LEFTISTS . . . Good For Everyone Else But Themselves


If I wanted to Visit Anyone in a Gated Community, where Many, if not Most of the Limousine Liberals Live, do you think that would be Possible without an Invitation?

When a Limousine Liberal Goes to Bed at Night, do you think He or She DOES NOT LOCK HIS OR HER DOORS, so Uninvited “Guests” could Enter?

Do you Imagine . . . that Limousine Liberals with Alarmed Doors & Windows, want their Doors & Windows Alarmed, so they could know when an UNINVITED GUEST Shows-Up Unannounced, so the Uninvited Guest could be Warmly Greeted?

When Dining At A 5-Star Restaurant, while Eating a Gourmet Meal, do you think the Limousine Liberal Chowing-Down the Meal would be quick to share His or Her Feast with Anyone who just Walked-In off the Street?

Would a Limousine Liberal want Uneducated, Non-English Speaking, Rough, Non-American Uncultured Children . . . Invading & Flooding His or Her Children’s Private School?

AND WHEN ELITE LIMOUSINE LIBERALS . . . Show-Up in Public Places, why is it that they always seem to have Armed Security to keep the People Away?

Also . . . When Limousine Liberals Travel on their Private Jets, do they Welcome “Hitch-Hikers” along for the Flight?

It’s Fascinating How Wealthy Or Publicly Funded Elitists Get Away With This.

The Very First Person To Shake In His Or Her Boots . . . at the Sight of a Stranger, especially a Stranger of Color, being where that Stranger Shouldn’t Be – are Limousine Liberals, who are Perfectly Fine in their Cocooned Mansions, Gated Communities, Guarded Apartments, or Private Communities Patrolled By Private Armed Security.

It’s Also A Hideous Contradiction Of Values, when the Wealthy and or Well Connected, get to see a Healthcare Expert at the Drop of a Hat, while the Rest of the Less Fortunate Public wait an Eternity to see Any Healthcare Provider when they have a Health Issue, because the System is Flooded with People . . . WHO DON’T BELONG & HAVE PAID NOTHING INTO THE SYSTEM.

But These Are The People Who Want The Rank & File To Live How They Wouldn’t.


Trudeau Isn’t The Only One . . . The Phony Elitist Bastards who Rule the World, the Likes of Britain’s Elizabeth May, Germany’s Angela Merkel & Others have Lined-Up to Add their Critical Two Cents . . . TO SLAM PRESIDENT TRUMP & AMERICA’S CONSERVATIVES.

I don’t see any of them wanting to live with the Dregs of Society.

Trudeau Is Surrounded With Bodyguards 24/7 . . . Just As Are The Rest.

Trudeau was Born with a Silver Spoon in his Mouth, and NEVER did a Damned Thing to Make an Honest Living, Yet . . . Trudeau Has all The Answers For How We Should All Live – As Trudeau Leads Canada To Financial & Social Ruination, while Trudeau and his Wife Sophie Lead Lives of Royalty, ALL OF WHICH, is paid by the People of Canada, Who Actually Work & Contribute Through Over-Taxation.


Quebec Separatist Leader Rene Levesque . . . when First Coming to Office in 1976, Spoke About Quebec Separation From Canada as a Strategy of Étapisme”, which Literally Translates as Step By Step . . . Meaning – Don’t Try To Eat The Steak In One Bite . . . Do it Slowly, and before you know it, you’ll be able to eat the whole thing before anyone Notices.


As The American LEFT Screamed . . . to make the So-called “Dreamers” Legal, President Trump Offered to make Twice as Many Legal, than what the LEFT Demanded, as long as the USA would also get a Competent Immigration Program to Keep the Sovereignty of the American Borders . . . Sovereign.

The Left Rejected The Offer As If President Trump’s Remedy Was Poison.

When President Trump Enforced Border Detention For Illegals & Their Children . . . AS THE LAW REQUIRED, a Law Specifically Passed & Implemented by Previous Presidential Administrations, THE LEFTIST HORDES, Including the Democrats, Media, Hollywood, Entertainers, Late Night Television Hosts, Pundits, Internet Moguls – ETC . . . ALL LIKENED PRESIDENT TRUMP & HIS ADMINISTRATION TO NAZIS.

So . . . When The Heat Got To President Trump & His Republicans, President Trump Wrote a Presidential Decree (Executive Order) to keep Detained Illegal Immigrant Families Together, until a Decision on their Status could be Worked-Out . . . AND THE LEFT ARE STILL HOWLING!


I Remember A Live Series of Television Debates Concerning Quebec Separation, just after the 1995 Quebec Referendum, on whether Quebec would Stay within Canada or Leave.

The Purpose Was To Find Common-Ground To Keep Quebec Within Canada.

So . . . here were Several Dozen Canadians from Across Canada, Without any Authority Whatsoever, Forming a Panel with some French-Canadians from Quebec, some Ethnic Canadians, some English Canadians, some Blue Collar Workers, some Professionals, some Students & some Business-Types, Representing a Cross Section of Canada.

Essentially . . . By Today’s Definition – It Was Reality TV, Made To Seem Important.

THIS USELESS LEFTIST DRAMA DRAGGED ON FOR DAYS . . . But With A Time-Table To Get To A Resolution, as all These People “NEGOTIATED” what they Believed it would Take to Keep Quebec Within Canada, as they “BARGAINED” Away the Future of My Country.


In The End . . . After the English Speaking Canadians, Literally Gave Away the Sovereignty of Canada to a few Separatist Quebecers on the Panel, there was one Fluently Bilingual Young French Woman on the Separatist Side, who was so Intransigent, that the so-called Pro-Federalists kept Surrendering MORE & MORE to get her to Agree, that when she Finally Did . . . Her Statement Was This When Asked If She Was Satisfied . . . “FOR NOW”.

And The Stupid Canadian LEFT Actually Thought They Won Something.

FOR NOW” . . . Said It All – Because Nothing Short Of Getting Everything They Want, Would Ever Be Enough, because these People are Relentless, AND ARE NOT GOOD FAITH NEGOTIATORS.

For The LEFT . . . It’s All Or Nothing – So Let’s Make Certain They Get Nothing!

START NOW . . . Because the November 6, 2018 Mid-Term Elections are a Blink Away. And I Can’t think of a Better Time or Circumstance to Blow The Left Out Of The Water, giving REAL CONSERVATIVES a Majority in the House and a Super Majority in the Senate, so Common Sense in Government can Make America and the Rest of the World . . . RIGHT AGAIN.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Love it….. as always! So tired of the hate and the distraction that is taking away from the IG’s report. Also I just want to share that it was just posted that 200 of our US Korean War Heroes are on their way home. It’s a start and just imagine what it means to the families to have them back home on US soil. So thankful!

  2. They want catch-and-release reinstated and it’s not going to happen. The Democrats have NO message, no plan–no anything except get Trump. They are apparently ignorant of the fact that while 80% of Americans don’t particularly want kids separated from their parents (because then we have to PAY for their care for a long time) but they do NOT want them staying here either and catch and release is DONE. There really is a new sheriff in town and after midterms Dems are DONE.

  3. Bravo, bravo, bravo!!! The past 2 editorials have been awesome & ON POINT!!! I am just as disgusted as you are with the Left and their multiple schemes! How dare they call the GOP & Conservatives – Nazis?!!! I always say, remember who you are pointing at with your index finger, because 3 are ALWAYS pointing back at you!!! The time has finally come to get rid of the hatred of the Left & bring in more light to the issues at hand. Keep up the good editorials, Howard & G-d Bless you.

  4. You are on fire today, Howard. Your leftist elite are the same as ours. Possible differences include ours are always out for blood, cannot stand the fact that Trump is our president; will denigrate him, his family, everyone in his administration, as well as we who voted him into office. I just found this headline and just had to let you see it: “Trump-bashing Trudeau wears egg on face after report on Canada’s prison-like migrant facilities”. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

  5. Quebec Separatists Strategy: When in power, their aim is to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, people will not see those rights & freedoms being removed until past the point whereby these changes can no longer be reversed. (ie: taking freedom away one step at a time) ~ Howard, please keep on exposing these Quebec ethnocentric separatist bastards . Julie & I love your Editorials. Keep on keepin on !!! – Brucester

  6. So right. Must keep praying for God’s intervention and restoration of a God-fearing USA. The past tendency to believe our elected representatives would do right by the people has been discovered to be a delusion and citizens are continuing to wake up to the real truth. Nov 2018 will be like 2016 and likely the defeated Dems will scream, march, and show their vile nature once again – or should I say still. Just see/listen to the language they use. They will be seen as even more pathetic.

  7. I’m glad to see there are more people like me that call out these liberals and berate them with FACTS and not some pile of bull butter they heard from some other liberal. And because I’ve been very visually handicap since I was shot in the back of my head as a 9 year old, liberals think I’m on the government welfare program, dead wrong!! I’ve never took a cent from the government teat . I’ve worked as a captain on large vessels in the oil fields all my life with 1 arm useless and a weak leg.

  8. Howard, I follow what you are saying about
    the border crises in the USA. I wonder why
    Trump or the White House press secretary
    does not Howel from the top of her lung,
    that the law that Trump was applying began
    years ago. Will the Democrats be billing to house
    illegal refugees in their homes for one year?
    I wonder. Steve Acre, canada

  9. Either we have laws or we don’t. These are foreign invaders. They should be forewarned before they get to the border and then treated as stated. Humanely? They are the enemy of our laws. Years ago after numerous trips to Ontario, I had to get a passport. There were times that I almost got back in the car at Prescott to come back home, because they gave me such a hard time.

  10. The ELITIST LEFT is so HYPOCRITICAL! They CLAIM to be concerned with ILLEGAL parents being SEPARATED from their children, but YET, have absolutely NO CONCERN with PLANNED PARENTHOOD’S ABORTING babies and also BENEFITING FINANCIALLY via SELLING their ORGANS! The LEFT can SPARE their STORIES about being SO CARING! The ELITIST LEFT doesn’t CARE about anything but THEMSELVES. It’s very SAD to say, but CANADA “ain’t seen NOTHING yet”. You’d better ALL PRAY for your OWN PRES. TRUMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  11. Howard, you hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what a leftist is and exactly what he does. The sad part is too many people are fooled and brainwashed by their idiocy. And only because they proclaim baseless, sound-good ideas that have no real foundation in reality. People mindlessly eat their crap up like a salty bag of chips.

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