The Arrogance Of Failed Power

Do You Think We’re Smart Enough For Self-Governance?


The following is all about Ontario’s Upcoming General Election, HOWEVER, it is no different whatsoever, than the same kind of CRAPOLA that goes on Politically in the USA.

Just yesterday (June 2, 2018), I read how the Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne Announced, in the Final Stretch to the Ontario Provincial Election (June 7, 2018), that Wynne and her Provincial Liberals . . . ARE NOT GOING TO WIN!

That’s a Remarkable Statement to be made from a Politician just a Week Away from the Election Date. Although she is Accurate, and the Ontario Provincial Liberals are Not Going To Win, which is Possibly the only Political or Financial thing Wynne Ever Said that was Totally Honest . . . IT WAS REMARKABLE NONETHELESS.

Remarkably . . . Wynne Doesn’t Accept Why She Isn’t Going To Win.

The Ontario Provincial Liberals, beginning with Dalton McGuinty, have been in Power from 2003, serving 15-Consecutive Years as the Majority Government.

McGuinty was Replaced by Kathleen Wynne as the Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party in 2012, when McGuinty Stepped-Down as Leader. And in 2014, Wynne Won a Four-Year Term to Remain the Premier of Ontario.


1 – Wynne Never Had A Real Job. Her Entire Life was all about Sucking at the Public Teat, First as a Community Activist (Organizer), as a School Board Trustee, and then as an MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament), Finally to become the Premier of Canada’s Largest, Wealthiest, and most Prolific Province.

2 – Wynne Never Wrote A Personal Paycheck. She Never Started Her Own Private Business. And Wynne Never Had To Worry About Her Job Performance, Since, Being On The Public Purse For Her Entire Life . . . WYNNE WAS PROTECTED FROM THE CHALLENGES OF THE REAL WORLD.

Before McGuinty Became Premier . . . Ontario Flirted with the Socialist NDP (New Democrat Party) under Bob Rae, who did so much Damage to the Economy of Ontario from 1990 to 1995, that Ontario still hasn’t Recovered from his Social Engineering & Probably never will, since Rae set in Motion Dynamics that have Become Embedded in the Nature of Ontario Politics.

But . . . Between 1995 & 2002 (7-Years), Ontario Enjoyed the “Common Sense Revolution” of Conservative Premier Mike Harris, who was First & Foremost an Entrepreneur who Understood the Real World of Ontario’s Makers & Shakers.


TO MIKE HARRIS . . . It was all about Responsible Government. Less Regulations, Lower Taxes, Smaller Government & Greater Personal Incentives for Businesses to Succeed.


Unfortunately for Ontario, when Mike Harris Resigned as Premier, Harris was Replaced with Ernie Eves, who was Affable enough, but not with the Stuff Leadership is Made Of, and Eves’ Conservative Party Went Down to Dalton McGuinty of the Liberal Party of Ontario, who had an Enormous Amount of Help from the Teacher’s Union amongst other Unions.


Under 15-Years Of Liberal Governance . . . Ontario Has Become A Fiscal, Cost Of Living & Regulatory Basket Case. ONTARIO HAS BECOME A HAVE-NOT PROVINCE.

Under 7-Years Of Strong Conservative Governance – ONTARIO THRIVED.

Under Just One Term (4-Years) of the Socialist NDP, ONTARIO HAS NOT RECOVERED.

The Liberals, By Their Own Admission ARE NOT GOING TO WIN.

And Now . . . Ontario has the Choice between a Conservative Businessman (Doug Ford), who wants to Slash Taxes, Get Rid of the Draconian Carbon Tax, Gut Stifling Regulations, Reduce the Size & Cost of Government, Bring Academia Back to where it was when Education was just about Education & Make Ontario more Business Friendly . . . To List Just Some Of Ford’s Primary Campaign Initiatives.

COMPARED TO . . . Andrea Horwath of the NDP Socialist Party, who also made her Money in One Way or Another on the Public Purse, whose Government Policies will be to take what the Liberals have done over the last 15-Years . . . AND GROW THEIR SOCIALIST FAILURES EXPONENTIALLY.

AND GUESS WHAT? . . . Even though Wynne Freely Admits that her Party CANNOT WIN THE COMING ELECTION, which Wynne can’t seem to Relate to the Massive Government Failures of her Government Policies . . . to the Coming Massive Defeat at the Polls for Wynne’s Liberal Party . . .

. . . ANDREA HORWATH, who wants to do what Wynne did . . . BUT ONLY BIGGER, could very likely Win the Premiership of Ontario on June 7th.

Based On Everything You Just Read . . .

Do You Think We’re Smart Enough For Self-Governance?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I could not agree more!!! Perhaps, I HOPE and pray, this is the catalyst, and that “pivotal moment” in our history that makes the world once again a sane world, and a world whose values rule the depth of the spirit of freedom!

  2. Sorry to see that Canada has the same problems as USA. Dang. God Bless

  3. About 80% of sheeples are not smart enough for self-governance because after some 5000 years of democratic rule somewhere on this planet, sheeples still believe in fake promises made by politicians. In this election according to the fiberals and dippers, everything will be “FREE” !!! Makes me wonder why I pay any form of taxes at all in onterrible. Wish the federal government would adopt the same philosophy then I wouldn’t have to pay taxes at all. Only a disaster will wake up the sheeples !!!

  4. I am at a total loss of understanding , comprehension and faith in what motivates the general population . My basic understanding of Governance was and remains Running the Province and Country: helping the economy thrive, protecting the countries integrity, offering opportunities to succeed . It has become “Changing” all that exists in favour of “what” is surely better, none of which is working ??? and yet the population supports the New and denigrates all that exists ???

  5. Sigh! The only politician that wasn’t Conservative that I really liked was Rene Levesque. He wanted to take Quebec out of Confederation! But all the crying idiots amassed in Ottawa begged him to reconsider. And now look at what we have as Prime Minister! Looks like the lefties like idiots! But it has been good for Quebec because I believe that they get the lion’s share of transfer payments.

  6. Howard, it looks very discouraging, the voters of ON would actually put an NDP in power after the Rae years when our debt grew exponentially. Why do the citizens of ON not worry about the debt, started by govts. that only know how to over-spend & know nothing about fiscal responsibility? Do the private citizen think that spending beyond his/her income makes ANY sense? Why do they elect govts. that over-spend consistently? Our grand-children will have to carry the load unfairly – WHY?

  7. Howard, your insights into what the upcoming Canadian election might bring as well as the historical perspective was/is most interesting. Thanks so much for the education. It will be very interesting to see the actual outcome shortly! Thanks!

  8. Good Luck to Doug Ford in Canada!The MAKERS are getting FEWER & FEWER by the ‘MINUTE’ and getting FED UP! Meanwhile, the TAKERS [most of them LAZY & ENTITLED] continue to SUCK OUT as much as they CAN from the MAKERS!Good things last just so long and the END is NEAR for the TAKERS in AMERICA–due to PRES. TRUMP. There is still HOPE for AMERICA–which HUSSEIN OBAMA & HILLARIOUS almost DESTROYED in 8 YEARS! “What this Country needs is more free speech worth listening to” [Hansell B. Duckett]. AMEN!

  9. Stupidly, I’m moving to Ontario – getting out of Quebec. My fiancée refuses to move back to Quebec because she refuses to be made into a second, if not third class citizen again. Its on a balance scale: being taxed to death with a bad, stupid, politically correct, racist government, or being with her and taxed to death with a bad, stupid, politically correct government. At least the people are friendlier and sales people actually want to help. Ontario wins. Hopefully, so will Ford.

  10. Wynne sounds like Hillary. As for sheeple instead of common-sense thinking people, we are reaping generations of those publicly educated (indoctrinated) now being of age to run things & sheeple to ‘vote’ them in. We are close to 50% of the population if not more of those generations who bought into the indoctrination. If GOP-conservs wins 65%+ majority, they need a plan/steps leading to reversing devastation of last 60 years. Maybe term limits to start then get behind Trump all the way.

  11. It seems as though Canada has been following the way of Europe and the EU, just like the US has been following. Socialism simply does NOT work & never will, period! I still don’t understand how one province & city can rule over all of Canada. French has the only language??? NO. Canada is part of The Commonwealth of Nations, not part of France. Plus, Canada was under British rule until they declared it’s own independece. I pray that the people wake up, like the US did.

  12. Interesting column, today…..Socialism obviously doesn’t work, in Canada, nor does high taxes, & people acting like sheeples! We really suffered here in the USA, with 8 years of HUESSEIN OBAMA!! And heaven help us, if KILLERY had been ELECTED!!! The “Liberal LOONS” did no one any favors. GOOD LUCK with your election up there in CANADA, & ONTARIO!

  13. Ontario voters are only interested in what the political leaders are willing to provide for nothing. Free healthcare, dentalcare, pharmacies, tuition. You want it, one of the parties is willing to provide it free. But we know nothing is free. Someone is going to have to pay and as long it is not the current taxpayer they don’t care. We will pass it off to our grandchildren and great grandchildren. They will pay for our selfishness. We get the government we deserve.

  14. I don’t want to be taken from birth to the grave by either the liberals or ndp I want to make my own choices along the way

  15. “Reverse psychology” by (“spoiled brat”) Wynne to get more votes? (Just don’t think so!) “Brexit” vote in England plus Trump’s election in USA are indeed affecting Canadians! (Forcing “Socialists” to re-think things?) She isn’t “delusional” (like Hillary Clinton), so willing to face “reality”! BTW, “NOTHING IS FREE”- SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE MUST PAY FOR IT! Those forced to pay for those who “can’t pay” get tired of paying for those who expect things “free” (existing off “other people’s money”)!

  16. After teaching Political Science and Media Bias for 10 years, I simply have to blame the Main Stream Media. The as it ,we’re,
    Are elated at espousing left wing privilege. Because we have next to zero conservative media in Canada, the end result is predictable indeed. The left do not understand the dissinsentives created by socialism. The all need to read/study Dr. Thomas Sowell.

  17. Out here in Alberta, we have an NDP Government, who hope to balance the budget by 2023. By that time, it is estimated
    that the Provincial Debt will be 96 Billion dollars. Please Ontario, vote Conservative!

  18. Tell us what previous liberal, ndp laws you will repeal. How you will shrink the size of government.How you will pay down the debt, bring in property rights, repeal the expensive, phony bilingual (really meaning more government jobs for the french), multicultural policies, make English the official language of Ontario, support de-amalgamation, demand the equalization formula be changed, reduced…and you wonder why will not vote for the so called conservative party??? None of the above!!!

  19. And Wynne has the gall to tell Ontario Voters to not allow the Conservatives to have a “Majority Government” after her Majority Government ruined this province…How far is her head in the sand.

  20. Wynne is playing a political game. By proclaiming she cannot win, and since the vote is very close between conservative and NDP, she is pushing socialist liberal minded people to vote NDP and not to waste their vote on her, to prevent a conservative victory. Liberal and NDP have become so close in their left leaning ideology, there isn’t much difference. Who is behind the big money that manipulates the leftist media, big unions and educators? Follow the money!

  21. Prognostication – Don’t sweat it! A Progressive Conservative government will be elected. Period!

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