OK – Two Dysfunctional Families Join In England


So Yesterday (May 19th) . . . I wrote for more than 3-Hours about the Royal Wedding. But, at the End of the Day, I made the Decision not to Publish what I wrote, because, to a Great Extent, that would have Placed me on the Same Level as the Mainstream Media, Including Fox News, who Gushed Shamelessly over the Royal Pomp & Circumstance.

I Didn’t Publish What I Wrote . . . Because It Wasn’t Relevant To The Real World.


And I Dislike American & Canadian Limousine Liberals Even More.

So for me, this Hollywood-Style Scripted Royal Wedding was an Enormous WASTE of Public Tax Dollars (Thank God Britain’s & Not Ours), which some say cost as “Little” as $50-Million USD, while others in the Know suggest this Extravaganza cost as much as $100-Million USD, given all the Security & Everything Else Associated with this Royal Command Performance.

The Sad Reality . . . Is That The People Who Paid – Will Never Know The Truth.


Canada’s Shameful Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Just Held A Photo Op & PR Event to “Apologize” to the Canadian Jewish Community, for Canada’s Role in Sending just under 1,000 German Jews, back to the Jewish Meat Grinder in Nazi Europe, who Sailed into Canada at the beginning of WWII on the St Louis, Praying & Begging to Escape Certain Murder at the Hands of the Nazis.

And Within a Few Days after this PR Stunt, this same Dufus Prime Minister, Decided to Send even More Support to the PALESTINIANS (HAMAS), while Calling for an International Inquiry . . . into how Israeli Jews Defended Themselves & Their Country from Palestinian Savages Rushing the Israeli/Gaza Security Fence FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF MURDERING JEWS.


Not To Labor The Point . . . Or To Say I Told You So – but for more than 6-Months, I’ve been Writing that Michael Horowitz, the Department of Justice’s INSPECTOR GENERAL, who has a Great Deal of Investigative Freedom, with a Crack Staff of more than 400-Investigators, is Literally Weeks Away From ROCKING the American Political System to its very Foundation.


Everything I could Glean about Michael Horowitz, Says that he is Really a Straight-Shooter, a No Nonsense Guy and a True Patriot, but everyone except President Trump, more or less said the same thing about Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein & Sessions . . . So I Kind Of Have To Hold My Breath.

BUT IF HOROWITZ . . . Is True to his Reputation, and in fact does what I Predict he is going to do, AND OUTS the Clintons and their Entire LEFTIST CABAL of Democrats & RINOS, including the People in Crooked Hillary’s State Department and Hussein Obama’s Justice Department, for the Dishonest & Seditious Traitors they Really Are . . . I suspect America will be Waist Deep in Criminal Litigation for Years to Come.


HOWEVER . . . That Said – If the Horowitz Report Turns Out To Be Just Another Washington Whitewash Of The High & Mighty, Don’t be Surprised to see the Beginning of America’s Second Civil War . . . and the Division of the States.


HOW AMERICA DECIDES TO DEAL . . . with what is Nothing Short than Outright SEDITION from the Highest Levels within the Government (Deep State), will clearly Dictate where America will Stand on the Global Scene . . .

How The Horowitz Report Goes, America Will Go . . . Is How The World Will Go.

We in the West (Canada & America), Can’t possibly Imagine our World, being in such Severe Turmoil, where Family Members, Friends & Neighbors could Wind up Hating Each Other Over Socio/Political Issues.

But, when it Comes Right Down to Political Ignorance, or The End-Justifies-The-Means as so many on the LEFT seem to Believe is Acceptable, and how so many on the LEFT Believe that Limited Freedom in a Socialized Nation Is More Desirable Than Individual Freedoms, a Capitalist Meritocracy, and a Government that ANSWERS EXCLUSIVELY TO THE PEOPLE . . . THERE WILL BE CIVIL WAR.

I Think We’re Already There. I know that I Don’t Want To Be In The Same Room with LEFTISTS who think they’re Entitled to what I Earn & Disparage what I Think & Have to Say.

I DESPISE THE CORRUPT & DISHONEST MEDIA . . . And Decry The Social Media Oligopolies Such As Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Others Who Propagandize The News & Slant The Truth.

Things Can’t Continue To Go The Way They Are . . . And we can only Bury our Ignorance in Nonsensical Events like the Royal Wedding, before Reality will Strike with a Vengeance.

I Still Hold Out . . . That President Trump, as long as the Media, RINOS, Deep State and other Assorted Enemies From Within Can’t Break Him, PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL BREAK THEM, and In-So-Doing, President Trump will Save The American Republic & Give Canadian Folk Like Me a Reason to Hope.

And If Israel’s Going To Survive As A Jewish State, Trump Better Survive Too.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I strongly believe that Giuliani spoke for millions who are fed up of Hussein Obama policies, that damaged US credibility everywhere in the world except in Turkey and Qatar, both countries avid supporters of terrorists including the number One, ISIS.
    Mr. Giuliani is a man of integrity and demands our respect!

  2. Either civil war or economic collapse are truly the only 2 options left to get out of this mess. I see no other way. We have come to the edge of the cliff and are ready to jump into it.

  3. Trudope is more than ‘Shameful’ – he is disgustingly hypocritical! All he wants is to be seen. He certainly doesn’t say much worth listening to. Canadians must get him out of office for the next election, or we will be on the road to hell more than we already are. As for Trump, I pray he continues to fight against the crap that goes on in the US, continues to fight against the damn UN, and continues his support of Israel! Media all over are full of ‘it’ – thank G-d for Howard Galganov !

  4. WW3 began several years ago. It’s currently raging in the middle east, but IT IS COMING HERE TO THE HOMELAND. Bet on it because it’s going to happen. If they manage to remove Trump for no reason, then there will absolutely be Civil War.

  5. For nothing is concealed that won’t be revealed, and nothing hidden that won’t be made known and brought to light. Luke 8-17. May God help us expose the evil left for what they are; minions of the evil one.

  6. The Democrats and MSM have spent many times the cost of the Royal Wedding spewing vicious hatred towards everyone who does not agree with their hypocritical destructive madness. I watched excerpts of the Royal Wedding and was elated to see so many people spreading heart-felt Love instead of vicious Hate. It was worth it. Nobody does culture and elegance, pomp and circumstance like the Brits!

  7. An excellent blog, as always. Loved the headline. I agree with you 100% on the Royal Wedding. I turned Fox off whenever they spoke of it. Imagjne that~~an American marrying royalty~~who cares? Long live President Trump!
    The reason most people in Canada detest POTUS is because of the MSM. Imagine if we had a PM or political party rhat talked about “draiining the swamp”? I wish!

  8. Americans “still believe in Fairy Tales” (what “Royal Wedding” was about), but this event was a “racial and “political” statement! (“Have things your way” popular in England too!) Was Episcopal Bishop a former Baptist preacher? Enjoyed the cellist! Let’s trust “Justice and Truth” can and will prevail in our nation- soon! (Martial Law needs to happen prior to “Civil War”!) Too many today are indeed “doing their own thing” (not abiding by U.S. laws)! Lawyers and doctors “playing god” to get rich!

  9. Good God, and before your thesis here Howard, we’ve been seeing this on the U.S. horizon visa-vis the leftist ‘deep state’ assholes Rino’s and all in Washington. we are entering a period much on par to the American revolution w/ England 1700’s! The saddening thing is – the Brit ‘royalist’ of old are still with us – now they are known as – the head in the sand American left!

  10. Tarek Loubani was jailed by Egypt for trying to smuggle drones and spy cameras into Gaza from the Rafah crossing.Canada saved them both. Now a year or so later he is there along with his Hamas buddies. If he was shot, it is because a sniper decided he was being deadly aggressive. How did this excrement even get back int Gaza? Why is Trudeau Islamopandering to that family? There are too many unanswered questions. Trudeau’s contacts need to be investigated!

  11. Already in Canada In Canada….”where Family Members, Friends & Neighbors could Wind up Hating Each Other Over Socio/Political Issues” Want to see Trump Derangement Syndrome(TDS) in Actin? Mention Donald Trump at a family gathering in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or most Canadian cities. TDS is what lets Trudeau lie in-spite of facts to the cpontrary.

  12. I, like you, don’t care for the British Aristocracy, but watched as the ‘pastor’ went on and on about …love….; then, I found out later that the groom has been married two times already; and the bride was married once before!
    The whole thing made a mockery of our Lord Jesus’ words: Matthew 19:9, “And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery.

  13. You are right on about not wanting to be in the same room with leftists. I have relatives who think our PM can do no wrong and does not understand why I pass on info via FB about the latest damage this man has done to our country. I found it was just easier to block them from my social media as it was getting out of hand. They are so brain washed by CBC, CTV etc. All they spew is love for Trudeau and vexatious comments about President Trump. Easier not to talk to them at all.

  14. Because of our complacency, as a people, and a “Let the Government handle it, I am on the same page as you are in this blog. There is no “White Knight, in the wings, and Superman was done in by Kryptonite, and while we sat back and “Let the Government Handle it”,….we were literally taken to the cleaners, and the bill has come due,….and we can not afford to pay it!!
    My biggest regret is while we passed it on to our kids,….they don’t have a clue,Besides,”It’s not my fault!!”

  15. You should show a little forgiveness to the royals. If you follow back in their genealogy, you see they are just a bunch of inbred idiots..

  16. Oh my!!! I must admit……..I get more and more confused……and worried.

  17. Every time our PM opens his mouth, he puts both feet in his mouth. Too bad that the eastern half of Canada doesn’t learn
    and vote for somebody else!

  18. I gave up on the Royal family in 1776. Just kidding. I thought the whole ceremony interesting but about as shallow as the Hollyweird award ceremonies. One couldn’t tell from the Bishop’s sermon that there was a young couple getting married sitting right in front of him. All the “peace and love” stuff was more fitting a kid’s Sunday School class than befitting a wedding. Sadly, Harry & Meghan seem pretty leftist so they probably wanted to make a soft political statement via their ceremony.

  19. My thoughts on the royal wedding. The royals don’t bother me one iota. As for Israel, Daddy Trudeau had no love for Israel, why should the selfie king feel any different.. We also look at oil fields, I never believed that he would act aggressively on this file. Remember Petro Canada. Shades of Deja vu. Ray Moscato Calgary Alberta, Canada

  20. HG–if, as you said, that MICHAEL HOROWITZ is a STRAIGHT-SHOOTER, a NO-NONSENSE GUY & a TRUE PATRIOT, he will NOT DISAPPOINT AMERICA and PRES. TRUMP regarding his upcoming REPORT! With all the GARBAGE that’s coming out of the SWAMP, especially recently, one can’t help BUT to BELIEVE that AMERICA WILL BE SET BACK ON TRACK. It’s already BEGUN! If Pres. Trump was the type “to be broken”, it would have happened a LONG TIME AGO. It’s NOT his STYLE–as proven by the LAST PLUS YEAR! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  21. I believe informal civil war has already begun with little hot spots here and there. When establishment politicians add their rhetoric to kindle the fire, the efforts were already in place. Howard, as scary as civil war is, with all that may mean with physical violence and property destruction and who knows what else, I agree with you it’s coming if not already here on a small scale.

  22. Re Trudeau …… “Uh ………” seems to be about the best he can come up with, and his most common utterance. As for the “Royal Wedding” …… I had no interest in watching it. The royals do what they do ….. I have better things to do with my time!

  23. Howard, who is this goof that says Harry was married twice before?

  24. I saw your PM speaking/preaching in a video in Parliament. I literally thought it was a joke, a SNL skit or something, and soon realized it was real. That guy is scary crazy.

  25. Here’s hoping the Horowitz report – tells it like it is. If so, all will be right in the world.
    Arnold Charitan Los Angeles, Ca.

  26. The Queen sure changes, doesn’t she? She wouldn’t let Margaret marry the love of her life. She detested Diana. Charles called Diana a liar re: you know who. After Diana’s death, the Queen sanctioned Charles marrying Camilla. The Queen sanctioned Harry & Ms. M. If Margaret was alive today, what an uproar there would be. Hypocrits & Liars-ALL I say. The same as our Senate & House & Media. God Bless

  27. I did not waste one second on the”Royal” wedding.I’m starting to hear more and more remarks like Lock and Loaded lately! Makes me quite nervous! The FBI, DOJ has been totally discredited.What a shame for those who do have integrity, a Heart towards America;that have to serve under such compromised, biased, dis-honest, un-American heads of these departments. Not to mention the un-Constitutional behavior,abuse of power,scandalous acts that have been perpetrated! This in not “OUR” Father’s America!

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