Am Ysroel Chai . . . Israel Lives!



As Evangelical Leader . . . Pastor John Hagee Delivered His Benediction – Blessing the American Embassy Move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem . . . Stating Repeatedly with Extreme Passion in English – Am Ysroel Chi . . . “ISRAEL LIVES” – Anne passed me a Tissue to Wipe Away the Tears Unashamedly Flowing from my Eyes.

We JEWS Number in Population . . . A DIMINUTIVE PEOPLE, Less than ONE THOUSANDTH OF A PERCENT of the World Population. But in Heart & Soul, we have Proven Through Thousands of Years . . . TO BE INDOMITABLE.

THEY ENSLAVED US IN EGYPT. The Philistines Came To Kill Us & Drive Us Out In Ancient Israel. The Persians, Greeks & Romans Tried To Drive Us Out. The Crusaders & Moslems Tried To Drive Us Out. The Spanish, Portuguese & French Tried To Drive Us Out Through Their Inquisitions. The Russians, Poles & Ukrainians Tried To Drive Us Out Through Their Pogroms . . . And The Nazis, With All The World’s Willing Executioners Went Further . . .

Not Just To Drive Us Out, But Rather . . . To Forever Extinguish Our Jewish Flame.

The British . . . NOT THEIR FINEST HOUR – Showed Their After The Holocaust Duplicity, when Against the Principles of the Balfour Declaration and the Peel Commission, did all they could NOT TO SHOW THEIR TREACHERY to the Jewish Holocaust Survivors & Israeli Jews, by Arming the Arabs, while at the same time DISARMING the Jews, while Turning Back Jewish Laden Refugee Ships, trying to make their way to the Shores of Israel & Freedom.

THE ISRAELI JEWS SURVIVED . . . 5-Major Wars . . . Out-Numbered, Out-Gunned & Out-Surrounded By Their Neighbors – BY MORE THAN SIXTY-TO-ONE.

And Even To This Day . . . Israel is still the Global Whipping-Boy at the United Nations, The European Union & Amongst Most of the 1.5-Billion Moslems, yet, as Pastor Hagee Said Repeatedly . . . “ISRAEL LIVES” – Am Ysroel Chai!

Had you been Watching the Dedication Ceremony, you would have Heard the Following Words in Hebrew, which were Delivered by Several Jewish Speakers, Including the American Ambassador (David Friedman), the Israeli President (Reuven Rivlin) & Israel’s Prime Minister (Benjamin Netanyahu).

Baruch Atah Adonai Elohenu, Melekh Ha’Olam, Shehecheyanu, Vekiymanu, Vehigi’Anu, Lazman Hazeh.

“Blessed Are You, Lord Our God, King Of The Universe, Who Has Granted Us Life, Sustained Us & Enabled Us To Reach This Occasion”.

This Prayer Is Spoken Before All Happy Jewish Occasions . . . Be They Trivial Or Momentous, Expressing Our Love & Appreciation For All The Goodness Derived From God . . .

AND AS SUCH . . . Israel & Every Caring Jew, Must Thank God for Delivering to the Jewish People, President DONALD J TRUMP, who after an Exile of 3,000-Years For The Jewish People, President Trump Delivered The Jewish People Back To Our Ancestral Capital . . . The Capital Of King David.


President Donald Trump, along with Men & Women of Great Religious Stature, such as Pastor John Hagee, who Delivered Perhaps the Best Benediction Ever, who said all that Needed to be Said about Israel and the Jewish People, and other Great Religious and Moral Men & Women, such as the Likes of my Good Friend Pastor Gary Burd . . . Who Love Israel, Because Israel Loves Freedom – AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE SIMPLY DO NOT QUIT . . . are in Themselves and each other, the Testament To Israel & The Jewish People’s Determination & Worthiness To Survive . . . “ISRAEL LIVES”.

For as long as I’ve been Alive . . . and for as long as I can Remember, we in our Household, along with Virtually all Jewish Households, Said The Following Words after Every Festival Meal . . . “NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM”.

Next Year Was Today . . . Thank You President Trump! Thank You America!

Am Ysroel Chai!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. When Megyn questioned Guiliani’s statement, I wanted him to respond, “Then tell me what Obama has done to prove he does love America.” Oh, let the crickets chirp! I, too believe Guiliani needs to stand by what he said. Fight fire with fire! Liberals stick to their talking points no matter what, and those who oppose them (mostly non-dems) cannot weather the hot air browbeating. We desperately need an American with courage!

  2. Never Give up….Never Give in…..Never Quit… God is with us all.. and all within us..

  3. God states that Jews are His chosen people. Mankind can not destroy God’s chosen people. There will always be a remnant of the Jewish nation. God will not allow His chosen people to be totally decimated. Indeed, today is a great day to rejoice and know God always keeps His promises. All glory and honor to the “Great I Am”.

  4. May God bless: Israel, President Trump, Bibi, America, Canada and the entire World with peace and fortune.

  5. God Bless President Trump; God Bless Israel and the Jews; and God Bless America!


  7. Back in the late ’70’s, Prime Minister Joe Clark voiced his intention to move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem. Clearly, he was ahead of his time, but his government was defeated and could not deliver. I imagine he will be pleased at today’s event, as am I, a former M.P. under Mr. Clark.

  8. A signal event that has been long overdue! Congratulations to Israel, America and to Jewish people throughout the world.

  9. Howard, Amen to all that said today in Jerusalem and the way you put it clearly on paper. I would like to add another short sentence that we say in our prayers ( La Olam Va Ed ) Forever and Ever. We do not quit. God Bless the United States and God Bless Israel. Steve Acre, Canada

  10. I am a Jew, born in Montreal, I am an immigrant to the USA and am now a proud and patriotic American. When I saw the daughter of Ethiopian immigrants sing “Hallelujah” written by Leonard Cohen (from the city of my birth) to commemorate the opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem, it brought tears to my eyes. All the Israel-loving people of the world owe a massive thanks to President Donald Trump. He is forcing truth into the faces of the naive and the evil. G-d bless Trump, Israel, & America!

  11. President Trump stands by Israel against against the world. It’s sad to see all the violence but that’s the way of Muslim’s. They hate anyone that is not part of their religion of death. Our Lord was born a Jew and died a Jew. God loves the Jewish people, his chosen ones.

  12. I thought of you when I heard the announcement. Others promised. President Trump promised and then, quickly, “planned and executed”.

  13. A new chapter has begun in world history and the world did not come an end. I am still hoping for a true and lasting peace in my lifetime, and this may be elusive as I mark my 80th birthday this July. Dum spiro spero!

  14. There will never be peace as long as there is religion.Everyone figures theirs is the correct one. So fight and cause suffering.

  15. Great days in history for both USA and State of Israel! Non-Jews don’t realize Jews got out of the “proselytizing” business- to convert to Judaism, you must be serious about doing this (Orthodox Jews turn you down three times)! I visited Israel in 2010. (“Right of return” only applies to Orthodox Jews, not those practicing Reform branch of Judaism.) Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is much like tearing down Berlin wall in Germany. Some people are “offended” by this move, but God certainly isn’t!

  16. Howard, remember when you thought Trump would NOT come through for Israel? I’m proud of him for not backing down as other President’s did. In his speech last week he said he was told it would take 5-10 yrs to open the USA embassy. He told the builders – ‘no dice’ – it will open in FIVE months. More proof Trump is not a man of ‘words’ – rather ACTIONS.
    Hooray for all the Jewish world today.The entire world has forgotten what it means to DO what you say. We have a world leader!!!

  17. A great day for Israel and its people! Thank you, President Trump, for adhering to one of your promises. I believe God will bless you for making this move.

  18. Trump stepped to the plate, the others stayed in the Dug Out. Another promise kept, keep sweeping Trumpy.

  19. God continues to Bless Israel. What an incredible day in the history of Israel. Blessings on Jews in Israel and around the world.

  20. ISRAEL LIVES. . The one enemy i fear is iran that is hell bent in destroying Israel and all the Jews in the world. America and
    Israel must strike first before a nuclear holocaust from iran.

  21. Baruch Atah Adonai Elohenu, Melekh Ha’Olam, Shehecheyanu, Vekiymanu, Vehigi’Anu, Lazman Hazeh.

    “Blessed Are You, Lord Our God, King Of The Universe, Who Has Granted Us Life, Sustained Us & Enabled Us To Reach This Occasion”.

  22. I am so very pleased for you. And now I will pray for Israel to have peace with its neighbors – peace through strength.

  23. I have been a member of CUFI for a long time. I have hoped to see this day for a long time. The Jewish people are the most resilient people that have ever lived. They have survived against all odds for centuries. And now their beautiful city of Jerusalem has taken center stage for all the world to see. It is only fitting that Jerusalem, the city of David, become it’s capital. This will set the stage for the end times to begin. Everything that affects Israel has an effect on the whole world !

  24. A great day for the world to see, Israel lives. Thank God that we saw it in our time.

  25. I would hope and pray that some day soon we will have a government in Canada that will also stand up and be counted when we move our Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem. Shirley Bond, Orleans , ON, Canada

  26. I could not stop rejoicing seeing our Embassy in the city Jerusalem.Yes the Jews are God’s chosen People, and Israel is the Apple of God’s Eye.They have endured much, and are indeed Hated,growing up in the Bronx in the 50’s, I heard many reasons given by many of why they’re Hated.Reason’s like,the Jews control the banks and they will control us! Who the hell do they they are, do they really think there better than anyone else.AND,Don’t you know they KILLED Jesus! ALL LIES! I PRAISE GOD FOR THIS!

  27. God is likely smiling down upon this day. We can hope that it is the impetus for other nations’ moving their embassies to the Holy City as well. God protects Israel and blesses those who bless her. One of USA’s finer moments, thanks to our God-given & blessed president. Celebrating with you and Anne; tears are good.

  28. So much of Biblical Prophecy surrounds Israel. Thus the satanic attacks against the Jews and the people of Israel. Satan will attack anyone who God Loves. But God is bigger than Evil. Evil will never Triumph! Thus why Christians and Jews JUST stand together. God bless Israel! God bless America! God bless President Trump!

  29. You came to mind often today..I knew Pres. Trump would do it, I kept telling you he would and he
    did..God will never let Israel fall and He worked thru Pres. Trump to do the right thing for Israel.
    Today was a great day of history making, God Bless Israel and God Bless the
    United States of America. Thank’s Howard for all of your enlightening articles. Mary

  30. Trump reminds me of a very strong tree stump…actually a strong redwood. I’m hoping he will keep going forward and ignoring the slime.
    All this is so refreshing!

  31. Clearly a very emotional day for you Howard, and Jews all around the world. Congratulations, and as Netanyahu said, “This day will go down in history, and President Trump made history. Your faith in President Trump has been well rewarded and Americans can surely look forward to more promises being kept. Am Ysroel Chi

  32. We are so blessed to be living in this time, as we watch Bible Prophecy unfold before our eyes. God blesses those who bless Israel. Thank God for raising up Donald Trump. Thank Donald Trump for standing against most of the world and side by side with Israel and Netanyahu.

    Bill Larson, North Port, FL USA

  33. What an exhilarating and momentus day! Thank you President Trump. Promises made, promises kept! I never doubted you for a moment! Congratulations to all Jews to have your Capital finally recognized by the world as Jerusalem. God truly is Great and He reigned today with the people of Israel! Praise God!

  34. Exodus 1948 is a documentary that does a great job of showiing how badly the UK treated the Jewish refugees. The title is the name of the old steamer ship that turned the tide for a Jewsh state. It is also old enough ro not have the Paiestinian propaganda we hear today. It is a great day for Israel!

  35. Thank you Howard, for ANOTHER very MOVING “BLOG”, & for ALL OUR JEWISH FRIENDS, in celebrating this momentous day in history, where Jerusalem was/is restored as the rightful capital of Israel, & THANK YOU PRES. TRUMP! I celebrate with my Jewish brothers & sisters, EVERYWHERE!!

  36. Another promise kept by Donald J. Trump, imagine that! His detractors can’t get over it!

  37. Still can’t understand why there is so much hate against Jews. I heard or read somewhere that it is because they claim that they were and are the chosen people of God. Why such jealousy ? They are only words, get over it. All this mayhem and hate just because of words. Mankind is truly sick, sorry peoplekind according to justine turdope, LOL !!! The modern state of Israël was formed in 1948 by the united nations. Why is today the total opposite and they hate them so much ?

  38. Self-serving men hate The Chosen People because their adoptive father, Lucifer, does. He cannot stand to see mankind serve God out of love since he is being condemed for not doing so. The Chosen People are the primary symbol of God’s Grace, He, having forgiven them time and again. Amen

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