John McCain An American Contradiction




Some Say It’s Not Nice to Speak Badly Of The Dead & Dying . . . Why Not?

I really don’t know what Happened to John McCain at the Hanoi Hilton, and how McCain Really Responded to it. And unless you were there, neither do you. But what I do know, is that there is no shortage of American Prisoners who were at the Hanoi Hilton at the same time as McCain, who do not have much nice to say about him.

Was John McCain An American Hero? Sure he was. But so were every American Man & Woman who wore the UNIFORM, which goes for Then and Now. Was John McCain Tortured . . . ? I will take him at his word that he was, but so were a LEGION of other American Heroes . . .

BUT . . . To the Best of my Knowledge – What I do Know, is that John McCain has RIDDEN his Vietnam Experiences like a Runaway Pony, all the way to the US Senate, and a Shot at the White House, while other American Heroes who didn’t come from a Privileged Family, came home and went about their Business trying to Build a “Normal” Life Without the PR Braggadocio.


My Dad Was In The Fight . . . AND I MEAN REALLY IN THE FIGHT, Literally from the Day Britain Declared War on Germany in September 1939. My Dad was in the Invasion of Sicily and was Wounded at Monte Casino, yet Stayed in the Fight Bloodied & All. My Dad Fought and was Decorated for Bravery Above & Beyond the Call of Duty . . . MORE THAN ONCE.

Israel Eddy Galganov FOUGHT in the Battle of The Bulge – He Single Handedly Took out a Nazi Machine Gun Nest with Nothing but a Hand Grenade & His Bren Gun, Saving Countless Lives of his Fellow Warriors.

MY DAD . . . was Recognized for Bravery Above & Beyond the Call of Duty, for Single Handedly Capturing More than a Dozen German Soldiers in the Dead of Night, bringing them back to Camp with their Arms Raised in Surrender.

MY DAD WAS SO BRAVE . . . That he was Awarded one of the Netherland’s most Cherished Medals (The Bronze Lion), Presented by Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands . . . and that was just the Tip Of It, as my Dad Fought from England through Italy, Holland, France, Belgium & Germany . . .

And You Know What . . .
My Dad . . . Israel Eddy Galganov – A Real Hero – Never Once Talked About It.

I knew some of what my Dad did, because I often asked him, what Many of his Medals Represented, to which he always Replied “For Stuff I Did Over There”. And that was it.

I learned more about what my Dad Did from the Men who were “Over There” with Him, than I ever did from the Lips of my Dad. And I Learned the Most about his Courage at his Funeral, when the Presiding Rabbi Read from a Canadian War History Book (Invictus), which Featured some of my Dad’s Incredible Exploits.


My Dad Didn’t Talk About It. And he didn’t try to Parlay his Courage & Sacrifice During WWII into a Financial Benefit . . . or for a Better Station in Life.

My Dad, like MILLIONS of other Brave Men & Women did his Duty, came home, and quietly got his life together as best He could, Under Real Difficult Circumstances . . . to Raise & Support his Family . . . Wife, Two Girls and Me – Asking For Nothing From Anyone.

I have been Blessed to Know Many War Heroes, from the Second World War (all dead and gone now), Korea (mostly dead and gone), and Vietnam, who are now Older Men & Women of my Age.

Anne and I Wept at the Vietnam Wall in Washington, as we Witnessed Vietnam Vets, Touch the Names on the Wall of their Fallen Comrades. We Weep at Memorial Parades . . . & MORE THAN ONCE, Anne and I have Picked up the Meal-Tab for a Man in Uniform.

When I Hear, Read & See John McCain Capitalizing On His War History . . .


Trump The Candidate Was Right . . . McCain Was No Hero.

My Concern with McCain is really not what he Professed to do in Vietnam, but Rather, what McCain has Done in the Senate, which has Really been to the Benefit of the American People . . . For which there is Very Little to Nothing I can Put my Finger-On.

Being A Political Obstructionist To One’s Own Political Party . . . Does not Make One A Maverick – It Makes One an Obstructionist & Narcissist, who Thinks he’s Better & Smarter than Everyone Else, at the Expense of Everyone Else Around Him.

I will Remember John McCain for Many Things, None of them Good, BUT MOSTLY, for the Way John McCain BLEW THE 2008 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, Ushering-In 8-Years Of Misery for America, Israel and the World at Large.

I Will Remember how McCain THREW HIS RUNNING MATE Sarah Palin Under the Bus, because he Refused to Come-Out Fighting for her Dignity, as Sarah Palin and her whole Family were Viciously & Constantly Attacked and Belittled by the LEFT and Mainstream Media, Especially, when the Only Bright Spot to McCain’s PUTRID CAMPAIGN was Sarah Palin.

AND NOW . . . Even On McCain’s Way Out – He’s Still Being A Self-Centered Prick, Putting Himself Above & Beyond Everyone Else . . . McCain’s No Maverick. McCain’s Just a Bitter Mean Spirited Man Who Luxuriated In The Swamp.

McCain’s Final Demise Will Not Be A Loss To America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Last I heard, Giuliani stated, “I CALLED IT FOR WHAT IT WAS . . . AND STUCK TO IT”–haven’t heard the apology yet and would like to know what his exact words were. He had the GUTS to state what many of us feel and think…WHY the sudden change? There is definitely a NEED for more REPUBLICANS to support him instead of their being NICEY-NICEY in order to gain votes. The longer they WAIT, the more POWERFUL Barack HUSSEIN becomes! As it is, he does as he pleases, i. e., without any restrictions.

  2. My dad also served during WW II. He was stationed in Africa as an aircraft mechanic. And we both detest McCain for his actions after Vietnam. He’s a TRAITOR because of his squashing all investigations into American POWs who were not allowed to return to the US and kept in Vietnam after the war. It was reasonably thought that they were executed or died of old age. McCain should go to Hell!

  3. Howard, once more you hit the nail on the head. McCain benefited a lot from him being a prisoner of war. I take my hat off to your late father and I salute him as a soldier and a good human being. This reminds me of President Truman after his retirement. He declined all kinds of directorships in big corporations, as he said, you don’t really want me, you want the name of the office I held. I wish we had more honest people like them. Steve Acre, Canada

  4. Right on Howard as I have never liked or trusted this traitor. Once a traitor always a traitor and he has proven it time and time again. It is not nice to wish someone to leave but he has been against Trump all along and it is long past due for him to go.

  5. John McCain is one of the many “poster ‘persons'” we have elected to represent us and who have failed to uphold their oath of office; further, he is one of too many congressional examples as to why the country needs term limits.

  6. Usually, when people are on their DEATHBEDS, they try to make AMENDS; however, all JOHN McCAIN is doing is ATTACKING PRES. TRUMP and sounding very BITTER!His having been TORTURED in Vietnam has NO bearing on his demeanor, EXCEPT that he should have CARED even more about AMERICA’S welfare!How one can be so FULL of HATRED, especially when dying, is beyond me!It’s so sad that McCAIN will only be remembered as a SWAMP CREATURE!Blaming others for your FAILURES doesn’t work for anyone! VERY SAD! AMEN!

  7. Please write more articles about the remarkable person that is your Father. A True Hero in every sense of the word. You must burst with pride every day thinking of him.

  8. Thanks Howard, my dad also fought. 1939-1945. Royal Scots, North Africa, Bren gun carriers
    Then in 1941 got his pilots license and few Spitfires and Hurricanes again North Africa
    Never talked about it, but came back to haunt him in his latter years.
    I also wept at the Vietnam Veterns Monument. Writing this with wet eyes. With my red shirt
    On. Also no time for Mcain.

  9. HG I rarely get to say this to “others” but quite often have it levelled in my direction ” tell us what you really think of … ” Keep up the good work.

  10. My father, born in Ireland, fought in the U.S. Army during WWII. He never said a word. With a lottery number of 361, I volunteered, and served in Vietnam with the U.S Army. I didn’t say anything either. Some people inspire patriotism, and others are like John McCain.

  11. Hooray for your Dad. What a wonderful example of a TRUE hero!

  12. You Dad inflicted damage on the enemy – that’s a hero. It seems the enemy inflicted damage on McCain. Weird definition for a hero

  13. I never liked John McCain. The only reason I voted for him in 2008 is that he wasn’t Barack Obama. McCain was always a RINO and he’s still a RINO, still playing on the wrong side of the street. I don’t wish him harm and his health is another story entirely. If he had any dignity, he would shut his RINO mouth and die with grace. I love your story about your father. G-d bless his courageous soul.

  14. No one could have said it better Howard. McCain was no hero, just as Trump said….Trumps words of exposure blew the miserable McCain’s mind, as no one had ever dared challenge his self imposed hero status. The despicable person left Sarah Palin for dogs of the swamp to devour……just one more cowardly act by this disgusting political ogre!

  15. Could have written this column in five words…

    McCain is crackers.

    The end.

  16. I agree 100%! I’m so tired of hearing about McCain being a hero and riding on that proclamation. He’s sold out his own party to the Dems – to the detriment of America. A true American would not do that. I feel bad that he’s sick and dying, but we all will eventually die. If he’s too sick to work, why is he still “playing” Senator? He should drop out and give a true American a chance to help Pres. Trump save America.

  17. John McCain is both “traitor” and “RINO”! Today, anybody who “gives a damn” about USA shouldn’t support these types of people (alive, dying, or dead)! Perhaps what’s going on with McCain is “karma” (“celestial justice”)? Howard, your father was a “hero”, but so are you (in a different way)! You are “fighting” to “save” the remaining “freedoms” and “liberty” left in America! (McCain got my vote “by default”, but Sarah Palin wouldn’t have been good as POTUS.) My father is WW2 Navy Vet, age 92.

  18. All servicemen and women are heroes. McCain used his service for personal gain. Real Heroes DON’T do that.

  19. Kudo’s to you regarding McCain. I really enjoyed your comments about your father. I hope you will write more about him in the future. Regards, Edgar Sellers

  20. Howard, I loved the story about your dad, & thanks for sharing it with us! I, too, can not stand John McCain…He’s a REAL DISGRACE to ALL of us, & to Americans in general!! Great blog, & thanks for sharing it with us!!! Our dear Pres. Trump definitely has McCain’s number!!!!
    Like one of the fellow bloggers said, was at least it wasn’t a vote for Obama, & I too voted for McCain.

  21. John McCain was no hero and a very lousy Presidential Candidate. He and Hillary have one thing in common, they LOST. This is his problem and why he is going out like a stooge. How can he take a shot at Sarah, she prolonged his eventual defeat, what a looser.

  22. As a Vietnam vet myself, (volunteer), I will not cast stones at John– I will note that many of his decisions and votes as a Senator do now and have always seemed questionable when considered in terms of the good of the country he served!
    My personal opinion is that he should have retired and allowed younger patriots to run the country instead of the die hard grasping for power he now stands for!–PS, everybody dies, it’s what you are remembered for that counts–not medals!

  23. Give some credit,Mccain was a navel pilot with many missions and shout down.He is not a hero “all the war heros were killed” Lets let it rest and not speak of the McClain as a evil person when he passes.

  24. Howard right on! You are the only one with the courage to say it like it is! Thank you for the honesty.

  25. I say anyone who made it through the Hanoi Hilton has my respect (as long as it wasn’t at the expense of others.) I think there is a distinctive difference between the pre-war and after-war John McCain. I agree he rode the “hero” ticket to fame and fortune. But the bottom line…..he was, and is, a political failure. And now reduced to an embittered dying man.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  26. Once again, you hit the nail on the head. McCain is and has been an embarrassment to politics. I too am a Korea veteran but I am no hero. I never did anything heroic except to honor the draft system. It is sometimes embarrassing to be called a hero. The truth is the truth is the truth is the truth!!! Political correctness is deceiving.

  27. Thanks, Howard, for telling us about your dad. My father also served in Europe/north Africa in WW II. He came from a very poor family of 10 children, entered the Army Air Force at age 18; did not see his fiancee for 4 long years. And there were many just like him, who served and then came home and worked hard to make a life for their families. Those are the true heroes.

  28. Howard, your comments are right on point. One thing that has not mentioned about McCain was his association with Charles Keating who wiped the savings of senior citizens during the Savings & Loan Crisis. He got off because he was a “Vietnam Hero”. But, when he became a politician he turned to corruption.

  29. You have written my thoughts exactly. I thought I was the only one who saw the facts rather then the B.S. My uncles came back from WWII changed, but quiet men. Wounded and medals of which they never spoke of. My hubby was a Korean Conflict veteran and NEVER spoke of his time in service. All he ever said was he did his job.

  30. Were it not for Sarah Palin as his running mate honest patriots would never in a million years have supported John McCain.

  31. Enjoyed the editorial immensely….I having served on The USS Enterprise CVA(N)65 during the Cuban Blockade I remember seeing Lt. J McCain stenciled on the cockpit of the A4C SkyHawk that he drove. At the time it did not mean much too me. Today is a different story. Today, a modern day Benedict Arnold, traitor….A Comrade in arms yes, but no cigar. he was last in his graduating class at the Naval Academy.

  32. Thank God for your hero father. Without men like him we would all be speaking german. McCain is worse than “fundamentally flawed” in the political sense. There has always been something very wrong with his character, which is one of extreme “me-first-and-only” self-entitlement. He was wrongfully admitted to the Naval Academy with bad grades ahead of more qualified applicants because his daddy and granddaddy were admirals.

  33. At church I conducted an honor day for WW2 Vets. My uncle was one & said that he did not want to go to the appreciation I had planned w/ pictures, videos & awards. He said he was no hero as he did not want to go to war, but was drafted. I told him “Do you think any guy really WANTED to go?” He surprised me & showed up at church on the back row. He never talked about his service as he felt it was too horrible for mixed company. Kol HaCavod to your Dad & all who went To Hell & Back w/ A.Murphy

  34. It just infruriates me when I see or hear that john mccain is a war hero. Many who were imprisoned in Viet Nam with him tell it like it truly was, as you just did in your editorial. he was NOT A HERO!!! Thank you for sharing the true story of your HERO FATHER. Warms the heart. “Thank You” to ALL OUR TRUE HEROS past and present. God Bless each one of you & God Bless America and Canada. God Bless Our Dear President Donald J. Trump.

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