So The Eagles Have Been Dis-Invited – Good!


So . . . The Philadelphia Eagles Football Club – Mostly En Masse, with the Exception of a Few Players including the Mascot, decided to Boycott the White House Super Bowl Celebrations at the last Minute, because they don’t like the Attitude of President Trump.

Actually . . . What They Really Wanted – Was To Embarrass The President.

SO . . . President Trump, NOT TO BE A DUFUS FOR THE EAGLES – Did the Best thing he Could. President Trump Boycotted the Philadelphia Eagles – ALL OF THEM! Which to me sends the Best & Most Cogent, Coherent & Understandable Message as Possible to the Millionaire Athletes . . . You’re Not As Special As You Think You Are.

I Hope Hollywood & The Rest Of The Entitled Elitist Jerks Get The Message.


Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz Is The Man With The Silver Bullet.

A Great Many People In The Media Are Speculating . . . that the Horowitz Report is Long Past its Due-Date, because, between the Justice Department and the FBI, a great deal of it is being REDACTED, which Might be True, but I don’t think that’s the case at all.

I think the Horowitz Report is being Delayed, not because of Redactions, since the President of the United States has the Authority to do Two Things:

1 – Read The Entire Report Un-Redacted.

2 – Order The Full Report To Be Released Un-Redacted.

And given the Relationship as we know it . . . between President Trump, his Justice Department and his FBI – I don’t think the President is in the “I’m In The Giving Favors Mood” toward either of these Institutions, which have in the Past Two Years, made President Trump’s Life and the Lives of his Family, Friends & Supporters a Misery.

I HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING . . . But I Think – The Horowitz Report is being Delayed after Delay, because the Report has SPOOKED so many Insiders, that the Rats are Scurrying to Leave the Sinking Ship, and are Lining-Up to Spill the Beans on Whomever, in the Hope that they too won’t be Indicted, and might Escape the Brunt of the Legal Tsunami, which I believe will be Coming with this Report.

I Think . . . That Andrew McCabe’s Request For Judicial Immunity Says It All.

I think that Andrew McCabe is so Worried about going to Jail, for the Things he Did, and the Lies he Told, that he is Willing to Take Down Everyone he was Associated with in the FBI & Justice Department . . . from the TOP DOWN, which could very possibly Include . . . Obama, Crooked Hillary, Loretta Lynch & James Comey amongst a Slew of Other Very Bad Actors.

Why Should McCabe Take The Rap For Them?

All Of That Said . . . I think the Reason for the Delays in Releasing this Report, has more to do with the deluge of Information coming to Horowitz, than it has to do with Redactions.

Not that I doubt that Players in the Justice Department & FBI wouldn’t want to see the Whole Report Buried Deep in some Hole, much less Redacted to Black.


The Newest Revelation . . . That Obama Attempted to SURREPTITIOUSLY Open Bank Access to Iran for $5.7-Billion . . . IN SPITE OF CONGRESSIONAL LAWS FORBIDDING SUCH A THING . . . says a whole bunch of things about Who Obama Really Was & What Obama Really Is.

By Attempting To Defy Congress (The Will Of The People), In My Opinion, I Believe Obama Committed Treason, In-Spite of whatever the LEFT would want the People to Believe. And by Endeavoring to give $5.7-Billon to a Terrorist Regime, which has Openly Declared their Dream of Committing A Second Holocaust, it says all that Needs to be Said about where Obama Really Stood & Stands on Israel.

In The Meantime . . . Jewish Turncoats (Judenrat) Still Support This Horror Story.


In Spite Of The Polling . . . which shows the NDP Socialists being Neck & Neck with the Conservatives, and the Possibility of a Coalition Government between the Socialist Liberals and the Far More Socialist NDP to form the Next Government of the Province of Ontario . . . I Believe The Polling Is Full Of Beans:


And If I’m Wrong . . . We Might As Well Write-Off Ontario & Canada, because Ontario CANNOT Sustain 4-More Years of Fiscal & Social Incompetence through Political Malfeasance. And Canada CANNOT Survive Without a Robust Ontario.

If You Haven’t Already Voted For The Conservatives As Anne & I Did . . . VOTE!


I Will Not Tolerate Personal Attacks (Ad Hominem) . . . Including On Politicians.


I know that People are Pissed-Off and want to Vent . . . But, there is a Time, a Place and a Way to do it – But Not On As Several Did On The Last Editorial.

I Didn’t Remove Any Of The Offensive Comments . . . Nor did I Write to those People who used this BLOG to Write Offensively . . . So This Is A Warning For Everyone.

THIS IS NOT YOUR BLOG – IT’S MINE . . . And what you Write on MY BLOG, Affects Me Personally, because I am 100% Responsible for what I Allow to be Published in the Comment Section of For the People who want to Comment, this is a Privilege . . . NOT A RIGHT.

And I will not Have Anyone Reduce this Political Commentary Website to Garbage, like so many Blogs are.

In the last Comment Section, one Commenter wrote that Obama was Gay and his Children were Adopted. This is the kind of CONSPIRATORIAL CRAP & TABLOID JOURNALISM I will not allow on

Two other People Made the Comment that Obama is Half White & Half Black. One called Obama a Mulatto, therefore he wasn’t America’s First Black President, which is a Ridiculous & Racist Comment to Make. I WON’T HAVE IT. And I am Disappointed with People who Agreed with this Nonsense.

Another Commenter wrote about Michelle Obama that she is the Ho-Bama Mama. NEVER WRITE ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN ON MY BLOG!


I Love Reading The Comments On, because by and large, they are Well Written, Well Thought-Out, and Make Salient Points . . . So I Will Not Allow any kind of Tabloid Crap to Ruin this BLOG for Everyone.

Therefore . . . Any Offensive Crap In The Future, will End with the Writer being Permanently Deleted from the Directory.

This Is Not The Last Warning . . . IT IS THE ONLY WARNING.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. And as the Obama administration chides the Republican Congressional leadership for influencing an election in Israel by letting their Prime Minister speak, the left poitical election machine, momentarily unemployed, is in Israel giving all unfettered support to the opposition party. Saul Alinsky (“Rules for Radicals”) would be so proud.

  2. When the NFL players started kneeling or sitting, I made a decision-I will NEVER attend another of their games, nor purchase ANY NFL memorabilia. After what the Eagles did, I have FULLY lost respect for ALL of them (players, mgrs.,etc.)
    As to the BLOG – As you say, this is YOUR Blog not ours. I will respect your edict. God Bless

  3. Certainly the IG report will have redactions – but the delay may allow time for rewrites as well.

  4. The internet highway is sorely in need of good parenting. Thanks Mr/Mrs Galganov for setting boundaries.

  5. I’m glad the EAGLES were dis-invited. As a Canadian, I felt it shameful these football players would kneel during the singing of the United States National Anthem. It was totally disrespectful to the Military and to one heck of a great country: U.S.A.
    Shame on those players who did not stand tall and proud !!! BTW I used to play football at West Hill High School. After suffering a sprained back, I was stuck in the hospital for a week. The food was so bad, I begged them to feed me intravenously.

  6. Spoiled Millionaires with the right to pontificate……the Eagles now and the winner of the NBA finals next as stated by Lebron and friends. These people really need to look deep into what drives their paycheck and the fan support that is diminishing literally in front of their eyes. The Eagles and their Owner might see things a bit differently after another season.

    The Obama cast of characters will be brought to justice. Our big issue is the AG, we need more strength in that position.

  7. I was looking for the “blue writing” from you and was surprised the tabloid language remained. I’m glad you clarified the terms of use again. As far as the Ontario election, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Ford but after talking to people in my riding, I am amazed how many believe the garbage that is being put out about him. So many voters too lazy to check the facts for themselves. I have to admit, I am worried.

  8. President Trump’s BOYCOTTING of ALL Philadelphia Eagles was the BEST thing he could have done! No doubt, there is more to come re: the NFL and its LACK of attendance & MONEY! The HOROWITZ REPORT will be more SHOCKING than anyone can expect–as proven by the DEMORATS’ & DEEP STATE’S reactions! Andrew McCabe’s ‘request for immunity’ is DEFINITELY SCARING Hussein Obama, Crooked Hillary, Loretta Lynch, James Comey and MANY OTHERS! They are all TRAITORS! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. President Trump “trumps” the dimwit, loon-tunes that make up the PHL Eagles. I am originally from PHL and these blockheads will never understand what they do and why they are doing it and where they are doing it…is soooo wrong and misguided. Statistics show just how inept and incorrect they are. They are nothing but followers. The League itself should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. Thankyou Howard for your reminding people that contribute to your blog with their comments to refrain from those comments that get derogatory etc., etc.. you always give us well researched facts and we all appreciate that very much.

  11. So, the Eagles did not kneel during the national anthem but they supported, (and still support those who did and do). It has become increasingly apparent that vulgar, offensive language has become progressively more offensive in recent times. Kudos to you for repudiating it.

  12. Hank
    Thank you for your great perspectives. I found your blog by accident and have been forwarding it to everyone I know, even the liberals. Spot on about the NFL. I was a Federal Special Agent for 28 years and am totally disgusted with our upper echelons of law enforcement in Washington DC. It is so demoralizing to the field agent, even though the FBI has always been a political agency from the Special Agent in charge and there assistants who have to toe the party line to advance their careers

  13. RIGHT ON, H.G.
    As an ex Canadian (yes, there were many of us in Montreal), it’s so unfortunate what has happened in Ontario. While growing up, we Anglo-Montrealers looked to Ontario for true Canadianism and Conservatism. Times have changed. I’m hopeful you’re right about the Conservatives winning, but with the demographics so changed, a Conservative majority may never happen again!

  14. Howard, I am always inspired by your blog and the fact that you do not allow trash to be stated in your comments speaks highly of your integrity. Thanks so much – continue to write – I will continue to ride and hopefully we can make a difference. We just finished our annual ride across the USA with Run For The Wall to hold the gov’t accountable for the 1000s of POW / MIA of all wars. Their families need closure. It was moving to see daughters who never met their father cry for closure.

  15. All topics are important in this latest edition, Howard, but what stands out to me the most are your comments regarding behavior on your blog. You have always shown fair and balance comments; however, what draws my attention the most is your morals and respect. Sure…….you get a little heated at times, but who doesn’t considering all that’s going on in this crazy, mixed up world in which we live, and those comments are true and from the heart. That’s the reason all of us enjoy it so much.

  16. Visiting the President at the White House is a privilege few will ever have. How many times in your life do you have the chance to meet and speak with the sitting President of the United States of America? I fervently hope that years from now when history is treating President Trump as he has EARNED and deserves, that they regret having passed a chance to meet a man who will be as revered as Lincoln, Truman and the Founding Fathers.

  17. Who cares what spoiled athletes and libtard showbiz folks think! The mayor of Philadelphia has it all wrong too when he blames the President for exacerbating the issue. I think any leader of any nation would be remiss if he or she did not stand up to support their anthem along with any and all other symbols of their nation. The cowardly solution is for the NFL and NBA to simply stop playing the anthem.Problem solved. The America-hating cry-babies win. But they lose their cause d’etre.

  18. Thank you Howard, I hope you know how much we appreciate you and your blogs. Your reminder for the need for civility in responding to your blog is also appreciated. If God’s humans would remember and live by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” what a peaceful and wonderful world we would live in, the very world God intended for His humans. He is not happy with His human creation right now. God Bless you. Mary

  19. I am going to make mention of tomorrow’s voting in Ontario. In the US, the state of GA had it’s Primary for this year. I was able to make my first Absentee Ballot vote & thoroughly enjoyed the process. I was relaxed and able to check the people I was voting on. Some of my initial thoughts on voting were changed when I found out what these individuals were truly all about. How did I find out? Simple, I looked them up on the Internet. I now feel, as though I will be a very responsible voter.

  20. tomorrow is the day for Ontario, the co-operation between the NDP and Liberals the last week could possibly totally destroy ONTARIO

  21. Howard, so you expect folks to be “Politically Correct”? Time to “Un-Friend” those spreading “falsehoods” and “lies” (MSM doing enough of this already)! Same folks “trashing out” cities are putting out “trash” on social media! Some of us have more integrity and “class” than to do this (you included)! Time American people learned the whole truth about many things! (Most won’t be able to comprehend or deal with this, so “chaos” may occur!) Hoping Canadians “see the light”- go Conservative today!

  22. Good points, Mr. “G”. We must never stoop to the level of the radical left, or we’re no different than they are.

  23. It’s 11.57pm, almost the beginning of a new day and a new future for the Province of Ontario.
    Congratulations Howard, right again, a majority PC government takes over for at least four years in a few minutes.
    What a wonderful relief from the tyrannical rule of the Liberals for the last fifteen years.
    God bless Doug Ford together with President Trump, I think we may have a winning combination in the offing.
    I feel so good, I’ll sleep well tonight.

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