Obama Who?



It’s as if 8-Years of Barack Hussein Obama is Evaporating Before our Eyes, as President Trump Undoes Via Executive Order, what Hussein Obama Imposed Upon America by Executive Order, which has Changed the One World Government Socialist Course, which Obama Attempted through Hook & Crook to Drag the United States of America and the Free World Into.

What Took Obama 8-Years To Do With His “Phone & His Pen” . . . President Trump has Undone in less than 2-Years.

Obama Has Recently Expressed . . . that in his Opinion, the Reason why things didn’t Work-Out for his Policies, as he Expected they would, were Primarily because Obama was One-To-Two Decades Before His Time . . . But I Have a Different Take On That.

Things Didn’t Work Out For Obama . . . Because Socialism has Failed wherever it was tried. And like all Narcissistic LEFTISTS, Obama figured he would Succeed where everyone else Failed, because of his own Image of Self-Greatness.

The Soviet Union Collapsed. Cuba is a Basket-Case. Venezuela, with all its Enormous Wealth through Fossil Fuels, Agriculture, Mining & Tourism is virtually Down-For-The-Count. And China went from Communism to Fascism, Opposite Sides of the Same Coin.


Albert Einstein was quoted for saying . . . “The Definition Of Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over & Over Again, But Expecting Different Results”.

How many times can the Government Take from One Person, to Give to another Person, until the Giver runs out of Money to Give? Or Just Won’t Give Anymore?


Barack Hussein Obama Said – To Quote Karl Marx . . . “From Each According To His Abilities, To Each According To His Needs.”

In other words, let the MAKER take all the Risks, Put in the Hard Work & Sacrifice to Earn Wealth, so others, who Don’t Take Risks, Don’t Put In The Hard Work & Sacrifice to Earn their own Wealth, Can Literally Feed-Upon Those Who Do.


It’s Not As Obama Stated . . . That Obama Was Ten-To-Twenty Years Ahead Of His Time. The Reality . . . Is That Obama Was More Than a Century & A Half Past His Time.

It’s also – Not as if the People Didn’t Understand . . . It is that the People Understood All Too Well. And it’s Not as if Obama will go down in History like Karl Marx, the Father of a “Great” Movement, even if that “Great” Movement, was “Great” only Because of it’s Enormous Misery it Inflicted Upon the Planet, Opposed to any Good it Never Achieved Anywhere:

Obama Will Go Down In History . . . as the First American Black President, who could have Done Great Things because the People Wanted him To Do Great Things . . . AND HE BLEW IT!

ONLY BECAUSE OBAMA HAD IT WITHIN HIMSELF . . . To be Remembered as a Great American, who could have Done Away with Racism, who could have Created Great Business Opportunities leading to Jobs & Real Wealth, who could have led the World to America’s Brand of Freedom – that he Chose to do Otherwise, Establishes Obama’s Presidential Legacy . . . As A Colossal Failure.


Actually . . . Because Barack Hussein Obama had the Unbelievable Opportunity as the First Black American President, the First Moslem Educated American President, Son & Stepson of Two Moslem Fathers, and the Incredible Support of the Entire Global Media, Including Radio, Print, Television and the Internet . . . The Lack Of Successes By Barack Hussein Obama . . . Makes Obama’s Failure As America’s First Black President . . . Even That Much More Spectacular.


For 8-Years . . . Barack Hussein Obama Blamed George W Bush for Everything Obama Couldn’t Achieve. Obama Blamed Fox News for Doing its Job as a News Media, By Asking Questions, Raising Questions & Pointing out the Truth when no other News Media would.

Obama also Blamed Tiny Israel, which is the Forever-Target of Global Anti-Semitism, which is Under Constant Real Threat of National Annihilation, for Virtually Everything that was and is Wrong in the Middle East.

Where Barrack Obama Could Have Excelled . . . in Terms of Rescuing the American Economy from the Collapse of the Mortgage, Housing, Financing, Auto, Banking Industries – ETC, Obama Decided Rather To Exasperate what was Bad . . . Into What Became Much Worse By Picking Winners & Losers Communist Style.

I WILL REPEAT . . . If the Expectations for Obama, by his own Efforts, with the Astronomical Help from the LEFTIST Media & Social Media (Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube – Etc) weren’t so Infinitely Spectacular, from the Day Obama Accepted his Presidency on the Stage with the Greek Columns . . . The fact that Obama’s Successor, President Donald Trump was able to Literally Wipe-Out EVERYTHING Obama Set in Motion, INCLUDING just SIX of all of Obama’s Signature “Achievements” Listed Below . . . Shows Just How Vacuous Obama’s Presidency Really Was.

1 – Obamacare – GONE!

2 – TPP – GONE!

3 – The Iranian Nuclear Deal – GONE!

4 – Paris Climate Accord – GONE!

5 – The Freewheeling Abuse Of The EPA – GONE!

6 – Dodd/Frank – GONE!

Other Than Being America’s First Black President . . . Obama Was Nothing!

Obama Can Blame “Timing” For His Utterly Failed Presidency – But his Failures had nothing to do with him being a Man a Decade or Two Ahead of his Time, but rather, because of Himself . . . and his own Anti-American Communist Ideology . . . Which Was A Failed Philosophy More Than 150-Years Ago.

In Short . . . Obama Was A Presidential Failure – A Mistake Nipped-In-The-Bud.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you are right on the money. However, it will depend a lot on what Netanyahu will actually say. He still has to work, unfortunately with Obama for 2 more years. So his speech has to be crafted in such a way, that to tell the truth and the whole truth, but not muddy Obama’s face.
    steve acre, Montreal

  2. Thank God. Yes, Obama Was A Presidential Failure – And Mistake Nipped-In-The-Bud by a bunch of deplorables smart enough to elect Donald Trump, who has a large set of gonads and gets things done. Had Hillary been elected we would have been totally screwed.

  3. Well said! Sadly, we haven’t heard the last from Barack “Nothing” Obama and his deep state with all the traitors he has gather round him from the get go. MAGA!!

  4. It’s a waste of time to even write an article about Obama. If you want to know what the history books will write about him in 30 or 40 years think John Tyler, Franklin Pierce, etc., etc.

  5. Obama is absolutely the very worst president this nation ever has had. I hope that this “title” of the worst remains with him and no other ever again.

  6. Obama was NOT black! He was HALF black and HALF white! He was not The USA’s first black President. He was the first President with black heritage, but he was not black. He could just as easily be called a white President. But, skin tone means nothing in the long run. He was a failure as President, no matter what everyone calls him.

  7. I always thought Carter was the worse President, that the US ever had. I was totally wrong, it is Obummer and will be for a long, long time. You are right, Obummer was 150 years behind, in his thinking & actions. I am glad that Trump was elected & to see things changing.

  8. Well he is either a foreigner or a I lier. He went to collage on a foreign scholarship, but claims to be a citizen of the USA. I’m leaning to a lieing foreigner. I would like to see all his records made public that have been sealed. Must be something in them that he doesn’t want the public to know.

  9. add one more Signature “Achievements

    use of the Dept of justice to control / hurt / eliminate your perceived enemies.

  10. Obama could not/would not do those great things you mentioned basically for one reason: his hate for white America, therefore his wish for its downfall. The progressive/leftist teachings (indoctrination) at all levels of education in the USA over the past 60+ years has led to generations of believers in that ideology. Those who’ve not bought into it are getting fewer in population. If not turned around through same means soon, there will not be enough to keep them from winning.

  11. “We are here for the sake of others”, but Obama was “selfish” in his intentions! He wanted to “change” (not appreciate and accept) “American values” by making devious, deceptive, and dishonest “deals” in favor of other (mostly Muslim)nations! He doesn’t deserve respect or honor for all the destruction/divisiveness caused by his administration! Blacks are realizing Obama was Muslim, Communist, and “keeping them slaves” (with lives like in Kenya)! BTW, whites were Obama’s “slaves” too: Tax slaves!

  12. Howard Galganov has a habit of being right. So here we go again !!! Thank you Mr. G….and keep telling it like it is.
    Yes, I now have to sit in a bath of “Ben-Gay” and all kinds of healing lotions because THE TRUTH HURTS !!!
    But I love it !!! Oh, and speaking of baths; my g-f Julie asked me: “Bruce, did you take a bath this morning?” So I replied….
    “Why? Is there one missing?” (hahaha)

  13. Obama says he was 20 years ahead of his time . What he really means is the general population , the Great Unwashed , the illiterate masses , ( that pay the bills by the way ) were just NOT SMART ENOUGH to appreciate him and blindly follow him down the path he was laying out . A further truth is had he been able to swing a third term he would have WON and continued the destruction of all we ( US) considers their culture.

  14. I think Obama was sadly only a product of our modern, leftist, out-of-touch, narcissistic, elitist, political world (granted, he fit right in). The scary part is what comes after Trump is gone. It is doubtful there will be others to carry the torch of straightforwardness and a willingness to confront political correctness that now dimwittedly permeates our world. I fear it will be the same liberal pablum and elitist, self-serving notions we always had to eat from both sides.

  15. HUSSEIN OBAMA WAS also THE FIRST “GAY” PRESIDENT, married to “MOOCHIE”, & his children were ADOPTED! He’ll definitely go “down in history”, but for ALL the WRONG REASONS!! Enjoyed ALL the other “bloggers” comments!!! His HERITAGE IS DEFINITELY SUSPECT…..WHY ALL THE “SEALED REECORDS”?

  16. The truly great American intellectual, Thomas Sowell, wrote article in 2013 about Obama titled “A Truly Great Phony”

  17. I grit my teeth with contempt every time is yet see or hear of the SOB Obama. But I’m also NEVER going to forgive the U.S. voting jerks that not once – but twice, were so dim-witted & awe struck (naïve) with this glib & known from the git-go – communist pied piper.

  18. Back when it looked like BHO2 was going to stumble into the White House, I wrote that “he would never do anything of value to the USA and its people”. I never realized at that time it was out to destroy and take over as directed. You need to look at Valerie Jarrett involvement in this and currently. Another issue, he is not Black he is a Mulatto.

  19. Obama damned near destroyed the USA. And he continues, behind the scenes. Worst damn President ever elected. He and his ilk are for One World Order. The mess he made will take years to clean up. President Trump is doing his BEST to shovel out the S— that Obama left behind. We couldn’t say Merry Christmas, everything had to be PC. Bull!! Gave tons of $$ to Iran, kissed the hand of Muslim leaders, pardoned a terrorist, Benghazi, etc. Need I say more? God Bless Trump & the USA.

  20. Obummer and the Ho-BamaMama are not done with their reign of disaster on America – they are going to be producing shows (creating propaganda) for Netflix. Add to this, Susan Rice being signed on to the Netflix Board of Directors. I’m quitting my subscription to Netflix and advise you all do likewise before their evil worms its way into your living rooms and eats at the hearts of our fragile young. Alternatively, Amazon Prime offers an excellent assortment of free movies to its subscribers.

  21. Thank you Bob Ernst and Paul Branch, and yes, Geri Lyons for posting!

  22. Well stated Howard, wish he would just shut up and go away. Nobody with any sense at all wants to hear from him. Canceled net flicks too.

  23. Every time Obama is mentioned, I am reminded of my shock when he beat Romney. Based on Obama’s 1st term track record, he was certain to be rejected at the polls. Trump is helping me get over it.

  24. Bob Ernst is correct–Obama is “HALF WHITE & HALF BLACK” and IS NOT the FIRST BLACK president! Also, WHY has his PAST never been COMPLETELY REVEALED?It’s NOT TOO LATE! Can anyone even imagine if Obama’s past would have been SCRUTINIZED as much as Trump’s was what TYPE of INFORMATION WOULD have been REVEALED? He STILL continues to try to DESTROY America! We must remember that “what goes around, comes around.” Pres. Trump has done a GREAT JOB in DESTROYING his SO-CALLED LEGACY! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  25. Everyone should turn off the left leaning main stream news as well.. disconnect from Facebook and deprogram the young people who have been indoctrinated by social media and educators. My children and grandchildren have been taught to discern the sound bites coming to them by having access to blogs such as Howard’s.. the truth will set you free (John 8:32).

  26. Brilliant analysis, Howard. Simply brilliant! thank you. Definitely posting this on Facebook to share it with more people! Thanks much.

  27. I love, love, love this!!! So well stated Howard! Thank you from California!! We need a Donald Trump just for our pathetic state….hope that change is coming from our primary tomorrow!

  28. Just want to add to the accolades. GREAT Blog – one of your best.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles, Ca.

  29. I agree with Kathy West’s assessment of Obama right down to pardoning a terrorist. We have our OWN Obama here in Canada. Our idiot PM and bobble heads have been on U.S. media joking that the POTUS considers Canada a security risk. Well, we ARE a security risk with our open boarders. Trudeau not only paid $10.5 million to a terrorist who killed a U.S. soldier, he is allowing these terrorists back in to the country and sponsoring them with our tax money. Now how insane is that ???

  30. Barack Obama indeed held the future in his hands and chose the bitter past to be his guide instead of pressing forward with new ideas and new hope. He blew it and with the help of the DNC big league.

  31. Howard, Barack Hussain Obama was adored by the Media only because he was the first Black President. He took advantage of that and cast himself as a great President. Thank God he had to go after 2 Terms. Unfortunately, usually people are like sheep. If Obama or Bill Clinton take to the stage today to speak, people will rush to buy tickets to be hypnotized by them.
    Alas, here in Canada, we have a mini Obama at the helm. God help us. Steve Acre, Canada

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