It Was NEVER An American Agreement



If there wasn’t so much American & Global Collateral Damage because of 8-Years of an “American Traitor” in the White House . . . the 8-Years Of Hussein Obama, would have been Nothing More than a very Bad Dream (Nightmare).

A Nightmare Is A Bad Dream . . . Obama Was A Bad Reality.

To Ignore The 8-Years Of Obama . . . would be Akin to Ignoring what Caused the WORST that could Happen to a Great Nation, when a Majority of the People are Willing to SELL THEIR FREEDOMS, and the Freedoms of Others, TO A GRIFTER for nothing More Than Empty Promises.


“Those Who Would Give Up Essential Liberty, To Purchase A Little Temporary Safety, Deserve Neither Liberty Nor Safety.”

IN THE CASE OF OBAMA & THE LEFT . . . The People gave up much of their Liberty (Independence) for FREE STUFF, for them to Buy into the LEFT’S Flawed Dream of a One World Socialist Government.

THE FACT THAT CROOKED HILLARY DIDN’T WIN . . . was a only a RESPITE from Going Over the Edge of the Precipice, which the People should NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED, because the Threats to all of our Freedoms, will in one way or another Be With Us Throughout Our Eternity.


Besides The Sickening Memory Of Hussein Obama & Obama’s Co-Conspirators . . . President Trump has Literally Disassembled Virtually Everything Obama Put In Place with his Pen & his Phone (Executive Orders) . . . from Obamacare, to the Iran Deal, to the Grotesque Power Given to the EPA, to Obama’s Middle East Debacle, to Obama’s Clandestine Assault on Israel, the Abuse of the IRS, FBI, NSA . . . AND ON AND ON.


What President Trump did THUS FAR, was to Stop The Runaway Obama LEFTIST TRAIN in its Tracks. But now – COMES TIME TO REPLACE IT ALL, to bring America and the World back to where it should have always been, And Should Have Never Left.


To call this Iran Agreement – an American Agreement . . . Is An Egregious Lie, since this was a Stupid Globalist, Obama, Clinton, Kerry DEBACLE – Much like calling the British/French Agreement 8-Decades Ago with Hitler’s Germany an Anglo/Nazi Agreement, WITHOUT the Czechoslovakians Being Included.

To Suggest It Was Anything Other Than That . . . Is An Insult To The Truth.


America Is Back . . . And anyone who wishes to Screw with the USA, including the American Deep State, China, Russia, Iran, Iranian Proxies, Pakistan, Turkey, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Shiite Moslems, Sunni Moslems or any of the Bad Actors in the Middle East . . . They Better Think Long & Hard – ‘Cause The Sherriff’s Back & He’s Packing.


The Media & the Pundits so Screwed-Up their Assessment of who was going to Win the Presidency in 2016, that I am almost Unaware of a Greater Failed Political Prognostication, other than the Chicago Daily Tribune Newspaper Headline, when on November 3, 1948 – It Read . . . “Dewey Defeats Truman”.

So . . . Now we’re hearing from the Media and the other Assorted Geniuses, how the Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi are going to Take-Back the House. And that the Democrats might even have a Shot At Taking Back The Senate . . . What A Load Of Crap.


I Think The Left In The “House” . . . will be Lucky if they get to keep the Minority Numbers they will have going into the 2018 Midterm Election. I also think, the Democrats will be Blessed, if the Republicans don’t get a 60-Vote Majority in the Senate, since that’s a Real Possibility Too.

So . . . When I Read or Hear about the Blue Wave – I have to Wonder, What Fairytale is the Media Turning To . . . For Their Misinformation?


In the last Few Months, The Israelis have been POUNDING Iranian (And Their Proxies) Positions in Syria & Lebanon . . . FAR MORE THAN USUAL. And how have the Iranians Responded . . . ZERO! With nothing more than the “Normal” Epithets that Mean Nothing, other than BS for their own Internal Consumption.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is at the Writing of this Editorial, Sitting as an Honored Guest with Russian President Vladimir Putin In Moscow, Viewing Russia’s 2-Hour Military Parade, Celebrating the End of WWII & Russia’s Crushing Defeat of the Nazis.

While These 2-World Leaders & Key Players In The Region Are Rubbing Shoulders:

American, British, French & Kurdish Forces – With Extreme Fire-Power are Tightening the Noose Around all Iranian Forces and their Proxies in Syria & Lebanon, while Israel Continues To Pound Away at Iranian & Hezbollah Troops & Equipment.

TO ME . . . It Seems As Though The USA & Israel Want Iran To Go For Broke.

AND IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL OF THIS . . . are the North Koreans – Wondering How Far they can Push this American President, until this American President Starts to Really-Push Back.

Isn’t It Incredible How Diminutive Other Leaders Look Beside President Trump?

PS – I watched the Entire Grilling Of CIA Nominee Gina Haspel, which Haspel Received at the Hands of the Democrats . . . not because Gina Haspel Wouldn’t be perhaps the Best CIA Director Ever, and the First Woman CIA Director Ever, but because they had nothing else to say but WATERBOARDING, WATERBOARDING, WATERBOARDING.

In Effect . . . The Democrats Made Gina Haspel Look As Great For Others To See, As The Democrats Made Themselves Look As Ordinary & Mean-Spirited As They Really Are.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. First off , on Mr Richler A+ on that one Not to your point at all , but having worked with , lived with and even married a French Canadian , I can assure you , even the most educated amongst them cannot speak nor UNDERSTAND the English language , does not matter how long they have been exposed to it . They are always angry and or slighted over what Anglos either accept as a given expression only or God forbid a JOKE.

  2. Trump is doing a great job in the US! I wish we had him here in Canada!!! Trudeau us a DISASTER!! N’UFF SAID!

  3. Thank GOD that Pres. Trump is making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! KERRY & HUSSEIN OBAMA are TRAITORS and America has suffered the REPERCUSSIONS of the EIGHT YEARS that they tried to DESTROY America! Have people FORGOTTEN about VALERIE JARRETT–OBAMA’S “sidekick and motivator” to RUIN our Country? HILLARIOUS is also working in the background to TRY to DESTROY Trump…go back in the WOODS! Pres. Trump has accomplished much! He would do MORE if the RINOS would COOPERATE! GO TRUMP GO…PRAY FOR HIM! AMEN!

  4. I also watched Ms. Haspel’s grilling by the Democraps as long as I could stand it. Diane Feinstein, in particular, was clueless, didn’t get her facts straight, and repeated erroneous statements after being graciously corrected by Ms. Haspel. The main problem with the Dems is that their only strategy is to obstruct in every way the good stuff that Trump is implementing. Ms. Haspel has an OUTSTANDING record, earned her chops in the field, and thoroughly understands how to obtain intelligence.

  5. Love the way you write… Telling it how it really is… The truth! Wish more journalists and the media told the truth like you… The world would be a much better place if we had more like you telling the people the real truth instead of lies! You are a rare breed!!
    Barbara M. Poitras, Crestview, Florida USA

  6. BTW: Rush said today it turns out that Iran didn’t sign the “agreement” either. And everyone in the world wants we, the US of A to abide by an agreement that night of the two major participants signed? Who do they think we are? To me, it’s MAGA all the way.

  7. Howard and any others who read this, why is it that the “TRUTH” about Obama has not yet been revealed?
    What I believe the truth is:
    1. He is a Marxist/Socialist, who worshipped Slinsky.
    2. He was not born in the US.
    3. He didn’t attend the University that he says he did attend.
    4. He is a friend of Ayers.
    5. He is an Islamist.

    So why aren’t these facts exposed and promoted by the media? Probably hard to do while he was President, but now that he isn’t and continues to prove himself a

  8. The enemy within is by far the most dangerous. Hussein Obama was the ultimate Manchurian Candidate, the agent of Iran. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. On the other hand, Kerry the IMBECILE was played like a fiddle by the Mullahs and their agent in the White House.

  9. To Don Bos.,: You can’t say that about the first black president of the United States!! How dare you! That’s why the facts aren’t exposed and promoted by the media. They covered for Obama for eight years. Why would they begin to start exposing him now? That’s alright–as Rush says: “The Democrats and the leftist media covering for them are now exposing themselves. They’re just too stupid to know it!” MAGA President Trump! Thank you, Mr. G!

  10. When Trump, took leave of the USA nuclear agreement…WHAT DID THE IRANIANS DO? They burned the American Flag and called President Trump names and death to the infidels. YUP..Trump was RIGHT ON!! RE: The ‘interrogation’ of Haspel for the CIA, the Dems showed exactly what they were. Not engaged for the person, but against President Trump’s Presidency. Welcome home 3 HOSTAGES. God Bless

  11. I just want to say I agree with everything you have said. The Iran deal was very bad in the first place and Obama knew it. He knew it wouldn’t go through so did it by his badly used pen!! Obama was the worst. Trump is really for making America Great Again and so far he is doing Great. Gina Haspel will make a Great CIA Director

  12. Howard, thanks for being an “American Patriot” (even though you’re Canadian)! USA has been “giving in” and “giving up” (too many things) for way too long! Time other nations realize USA “means business” and gets “run like a (profitable) business”, not a “charity” or “Free for All” (who happen to cross our Border)! Time truth be told about Obama- what he was really all about (prior to next election)! Folks today don’t what to know the truth, they prefer lies- so lotsa liars in society and media!

  13. Great Howard, let us hope that you predictions will come to fruition. Steve Acre, Canada

  14. Obama was a disaster and just about sunk this country. What worries me is what will happen the next time someone like this gets elected. The general population has a very short memory. And the left has great marketing. We need to keep fighting this war, as that is what it is. Left vs Right, Evil vs Good, they will not rest until they force us to believe.

  15. Howard, ANOTHER AWESOME blog! Thank you, & God, for speaking the TRUTH!! I enjoyed the other folks, their comments as well. Obama was a disaster, but I guess those are the “lessons we needed to learn”, at that point in time. Let us NEVER FORGET THOSE VALUABLE LESSONS, PLEASE! May God continue to BLESS, PRES. TRUMP, his CABINET, his FAMILY, & the USA!!

  16. Agreed and note who stood to support the “agreement” . The appeasers , the fools , the conned , the “hopers ” and the profiteers. You cannot control an aggressor’s access to arms . BUT you can put up a smoke screen and supply their armament for profit. To deter an aggressor you use fear and intimidation followed by force when the first two fail. As to the CIA , there are no “rules” for the opposition… let them be treated “in-kind” or as necessary to attain results.

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