Fool Me Once Shame On You – Fool Me Twice . . .



Her name is Kamala Harris, the Junior Democrat Senator from California, who like the Black Junior Senator from Illinois 10-Years Ago, who Ran for the Presidency of the United States of America, on how LEFT he was, on how Black he was, how Cool he was, and how in his Opinion . . . how EVIL America was . . . Kamala Harris Also Wants To Be President.


It seems to me, just like with Hussein Obama, Kamala Harris, who has made ZERO REAL CONTRIBUTIONS to the Fabric of the United States of America, wants to be the President of the Worlds Greatest Super-Power & FREEST NATION, because she Won a Senate Seat in one of the SAFEST LEFTIST SEATS IN AMERICA, who is a WOMAN, who finds Nothing but Fault with the USA even though she Constantly Promotes America and the Constitution as the Greatest, finds Great Merit in Socialism, Open Borders, a One World Government . . . AND IS A WOMAN OF COLOR.

ALSO . . . Outside of Serving as a State & City Attorney . . . Harris Served as the Two Term Elected Attorney General of California . . . which, I guess is what America Really Needs – ANOTHER DO-NOTHING POLITICAL ATTORNEY IN THE WHITE HOUSE.


I watched Kamala Harris GRILL Gina Haspel, President Trump’s Nominee to Head the CIA, who has more Gravitas, Experience and Smarts in her LITTLE FINGER, than the likes of Harris could ever hope to have in her Entire Body.

So . . . Here was Harris, putting Gina Haspel’s Feet to the Fire for being in the CIA while Three 9/11 TERRORISTS were Water-Boarded for the Purpose of Extracting whatever Information the CIA could Learn from them, to make certain there would NOT BE A REPEAT Of 9/11.

AND UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Gina Haspel had nothing whatsoever to do with the Policy of Water-Boarding, did not Personally Participate in Water-Boarding, and was FULLY EXONERATED by all levels of the American Judiciary as being a NON PARTICIPANT in the Action of Water-Boarding, even though it was 100% Legal at that time by American Law, Which Wasn’t Good Enough For The Grandstanding Kamala Harris.


IF IT WAS UP TO ME . . . I would have AUTHORIZED Water-Boarding and Far More than that for these Moslem Terrorist Savages, if it Meant even a Remote Chance to keep My Country and my People Safe . . . But That’s Just Me.

AND MOST CURIOUSLY . . . While Kamala Harris was Busy Padding her Resume, Making a Great Deal of Public Money, with all the Perks you’d Expect that goes with being a Limousine Liberal . . . Gina Haspel Was Up To Her Eyeballs In Dangerous Circumstances Around The World, Protecting America, While Making Certain That The Likes of Kamala Harris Would Have The Right To Disparage A Real American Hero For Her Own Political Purpose.


I’m writing about this Piece Of Liberal Crap (Kamala Harris), because there is a HUGE SEGMENT of the American Population, who are simply TOO STUPID to know the Truth, or who DON’T WANT to know the Truth, who would Vote For Harris, because she is Against American Values, who at the same time Professes to Love America, who will Fix America, who will Socialize America, who will Mend the Racial Divide, who will Promote Open Borders, who will Sell America Out to the Lies of Climate Change, who will Join America to the One World Government Covenant, and who amongst other things is a Woman Of Color, as if that’s an Important Criteria for someone to be President of the United States of America.

It Worked For Hussein Obama . . . So Why Not For Kamala Harris?


It’s Really Important That The Media Gets It Right 100% Of The Time.

I was Watching some Military or Strategic “EXPERT” being Interviewed this Morning (May 10, 2018) on the Fox News Hemmer Segment, when the “EXPERT” said that he was in Israel a Year or so Ago, speaking of the IRON DOME, which is the Israeli Created Anti-Missile Missile-System.


Maybe This Isn’t A Big Deal . . . But I think, That Not Getting It Right All The Time in the Media, is a REALLY BIG DEAL, since a SMALL ERROR is No Different than a BIG ERROR.

In Effect . . . The “EXPERT” Guest said that Israel’s Iron Dome Shot Down Several Iranian Launched Missiles, while the Rest of the Missiles got through, which implies that the Iron Dome is only Slightly Proficient at Doing what the Israelis Claim It Can Do.

In Reality . . . The Iron Dome was Designed to Read the Trajectory of each Incoming Missile, and Determine where each Missile was going to Hit. If a Missile was going to Strike a Target of Importance, the Iron Dome will Take it Down.

If the Missile was going to Hit an Empty Field, or a Target of Non-Importance, the Iron Dome will IGNORE that Missile . . . Saving Israel as much as $50,000 per Iron Dome Missile, and the Missiles themselves, which should only be Launched when Necessary.

If We Can’t Trust The News Media . . . Who Can we Trust?

I know that this might seem Trivial to many People, but in the Past, I’ve Taken Public Action Against Several MAJOR Media Outlets in Canada, for Publishing Fake Information, AND HAVE WON THEM ALL.


I DON’T WANT TO SEE ISRAEL GO TO WAR . . . But I also Don’t Want to See Israel Living Under the Shadow of Another Holocaust. Hitler wrote a Book (Mein Kampf) Detailing what he was going to do to the Jews of the World, Specifically Throughout Europe . . . And No One, Including The Jews Believed Him.


The Mad Mullahs Of Iran . . . Have Repeatedly Promised that they are GOING TO WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP & then Hold Demonstration after Demonstration, Chanting Death To Israel.

It’s Time For Israel To Put An End To It All!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I actually believed for a moment a Giuliani presidency would be a good thing for America, but once again, hopes are dashed. I thought for a moment someone with enough fortitude stood up against the leftist political tide and spoke out with strength against an obvious threat. I respect the democrats for one thing and one thing only. They don’t back away from their idiotic positions.

  2. No doubt about it, Kamala wants to be the female counterpart to Obama. And don’t forget, she got her start in politics with the help of her married boyfriend, Willie Brown who is notorious in California politics.

  3. “It’s Time For Israel To Put An End To It All!” That’s worth emphasizing.

  4. Howard, you said it ALL…”ONE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH!” HUSSEIN OBAMA changed Americal all right… was for the WORST and NOT for the BETTER! Since Pres. Trump has been elected, “being against American Values” doesn’t work anymore! If KAMALA HARRIS uses OBAMA’S COPYCAT VALUES, it WON’T work for her, due to their being LIBERAL CRAP which the PEOPLE have had enough! ISRAEL is very capable of DEFENDING itself, and the U.S., its ALLY, will also ASSIST them! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  5. Excellent editorial Howard… I agree with you 100%!!! We don’t need to worry, Israel will take Iran and the rest of them out with no problem… and it’s all predicted in the Word of God… Have a Blessed Day!!!

  6. I agree with you Howard, the Media should work to get it right 100% of the time, not aim for 80% accuracy, but 100% accuracy 100% of the time. I quote the late Senator Patrick Moynihan, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” Facts are facts – what’s so hard about reporting them as is?

  7. Kamala Harris wants to be POTUS. It will never happen. She’s guano loco as they say in California and a closet leftist. She’s obama in pantyhose. NO THANK YOU!!

  8. Kamila Harris Promotes America and the Constitution and finds merit in Socialism, Open Borders, and a One World Government . The last three are impossible under the US Constitution.
    The Mad Mullahs are going to wipe Irael off the map – dont forget that after Israel Iran is dedicated to wiping the US the EU and Christians world wide off the map and are determined to create WWIII to bring the Mahdi back to Judge the world they have pledged to pre-destroy.

  9. I have seen Harris before in congressional hearings. Her manner of questioning is rude and aggressive much like questioning an uncooperative witness in a trial. In short, she is a real bitch.

  10. Gina Haspel should ask and demand an answer from the dixiecrats if they would approve of waterboarding if their wife, daughter or themselves life was at stake. Yes or a No?

  11. Same problem here in Canada and most Western countries. The left is winning and we are inching closer and closer towards George Orwell’s “1984”, agenda 21 or 2030 and one world government. Unless Americans vote in a strong Republican house and senate in the mid-term of 2018 in November, we are doomed. Same in Canada and justine turdope a.k.a. mister dressup, fake feminist and flip-flopping on all decisions. We don’t if he’s coming or going !!!

  12. It most be the air or water that produces wako polaticans,harris does not fall under the saying “black is beautiful ” u can be
    shore she will not make it to the white house.

  13. K.Harris sounds like a real winner(as I gag). @R. Anthony Crane – While, I am a Conservative & a Southerner now, I do take umbrage to using the term “dixiecrats.” This term is used for Southern Democrats & for them alone. Plus, they are no longer in power. This biotch comes from the Land of the Fruits, Nuts & Flakes, that more than describes her and her positions. She is just as crazy as Moonbeam Brown & spews the garbage that comes from California Leftist Craziness!

  14. Harris was Willie Brown’s playmate until he was elected San Francisco Mayor. He rewarded her service, while kicking her to the curb, by an appointment as an assistant DA, or some such.

  15. The problem with the media is that they no longer verify anything. If they receive a story line that fits their agenda, they just run with it, not doing any research whatever. The media must be punished effectively for publishing blatantly false information. Doing so is not “Freedom of the press”, it is freedom to lie and deceive. KAMALA HARRIS could conceivably win the Democrat nomination because the only qualifications desired by Democrats are that they select a female and a minority.

  16. I feel it would be best for Isreal to play “Tit for Tat” like they are doing. They got a small slap on the wrist and in return they blew pants off Syria. In that way they are not the aggressor. Then next move on Iran’s part, step up the pace and send them part way back to the Stone Age….eventually they will get the message. They respect strength.

  17. Kamala Harris is the epitome of what many educated blacks have become since (much like Obama) they literally think they “can do no wrong”! Of course members of the “Deep State” don’t want to be “water-boarded” to “tell the truth” (after all the lies they have told)! Sometimes, you “do what you have to do” (as the saying goes)! We have been “too nice, too kind” towards terrorists, “illegals”, and all the other liars living in our nation! Where has that gotten us? Nowhere! Time truth gets told!

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