Life, Death & The Pursuit Of Righteousness


On June 20, 2018 . . . Charles Krauthammer Passed Away at the Age Of SIXTY-EIGHT. Charles Krauthammer was kind of Lucky, not that he Died, which is Neither Here Nor There, since we are all Going To Die, but Rather, because he Seemed To Have A Life Worth Living.

Charles Krauthammer was also Lucky, because he was a Testament to Courage, Especially, since as a very Young Man, Charles Krauthammer knew that his Normal Life was FINISHED after his Diving Accident, and had One of Two Choices – Charles Krauthammer could either Reach far Beyond his Presumed Grasp, and Make Something of Himself, or Wallow in Self Pity . . . Waiting For The Bitter End

Charles Krauthammer Made Something Of Himself & Of Others.

I had Written Disparagingly From Time to Time of Charles Krauthammer’s Opinions, because of things Charles Krauthammer Wrote or Said, since even though he had the Epiphany years after the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, to Grasp Conservative Thoughts & Values . . . Charles Krauthammer every now and then, Not Often, but still Often enough, Turned to Liberal Ideology, Pontificating as a Philosopher King – And Made Bad Or Simply Incorrect Assumptions, such as how Charles Krauthammer looked at President Trump, from the Time Trump ran as a Primary Candidate, to the Day Trump Became President Trump.

But This Isn’t About Trump, Or Any Other Conservative Krauthammer Assailed.

There is no question in my Mind . . . NONE WHATSOEVER, that Charles Krauthammer was A Profile In Intelligence, Courage, Endurance, Wit & Righteousness, since Charles Krauthammer Never Came Off as a Man who thought he was Better & Smarter Than Everyone Else, when in Fact, Charles Krauthammer Probably Was.

What Impressed me MOST about Charles Krauthammer, wasn’t just his Ability to Communicate both in Spoken & Written Words . . . But Rather, Charles Krauthammer’s Willingness to Say & Admit that . . . “I WAS WRONG”, when upon Reflection and New Facts, Charles Krauthammer Truly thought he was Wrong, which in Today’s World, Especially Amongst Pundits, are Three Words That Are In Very Short Supply.


I was very much Interested in what Charles Krauthammer had to say on a Myriad of Topics, not because I needed his Wisdom for me to Form an Opinion, but Rather, to Gauge my Opinion Against His.

Very Often We Were In Agreement . . . Very Often Not. But It Never Mattered.

Charles Krauthammer was an Extremely Interesting Man, who in the very Big Picture Didn’t Change The World . . . But Did Change Opinions – Almost Always For The Better.

If Charles Krauthammer Was A Yardstick . . . He Was Someone We Should All Try To Measure Ourselves By.


I Have The Perfect Face For Print & Radio . . . So – I’ve Made the Executive Decision to Once AgainBROADCASTShort Editorials LINKED to Various Current Editorials if Time & Effort Permits.

When I was in Montreal, Broadcasting One of THE MOST POPULAR English Language Radio Talk-Shows (Galganov At High Noon), People were most Interested in my Opening “RANTS”, which I Preferred to have Called Opening Monologues – Either Way Though, they were Popular, Unrehearsed, Un-Written and from the Heart.


I don’t know how Successful these Audio Editorials will be, but in the Past, I spent Upwards of 20-Minutes Recording each one, which quite a few People seemed to like. But the Problem . . . WAS THAT THEY WERE TOO LONG.

These Audio Editorials Took Too Long To Produce & Too Long To Hear.

Therefore . . . In this Reiteration, I will try to Produce More Audio Editorials, keeping all of them Close to 5-Minutes . . . And Right To The Point.

I’m Sure You’ll Let me Know What You Think When I Record The First One.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I really hope you are right Howard about Netanyahu and what he must say. First he must be frank and at all cost leave nothing out and the American people as well as Canada will stand behind him. really enjoy all the articles and the comments in particular and the fact that this site is not tarnished by the LEFT.

  2. Can’t wait for your 1st 5 minute Rant !!!! Thanks for putting it right out there for the world to hear !!!Keep the faith and keep up the good work !

  3. I am happy you are returning to the audio version. Looking forward to hear them again. Not that I do not like the written edition, but it will be faster to get your opinion.
    Thanks for all you are doing for us. I will try to help you some more.

  4. Your comments about Charles Krauthammer were most refreshing — not for what they said about Charles, but for what they say about you. You acknowledge that on some issues, you from time to time wrote disparagingly about his views. Yet, your whole editorial was in praise of the man — a paean, if you will. You can disagree with someone without finding it necessary to utterly destroy him.
    Howard, I find that remarkable in this day and age. Kudos!

  5. Krauthammer said what he meant and meant what he said (to borrow a line from Dr. Suess). He seemed like an honest, good, and humble man. He will be missed.

  6. Part of the “evolution of the human mind”, is the transition from liberal to conservative. Most folks spend the first 40 to fifty years of their life making this transition. IF you are a thinking person you make the trip. Politically we believe in “Big Government”, and the “Nanny state”, but as we learn it isOUR money that is being spent/wasted, by people who are not peers, but prove the axiom, “Absolute Power Corrupts, absolutely. We finish our journey becoming conservative realists. RIP CK

  7. Dr. Krauhammer and I didn’t always agree, but he was no fool. It saddens me everytime someone dies of cancer because it’s so unnecessary–the number one side effect of chemo is MORE cancer–called metachronous cancer that whacks you 5-10 years later since so much research has proven that chemo converts cancer cells into cancer stem cells that are immortal. Immunotherapy is the future of cancer treatment, I am living proof. Chemo is the past-it’s a 40 year old protocol with a 2.1% cure rate.

  8. Like you Howard, I did not always agree with Krauthammer but I considered him to be the smartest of the commentators. His sometimes biting analysis was always food for thought. His sometimes sarcastic wit left me laughing. He was the one I could not wait to hear as he had a penchant for the ability to make one think. He was entertaining, informative, educational, and serious and funny all at the same time. These traits are sadly missing today and he will be missed immensely.

  9. I remember Charles Krauthammer appearing at the JNF – Negev Dinner in Hamilton in 1969 honoring our friends and in support of Israel. What a great man and a wonderful speaker. I always looked forward to his columns in the Washington Post with many of them in the National Post in Canada. His commentary was always insightful on Fox TV. He will be greatly missed.

  10. Charles Krauthammer was DEFINITELY a Testament to COURAGE! Yes, many of us often use OTHER people’s WISDOM to FORM our own OPINIONS. I, too, was not always in agreement with Charles, but as you said, “It Never Mattered”. I love your analogy of a “YARDSTICK” because it FITS certain people to a tee! We need many more “yardsticks”! Looking forward to your “Audio Editorials”! Hope that you, Anne, Stryker & April are all doing well! Speaking of “yardsticks”, thank you for being ONE! AMEN!

  11. Howard,

    I totally agree with the above comments by William J. Laux of Great Falls Montana. Look forward to your audios.

  12. Excellent commentary about the life and death of Charles Krauthammer, Howard. Thank you.

  13. Dr. Charles Krauthammer was DEFINITELY a TESTAMENT to COURAGE, & I for ONE will DEFINITELY MISS HIM…..HE definitely “TOLD IT HOW IT WAS”! I ALWAYS ENJOYED HIM, WHEN HE WAS ON the FOX NETWORK!! Yes, he was definitely a “yardstick”…..& “ALWAYS ON THE $, IN MY BOOK”!!! AND, “THANK YOU” for being “OUR YARDSTICK”, as well, Howard…..I’m “definitely” looking forward to your “Audio Editorials”, & HOPE THEY WILL BE A “HUGE SUCCESS” as WELL!!!! GOD BLESS, & AMEN!!!!!

  14. Could not agree more, with your editorial and with the comments. Likely most, if not all, conservatives had a great deal of respect for Charles Krauthammer though, as you, they did not always agree with him. After he wrote FOX the letter about only having a few weeks to live, his time came quicker. May he rest in peace.

  15. Howard, I could tell you first hand, not only just me….but so many people I talk to, be it my friends or folks from business;
    YOU ARE MISSED ON RADIO !!! With the exception of Quebec Ethnocentric Nationalist Separatists, EVERYBODY LOVED your show “GALGANOV AT HIGH NOON” and we all MISS YOUR RANTS !!! Truth be told, Howard, YOU KNEW WHAT THE HELL YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT. I said it before but it’s worth repeating: WHATEVER HOWARD GALGANOV TELLS YOU…YOU CAN TAKE IT TO THE BANK !!! – Brucester

  16. Yes, I was a great admirer of C.R. I also disagreed with him on ocasion. However, if everyone was just like me, I would be bored out of my mind. I even disagree with H.G. some. Isn’t that nice. The main thing is to give everyone space to be themselves without crowding, or cursing the other.

  17. Howard I agree with you completely on Charles Krauthammer, he will be missed. I look forward to your 5 minute audio bits. Edgar Sellers
    PS: What do you think of an immigration bill that states they (immigrants) cannot vote for 21 years from the date of the bill?

  18. Greetings Howard! Having been born and raised in Montreal, I can honestly say there have been just two names in radio and print that actually moved and motivated me… Radio host Pat Burns (Burns Hotline) and Howard Galganov. Difference is Burns blew himself up and you’re still going strong!!! As for Charles K., I respected, but often disagreed with him. He was very well spoken and well read, overcoming great odds to live a somewhat “normal” life. BRING ON THE AUDIO, H. G.

  19. What a wonderful, truthful commentary on Charles Krauthammer! Did I agree with everything he said, No. But, he honestly was the only person who could shut up Juan Williams, in a discussion!!! Krauthammer will be greatly missed on Fox News, without any doubt. He was the voice of reason, in the tide of dissention. He was fearless in his speaking, though he would honestly admit when he was wrong. Being truthful to one’s self is being fearless & Howard you are just as fearless.

  20. Howard, I agree about CK – what a brilliant guy. Saw him in person at a bookstore in Skokie, IL. The place was packed, people even sat on the stairways to hear him. He was sharp as a tack – very humorous. He never let ‘adversity’ stand in his way – a total inspiration on many levels.

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