Firing Roseanne – Bad Decision


Let Me Make This Clear – I am not a Roseanne Fan. And in spite of her Real Comedic Talent, I see Roseanne as someone who in Life, Resembles the Noise made when Fingernails are Scratched on a Blackboard.

I First Loved the Original Roseanne Show, until it started to go too much off the Rails. And then I decided to End Wasting any of my Time watching anything Roseanne did, when she Insulted the American National Anthem at a Baseball Game, by Screeching the Words, Grabbing her Crotch & Spitting like a BOORISH Ball Player.


Like The 10’s Of Millions Of People . . . who Watched the Opening Episode of the New Roseanne Show, I too thought it was Excellent.

And then there was the Second Episode, which I found Less Excellent than the First. And by the Third Episode, I was no longer Enthralled . . . And I Bet I Wasn’t The Only One Who Felt Like That.


One of the things that made the new Roseanne Show Run Really Thin Really Fast with me, was that the Show Went all over the Board to the LEFT, with what seemed to be an  Effeminate Gay Grandson, a Black Granddaughter, an Unemployed Adult Daughter, a Freaky Employed Loser Daughter & Roseanne’s Nutsy Sister who Appeared on the First Show Wearing a VAGINA Hat. What Normal Woman Wears A Hat That Resembles Her Private Business?


And If I’m Not Mistaken . . . In One Episode, Roseanne Was Using An EBT (Welfare) Card To Buy Her Groceries. So what’s Conservative about any of that?

SO . . . If I was ABC, I wouldn’t have been so quick to have Cancelled the New Roseanne Show, because of a Stupid thing Roseanne Tweeted, for which she Profusely Apologized, since her Show was more Geared to the LEFT than it was to the RIGHT.


BUT . . . What Roseanne Tweeted, whether you were Offended or Not, really isn’t that far from what a Great Many People think of Valerie Jarrett (Less The Implied Racial Epithet), who was Closer to Barack Hussein Obama, than anyone else, which could possibly Include Hussein’s Own Amazon Wife.

What Roseanne Tweeted . . . Didn’t Destroy the American Economy. It didn’t Create Monumental Unemployment. It didn’t Lay-Open the American Borders to ILLEGALS, DRUGS, RAPISTS, HUMAN TRAFFICKERS, TERRORISTS & GANGS.

Did Roseanne Cause The Arab Spring (Nightmare) . . . Or Benghazi?

Or How About . . . The IRS Targeting Conservative Political Groups? Or the NSA Spying on Americans? Or The Justice Department Going After Conservative Journalists? Or the Justice Department Peddling Guns to Mexican Drug Dealing Warlords? Or The FBI Organizing Sedition? Did Roseanne’s Tweet Do Any Of That?

Roseanne’s Few Tweeted Words Didn’t Divide the Country upon Racial Lines, like Nothing Else Did under Hussein Obama in More than a Couple of Generations since the Jim Crow Days. Roseanne’s Tweet Didn’t DIMINISH America’s Global Standing while Apologizing for American Exceptionalism Worldwide.

What Roseanne Tweeted Didn’t Cause Mega-Million-Dollar Athletes to Disparage the American Flag. Nor did what Roseanne Tweet Throw the Israelis to the Wolves in Favor of the Islamic State of Iran. And Roseanne Didn’t Set The TAKERS Upon The MAKERS.

But Obama Did . . . Which Was At The Behest Of His Svengali Jarrett.


But Let Me Go Even Further . . . The LEFT Promotes itself as the Caring & Forgiving Class of American People, who, unlike Conservatives, have a Seriously Large Capacity for Compassion . . . SO WHERE’S THE COMPASSION?


Roseanne Literally & Publicly Prostrated Herself . . . Apologizing Profusely For What She Said. Roseanne Apologized to Valerie Jarrett, to the Writers of the Show, to the Editors, the Producers, the set Designers, the Make-Up People, the Sound Crew, the Actors . . . and the Gofer who brings them Coffee. IS THAT NOT ENOUGH?

SO . . . Instead of being Classy & Accepting Roseanne’s Contrition – The LEFT are Showing Themselves for Who & What they Really are, as they Yearn for what they Consider to be Conservative Blood.

YET – IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE . . . for me to even begin to List the Moronic, Mean-Spirited, Insulting, Threating, Dishonest, Racist (Anti-White) & Outright STUPID THINGS the LEFT from the Highest of Places Utter Day-In & Day-Out – NEVER WITH AN APOLOGY.


Because Conservative America Is A Real Forgiving Country:

If I was Fox Television, I would Pick-Up the New Roseanne Show, just like Fox Television Picked-Up Last Man Standing . . . And I would do it with a Caveat of Heartfelt Commercial Apologies from Roseanne, which she has already Proven she is more than willing to do . . . Which Would Make For Great Publicity.

The Haters Are Going To Hate No Matter What – So What?

And if the LEFT think for a Second, that they Scored Anything with their Attempt to Gang-Up & Gut Roseanne, they don’t know Squat. Because the “MOB MENTALITY” of the LEFT will only Cause Decent American People, who already DESPISE THE LEFT & MOB RULE, to Flock to Roseanne, who just might come out of this Mess . . . Smelling Like Roses.

The American LEFT Remind Me Of What Abba Eben Said About Yasser Arafat.

They Never Miss An Opportunity To Miss An Opportunity.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. With the lame stream media being totally on the left and anti right for decades, we are fighting a loosing battle. It will take a super major catastrophe to wake up the sheeples for them to see that the left is insane and delusional and the right represent common sense and logic.

  2. Howard, This has less to do about Roseanne and more about political lines. If ABC can afford to throw away this kind of a money maker, then so be it. I’m not a fan….but I have to say I watched that 1st episode and it was lots of fun to watch. You can bet the executive team at ABC were seething in the background, yet they were happy to have the viewership and dollars that accompanied it. I think FOX is a perfect fit and I hope they come running to cut a deal immediately!

  3. Roseanne was hired because she IS controversial so to fire her because she has been controversial shows the leftist extent of mentality. Good idea to have Fox pick it up. Shaking my head yet again…..

  4. Excellent analysis, Howard. Yes, it would be great to see Fox pick-up the show. After all the publicity resulting from the cancellation, I’ll bet the viewership would explode on Fox.

  5. I agree with your feelings about Roseanne, but it wasn’t even something she said on the show. Isn’t that punishment for her FREEDOM OF SPEECH, though Kimmel and others can make negative remarks and they are not punished.

  6. Superb editorial, as always. Thank you Howard. Never try to understand the liberal mind, for it is disconnected from reality. Liberalism is a mental disorder. It defies logic. The left are delusional and profoundly ignorant. Also, don’t forget that ABC, along with MSNBC and CNN, is part of the corrupt corporate Pravda media. If Fox picks up the show, its executives must insist that the writers adhere to a conservative slant that mocks liberals. That would be a smash hit.

  7. There is a saying — Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. They did’t fire just Roseanne— the fired writers, actors, stage preparation people, who knows whom else. And no doubt hurt stockholders, maybe network employes. Dumb! Profoundly dumb. They could have punished Roseanne individually, but chose to do something that I see as self-destructive.

  8. If it wasn’t for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

  9. Exactly my thoughts, Fox would do just fine picking her up. I’m no Roseanne fan, I have never even watched it but this whole thing is being blown up by the fake news networks and politically motivated to attack Trump. MAGA

  10. Quote: “for me to even begin to List the Moronic, Mean-Spirited, Insulting, Threating, Dishonest, Racist (Anti-White) & Outright STUPID THINGS the LEFT from the Highest of Places Utter Day-In & Day-Out – NEVER WITH AN APOLOGY”

    (And let’s not forget bigoted remarks against Conservative Pro Trump blacks) ALL Of this and more coming from ABC’s (same network) ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel !!!
    Who has 10% of Rosennes ratings

  11. The hypocrisy from the left is stunning – yet predictable. Quite OK to call our President an Orange Orangutang and unmercifully attack him and his family. I find it quite ironic that Kathy Griffin could make a successful return after her grotesque presidential beheading stunt with a “Laugh Your Head Off” tour that is selling out in many venues. Can Rosanne stage a comeback? We will see, but with the left’s almost total control of the media, I highly doubt it.

  12. The Left/Progressive media does not censor, or extract Louis Farankanf from the screen when he spews his vitrol and hate speech about extermenating White people from the earth and that Jews are Satan. He is never censored as he is speaking the words the main stream media loves and promotes. This is brainwashing folks. The media is hard at it.

  13. If I ran an American TV network….I’d grab ROSEANNE in a heartbeat !!! I’m not a fan, but I could sure use the money !!!
    And Howard G…..Julie + I love your Editorials. The only trouble is….the truth hurts. !!! OUCH !!!
    – Brucester, Montreal, QC, Canada

  14. I do not find The 2018 Roseanne …”””Congruent”””… with the old Roseanne of the 70s who I did not really find personable.. I like the premise of a Conservative sitcom on FOX…and I.. TOO…Believe it would be a Major Hit.. However.. I would not Hitch my TV Wagon up to a Wackadoodle.. a Non congruent..and likely drug addled and in the past known as a somewhat off and on Leftist Hollywood Starr. She’s likely got enough money..Sex isn’T likely as important…More likely she wanted control..

  15. One wonders how much of a CONSERVATIVE Roseanne truly is, especially when she had INSULTED the AMERICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM at a Baseball Game! Roseanne was NOT treated fairly, however! VALERIE JARRET was HUSSEIN OBAMA’S PRIME MOTIVATOR during his term; however, amazingly, she VERY RARELY became a FOCUS of his administration. Hence, Roseanne’s TWEET probably caused a RUCKUS for the DEMORATS because of THIS PARTICULAR FOCUS–as JARRETT is STILL a PAWN in the ATTEMPTS to DESTROY PRES. TRUMP! AMEN!

  16. Comments about Rosanne’s tweet state,” a Trump supporter”, coment.
    That same media commenting about movie mogul Weinstein never states, Bundler for Hilary Clinton or large contributor to the Democratic Party or large contributor to the Bill Clinton campaigns.
    Why would that be? Amnesia? Has Weintein professed his apologies?
    Leftist media-try speaking the truth or at least less leftist agendized “news.” Networks plus CNN and MSNBC try some Journalism if you recall. Why 2 standards.

  17. Ok. The planet of the apes thing wasn’t nice BUT, as so many have so eloquently stated (especially Mr. G) – the left have not only said worse they have DONE so much WORSE. Listen to some of the people on the Comedy network, it’s truly disgusting! I’ve seen Laurie Metcalf giving interviews – the woman is a nut bar in my opinion. If Roseanne had another show I might watch it based on principle. FREE SPEECH. Roseanne has the right to make comments that are in poor taste. The left does often.

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed ALL the “bloggers” comments, even though I did NOT agree with MOST OF THEM! Would be a real treat for FOX to pick up the “ROSEANNE” series!! That could do WONDERS FOR SOME OF IT’S RATINGS!!!

  19. Totally agree, Mr. “G”! You are spot on and said everything I’ve been thinking. I struggled to like the Roseanne show as I noticed all the liberal “crap” that was snuck into it……so subtly of course! But on the other hand, it depicted real life about that “liberal” crap they’ve shoved down our throats for the past eight years. Depicted some of the real consequences! Time will tell is the show returns. I won’t lose over it.

  20. I honestly don’t care one way or the other, about the Roseanne show. I felt what she said was true & typical of the Left, she was condemned. Hollywood needs a REAL WAKE UP to reality!!! The Left is “eating” it’s own, now. In the end, the Left will self-destruct, period. Absolute power DOES corrupt & that statement is showing with the Left. As the MSM looks for & creates more & more yellow journalism, & makes more & more claims of ludicrousy, people will turn away & be disgusted.

  21. I enjoyed the original Roseanne show for awhile until they made all the women on the show into sluts. So I never bothered to watch any of the new series. Sounds like I didn’t miss anything at all. BUT, for her to lose her job over freedom of speech, and all those liberal Trump-hating leftists to keep theirs despite hate speech, well, I don’t watch ABC at all! Or CNN, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, ESPN and others of similar nature.

  22. On TV we see race baiting Jew hating race riot starter Al Sharpton with Jarret going after Barr & Trump (?). Islam calls Jews the decendents of apes and pigs. Where is the Left’s outrage? Mel Gibson made an anti Jew film and when drunk showed his antiSemitism & Mexican hatred but was immediately forgiven by Hollywood & the Left. Barr made a bad joke but watch late night TV for far worse but that is OK. Can we say DOUBLE STANDARDS? Yes we can. Really a tempest in a tea cup.

  23. Rosanne never was “Ms. Prim and Proper”so what else did we expect? OIC- people today no longer appreciate “tell it like it is” folks (even if this is supposedly comedy)? Didn’t watch new show, but cast sounds more like “This is US” (as far as the way society is going today), so perhaps it was more of a “reality show”? (Valerie Jarrett is supposedly now living with the Obamas in their house!) So, where does “comedy” end and “slander/libel” begin? Not fans of Rosanne since “Anthem episode”!

  24. VJ an “Aide” to Hussein? Far from it, she was in CHARGE of Obama from the start of his training. People give BHO2 way to much credit for his actions. He was chose, trained, instruction and put out in the front. Marching orders came down to VJ and she put them in action. Not to difficult to follow the trail back to the early 90’s.

  25. I agree Paul. She was running the country. Obumma was a puppet.

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