhere Within The Toronto City Limits.

According to the Canadian Media, the Liberal Government & LEFTISTS At Large . . . It’s Too Easy For Canadians To Buy Guns. Nothing Can Be Further From The Truth.

To Buy Or Receive ANY GUN In Canada, Including A 22-Caliber Rifle . . .

1 – You have to be over the age of 18.

2 – You would have had to Take & Pass a Stringent National Gun Safety Course.

3 – You Need To Pass a Comprehensive RCMP Background Check.

4 – You Need To have your “Good Character” Verified by at Least Two People in LIVE RCMP Telephone Interviews, who have known you over a Period of Several Years.

5 – Your Spouse, or Live-In Partner MUST, sign a Release Stating that he or she knows that you are Purchasing a Firearm, and has no Reason to Object.

6 – And to even Touch a Firearm in any Store in Canada, you NEED to Present the Retailer with your PAL (Purchase Acquisition License) or RPAL (Restricted Purchase Acquisition License), which also goes for Police Officers in Uniform and Already Armed with his or her Service Gun.

MORE THAN THAT . . . If the Gun you’re buying is Restricted (RPAL), you can’t even leave the Store with the Gun, until it is Registered with the RCMP, which in itself can takes several Days or longer.

7 – And every 5-Years, it is Mandatory to Renew your PAL or RPAL. And if there is any Change in Address, the RCMP Must be Notified.

And I haven’t even Touched on the Conditions of Storing Guns & Ammunition, let alone the LAW That Says . . . CANADIANS CANNOT CARRY.


8 – If an American Gun Dealer or Individual . . . Sells or Gives a Gun to a Non-American, INCLUDING a Canadian – and is Caught doing so, that Dealer or Individual will be Charged & Imprisoned for Illegally Trading In Firearms.

As for the Canadian Purchaser or Receiver of a Gifted Gun, if he or she is Caught in Possession of said Gun in the USA, he or she will also be Charged and Imprisoned for having in his or her Possession an Illegal Firearm in the United States of America.

 I Know All Of This  . . . Because I Checked With The ATF – But The Canadian Media LIES about all of the above – because it Fits Their LEFTIST Narrative.

Years ago, there was a Nasty Spate of Shootings in Toronto, almost all of which were Blacks On Blacks, which the Government Ordered the Compliant Media to KEEP QUIET, to the Point, that the Arrested Perpetrators weren’t even allowed to have their Hands shown in Cuffs on camera, because we would know that the Gang Bangers were Members of the Black Community.


The LEFTIST Media & Democrats WEREN’T Concerned with the Gross Violation of Client/Lawyer Privilege at all. But they were Concerned Far More with a Personal Issue that Happened long Before Donald Trump Ran for the Presidency.

The LEFTIST Media and the Democrats were all Abuzz with President Trump’s PRIVATE Conversation with Vladimir Putin, to the Point that they are Demanding a Congressional Hearing, and are willing to SUBPOENA the American Interpreter, to know what was Discussed in the Privacy of an Incredibly Important Summit . . .

YET . . . The Democrats and the LEFTIST Media Couldn’t Give a Rat’s-Ass as to what was Written, and who Wrote What on the Phony Dossier. Or what was in the Files, the Illegal Server and the Smashed Cell Phones of Crooked Hillary.

The Democrats and the LEFTIST Media were APOPLECTIC over President Trump’s DEMAND from the EU for FAIR TRADE, which is Defined just within its Two Words, OPPOSED to just Free Trade, which Essentially Means Nothing . . .

BUT HERE WE ARE . . . And the Europeans Blinked, which as I see it will Cost Insiders & Lobbyists on Both Sides of the Atlantic Ocean, an Awful Lot of Money, because President Trump STOOD-UP for the American People instead of the Insiders. WHAT A NOVEL CONCEPT.


People come to, because they are Expecting to Read & Hear the Truth, whether it is in My Editorials, on my Audio Editorials, or even in my Comment Section . . . Because as you can Read in the Preceding – WE ARE INUNDATED WITH LIES, HALF TRUTHS & UNTOLD TRUTHS.

And If You Can’t Read & Hear The Truth Here . . . Then Where?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Please excuse my cynicism; As interest in Bibi’s March 3rd speech mounts worldwide, so does the fear by those who would sabotage it. They comprise extremely powerful individuals, beginning with Obama and ending with Iran. Obviously, the greatest security precautions will be implemented, however, I remain fearful for his safety.

  2. Bravo Zulu Howard!! (US Navy “signal flags” for WELL DONE..

  3. TRUMP is like the father who finally put his foot down and demanded his incorrigible children to straighten up & fly right. To the benefit of everyone FAIR TRADE with the U.S is on track after many decades of the U.S. being cheated. BRAVO to TRUMP. Thanks for all your impeccable work Howard.

  4. Howard, I have read your editorials for several years, and donated when/as I could. I thank you for the time, effort and diligence you pursue knowledge and awareness from all the sources you do, to report that to us. I’d love to do it, but my head might explode. So thank you many times over for doing what you do with integrity, resolve and tenacity.

  5. Missed your radio commentary today, Howard…but I did listen to your commentary about “FREEDOM”! Good for you keeping the LIES off of your “blog”, as best you can!! Keep up the GREAT JOB YOU DO, Howard!!! May God Bless YOU, & OUR WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP…..AMEN, AMEN, here in the USA!!!!

  6. The latest shooting and the Van who ran down pedestrians in TO are both “non-Terrorist ” actions as per our Media, the Mosque shooting last year is a Terrorist Action, same source . The media did it’s best to keep the shooter’s identity hidden then provided Fake News and slanted reporting to ” handle ” the situation. TO Anti-Gun groups will succeed this time around and it will spread across Canada. I am equally certain all Terrorists and Criminals are already queuing up to hand over theirs.

  7. As mentioned in the Editorial, the LEFTIST Media & Democrats are most FOCUSED ON Donald Trump’s PAST, i. e., BEFORE he RAN for the Presidency. WHY weren’t these SAME PEOPLE concerned about HUSSEIN OBAMA’S PAST when HE RAN for PRESIDENT?At this juncture, we STILL don’t know MUCH about HIS PAST, yet he continues to SUBTLY ATTACK Pres. Trump! The LEFTIST Media & Democrats are ONLY CONCERNED with IMPEACHING Trump because they FEAR THE TRUTH, which is EXACTLY what he’s REVEALING–SLOW BUT SURE! AMEN!

  8. I am ever so happy that we now have a president with whom I totally agree. Until now, neither party has produced for me. One has been only slightly better than the other.

  9. My first impression of the raid on Trump’s attorney was, That was illegal because it violated the attorney/client privilege, not only for Trump, but for every client that attorney had. Everything they seized should be prohibited as evidence because the seizure was illegal and unethical, but the damage has already been done.

  10. Would it not be considered truthful to say that in order to be a terrorist one MUST have a mental problem?

    Dick Black, Potwin, Ks.

  11. Because you strive for the whole truth & nothing but the truth I can look forward to your blogs/editorials with an open mind & heart. Honesty IS the best policy & refreshing. IF the fake news EVER focused on the REAL issues they might find people would sincerely appreciate their voices. Thus far, this is NOT the way of it. Only the ignorant follow JUNK, because they are too lazy to do research for TRUTH. GIGO-garbage in garbage out. MYPOV

  12. The banning of guns, the pretending the shooter only went killing because he suffered from tedious Canadianism, the media hiding of truths to protect the public from ourselves, the Lefty notions that surround such an event, it’s all a load of bunk. The media deserves to be shuttered, our leaders deserve to be ousted and the public deserves to be kept ignorant, held with a leash on our necks and with a knife at our throats because we are too stupid, ignorant and lazy to deal with the truths.

  13. Thankyou Howard for correcting me on my asking for others opinion, when I brought up the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg spy issue.. won’t do it again… love your blog and look for it every day.. Barry

  14. Hi Howard. Good article. The shooter was a wannabe terrorist, as is his brother in a coma and their friend the dealer. Oops ,sorry, this is Canada. Alleged despite the stash of handguns and the pail full of carfentanyl the police found. Saw an article on the Israel Network. The writer said the way to stop terrorists is to expel the terrorists family. If you commit the act you hurt the only people that you love and who love you. Wouldn’t work in Canada. Too many leftists and liberals. Horrifying.

  15. Excellent read Howard. If Faisal turns out to be one of the returned ISIS fighters protected by Trudeau to be “reformed” I pray his government falls immediately. I for one have zero confidence in this Liberal government.

  16. Greetings Howard:
    This was your BEST blog EVER! You put it out there in simple, everyday verbiage and expose the things and people that say and do things to promote their very own warped, personal agendas. KUDOS Howard!!!

  17. Once again great blog. It is so refreshing to get some real information about what is happening in Canada ie the Toronto incident.
    Did you actually mean to have the “punny” about truth TRUMPS BS. I have found that telling the truth is always easier to work with because I don’t have a photographic memory.
    Time has a way of exposing liars but how much time do we have? The world is getting worse!

  18. I worked for a P&G for 25 years, traveled to plants in Canada and Mexico. Being a hunter I always inquired about hunting in those countries. Just getting a weapon into the country legally was a real pain, even though it was for a legitimate reason.
    I was told how difficult it was to buy a handgun in Canada 30 years ago, now near impossible. If you are a criminal, or other bad sort, obtaining a weapon is not difficult if you have money or something to trade, even in Canada.

  19. It was my understanding that with more education, more enlightenment that wisdom occurred! It simply flat a** is going the wrong way these days!! College is available everywhere, tuitions are dangerously low, what is taught is dangerously “flimsy”, and so “snowflake” oriented, it just isn’t providing any “air” for education on subjects, enlightenment of both sides, and surely not wisdom!!I tried going to one of those online colleges for about six months, one instructor what a waste of time and $

  20. Like you, Howard, I also am a truth-seeker, which is why I come to your blog.

  21. From what I gather, Toronto (terrorist) shooter was walking gingerly down the street firing into store after store, killing two and injuring many more innocent people. Now think about it… If the same guy tried the same stunt on Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, how many stores do you think he would been able to shoot into before one of us in the stealth army of 1.7 million legal Florida concealed carriers stopped him dead – literally?

  22. HG Thks 4 opportunity 2 educate th ignorant, like Trudeau who denies terrorist exist in Canada n labels them as mentally deranged. Baghdadi (self appointed Caliph) issued an order, September 2014, to Muslims world wide to perform JIHAD in any way they could. A Muslim can act alone, or in numbers, to kill the infidels (us). By this edict ISIS can claim responsibility.
    Time Trudeau, government n Media report fact, not fiction. A terrorist is an Islamic follower not a mentally sick Canadian

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