The LEFT Likens Trump To A Nazi


I Wasn’t Going To Write Today – But With These Ugly Words I Couldn’t Not:

First & Foremost . . . For the LEFT, Especially the Democrats, who are Peddling this Child Immigration Issue as the Offspring of Nazi Republicans, SAYS FAR MORE about the Democrats, than it does about any of the Republicans.

The Democrats Are Behaving Like a Group of Computer Nerds . . . who Created an Internet Virus, and then Designed the Fix, But DO NOT Want To Introduce the Fix . . . Until all the Panic they could Muster Sets-In.

THEN . . . Like Knights On A White Charger, They’d Swoop-In To Save The Day.


This Scenario Isn’t Simply Conjecture, since it was the LEFT, which Created the Problem in the First Place through their own Legislation, but Didn’t Fix it when they had the Golden Opportunity during Obama’s First 2-Years In Office, when the Democrats held the House and had a Super Majority in the Senate.

BUT THAT WAS THEN & THIS IS NOW . . . So I really don’t care to Rehash this History of LEFTIST Crapola, when the NEW LEFTIST CRAP, is no less, and probably Even Further Injurious To The American Cause.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY DETESTABLE . . . that the Democrats and their Willing Pathological Propagandists (The Media), are Comparing the President of the United States to Hitler, the Camps where the Children of Illegal Immigrants are being Taken Care of, To Nazi Concentration (Death) Camps.

WHAT IS EVEN MORE DESPICABLE TO ME . . . Are the Jewish Democrats who are either Saying the same HORRIBLE LIES, or are Silent in what Should Be Their Absolute CONDEMNATION OF THOSE LIES.

Outside of a Smattering of Still Living Holocaust Survivors . . . NONE OF US – NOT ONE, who didn’t go through this Unimaginable Nazi Nightmare, could Possibly Feel or Understand the UTTER HORRORS of the 12-Million Men, Women & Children Who Did (6-Million Jews Amongst 6-Million Others).


SO – FOR THESE PUTRID LEFTISTS . . . To Compare the Humane Treatment of Children, who are being Kept Apart from their ILLEGALLY IMMIGRATED PARENTS, or Adults who say they are the Children’s Parents, but are not Necessarily so, is Not just a HIDEOUS LIE, but an even MORE HIDEOUS INSULT to all the People who were Horribly Treated, Absolutely Disenfranchised From Their Citizenship, Ripped From Their Normal Lives, Separated by Ugly Force From Their Respective Families, Torn Out Of Their Homes, Factories, Businesses & Professions, Tortured, Experimented Upon, Raped, Beaten, Worked To Death, Humiliated, Murdered, Shot, Stabbed, Gassed & Burned . . . And For The Pleasure Of The Nazis (And Other Assorted Thugs), Many Were Forced to Watch The Absolute Degradation Of Their Family Members Before Their Own Murder.

So How Can The LEFT Describe The EQUIVALENCE of making Lampshades From Jewish Skin, or the Gold Pulled From Jewish Teeth to Finance the Nazi’s War Machine, or the Hair Shaved From Jewish Heads, with which to make Mattresses & Pillows . . . to that of Immigrant Children being Held & Cared For until things can be Worked-Out with their ILLEGAL Parents?


I Have No Positive Regard For The LEFT As It Is . . . But I Never Said I Hate Them. BUT I DO NOW. And there is Nothing any LEFTIST, Especially any and all Jewish LEFTISTS who’ve Participated in this MASS DISTORTION OF EVIL, or who didn’t Rise-Up to CONDEMN IT UNEQUIVOCALLY . . . CAN DO TO WARRANT REDEMPTION.


BUT AS I SEE-IT . . . Which is the Only Sane Way To See-It, President Donald Trump is Trying to do Everything he Possibly Can to Resolve this Border & Immigration Nightmare – NOT OF HIS MAKING . . . But of the Making of all Past Presidents Since Ronald Reagan, who Entered into an Amnesty Deal with the LEFT, Based upon Good-Faith, as he was Screwed Royally in the End by the LEFT.

So Guess What? – President Trump Doesn’t Want to Get Screwed Like Reagan.


If The LEFT . . . Pelosi, Schumer, Crooked Hillary and the Entire Scorecard of UN-AMERICAN LEFTISTS think for a Second, that Comparing the American People, who Favor Proper Immigration to Nazis . . . is going to Win Them Votes in 2018 And/Or 2020 – THEY CAN THINK AGAIN.

IF PEOPLE ARE ONLY HALF . . . As Outraged as I am, and I am More Outraged than Mere Words can Describe, the LEFT CAN PISS-AWAY any Hopes they Might have Dreamt of . . . Of Even Coming Close In 2018 or 2020.

I Don’t Believe There’s A Proper Adjective To Describe The LEFT’S Insanity.

If I Was Advertising For The Republicans . . . I would Feature Pelosi, Schumer, Crooked Hillary & Other Prominent Democrats, Making The Comparison of ICE Managed Child Care Centers To Nazi Death Camps . . . Then I would Feature a Nazi Death Camp with Raw Footage of How It Really Was, and then I would Show Some Real Footage of Immigrant Children Being Cared For By ICE . . .

And I Would Ask The Viewers . . . Where’s The Resemblance?

And I Would Finish Off With This . . .

“This Is What The Democrats . . .
Want The World To Think Of Americans Who Want Safe Borders”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are totally RIGHT ON!! What befuddles me is all the people who seem to BELIEVE everything the propagandist media put out. They make it sound like a majority. But that also tends to make those of us who do not believe the hyped lies that much more determined THEY do not win at the polls — just like 2016. Trump is doing his best to MAGA and the leftist one-world-order advocates are going crazy. GREAT, they’re showing who/what they really are.

  2. Thank you for continuing to illuminate the pathological hatred of the “Alleged Liberal Progressives” against President Trump and all of us who support him. Shows what happens when schools do not accurately teach history and remove all reference of their being a God in schools.

  3. Your words are truer than true!! It is a disgrace that the lies continue. It’s disgraceful the the Jewish democrats go along with the lies. These current laws were implemented by the Democrats themselves. Now they won’t fix the problem because the Democrats hate the President so much they would rather see people suffer than to make corrections. Trump would triumph and the Democrats refuse to have that…so the people suffer. It’s disgusting behavior.

  4. We have seen the Left crawl in the lowest depths of civility in order to fulfill their corrupt agendas. They are not the only ones for sure but for those who claim to be better they certainly hold their share. Their strategies, attitudes, actions, manipulations and so on are so misguided and vile it is hard connect with them anymore on any level. Ironically, they are the ones today who espouse the fascist, controlling, brutish, ignorant, disrespectful and hateful ideals.

  5. The democrats remind me of one of my favorite quotes from the movie Cold Mountain. For those not familiar with the movie, it takes place during the Civil War in North Carolina. Ruby Thewes says, (in her words from the film by Renee Zellweger) Ruby : Every piece of this is man’s bullshit. They call this war “a cloud over the land” but they made the weather and then they stand in the rain and say “Shit, it’s rainin’!”

  6. Howard, as a kid, I grew up listening to The Kingston Trio & Harry Belafonte. Back in the late 50’s & 60’s these 2 American artists ruled the roost and were the #1 recording artists for their time. The Kingstons stayed away from politics with the exception of recording Pete Seeger’s song: “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” Belafonte made a speech recently, whereby he accused President Trump of becoming the next Adolf Hitler. Needless to say, I am no longer a fan of Harry Belafonte.
    – Bruceste

  7. I am not sure who it was that appeared on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN show and had been making the Nazi comparison. Wolf, a leftist Jew, shot the idiot down to less than a worm. He told him that the picture that he used in his Twitter was a concentration camp and not a death camp. Secondly, he told the guy of his family history: his grandparents and numerous relatives killed at Aushwitz – Birkinau. That there was no comparison of the two and that he should never use that comparison again.

  8. Howard keep up exposing the Democrats/Liberals for who they really are. Enough is enough and I hope and pray that they will pay the piper here in Canada and the same in the America the next time at the polls. I believe they will, change happening in on Ontario, soon Alberta and then the rest of Canada. A stronger charismatic no nonsense leader on the right here in Canada would be nice.

  9. Howard. Thanks for always speaking the truth. For what its worth I have hated ( despised, deplored……pick one) the progressive left for some time and I’m just a centre right kind of guy. Not a healthy emotion but the feeling won’t leave. Welcome to the club.

  10. During the last Ont election I was working almost every day to support my PC Candidate who happened to be Jewish. While putting up a lawn sign some leftwing nut job drove by and called me a Nazi. Seriously, a Nazi while putting up signs for a young Jewish man. That just Proves how STUPID the left supporters are.

  11. Meanwhile, here in Canada …….. we have TRUDEAU!! Aren’t we fortunate?? NOT! What a putz! A dangerous putz!

  12. Kids crying their hearts out. Very sad. Reminds me of MacDonalds mid-morning or social housing anytime.
    Of course those tearing their hair out in anguish probably never go to those sort of places. Fake angst.

  13. Your blogs are like you reading my mind except I wouldn’t be able to express myself in writing like you do. Keep up the good work and the good fight.

  14. Tomorrow morning, I am off to Cleveland for the Annual Ride to Remember the Holocaust (R2R). I already dread being with our American cousins, who are so “progressive” that they forgot what this Ride is all about before it even starts. However, thanks to you and this EXCELLENT article I just remembered your principal belief; never argue with a leftist. I will try not to but I know from previous experience, that it will be hard.
    Your fellow Pledge Rider from Toronto


  16. You wrote…”the LEFT CAN PISS-AWAY any Hopes they Might have Dreamt of . . . Of Even Coming Close In 2018 or 2020.” We must all REMEMBER that Pres. Trump won because he was the FIRST and ONLY CANDIDATE who DARED to ADDRESS the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ISSUES! The MAKERS are FED UP with the ILLEGAL TAKERS. They come into the U.S. and get FREE STUFF all the way around, while our OWN CITIZENS have to SUPPORT them. They DON’T belong here! WHY doesn’t MEXICO keep them or the LOVING LEFT ADOPT THEM? AMEN!

  17. Exactly right Howard, I to am outraged with the left and media.

  18. Mess after mess, Trump has stepped up and fixed it. Why does anyone think it will be any different with immigration? The man’s a hands-on Saturday night Maytag Repairman. Relax and enjoy yet another Dimm beatdown.


  19. I have a hard time watching animals being ripped apart in slaughterhouses, imagine human beings now.

    Rather than seeing it as a gross and vulgar exageration, the worst of it all, is that some lefists actually end up believing that garbage propaganda as Goebbels and Staline once said: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”

    This trivializes the Holocost and all those REAL massacres that happen throughout this world where human rights don’t exist anymore.

  20. Anxiously await the arrival of your column -every day. And I have yet to be disappointed. Never disappointed – mostly blown away. Refreshing. Rejuvenating.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles, CA.

  21. Howard, your ability to touch the heart, mind, and pulse of us (we) who rightfully resent the weightiness of every day leftist crapolla, thank you… and God Bless you! As for the 6million or more mentioned – what at this point can one say other than God rest their souls. To the Nazi Jack booted thugs – my thoughts of them unprintable. To ever struggling with leftist demons, Donald Trump. Keep the faith sir. You are our last & best hope after what the left did to our country previous to 2017!

  22. My father served in WWII, he personally saw two of the Death Camps. He rarely would talk of them as he broke down and cried when he did. For the Asses that lead the Demos, (that is what they are doing to our country), say that is what our President is doing is beyond belief. I lived as a child very poor as my father was ill a lot. I wish I could have had half of what these illegal children are getting. My wife and I currently live on less per year that what our country spends for taking care

  23. What I want to know is, why aren’t we condemning Mexico for letting these criminals from Central America waltz right through THEIR country to invade OURS?

  24. The Last Hurrah. They have thrown everything at Trump and nothing has stuck, this is the last shot and will not go
    anywhere, he will be the winner in the end because he will make it work.

  25. Thank you Howard it seems to get worse and worse each day. I feel sorry for the little children but their parents should have come in the same way my great grand parents did through the front door to become Americans. What a mess everything is.
    Dear Lord we need your help

    Jacque Turley

  26. Thank you Howard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of your best………… well said

  27. Dear Howard, Why do we continue to hold up the Nazi’s and Hitler as the epitome of EVIL when the Russians and Stalin surpassed them in every way regarding cruelty. Please read the book Forsaken by Tim Tzoudliadis to have your eyes opened to the Russian Gulag horrors. This in no way is meant to eliminate or reduce the Nazi guilt with respect to WWII. But the Nazi, and the German people have paid a huge price for their guilt while the Russians continue to hide theirs. Boss Sutton, Modesto, CA.

  28. Howard, I shiver when I hear the Hypocrite Democrats talking. I am not an American, but I am very much interested in their political system as it effects us all. It seems to me that Pelosi, Schumacher and Sanders have reached the bottom of the barrel. Their noses must be as long as a mile. Just disgusting what they are doing in regard the illegal immigration.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  29. GREAT idea for a Republican advertisement! Leftists are past insane… they are DEMONIC.

  30. Howard, you knew my father. You know he was in Auschwitz and was rented out slave labour. The horrors he saw the Dems can’t imagine. These children are being cared for, possibly better than at any previous time in their lives. No one complained for the eight years of Obama’s reign. If people are so offended, offer to take in these children; tell people don’t come with, or send children to be used as a sympathy pass into the US; don’t encourage illegal or fake refugee “immigration”.

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