Sexual Animal . . . Stormy Daniels To Save The Children



Everyone in a Free Society Gets To Be Heard, Especially in a Free Society like the United States of America . . . EVEN A PORNO-WHORE LIKE STORMY DANIELS.


Isn’t It Wonderful How we Think Of The UK As Being A Free Society . . . So Just Ask Tommy Robinson what type of Bastion of Freedom England is, who was Literally THROWN INTO A BRITISH PRISON for Having the Audacity to Speak, Record & Disseminate the Truth as Tommy Robinson saw it . . . AND HOW IT REALLY IS . . . Yet – The Porno-Whore, Stormy Daniels who Screws Indiscriminately, every Which Way, with Man, Woman or a Menagerie of Choices, under the Alias of Stormy Daniels, is being Lauded as a Woman of Virtue, because the Screw-For-Cash Daniels, is going to Save The ILLEGAL Children at the US Southern Border.

And Who’s Going To Save Innocent Children From The Porno-Whore Daniels?

THE PROBLEM IS . . . While Really Good People, who aren’t Traitors, Whores, Cheats, Liars, Thieves and Only-God-Knows-What-Else – who ACTUALLY Care & Contribute to the Betterment of Society and their Country . . . THEY are Mercilessly Demonized, Demagogued, Ridiculed, Berated & Lied About by the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Talk-Television, Television Comedic & Drama Series, Academia & Social Media.


Chances Are . . . Most of the People are FOOLS, who UNKNOWINGLY Lie, BECAUSE THEY ARE FOOLS, who Believe Whatever Crap the Media Throws their Way, because they’ve been CONDITIONED by Academia from the Youngest of Age, only to be Reinforced by the Media . . . To Believe All Forms Of Socio/Political Rubbish Without Question Or Reason.

BUT AS I SEE IT . . . And as it has been Written & Said Many Times, presumably first by President Abraham Lincoln . . . “You Can Fool Most Of The People Some Of The Time, But Not All Of The People All Of The Time” . . . To Which . . . Is Where I Believe We’re At Now.


Should we Feel Sorry for them, and give them a great deal of Socio/Political Latitude, only because they are Products of their Environment (Education, Propaganda & False Media)?

Or Should We Crush Them Like Stupid Bugs . . . Which Carry Deadly Diseases?

WHEN I WRITE “CRUSH THEM LIKE STUPID BUGS” . . . Please Don’t Take This As A Call To Violence Or a Call To Arms.

Take it as a Means to use all Real Media, Social Advantages & Politics . . . For the Stupid LEFT to Either See The Light of Day, Get Onboard with the Real World, OR GO DOWN POLITICALLY WITH THEIR PUTRID LEFTIST SHIP.

I Simply Don’t Have That Kind Of Charity In My Heart To Countenance Such Fools.

If these Jerks were Only Doing Damage to Themselves and to Each Other, Frankly . . . I Wouldn’t Give A Damn. But It Is Us Who Are The Recipients Of Their Ignorant Idiocy – And Bluntly Stated . . .

They Can Shove Their Self-Imposed Misery Where The Sun “Don’t” Shine.


The Days Of Polite Civil Discourse Are Long Gone . . . It doesn’t mean that I or Anyone else has to be PROFANE – as are the LEFT.

IT MEANS . . . that I and Other Like-Minded Purveyors of Conservative Values Don’t have to be Polite to People who want to Take-Away-From what We’ve Earned. Or want to Restrict what We Say or Do, as long as what We say or Do is Honest, And Doesn’t Involve them, OR ANY OTHER NON-WILLING PARTICIPANT.

Debating An Idiot, Liar Or Cheat . . . Only Reduces Oneself To His Or Her Level.

What Bothers The LEFT Most-Of-All About President Trump, aren’t Necessarily President Trump’s Policies, Nearly as much as the FACT THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS INTRANSIGENT . . . when it comes to the President Debating whether America Should Remain America, or whether America should Become some Useless Punching-Bag within the Globalists One-World-Order.


If America Goes Down . . . The Whole World Will Go Down With Her. Isn’t That Worth Fighting-For To Make Certain It Doesn’t Happen?


I was Extremely Pleased to Read the Support I Received for My Forthcoming Audio Editorials, which should be Coming Soon . . . As Soon as our IT Manager can Restore the Programing, which we Successfully Used In The Past, with which to Broadcast, which Shouldn’t Take Too Long.

I’ve Tested The Recording Equipment . . . And We Will Soon Be Good To Go.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This administration DOES NOT consider Israel an ally. It views the jewish state more of an annoyance, an obstacle and a hindrance to it’s own mideast policies, and a country that stands in the way of it’s Iranian stance. Plus Israel is a reminder of their failed mideast peace proposals. It sees Netanyahu as the necessary evil it has to deal with to keep some numbers in the polls. This administration wishes it was never tied to Israel and given the opportunity would gladly turn its back on them

  2. Leftists once again are using optics, style, PC or any other similar description in place anything substantive to win the hearts and minds of the electorate. Pathetic!

  3. Trump is saving our beloved country while those who didn’t vote for him are too embarrassed to give him credit.
    As for stormy, calm down, she’s only doing her best to keep her self alive while satisfying men who married frigid women.
    Alan A

  4. The war the leftist are on right now and winning is because most of the right sheeples are fast asleep at the switch and still thinks that life is hunky dory !!! When the right finally wakes up, I’m afraid it will be already too late !!!

  5. It is sad that many people fall for and believe the garbage that is being spewed by the left. And some of them are part of the governmental Swamp. I just read where a woman that works in the DOJ led a group of protestors in a Mexican restaurant to Harrass a Secretary of a Department under President Trump while she was having lunch and then posted this on twitter during working hours. WE PAY HER WAGES

  6. Just wondering how/why the right doesn’t get together and start pushing on some subjects as the left has been doing?
    Isn’t it time for us to wake up while we are able????

  7. Just read that Sara Sanders (press secretary) was kicked out of the “Red Hen” in Lexington Virginia. Using my media, looked them up (not hard to do), and I emailed a note to this establishment expressing my disgust with their treatment of a Trump Administration supporter and employee. 2nd time this week for stuff like this. As you probably know this happened, at a Mex. restaurant, to kirstjen Nielsen. We all need to shame them, with the only tools available to us, the Internet. Chuck

  8. The LEFISTIST LOONS have stooped to a NEW LOW! This world is DEFINITELY O.O.C., “out of control”!! GOD BLESS PRES. TRUMP, his family, and his CABINET !!!

  9. With each liberal change, the US is becoming a Criminal Country. Why, we let criminals cross the border, go easy on Political crime, allow persons to buy their way out of legal issues. Start cleaning up our country by reducing funds to prisons
    Have an Actual Death Penalty, not housing for rodents. Death penalty should be carried out no more than 2 years after sentence, period. Bullet to the head finishes the rodents quickly. Riot in prison, guards open fire, why let them destroy so we can pa

  10. Once again, you’re right, but the problem is that there is no truth with the media. The newspapers lie; the radio stations lie; the tv stations lie; how is one to know what the truth is? I continually get attacked by people I know who aren’t bad people. They’re just products of their indoctrination from the “education” they received, not just recently, but for the past 30 years. Until we take the education back from the government we’re going to have a an unsolvable problem.

  11. SPOT ON!!! I don’t know how you do it, Howard, but you just keep on ranting & writing, telling the truth with every word. The Right is in apathy & has been for decades. They don’t know how to fight & don’t have the energy to fight. It’s the Deplorables that are fighting right now, but even they are growing smaller in numbers that is needed to fight. The education system has been at it, to dumb down the population, since the late 60’s. Right about the time, teachers started going on strikes.

  12. Everyone knows that porn star putas are the REAL childcare and immigration experts–and I know I feel better that there’s a porn star visiting children because they have SO MUCH in common. Life would be more entertaining if stupidity were painful although it would probably KILL Justin Trudumb.

  13. One can’t truly DEBATE the LEFT idiots, liars or cheats because when they’re LOSING the debate, they DEFLECT from the topic at-hand! Also, isn’t it PECULIAR that STORMY DANIELS is viewed as a SEXUAL VICTIM by the LEFT, considering the type of PORNO LIFESTYLE she has chosen to follow? The LEFT and FAKE MEDIA will USE ANYTHING possible to try to DESTROY Pres. Trump and AMERICA because they only CARE about themselves and their POLITICAL RHETORIC! The TRUTH shall CONQUER! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  14. Great Editorial, Mr. G. Perhaps, those who approve of Trump but are ‘afraid’ to acknowledge him should do as A.C.O.R.N. We should organize and ‘show’ that we DO want the SWAMP drained and start a movement to get rid of sitting politicians. Unfortunately, some folks just don’t have the backbone to do it. Thank goodness we are doing this in my community. If Obama can do it (he was A.C.O.R.N. TRAINED) then so can we. RE: Stormy….she is what she is. You can’t make a silk purse out of her!!!

  15. I know the lefties have gone absolutely crazy in the USA, but Canada is on the same playing field. It is difficult to watch a news program, as CBC, CTV and Global are so far left they are offensive. There is one CBC commentator that actually drools when she reports on anything negative. I recall when Stephen Harper was PM, this particular reporter nearly had fits when she could twist the facts.
    Keep up the strong voice for freedom Howard. We need to clone you.

  16. Howard, It is scary how much you and I think alike. WOW! My one big concern is the apathy and presumptuousness of conservatives. I am concerned that the liberals will get their voters out while conservatives just assume that they will win and not bother to vote..

  17. Ted Ross I totally agree, there are many like that on CTV and no doubt on Global as well, they have that silly smirk on their face when they are spouting their spins on the news about Trump and his administration (fake news). And all smiles when they talk about their 1st love Treudope. Howard keep up your great work and editorials, the truth will set you free.

  18. Back in the day, Stormy Daniels would travel back & forth, from Montreal to New York City. She was known as the “tail” of two cities !!!
    – Brucester

  19. I love the way you SHOOT STRAIGHT! No pulled punches, no mincing words, no dancing around the truth!

    THANKS! Keep it coming!

  20. The left cannot or will not take back or relent, the die is cast. Trump is but a temporay delay, 4 or 8 Year’s from Trump’s election the same style of disruption will be in use by the left. They are the national socialists and their modus will not change, hell will be paid.

  21. My first thought when reading your title was, “And I wonder how many abortions Stormy Daniels has had.” It’s hard to ‘see’ the total disrespect people have for each other these days, the total selfishness which promotes that disrespect, and the seemingly total division among the people. This division seemed to be recreated during Obama’s presidency, stoked and pushed increasingly to today. It became obvious there is all-out push to destroy the fabric of America’s patriotic character.

  22. I don’t remember the book I read about 4 or 5 years ago, but it was about the ultra liberals trying to take over the parties and they decided that the Democratic party was easier and that is what is happening. Also note they used to be .the liberal party and now they are called the LEFT. A woman is suing the school system because her son wants to take a knee and not salute the flag he is 6 years old. God forbid they explain what our flag stands for.

  23. A couple of comments I found: 1) Former US Attorney, Andy McCarthy: “The Dems: Institutional deception. The Grand Jury re collusion was designed to impeach the President from the start.” 2) Author unknown: “Democrats never admit wrongdoing unless they are going to prison”.

  24. The little ILLEGAL child that they printed with Donald Trump, was actually standing rite beside its mother (they just cut her out of the pic) as confirmed in an interview w/ a border guard. The news media is reporting the child as having been separated from its mother. They R also saying how unnaturally tragic it is that children R crying. Have these people never had children? They cry quite often. More fraudulent news reporting!

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