I’m Not Impressed . . . I’m Not Surprised – I Really Hoped For Better


The Swamp Devours All Who Dare To Tread . . . Including The Well-Meaning.

I’ve been Doing my Very Best to Understand the Ramifications of the IG Report, Reading, Watching & Listening to all the “Experts” – who have so many Opinions, that in the Grand Scheme Of Things – They Seem Mostly To Be Full Of Beans.


IG (Inspector General) Michael Horowitz Told A Compelling Story, the Problem with Horowitz’s Story However . . . is that Most People Interested in the Meat & Potatoes of the Ongoing Political-Drama from the Justice Department to the FBI, which should Include and should Feature Two Very Important Issues . . . Aren’t Going To Find It There.

The Horowitz Report Wasn’t A White Wash . . . But It Wasn’t An Indictment.

The One Line that Bothered me the Most, Not By A Small Margin, but Rather, by a Seismic Feeling, was the Part in Rosenstein’s Report, where Rosenstein Wrote about James Comey, THAT COMEY WAS GUILTY OF GROSS INSUBORDINATION, which to me, said that the Countless Millions of Dollars Spent, Coupled to More than a Year’s Research & Investigation, weren’t Worth the Money Nor the Paper the Report was Printed upon.

In Essence . . . By STATING that Comey was Guilty of GROSS INSUBORDINATION, but Nothing More, which means that Comey, who was the Head of the FBI – WENT AGAINST HIS BOSS, ATTORNEY GENERAL LORETTA LYNCH, which in all TRUTH, from this Simple Rosenstein Finding, in Plain English, Exonerates Comey from Serous Crimes, since there seems to be no Legal Penalty for Insubordination, while Showing Loretta Lynch AS A VICTIM . . . OPPOSED TO BEING A CULPRIT.


Since there seems to be no Penalty for Gross Insubordination, Comey is not at any Legal Risk for Going Behind the Back of his Boss (Lynch), Which Gets Loretta Lynch Totally Off The Hook.

AND IF LORETTA LYNCH IS OFF THE HOOK – Even After her Clandestine Airport Meeting with Bill Clinton, for which Rosenstein gave her a Simple Written Reprimand, it means That All The Guilt Ends With Comey, who in the Opinion of Rosenstein is Guilty of Nothing More than Narcissistic Bad Judgment.

So Where Does This Attempt To Commit Sedition Go From Here . . . ?

If Loretta Lynch is off the Hook . . . And Comey is off the Hook, and if all the People Comey Pardoned are off the Hook – With the Exception of the few mostly Little Fish who are Left on the Hook . . . Who’s Left To Investigate & Prosecute?

If You Believe This Million Dollar IG Investigation Has Been Drawn-Out, Wait.

I’m Disappointed In Michael Horowitz’s Report, since Remarkably, Horowitz’s Report Seemed to be Nothing More than the Regurgitation of Information & Intent, which we the People have been Writing & Speaking about for what Seems to have been Forever.

From The Horowitz Report . . . There will be a Plethora of other Reports, Hearings, Debates & Investigations, which will keep THOUSANDS of Lawyers & Bureaucrats EMPLOYED for Years Upon Years, Without ever Coming to a Rational Conclusion.


Perhaps A Few Token Players Will Pay The Price . . . But those who Attempted to Overthrow the Political Democracy of the Republic of the United States of America, which in my Opinion Reaches all the way up to the Barack Hussein Obama White House . . . Will Walk Free.

IN MY LESS THAN HUMBLE OPINION . . . Obama abused the Power of the Presidency for the Purpose of UNDERMINING American Exceptionalism. The Clintons were (are) Guilty of an Incredible Number of Nefarious Crimes against the People while in Office, and Against the Financial Laws Of The Nation . . . which Dictate Fair Play to Everyone but Themselves.


“All The World’s A Stage, And All The Men And Women Merely Players . . . ”

I would List as many of the Willing Participants in the Commission of this Crime to Damage the Socio/Political Fabric of the United States of America, many of whom, who have had their Names in the News . . . and the Tens of Thousands who are Silent Accomplices Behind the Scene . . . But There Are Just Too Many To Name.

A few Days Ago . . . Former Democrat Speaker Of The House – Nancy Pelosi Said the Following in a Public Statement about Homeland Security & Children Caught-Up In Illegal Immigration:

“I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country and maybe there will be when people realize that this is a policy they defend.”

Is The Preceding Not A Call To Arms For The People To Rise-Up In Revolt?

Was Nancy Pelosi Suggesting that Thugs like ANTIFA, should Don their Masks, Grab their Putrid Sprays, Clubs and Whatever-Else to Cause Fear, Pain & Damage, while taking to the Streets to Attack Government Offices they don’t Like, and to Tear Down the “Establishment”, just as they had Done Repeatedly in Public Parks, at Peaceful Conservative Free Speech Rallies & Throughout American University Campuses?


Because . . . If Nancy Pelosi was in Fact Inciting a Riot by Calling for an “UPRISING” AGAINST THE DULY ELECTED GOVERNMENT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE . . . Pelosi Needs to be Indicted, Arrested & Tried – to be Found either Innocent or Guilty by a Real Court of the People.

I FEAR THAT THE HOROWITZ REPORT’S CONCLUSION . . . was Tepid at Best & Solved Nothing at Worst, Other Than to Further Mask the Truth & Shield the Well Connected & Powerfully Guilty.

If Anything, I Think Horowitz Made Things Worse . . . The People Are Even More Divided, Confused & Skeptical . . . And Maybe It’s Time For a Real Independent Special Council to Represent the People – Instead Of The Swamp.


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Our Battle For Our Freedoms Will Never End . . . & We Can Never Stop Fighting.

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  1. To bad we don’t have 1 republican that is half the man that Netanyahu is. God bless Netanyahu and all of Israel.

  2. Thanks for this article, Howard. As a citizen, I feel that we, the people, have been cheated by the IG’s report. He and his staff are either cowards or in cahoots with the likes of Obama, Comey, Lynch, Strock/Stroke, Page, the Clinton’s et al. We have ALL been cheated of an honest and CLEAR ASSESSMENT of the CORRUPTION that was the hallmark of the Obama White House. It’s infuriating.

  3. EVERYTHING DOES GO back to HUSSEIN OBAMA! Isn’t it PECULIAR that if your ORDINARY citizen had committed the SAME EVILDOING activities, he/she would be IN JAIL! The HOROWITZ REPORT only MASKED the TRUTH. Yes, the REPORT only made things worst! Agree that “People Are Even More Divided, Confused & Skeptical.” Things WON’T change until MUELLER, ET AL, are ALL FIRED! If anything, they will get WORSE! Pres. Trump must INTERVENE and FIRE those INCOMPETENT SWAMP CREATURES! GO TRUMP GO! MAGA! AMEN!

  4. With all the “conclusions” that had been coming out of investigations for years now, I truly expected nothing more from the Horowitz report. I had hoped for truth, but no. GOV’T ACCOUNTABILITY IS A SHAM. I agree that an outside investigation might result in different conclusions; however, finding an unbiased group to do so in our divided country today would be near, if not totally, impossible.

  5. Howard I think the people have been voting their decision on the swamp the past elections and will continue to again this November. I fear how much damage the rinos will do by November as they are seeing what is coming. They have to pay back the people that have had the power while the rinos still can.

  6. I have been discouraged in the past, but when I hear/read the research and commentary from fellow citizens like Praying Medic (Dave Hays) and Great Awakening, I am greatly encouraged and am hopeful. There is an unredacted report that will come out. This one on the 14th was a prequel to what is coming. I read some incredibly heartening information this morning that describes why this process has gone on so long . . . in order to catch all the fish and get all the proofs in order,

  7. When confusion reigns……it is far easier to lead someone from the truth. The report was deliberately designed to to protect the shadowy dealing of the power brokers. These same people may have to dance to a different piper 7 years from now

  8. Thankyou Sherrye Schwarz for your comment! As a citizen of the United States, myself… I agree with your comment 100%

  9. This report opens the floodgates for banana republic style corruption. Take 15 minutes of bad press and off you go.

  10. I gave you $50.00 to your cause. I am afraid that you are right. They are all protecting themselves in the swamp and unless a special prosecutor is appointed like in the mueller russia investigation, nothing will happen. The republican congress and senate are super weak and do nothing. The special prosecutor should be Judge Janine Pirro with Hannity and Tucker Carlson as a lawyers for the prosecution. There would be so many going to jail that a special prison would have to be built just for them

  11. There is an old saying: “The truth goes to the Inspector General to get buried”.

  12. Howard you are exactly right, as I see it it will only get worse.

  13. “Obama abused the Power of the Presidency for the Purpose of UNDERMINING American Exceptionalism.” The WORST part is that Obama is STILL doing these dreadful things through OFA…Organizing for Action. It is a disgrace and in my opinion Obama and his ilk are out and out traitors!

  14. The devil is dancing to the fiddle music of the swamp and his demon children are shouting with glee.

  15. Excellent editorial, Howard, excellent!!! You have hit the “nail on the head”, again! So far, as I can see or read, this IG report is tepid at best. At worse, it is nothing but BS. Internal investigations rarely come clean with the facts. They only seem to report what little they can, this is to preserve their own jobs, as well. I am thoroughly disgusted with the whole mess. It seems as though our own government wants there to be a civil uprising. Be careful what you wish for.

  16. ANOTHER AWESOME EDITORIAL, HOWARD…..& as usual I enjoyed the other bloggers’ remarks, as well! I agree, the IG’s remarks are definitely “phony bologney”!! They just cost “we the TAXPAYERS TONS OF $$$$$, as Mr. Mueller is doing”. May GOD BLESS, PRES. TRUMP, HIS FAMILY, & CABINET, for HAVING to PUT UP WITH THIS TOTAL NONSENSE! AMEN, AMEN!!

  17. I am wondering if perhaps when and if more conservatives are elected Trump will get an independent investigation going knowing that we are tired of treason in our government?

  18. The IG’s report says all transgressions and treachery are forgiven. No one is accountable and all bureaucrats my continue on their merry way. The ONLY person to be ‘taken down’ is TRUMP by any means possible. This appears to be the RIGOUR of the day. The SWAMP is intact and getting bigger and more deadly and taxpayers will shoulder the cost for their ‘busy’ work. Jeff Sessions appears to be PART OF THE SWAMP. A do nothing AG. God Bless the USA & Trump. Amen

  19. No surprise to me. No reason for things to change, we have only one voice in Washington, it begins with a T and ends
    with a P. The real laugh this week is for Hussein’s $200Mil. Library. What will do with it, grow Pot? He could not fill
    up the back of a Toyota SUV with his lives story and Legacy.

  20. Howard, as usual it is all smoke and mirrors, I never expected any truth to come out of these multi million dollar investigations or “independent Special Investigations.” I do not trust anyone who is currently in government. I do not believe that anyone will ever come to justice.

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