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I Haven’t Written In A Few Days, ‘Cause I Was Busy Making Hay. But today, it’s going to Rain & You Can Only Make Hay When The Sun Shines.

Trump Had A Great Week . . . First with America’s Job & Employment Numbers, then by Smacking-Down Canada’s Dilettante Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who’s too Stupid to know better than to pick a Fight with someone so far out of his League, that it isn’t even a Contest, and then to Finish-Off with a Spectacular Meeting with the Cutthroat Dictator of North Korea . . . Kim Jong-un.


I TAKE WHAT I DO VERY SERIOUSLY. I work Really Hard at Researching, Verifying & Writing in a Manner Most People can Understand. And I Write on a Host of Socio/Political Topics, which I think Covers the Spectrum, which Highlights Most of our Many Concerns . . .

So . . . When Anyone Signs Onto The Directory with Fake Names Etc, I take that Real Seriously Too, because, if anyone does not have the Decency to Include his or her Real Name, City, State or Province & Country, to show some Respect for the Integrity of this BLOG . . .


I’m Certain there are Plenty of People who are Registered on the Directory with an Alias, which I will ask my IT Manager to Fix in the Future, so People who Register from now on are who they say they are, by Matching Names with Cities, States/Provinces Etc.

Trust Me When I Write . . . I Do Not Share My Directory With Anyone!

Because I’m 100% Honest With The Readers . . .
. . . The Readers Should Be 100% Honest With Me.

ALSO . . . I Don’t Suffer Fools Easily. Mortimer Levy of Montreal, who has been a Gadfly on my BLOG for a long time, Removed himself the other day, because he said that Donald Trump is Mentally Unstable, because of the way President Trump Slapped-Down Trudeau (his meaning – my words) . . .

“Mr Trump’s behaviour this past weekend confirms what 70,000 neuro scientists in the U.S. (many Republicans) are saying. Mr. Trump is a very sick man” . . .

Levy Also Wrote . . . “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”.


1 – Where did Anyone find 70,000 Neuro Scientists? I want their Names. And why not 700,000 Neuro Scientists, or 7-Million Neuro Scientists, since, if he’s going to Make-Up Numbers, Levy might as well have Gone all the way.

It’s also quite remarkable, how 70,000 Neuro Scientists were able to Diagnose a Man, Few If Any Ever Met.

2 – So . . . Mort Levy made it clear when he wrote – Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” . . . I agree – GOOD-BY MORT.


A Friend From Georgia . . . Recently Asked me to Explain Prime Minister Trudeau, because of Trudeau’s Incredulous Weaselly Behind the Back Assault of President Trump at the End of the Quebec G-7 Conference . . . AFTER THE PRESIDENT LEFT.


In As Few Words As Possible . . . Trudeau Is A Dunderhead – Not Smart Enough To Know How Smart He Isn’t. And Trying to Explain Why Trudeau Does or Says Anything, is akin to Trying to Explain the Root Cause of Stupidity.

When It Comes Right Down To It . . . It Ain’t Worth Trying To Analyze.


While the “Great Life Philosopher & Semanticist” Robert De Niro, so Eloquently Made Comment about the President of the United States of America, before a Live and Televised Entertainment Audience of Equally “Erudite” Paragons of Virtue & Intelligentsia; “F**K TRUMP” . . . Guess What – TRUMP F**KED THEM ALL!

Every American President from Truman through Obama, took a Stab at Ending the Brutal North Korean Dictators from Granddaddy Kim, Daddy Kim and the Son-Of-The-Kim Line of GENOCIDALISTS – all of which to no Avail, no matter how much these Presidents BRIBED THE DICTATOR-FAMILY-KIM.

SO HERE COMES TRUMP . . . Fresh from Smacking-Down Canada’s Dilettante Prime Minister as a Warm-Up . . . to Explain some Hard Love & Reality to Kim the Neophyte Mass Murder . . .

IN MY WORDS . . . Kim Baby – If you don’t get your Crap Together, and Start Acting like a Human Being, and Put away your Nukes, I’m going to give you a Spanking your Granddaddy & Daddy will Feel all the Way to their Respective Graves.

BUT . . . If you Play Nice & Agree – But Not Just In Writing, but in Actual VERIFIABLE FACT, to put away your Awful Toys, guess what, we’ll turn those Desolate Beaches, which line your Shores, into Beautiful Resort Getaways, In The Process Of Making North Korea Great.

And To The Bewilderment Of Sanity . . . The LEFT Don’t Like It & Want It To Fail.

It’s as Easy to Figure-Out the LEFT . . . as it is to Figure-Out Trudeau – YOU SIMPLY CANNOT DEFINE STUPIDITY. You Just Take It For What It Is.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Just now ·


  2. I’m still laughing over the escapade of the fleeing eyebrow which has the meme artists working overtime.

  3. To put it simply (so Baby Doc Trudeau can understand – maybe), Trudeau is as dumb as a rock. Always was, is, and will alway be. One of my first impressions of him was that if his brains were dynamite he couldn’t blow his nose, and on a daily basis he proves my point. With all his contradicting Political Correctness I’m surprised that he function. But what can you expect of someone rapidly becoming an international joke, especially since the world woke up to him and his “people kind” remark.

  4. You are so right about defining stupidity. I didn’t know about you until a friend of mine emailed one of your editorials and after that I was hooked.

  5. Just keep on hitting the keys of your computer’s keyboard, Howard. The world would be a dull place without your presence and your ability to tell it like it is. God bless you, your family, your writing skills, your life on this earth and the here after, and your ability to call a spade a spade!

  6. LOVE IT. You put those people who hide who they are in their place. AND, you also put Obama and the rest of his ilk in their place. I look back in the Old Testament of the bible and recall that it is God who chooses the leader (king) of a country. When Israel did not obey God’s commandments, He had the king replaced either with one who did obey or with one who made the people suffer. Obama was one who made America suffer & Trump is doing God’s work.

  7. Stupid is as stupid does….. This is the REAL me! Wayne Myers, formerly of Pasadena, MD, transitioning to Millsboro, DE. Howard, you are a GREAT AMERICAN!! Keep up the brilliant work!! DRAIN THE SWAMPS!! DRAIN THE SWAMPS!!

  8. Trudeau said that his Liberal government okayed the Trans Mountain Pipeline –unlike the Conservatives, who in ten years, “had not approved any”. His pants immediately lit on fire. The Trans Mountain, Keystone, Northern Gateway, plus more had been approved by the Conservatives. Northern Gateway was killed by the Liberals. Will the voters east of Manitoba recall Trudeau’s flaring pants next election ? Not if the CBC, CTV, & GLOBAL NEWS have their way.

  9. I simply do not understand, I suppose I may never, the thought processes, beliefs and words the leftists use in their apparent absolute hatred of Trump, conservatives and other people/things they abhor. I really don’t care one whit what DeNiro or others like him think. I appreciate their acting, or music or whatever it is…but not their politics. They do not have a legal obligation to say and enforce whatever they want, whenever they want. Thank you again Howard for your writings.

  10. Yup, Trump had a good week. Funny how when Trump does good and the left and the Media heads are exploding, only then do they forget about Stormy, Russia-Russia-Russia. Like a little kid, watching the shiny object. So glad to see every one of your posts. A bright spot in my day when I see Howard Galganov has emailed me. Thanks and keep ‘er goin.

  11. Out of the park Howard. You can fix ignorance with a few tweaks. Stupid is as stupid does. A tip of the hat to you sir. Magnificent. Keep up the chatter, love it.

  12. My friend and my sister are both mad at me because Trump is delivering on his promises and I said so. I was pretty convinced that his bombast before the election was just pre election bombast and meant nothing. He would change after and become a politician. No way. And positive things are happening in the US and worldwide. Kim Il Jong and Jerusalem were major diplomatic coups. The American economy is booming. Trudeau is dumb as a bag of hammers and I’m in deep doodoo. Oh well.

  13. I’m still cracking up over the eyebrow too. Trudeau should play it safe from now on and start using Michelle Obama’s method of simply painting the new eyebrows on with a black Sharpie.

  14. It is a shame that all folks who have blogs, or make terrible comments with fake names, etc. aren’t exposed. Thanks, for being honest at all times, you are the best example I’ve seen in my many years. Keep up your good work, will follow you as long as I live.
    MAGA, hopefully MCGA will come to be, as well.

    Sheila Whitt

  15. I am who I claim to be.. No BS.. The dynasty of Hollywood needs to crumble. It is full of over paid, pretenders (all actors pretend to be someone they are not). They believe themselves to above all us Deplorable Working Class. I don’t agree with our President all the time, but he is damn sure better than what we have had in the past. As far as Tariffs, we should simply say what ever tariff other countries put on us we impose a matching tariff on them not necessarily on the same items.

  16. Trudeau is proving to be an unconscious incompetent: He doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. If he was put in charge of the Sahara, it would run out of sand!

  17. The elephant in the room that is being ignored is that North Korea is a CAPTIVE NATION. Its citizens are brutally persecuted and oppressed all their lives, many ending up in gulags where they are literally worked to death. You can have all the “summits” in the world, but if this simple truth is not addressed, nothing of any REAL VALUE will ever be achieved. Remember Otto.

  18. A consensus is when everyone says collectively what they don’t believe individually – Abba Edan
    Cheers for President Trump for calling out the G7 hipocrates

  19. This may not be important, but WHY does Justin Trudeau wear FAKE EYEBROWS?The LEFT and the RINOS do NOT WANT to make America GREAT again, as proven by their either RIDICULING and NOT SUPPORTING Pres. Trump’s AGENDA!They are just PLAIN JEALOUS of him and will do ANYTHING to DESTROY him! The LEFT and the RINOS have been REVEALED as they TRULY ARE–UNCARING, SELFISH & SELF-SERVING. The DEEP SWAMP is finally being DRAINED, but needs MORE LABORERS/TRUMP FOLLOWERS to FULFILL this GOAL! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  20. Mr. Galganov: Love this blog today. Your comments about Trudeau, DeNiro and Levy are spot on and priceless. 70,000 neuro scientists! Good grief. What a laugh and to determine our President is mentally ill from “a distance…where.” Seems to me that our last several Presidents might have had those problems but not our President Trump!! Keep up your good work!

  21. This is great stuff and hello to Perry Poling in OKC. Trudeau =mental midget. There are no Demorats (spelling intentional) left only progressive socialists. They wouldn’t give President Trump credit if he truly brought about world peace and ended hunger and poverty. The leftists are truly infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome as is so eloquently stated by many. Thank you for the opportunity to read your blog entries!

  22. I literally started laughing out loud when I saw “the clown” Trudeau with his hanging eyebrow. Hah! Yes, Trump is handing it to the left big time and I am loving every minute of it. I couldn’t help notice the Propaganda Media go after Trump for showing Kim Jong-un the video titled “United States – North Korea Singapore Summit” at the summit. I couldn’t disagree more. There was a very clear message. Play ball and things will go well for YOU and your people, or don’t and SUFFER the consequences.

  23. If I could only rub the “magic lamp” and get just ONE wish, it would be:

    Make Howard Galganov — “Prime Minister of Canada”

    Ted Walker Oakville Ontario Canada

  24. I have often thought … and said … that I wish Canada had Trump in charge instead of Trudeau, who is totally incompetent. He can hardly put two words together without an “uh” in between. He is not only an embarrassment …. he is so full of himself he doesn’t even KNOW he is an embarrassment! What on earth were the Libtards THINKING????

  25. ‘70,000 neuro scientists in the U.S. (many Republicans) are saying. Mr. Trump is a very sick man’… truly astonishing arm-chair diagnosticians! …Upon what basis of concrete Neurological information, testing, and evidence-based practices are they pontificating? …Do these ‘scientists’ have the legitimate research done and published papers to back this up? …And are all ‘70,000’ licenses up-to-date?

  26. Wow, you hit the nail on the head again, (as usual.)
    Too many people using fake names have significant influence over people by what is posted online. One person could ostensibly post thousands of fake opinions etc. using different names. One liberal blog I read wanted North Korea to nuke the USA just to discredit Trump.

  27. Love it…………. I’m hoping tomorrow’s IG report is the best Birthday present, President Trump ever gets. We’ve long awaited this report…. I hope it’s all we hope it will be! Time to drain the swamp!

  28. I am Don Lewis, formally of Mokelumne Hill in the “Peoples Republic of California” I have since moved to Idaho and love it. The 2nd Amendment is alive and well here in Idaho also. I sure enjoy your Blog and look forward to your next one. Keep up the good work Howard.

  29. Tell Mort. He has the right to be wrong!!!!! Trudeau is away over his Head…He plays Kid Games…!!!!
    Carol Taylor
    Hamilton Ontario

  30. Missed you Howard….making Hay, is that anything like making whoopy?? Wink..wink! Mary

  31. Bravo Howard, another great analysis. I can’t wait for the next Federal election in Canada to topple Trudeau, He has been nothing but a joke, when he and his family dressed like an Indian Maharaja, when visiting India. We all know that he was a Drama teacher and a Bouncer in a night club. Without his family name and his tattoo, he would have never made it to be the Prime Minister. God help us from Naive leaders. Steve Acre, Montreal.

  32. I’m still seeting over all the support PM Trudeau received here in Canada in our government. No, supporting POTUS in this instance does not mean you hate Canada. I love my country and pray for it and it’s leaders. Such PERSONAL hatred for him never ceases to amaze me. He loves his country and is doing what he was elected to do~serve his people. Think what you may, PM Trudeau is not being tough with President Trump! Big loss in Ontario. Election coming, gotta score points!

  33. Howard, you amaze me! You always tell it like it is and hit the nail on the head every time. Good job.

  34. I’m tired of paying $4.50 here in Vancouver, B.C. for the same brick of cream cheese I used to buy for $1.25 in Mesa, AZ. If Trump’s tactics succeed and he is able to get Canada to drop its dairy tariffs (and, by extension, eliminate Canada’s supply-side price-controlling dairy board), the big winner will be the Canadian consumer. The loser? Canada’s dairy farmers, many of whom will go out of business. However, our myriad of social programs will cushion the blow, so why not?

  35. All of us love your way with words. You speak your mind eloquently, to-the-point, and as honest as few are not. BTW: one other good Trump news this week occurred yesterday when all of the Republicans he supported did indeed win. What a great week!

  36. President Trump says he will put a large tariff on cars manufactured in Canada if Canada does not reduce tariffs mos of which are preposterous. Almost every country in the world eapecially the EU has large protectionist tariffs, but the U.S. is supposed to be tariff free. Canada exports $46.4 billion in cars a year.

  37. The picture of all the G-6 (the US is out), standing around a table and Merkel, the Madam who has screwed Germany, leaning over trying to force talk with Trump and all the while Trump is sitting down with his arms folded.-the expression of “talk all you want. This is the “what America is going to do to you” body language of our Presdient.
    A picture is worth a thousand words. And Trudeau didn’t get it. Does he get anything?

  38. Howard, just want to be sure my correct information is attached to my email address on file, how do I verify please?
    ..Keep up the great work!

  39. Trump the pragmatist went in and did a ‘sell job’ just like I would have done if I were going to sell something to one of my customers or possible customers. No BS, facts, benefits, disadvantages. I would love to have been a fly on the wall just to watch the show. I would bet there was not a single arm twisted in that meeting. Very cordial.

  40. I have tried to re-subscribe and it keeps rejecting me. I am who I am. NO lying, conniving, shucking or jiving.

  41. For those who are wondering how to update your information with Howard, it is real easy. Send him an email explaining what you want to update. I did that when I moved from one city to another. Voila! It was done & rather quickly I will add. I did the same thing, when I was having trouble getting any of his editorials. I figured that my ISP email service was blocking Howard, to I went to a gmail address that I had & BINGO, I was getting Howard again!!! Howard truly does read his emails.

  42. You can cure stupid, but you CAN vote it out.
    Get out the vote. Get rid of the stupid.

  43. This is my real name but in the next month, I’ll be moving from Nepean, Ottawa to Laval, Montreal area. Your blog is above excellent like usual.

  44. I thought that “hanging eyebrow” on Trudeau was hilarious. What a fool he showed himself to be. And, as so many of our friends on FOX like to say the libs. have “Trump Derangement Syndrome. I’m afraid there is no cure for these a-holes.

  45. Howard, as ever, your commentary is priceless about all the happenings and people in the news this week. Trudeau is a dunderhead of the first order. Kim Jong Un better realize that he has the opportunity of a lifetime. If he doesn’t take it, there’s going to be hell to pay. Bravo, President Trump! The spin the left tries to put on your actions and comments falls flat to those of us who realize how much you love the USA and are trying to bring us back to our rightful place among nations!

  46. I have a t-shirt that says, “You can’t fix stupid!” Well I added to that, “You can’t comprehend crazy!” Both seem very relevant in today’s world.

  47. It is obvious to me that hypocritical Trudeau, is doing nothing more than cover his behind. Because the balance of power in Canada, is in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec where the main voter base comes from, he has to look like he’s protecting their interests. Quebec’s dairy, as well as Ontario’s manufacturing industries, are the areas that will be greatly affected by Trumps demands. Here in Alberta, as his father before him, our votes don’t add up enough for Trudeau to fight for our oil.

  48. Robert DeNero like so many of his ilk and toss in BHO2, never accomplished anything of substance in their lives outside of Acting. Most are undereducated, shallow and self Centered. Perhaps there is one area they excel in, Divorce.

  49. Howard, the reason I always liked you and I rooted for Donald Trump to become the President of the United States is because both of you: TELL IT LIKE IT IS !!! Thank you. Of course, the only trouble is, the TRUTH hurts. !!! OUCH !!!
    – Brucester

  50. ANOTHER “HOMERUN BLOG”, HOWARD G.! ALSO, I enjoyed the other blogger’s comments!! Trudeau is as “dumb & dense as a box of rocks”…..he just doesn’t get it, & probably NEVER WILL, & that’s OK!!! Our wonderful Pres. Trump has his number, & for that I’m THANKFUL!!!! Go Pres. Trump, & MAGA!!!!! I DEFINITELY LOVE OUR WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, & GO PRES TRUMP, GO!

  51. dear Howard
    I use to get you a lot under the name [email protected] but left them to go to G amil. will you please start sending your letters to me by oceanside1941 I would be ever so grateful to hear you telling us about all the good things you have to tell us. I am sure my son would love to hear from you aS well he is in Ga I now live in S.C. Myrtle Beach if you & wife ever out way come visit we have bedrooms for you each, Take care God blessings.

  52. Howard, this is all very interesting about trudeau’s flapping eyebrow, I’m going to have to find it, we never saw it in Australia. He is another leftie darling but in reality seems to be just another petulant little prat! Keep up Howard love laughing at the expense of any lefite!

  53. Howard… I’ve been aware of you in the media for almost 40 years, but unlike wine, you haven’t mellowed with age… And I LOVE IT! There’s so much truth in your articles. It’s amazing that so many Canadians and Americans are fooled by the media, fueled by the left. I can’t watch CNN ever anymore! When it first appeared on every cable & satellite system (for free), there were NO COMMERCIALS! Once the ads started a year or so later, the left began their supportive assault on the center and right!

  54. It’s been opined that Pres Trump’s surprise waiving of the sunset clause during his one on one with Trudeau, was a surprise to everybody including his own negotiators. But Trudeau and his handlers were too dumb to change the script on the fly and went with the original “I’m not going to let Pres Trump bully Canada” speech. I can actually see that as a real possibility with Trudeau and his “advisors”.

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