The Biggest Critics – The Biggest Deadbeats


I Celebrated July 4th on a Tractor, Probably as Old as I am, with an Open Cab, the Muffler Perched On Top of the Diesel Engine, just Feet from where I sat – IN ONE HUNDRED-PLUS DEGREE TEMPERATURE . . . To Help Make The Hay.

This Took About 4 1/2 Hours . . . and by the time I was Done, there wasn’t a part of me that Wasn’t Wet to the Core – and it wasn’t even my Hay. But that said . . . some of what I helped Produce will feed our Horses, And It Doesn’t Get Better Than Helping Out A Friend.

There’s Also The Selfish Side To It . . . As I’m getting Older (68), I find more People are Treating me as though I am Some Kind of Fragile, and Beyond the Time that I should be Capable of Doing the Job of a Younger Man, especially because People seem to Recognize me as a Writer & Opinionist, Opposed to being a Physical Worker . . . But as long as I will want to Mount a Tractor, Throw a Hay Bale, Swing a Hammer, Climb a Roof . . . ETC – I will Age – BUT I WILL NOT GET OLD.

TODAY . . . Is Going To Be Another Scorcher – also more than 100-Degrees, but as soon as my Buddy shows up with another Tractor for me to Handle, this time with AC, we’ll Head Back to the Field and Finish Picking-Up the Bales, which we were all too Tired to Pick-Up Yesterday . . . And We Better Get It Done Before The Rain Hits.

ALSO – At 2:00-O’Clock this Afternoon, I’m Slated to see the Dentist to have Two Upper Molars Removed, even though my Teeth are all in Otherwise Great Shape . . . So Please Don’t Expect An Audio Editorial.

As of the Finishing of the Writing of this Editorial, it is 4:30. I did my Bit with the Hay this Morning & Survived the Dentist. Tomorrow, or the Next Day, I’ll be Thrilled to Produce an Audio Editorial.

And For Those Of You Who Care . . . So Far So Good. No Real Pain Yet.


PRESIDENT TRUMP IS OFF TO BRUSSELS . . . To The NATO Meeting (July 11th & 12th), where the President is Expected to Lower The Boom on the NATO Deadbeats, who Expect the United States of America to Pick up the World’s Defense Budget Mostly All On America’s Own.

What’s Incredible . . . Are The Countries with the Biggest Opinions and Criticisms of America, who Pay the Least into the Defense of their own Countries and Continent, even though they ALL SIGNED THE SAME AGREEMENT TO PAY JUST 2% OF THEIR GDP INTO NATO . . . THEY DON’T!

Who Are Real Slackers Are The Germans . . . who are without Question the Greatest Recipients of all, from the United States of America’s Global Defense Umbrella, where Angela Merkel just Recently said with “PRIDE”, that NATO Members don’t Pay enough, and she Foresees Germany Paying ONE POINT FIVE PERCENT OF GERMANY’S GDP BY THE YEAR 2025.


Imagine Just How Much Of A Piece Of Crap Merkel Is . . . to take Public Pride in the Fact that by 2025, Merkel’s Germany will still be Paying Half A Percentage Point LESS than Germany had Agreed to in Writing. WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT GERMANY & THE GERMANS?


WHY STOP AT THE GERMANS . . . When Canada’s Dilettante Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose Claim to Fame, is that as of Canada Day (July 1, 2018) Trudeau has Made Canada a Socialist POT-FREE-HAVEN, and the Number-One Globalist Cheerleader for a One World Government – WHICH DOESN’T EVEN SPEND ONE PERCENT OF CANADA’S WRITTEN GDP COMMITMENT TO NATO?

HOW CAN THESE GLOBALIST DEADBEATS . . . Look at Themselves in the Mirror, let alone at President Trump and the People of the United States of America WITHOUT SHAME?

Unless these Globalist JERKS . . . Really Think that Singing Kumbaya Around a Campfire, while Roasting Marshmallows, will somehow keep their Individual Countries Safe from Islamism, Russia, China, North Korea and the Scourge of the Surging Communist LEFT – THEY BETTER GET WITH THE PROGRAM, HONOR THEIR COMMITMENTS . . . OR SHUT THE F-UP!

All American Presidents . . . From the Time IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING Ronald Reagan, have been SCHMUCKS looking for Global Love by SELLING-OUT the Security & Future of the American People, Inevitably putting America in INCOMPREHENSIBLE DEBT, while America has become the Global Candy Store for the One World Government Globalist-Pickings.

ALL THE PRESIDENTS ARE GUILTY AS SIN . . . Regardless of who they are today, such as George HW Bush (41), who Straightaway Following his Gulf War, Declared the beginning of “A NEW WORLD ORDER” – A Pox On Him And All Those Who Followed Him In This Pursuit.

If We Could Actually Go Back In Time . . . to the beginning of Recorded History, I am quite Positive that Nothing Much Has changed in the Past 6,000-Years. That there were those who Dug for the Water, Collected the Water, Carried the Water . . . and Those who had nothing to do with the Collection of the Water, but were Just Satisfied to Drink the Water others Slaved to get, Probably Complaining that the Water was Too Warm, Too Murky, or Just Not Enough.


While I was Giving & Taking a Real Pounding in the Late 1990’s . . . Right Through to just a Few Years Ago, Fighting for Freedom of Linguistic Expression in Quebec & Across Canada, there was no shortage of People who Criticized me . . . Saying I wasn’t Saying Enough, or I was saying too Much, or I should have Said This or That, or that I wasn’t Spending Enough of my Own Money, or that I was getting Rich from the Fight . . . All Of Which Came From The People Who Never Put Their Hands In Their Pockets To Offer Support, while Anne and I were Rapidly going Broke Fighting the Fight for Others.


Even Now . . . All these Years Later, and After More than 2,400-Editorials, with FREE Access to the Directory, FREE Access to Editorial Comments, FREE Return of Emails & FREE Access to Audio Editorials . . . I’m Still Criticized – Virtually EXCLUSIVELY by People who Contribute ZERO to

This Doesn’t Even Come Close To Mention The Fortunes Spent On Court Cases,

At A Time . . . When The Personal Criticisms, Insults & Lies About Me Were Relentless – A Very Senior Canadian Media Statesmen, the Late Lee Hambelton, who was an Inductee of the Canadian Association Of Broadcasters (CAB) Hall of Fame, who I only Knew in Passing, Called me for us to get Together for a Quick Lunch in Downtown Montreal, Where He Said To Me Unsolicited . . .

“I Love What You’re Doing . . . DON’T STOP. And remember this . . . Journalists Watch the Fight from the Safety of Distance, and when the Fight is Over, the Journalists Move to the Battlefield and Kill The Wounded”.

“Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose”
“The More Things Change . . . The More They Stay The Same”

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. May God watch over Bibi Netanyahu while he is in America. I hope he doesn’t spare any criticism of Obama and his thugs. The walls are closing in on our beleaguered Republic. The demon has been salivating for 6 years to get control of the last freedom in America, the Internet, and that will take place Thurs. 26 Feb.

  2. Years ago, as ENRON was imploding, after reading the history of the US’s Transcontinental Railroad cheating “businessmen”, I was reading the observations of an ancient wise-guy who decried his corrupt businessmen who stole from their partners, their companies and their employees. Yes, “…Nothing new under the sun.” Only difference is the last four digits on the calendar.

  3. Who can complain about you ??? You hit it on the nail every single time and only the privileged lefties must be the ones complaining. Continue your good work, you have a real fan in me.

  4. Keep on keeping on, Howard! We need you! I do hope Canada can survive Trudeau#2 !!

  5. Your efforts to express the frustration of our liberator globalist PM are just exemplified by the various “journalists” and “newscasters”. When did the earth become FLAT? Please tell them we go AROUND the world and ACROSS a country or ocean. Sorry, small point of irritation!
    Liked your last quote…a LOT!! So TRUE!

  6. You do so much, Howard. I didn’t envy you the hot work you did haying.

    No matter the criticisms you get, know many of us support you. I give when I can.

    Thank you, Howard for all you do.

  7. Chuckled at your mention of others thinking because of your age you shouldn’t be doing had work. Don’t ever listen! If you quit “because of your age”, you’ll soon become like people say you should be. They’re either jealous or much younger. And yes, no matter how things look different on the outside, inside man has not changed since ousted from Eden. Rather hard to believe the first born killed his brother, & just a few chapters into Genesis, God destroyed all on Earth because of man’s sin.

  8. At 78 I find I can run circles around some of my ‘younger’ compatriots! I stay BUSY! RE: NATO…they do NOT understand the tariffs that we are imposing because WE (the USA) need the money for our national security (military) to keep protecting THEM. POTUS Trump understands economics..apparently the rest of the world does NOT give a hoot…just take, take, take. Excellent Editorial, Mr. G. Keep on, keeping on! God Bless

  9. Thanks, Howard… hit “ANOTHER HOME RUN”, I too enjoyed the other “blogger’s” comments, as well! Glad u didn’t die from your “heat & hard work” out there “haying” a few days ago!! I ALSO COMMEND YOU for calling out those “NATO LOOSERS'” WHO DON’T WANT TO PAY THEIR “FARE SHARE”!!! A REAL BUNCH OF “FREE LOADERS”!!!! YOUR PM, INCLUDED!!!!! Our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, HAS THEIR NUMBER AS WELL!!!!! GOD BLESS our WONDERFUL PRESIDENT..HE DEFINITELY ISN’T SHY ABOUT CALLING THEM “OUT ON IT”.

  10. I love elping friends. Our family has done that since I was a kid, abt. 1936. I am 87 years old and my family thinks I am an invalid. In some cases it helps me escape unpleasant chores. The Countries with the Biggest Opinions and Criticisms of America, who Pay the Least into the Defense of their own Countries certainly expect the USA to pick up the tab for everything, ad we usually do. THE LEFTIST WAY . . . PAY THE LEAST & DEMAND THE MOST is certainly true. They are also national deadbeats.

  11. Right on the mark, There has always been “Givers and Takers” unfortunately the takers are beginning to out number us. But you will notice the male of the taker group still cross their legs when they sit!

  12. We need more conservatives like you fighting the constant lies by the left wing MSM. They can’t even be civil on July 4th, attacking the Declaration of Independence as a racist document. They want to erase history as they only live in the now. And anyone that doesn’t agree with their leftist rants are, yep, racist. And we have Hollywood leftist apologizing to the world for Trump. I live near Portland, OR, which was once the city of roses, now it’s the city Antifa marches and violence.

  13. What most people never got in Québec is that you were not anti-French far from it, you fought for equality because that was your cause, your values, values shared by lots of people.

    The fun thing is that in lots of cases, Howard is more bilingual (french-english) than lots of virtue-signaling pro-mandatory bilinguism there are in Canada.

    In fact, he’s almost as good in French than I am in English (almost…) 😛

  14. “Age is an attitude”: Many feel “old” at age 40, but others feel “young” at age 80! Too many people living in our nation who have no relatives who fought or died for what we have today! They are coming to “change” the way we do things (or make things more like where they came from)! For 8 years, “change” was the focus (including attempting to “erase history” and destroy monuments)! Are we indeed creating our own “Hell on Earth” (temperatures over 100 degrees, plus tempers rising with the heat)?

  15. Glad that your dental procedure went well!Your quote of “Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose” brought back many memories to me re: my French education!That quote is SO TRUE, as ONLY the POLITICIAN TACTICS change.Did you ever notice that the HARDER people WORK, the HARDER they FIGHT for the TRUTH!The LAZY people just GIVE UP!It’ll be quite a while before we see another GENERATION like OURS!Keep up the GOOD WORK with your WRITINGS, as you ENCOURAGE all of us to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! AMEN!

  16. “I will age – BUT I WILL NOT GET OLD.”


    Keep your comments/writings coming..we agree with most of your articles.

    You are a patriot!

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