It’s Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings


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Nothing Is Forever . . . & Everything In One Way Or Another Receives Payback.

Long Before Anne & I Met Each Other, but not quite 50-Years Ago, while I was already going to University at Night & Working during the Day . . . I was a CFL (Canadian Football League) Fanatic, Enthralled with the Montreal Alouettes (Al’s) Football Team . . . When at one of the Home Games, at my Season Ticket Seats – The Al’s were getting Creamed going into the 4th Quarter, down by Two Touchdowns, and Barely able to Hold onto the Ball.


When The 4th Quarter Began . . . The Two Teams were Listless. The Team against the Al’s were Sitting on their Lead, while the Al’s looked like a Bunch of Guys who couldn’t do Anything Right No Matter how Hard they Tried. Then, all of a sudden, with about 10-Minutes Left In The Game, the Al’s either Fumbled or Threw an Interception, which the Other Team Ran-In for a Touchdown.

With The Last Score . . . The People Booed & Began To Leave.

TO SAY THAT THE PERFORMANCE WAS DREADFUL . . . Would have been an Understatement out of all Proportion, but they were my Alouettes, and come Hell or High Water, I wasn’t going to Abandon them until the Fat Lady Sang with the Final Whistle of the Game.

Besides . . . Leaving the Stadium to go to my Car, amongst some 15,000 Spectators, all leaving at the same time, would have been Ludicrous. So, I might as well have Stayed & Watched the End of the Slaughter to see how much Worse the Finish could be.

THEN IT HAPPENED . . . The Al’s Scored a Converted Touchdown. Then the Al’s did an ONSIDE KICK, Retrieved the Ball and Ran-It-In for another Touchdown. Then the Al’s tried another ONSIDE KICK & FAILED . . . but in the Opposition’s First Play, THEY FUMBLED, the Al’s Picked it . . . And The Score Was Now Even.

AND THEN . . . In the Dying Seconds of the Game, the Al’s PUT-ONE-THROUGH-THE-UPRIGHTS FOR THREE POINTS, and it was GAME-OVER – The Al’s Won, and all the People who Gave-Up with 10-Minutes To Spare Missed-Out On One Of The Greatest All-Time Comebacks.


Don’t Give Up Until The Fat Lady Sings . . .

FOR FIFTY-ONE YEARS . . . Since the Incredible Israeli Victory of the 6-Day War (June 1967), the World had Turned it’s Venom on Israel, because, when Israel was Considered to be the Underdog, and a PUSSY Amongst Nations, everyone Loved the Seemingly Hapless Little State Which Had Nothing.

But . . . As Israel Showed The World That It Was A Real Country, and that Jews weren’t the Hapless & Helpless Pacifists IN-NEED of other People’s Charitable Protection & Pity, all of a Sudden, Israel Became Portrayed As The Neighborhood Bully.

AND FOR YEARS & YEARS & YEARS . . . People have been Writing & Saying that Israel is Getting an Extremely Underserved Bad Rap, and what Israel Really Needs, IS BETTER PR. And Unless Israel does Something & Does it Soon, To Turn It’s Image Around . . . ISRAEL WON’T SURVIVE!

And Just Like The Alouettes’ Fans . . . Of Some 50-Years Ago, Who Left Before The Fat Lady Sang, a great many Fans of Israel had also Left, when Everything Looked the Bleakest for the Jewish State, as Israel’s “Friends” headed for the Doors, as Israel’s Arab/Moslem Neighbors, All of Europe, Especially when the United States of America, under Barack Hussein Obama were Closing-In for the Socio/Political “Two Equal State Coup D’état”.

BUT – IN LESS THAN 2-YEARS . . . With the Presidency of Donald Trump and his New Pro-Israel Ambassador to the UN – Nikki Haley, Israel Is Riding High with No Sound At All From The Fat Lady.

AND AS MUCH AS PEOPLE HAVE BEEN FEARFUL . . . For the Presidency of Donald Trump, with Clarion Voices Screaming for the President To Come-Out Fighting Against the Enemies from Within, before they could Pull Down Donald Trump’s Presidency, all of Sudden, with Plenty of Time Left On The Clock, it seems to me, that the People who’ve been Gunning For The President, Will Soon Enough Become Targets With-In Themselves.

And For All The People Wringing Their Hands – Terrified that the LEFT were going to Score a Major BLUE-WAVE, come the Mid-Term Elections this November, all of a Sudden, it seems as though the LEFT, might be Happy just to Keep what they Have.


Until I Hear The Fat Lady Sing . . .

I Didn’t Leave The Stadium. Israel Didn’t Surrender To The World Of Anti-Semites. America Still Became The Greatest Republic On The Planet . . .

And Donald Trump’s Not Going To Lose The Presidency Until The Fat Lady Sings.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The majority of American citizens continue to vote in every election either Republican or Democrat. If I claimed to be Jesus Christ I’m sure I would have a great following, but it would be a LIE! When will citizens start doing a little research on our candidates before we vote? Look what we have discovered about Obama after he has been elected! I usually hope for the Republican to be the better candidate, but haven’t seen much difference until this last election and in truth…I don’t buy it!

  2. As I have always been told and as one of one of my most admired figures in history said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going”, and words that I have always tried to live by, “Never, never, never give up”.

  3. She’s not even doing scales let alone ready to sing. This DeepState plot to undermine President Trump only worked if he lost the election and he’s going to be re-elected in 2020 without breaking a sweat! I hope and pray God lets me live long enough to cast two more votes for MY president! A whole lot of “too big to jail” people are about to find out they are not.

  4. First, CONGRATULATIONS to Israel & Jerusalem! Pres.Trump has accomplished MORE in his FIRST YEAR than any other president! Can one imagine how MUCH MORE he would/could have accomplished IF he had had the RINO’S COOPERATION?Are the RINOS really willing to lose the HOUSE just to SPITE Pres. Trump? The RINOS should PUT THEIR BIG-BOY PANTS ON and START working FOR THE PEOPLE instead of THEMSELVES!Pres. Trump has ALREADY made the FAT LADY SING, but more SONGS are NEEDED to be SUNG! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  5. Howard I think the fat lady will sing before Canada recovers. The dufus Trudeau and his liberals presented a new Crime Bill C-75 it is scheduled for 2nd reading 24th May. This bill will reduce penalties for serious crimes including: terrorist activities, kidnapping of under 16, forced marriage, promoting genocide, organized crime activities. This is Crazy on top of all the other stupid things the Trudeau liberals have done to Canada.
    David Stanhope

  6. I listen to Hannity and Judge Janine Pirro a lot on FOX. The recent reports are stating that the deep state scandal is 1000 worst than watergate. Hope it is true and we start seeing some arrest and prosecutions of the left but I am dreaming and are they all above the law ???

  7. Howard, We need a Trump like person to replace our Naive Prime Minister Trudeau. We have Isis members walking down the streets in Canada proud that they have fought for isis and chopped the heads of men. Yet our Liberal Government still welcomed them with open arms. I cry for Canada because its going down the abyss without even stopping to consider the consequences. Steve Acre, Canada

  8. I really don’t get the attitude of RINOs, or even Democrats. It’s like being on a cruise, and discovering that your worst enemy is aboard. I’ll get him! I’ll just blow up this ship, and that will be the end of him! Overlooking the fact that that will be the end of me, too. Poor, stupid, blind, self-serving fools.
    And, unfortunately for me and mine, I’m in this ship, too…

  9. Excellent commentary & lesson piece on the needs for un-dying perseverance and need for deep faith Howard. you are a champ to so many of us. God bless you and Anne for all you’re thoughts come out as text for us – your avowed who’ve known your many intellects about life for a long time!

  10. Howard, for decades I have been saying: “The world wrings its hands with grief when Jews are murdered, but outraged when Jews stand up and fight back.” It just is. Hamas tries to breach the fence between Israel and Gaza and the world is outraged that Israel defended itself. The “protest” was supposed to be about Egypt and Israel’s embargo of Gaza yet the protests are only against Israel. If they attacked Egypt the death toll would have been ten fold greater, and Hamas know this.

  11. Love it when you come out with an upbeat editorial. Been so much bad going on for a long time and a pep talk is good. Thanks Howard. The fat lady isn’t singing yet and won’t as long as Mr. Trump is at the helm and staying true to his patriotic fervor.

  12. God created Israel centuries ago for His people. Enemies of Israel and of God demolished it for a time …. but ultimately God is in control! In today’s world, with so many countries hating Israel in their jealousy of Israeli intelligence and ethic, God is still in control. There may be more wars and rumors of wars ….. but ultimately Israel will survive – and continue to prosper! Many people today don’t believe in God. That is their right …. and folly.

  13. Thanks Howard……..really needed your pep talk today. The fat lady will lose her voice. Thank God for Trump……

  14. “It’s Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings”, Leave Rosie O’Donnell out of this!

  15. Never give up and never give in. I love it!
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  16. Loved your “pep talk”, today…..was/is good for my spirit! THANK GOODNESS for our WONDERFUL PRES., DONALD J. TRUMP…..HE’S DONE MORE IN HIS YEAR + AS PRESIDENT, TO UNDO Barak Hussein Obama’s DISASTEROUS 8 YEARS, SO MY DEAR CANADIAN FRIENDS, PLEASE “DON’T GIVE UP BEFORE THE MIRACLE”!! Truedope is on his way out, I can “feel it in my bones”… “PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP ‘TIL THE FAT LADY SINGS”!!!

  17. Howard:
    Your spirit and enthusiasm are infectious. We need a boast from time to time to keep us fighting the good fight and we constantly need to be reminded not to give up. We cherish your thoughts here in the USA.
    Zane F. Pollard MD Atlanta,Ga.

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