“We Shouldn’t Promote The Second Amendment” . . . Abby Huntsman

If Not Me Who? If Not Now When? If Not Here Where?

I Wrote Yesterday’s Editorial out of Utter Frustration, because of how Canada is Slipping Away & Cascading Towards An Extremely Unpleasant Conclusion . . . Because – Whether The Dummies Know It Or Not, Eventually, as Margaret Thatcher so Brilliantly Stated Several Generations ago . . .


In A Socialist State . . . Eventually The Takers Run Out Of Other People’s Money.

Because of Canada’s LEFTIST Academia, Powerful Union Attitude, Socialist Bureaucracy, Stifling Regulations . . . and COWARDLY So-Called Conservative Political Parties – the Entire Country has Developed a Feeling of Entitlement, all the way to the Clerks in Stores and the Servers in Restaurants.

IT’S INTERESTING . . . Most People who have an Exchange for Services Needed, for Example, at Government Institutions like the DMV, Post-Office & VA – Generally walk away shaking their heads at the Arrogance and Lack of Attention given by the Clerks Behind the Counters.

The Reason for that . . . is that in Most Cases, these Government Jobs, are Jobs for Life, UNFIREABLE, even when the “Government Employee” is Shit-Faced, Rude, Lazy and or Incompetent.

And After All Is Said & Done. And after all the Paid Perks & Extended Holidays, these Public “Servants” generally Retire in their early FIFTIES, with Full Pensions, Usually far Greater than what a Working Family of Four in the Private Sector, ACTUALLY EARNS . . . doing their Job as Best they Can . . . Day In & Day Out, with no Tax-Paid-Pot-Of-Gold at the End of Their Rainbow.


Even though the Servers & Retail Clerks in Canada are not Public Sector Workers, because of the Entitlement Philosophy that runs Rampant throughout Canadian Society, it has Infected many of the People we Depend upon for all sorts of our Services . . .

. . . As If Having A Job & Getting Paid Is Simply Their Due.

Whether They Do The Job Well Or Not . . . The Awakening Is Coming.

What’s Also Interesting . . . When I was a Kid, there were Summer Jobs for Everyone who Wanted to Work. And up until a Dozen years ago, I had no Problem finding Students to Help around the Farm, especially during Hay Season . . . THAT WAS THEN & THIS IS NOW!

Today, Good Luck finding Young People who really want to Work, or who could be Relied Upon to do the Job Well & to Fruition.

Some People Wrote to me Privately by Email, and Commented “Publicly” on the BLOG, asking what the Difference was for Anne and Myself being in Canada for 6-Months during the Year, and the USA For 6-Months during the Balance of the Year . . . HOW ABOUT NIGHT & DAY!

In Yesterday’s Editorial, I made Reference between Europe and Canada being on a Fast Track to Becoming like Venezuela . . . I SHOULD HAVE SAID CALIFORNIA.


Had America Not Voted For Donald Trump . . . America would also have been on the Fast Track to this LEFTIST Debacle . . . GUARANTEED!

But, because enough Americans made the RIGHT DECISION to Win Back Their Country by Voting for Donald Trump, America might not Go Down the Drain with the Rest of the Global Dirty Water, WHICH IS ENTIRELY UP TO THE VOTERS IN THE NOVEMBER MID-TERM ELECTIONS.

AS CANADIANS . . . Who could Never Hope of Getting Green Cards, or a Permanent Visa to live in the USA, because of our Ages & Semi-Retirement, Anne & I have an Enormous Amount At Stake with the Reelection of a Conservative Republican House & Senate . . . Because, if President Trump should Falter, be Impeded in a Serious Way, or Fall From Office – Canada Will Be As Doomed As Most Of Europe.

So . . . If Anne & I Can’t Become Americans, Perhaps We Can Do All We Can For America To Keep Canada Canadian . . . As We Knew It.


THERE IS ALWAYS MUCH HAPPENING IN THE WORLD . . . But Today, it would “SEEM” that there is More Happening than at anytime since I was a Youngster. But it doesn’t just “SEEM” like that . . . BECAUSE IT REALLY IS LIKE THAT.

And at a Time when we need HONEST & COMPREHENSIVE Information & Opinions, We Are Bereft Of Both.


Like You . . . I also Read, Hear & See all the Catchy News Slogans from the Main Stream Media – Fair & Balanced, News You Can Trust, All The News You Need To Know . . . And On And On And On. BUT THEY’RE JUST SLOGANS – EMPTY WORDS.

HERE’S AN EXAMPLE – At about 6:45 This Morning, I was listening to Fox News in Bed, when a Report came up concerning a Public School Somewhere in the USA, where Posters were Placed DAMNING The NRA & Guns.

The Fill-In Co-Host Abby Huntsman . . . with Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy were Aghast that a PUBLIC SCHOOL was Promoting a Socio/Political Position to Young & Impressionable Minds . . . Then Abby Huntsman – Who I have ZERO TIME FOR Said The Following . . .


Pardon Me? Exactly what did the Privileged & Entitled Abby Huntsman Mean, by saying “THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SHOULD NOT BE PROMOTING THE SECOND AMENDMENT?”

DID THIS PIECE OF WORK – Abby Huntsman . . . Never Learn that the Second Amendment is the Second Most Important Part of the Foundation of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, which is the Most Important Guarantee for American Freedom?

So – For Huntsman To Say that the Second Amendment Should Not Be Promoted to Young & Impressionable Minds . . . It Says Far More About Huntsman & The Mainstream Media Than Anything Else.

What Was Also Disappointing . . . was that Neither Doocy nor Kilmeade Corrected Huntsman’s Stupid Statement.


WE NEED HONEST OPINIONS & REAL NEWS . . . No One is going to Tell me what to Say or what to Write or what to Do. I have just ONE PAID SPONSORPylinski Arms Gunsmithing, and Pylinski is Advertising on Galganov.com because he supports what I Write, Say & Do. And even if Pylinski didn’t, I Would Still Write, Say & Do What I Believe-In.

I Don’t Worry About Media Owners, Producers, Advertisers, Audience Size Or Demographics – I ONLY WORRY ABOUT GETTING-OUT THE TRUTH.

I Worry About Supporting The People We Really Need To Support, while Exposing the People who are Phonies, Liars, Cheats & Grifters.

And It’s Really Hard To Do It All On My Own – But I Do The Best I Can.

However . . . With your Help & Financial Support, You Really Do Lighten The Load and make it Easier for me – To Do What I Think I Do Best.

And whether you can Afford To Help Support Galganov.com Or Not, I will still keep BANGING AWAY as I’ve done for Most of My Life, Partly because I’M Compelled, And Partly Because It’s The Right Thing To Do.

SO . . . If You Can Help, and Believe that there is Real Value in what I Write, Say and Do, PLEASE CLICK HERE To See How You Can help Me Lighten The load.

In Advance . . . Thank You For Your Support.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I haven’t seen where Rudy backed down. I’ve only seen some media spin it that way and the RINO’s distance themselves. The Media is very clever how they misrepresent things they don’t like and the people they can’t control. For the life of me I can’t understand why the Repubs don’t support their own when they get a winning hand. Good Republicans are few and far between. I agree with you, if Rudy did back down it was a big mistake. I want to hear it directly from him.

  2. All the Huntsman’s are out of touch with real America. A friend of mine says things are set for Huntsman to become president, but I don’t think that will ever happen!
    Fox is getting bad!! I have no TV so don’t have it in my face….on Sirius if I feel like it.

  3. I was with the federal government for 13 years until 2015 when I was laid-off because 700 of my colleagues and I didn’t survive the 2014 conservative budget trying to balance it. I was part of the smallest of 18 federal unions with only 1400 members, so we lost half. Imagine the other unions. No a government job is no longer a job for life and the strangest of all is my mother is French and I am fully bilingual. According to rumor stories running around, I’m suppose to have all the gov. jobs.

  4. Abby’s dad is famous RINO John Huntsman, presidential candidate 2012 before being out RINO-ed for the nomination by Romney. She’s a straight-up globalist; hopefully she will not return to Fox. One America News network (OAN) which is channel 347 on DirectTV which is my satellite provider is the only unbiased news these days–plus you, Sara Carter and Sharyl Attkisson. I also believe Tucker and Laura Ingraham most of the time and Hannity as well. Shrill girly-man Shep Smith is a Trump Hater.

  5. People are narrow minded. They only see the pressing topic du jour, presented to them in a uni-dimensional manner in an agendized, single-sided argument, and they think that applies to everything at all times. They don’t understand that a removal of rights is a removal of rights. What the rights are is irrelevant. Once they are gone they do not come back. If you have a guaranteed right in your constitution why on earth would you push remove it? It is all only political manipulation of the masses

  6. “If you like U.S. Postal System, you’ll love Socialized Medicine”! People are learning how to receive all kinds of “social services” (without working or being “citizens”)! Imagine how things would be if almost everybody had “Government jobs” (all Government holidays too)! That’ how things are in China, but Government also tells you what to do and when (so if you don’t do this, you could lose your job)! Fox News “fair and balanced” (not like in past), but where would we be without them? Scary!

  7. Right on again, Howard! I depend on kids to help me with tasks I cannot do. They do not seem to really need the $ and when I was a kid I needed it. I worked since I was 12 and still am trying to help myself even though I can hardly walk with neuropathy in my feet and legs. It is so hard to find help and even paying them does not matter. I had gov adults come here to help clean my house and wound up stopping it as they were stealing from me.

  8. I’ve always thought it was odd that a person needed tenure to protect their job ‘for life’; seems dependability/skills, ….simply doing what the worker is paid to do would be enough. Tenure is only needed in government ….never in the private sector. Another thought, the private sector must make a profit….govt can just tax the people more to get the money to pay the ‘tenured’.

  9. Not only did entitlement mentality start with expanded welfare with lessening & then removal of job search requirements, but also parents giving allowances to 3 year olds on up. Why on earth was it necessary for unions to be allowed for gov’t employees back in the 60s? Was obvious who would join 1st, those who took longer breaks, were seen chatting for long periods instead of at desk working, complaining about work, etc. So much for merit-based anything. Participation trophies given like candy.

  10. Oh Boy Howard, did you ever hit the nail on the head with simple phrase…”COWARDLY, So-Called Conservative Political Parties”, referring to Canada’s political landscape. Even though that statement epitomizes the tragic reality of our times, it made me feel good that someone of your journalistic stature would specifically bring attention to it. Our Conservatives are mainly left of centre, and factually, only a person of Margaret Thatcher’s grit and ability, can ever hope to save Canada now!


    Of course not. There’s nothing in their union contracts that requires that.

    Last week I read an article from a teacher’s union calling for all clocks to be removed from classrooms. Why? “Most of the students can’t read them (analog clocks), so we might as well take them down.”

    Next week it will be, “They can’t read and write, so I guess we don’t need books………

  12. I’m utterly amazed that we have AMERICAN teachers, AMERICAN TV talking heads & other AMERICAN “authority figures” claiming we shouldn’t be talking positively about the founding fathers, the documents they created forming a never-before-seen, absolutely amazingly beautiful & beneficial form of govt and all it has stood for.

    Unbelievable. Never thought I’d ever see this in my lifetime. Thought this only occurred in Iron Curtain countries. I’m afraid this doesn’t bode well for America’s future.

  13. Enjoyed your “blog” as usual, Howard…..THANK YOU for being “SPOT ON”! With Abbie H., she’s just ANOTHER “SWAMP CREATURE”!! That’s where the “mute” button comes in very handy!!! I hope I’m able to support you in my small way, financially, Howard. I’ll certainly try, because you are the small “bright spot” in my day, & I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also enjoy the other “bloggers”! God bless Pres. Trump, & prayers do help!! Just don’t give up before the miracle!!!

  14. Fox is the only station thing we watch they are getting heavy on libs ,

  15. Thank you, Howard, for being ‘compelled’ to spread the truth. I wish I had had the foresight 45+ years ago to enter the government sector work force so that I could be receiving a pension today. But then again, at least I know what it was like to work very hard for my paychecks, perform outstanding service for my employers and know that I made a difference in other people’s lives.

  16. As a Canadian, I am happy to support you a few times a year. I agree with the change in younger generation between my own children who work very hard and plan for their own futures, and my brother’s children 10 years younger who expect a comfortable life without much effort. I am embarrassed that any Canadian would have actually voted for Trudeau…and the same goes for u.s. voters who did not do any research before voting. Calgary

  17. Many people are AGAINST the SECOND AMENDMENT.Well, what if SOME OTHERS decided to go AGAINST the FIRST AMENDMENT where they wouldn’t have the RIGHT to SPEAK AGAINST the SECOND AMENDMENT? First of all, the SECOND AMENDMENT states that people HAVE A RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS–not GUNS SPECIFICALLY. Re: lazy kids–many have been GROOMED by their PARENTS and our LIBERAL SOCIETY to FEEL ENTITLED! YES, Eventually The Takers WILL Run Out Of Other People’s Money, and that’s WHEN all the “FUN” will BEGIN! AMEN!

  18. Just had 4 students work during a school promotion. Neither Grade 11 boy knew how to start a mower or weed-eater, after 1/2 hour got the mower started & did front & back yard WITHOUT once emptying the catcher (never did the west side of house!), my son came that nite & re-did the lawn. I had to show kid how to sweep a deck & even then ALOT of leaves were left. The girls left dust on the arms of my fan lites & I had to rewash the front door window & sill. This generation will soon run Canada

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