The Most Pressing Issue In The World – Stormy Daniels



Because I was Writing a Week or so Ago about the LEFT’S FIXATION with Stormy Daniels, who I see as a WHORE, PROSTITUTE, SLUT & ANY OTHER SYNONYM THAT FITS, I Googled who she was . . . SO DON’T DO THIS – BECAUSE . . .

The Photos & Videos of Stormy Daniels are so REPUGNANT, that they are Beyond what a Human Being Should Do, Least of all be Seen Doing . . . AND – IF YOU GOOGLE STORMY DANIELS, YOU WILL BE INUNDATED WITH VILE SPAM.

I’M OK . . . Because I have the Wherewithal to Purge the EMAIL CRAP, which comes with looking Online at a FILTHY WHORE LIKE STORMY DANIELS. Which brings me to Another Point I Made About This Issue . . .

Why in the World would the LEFT GO SO LOW . . . as to turn to a SLUT like Stormy Daniels to Overthrow the Legitimate Choice of the American People to be their President?

Worse . . . How Much Lower Can The American Media Go, Than To Have A Prostitute Like Stormy Daniels On Television (Saturday Night Live), To Ridicule America’s Commander-In-Chief, Especially At A Time Like This On The International Scene?

All this says to me, and should say to all other Right-Minded & Decent-Thinking People, is how Corrupt & Anti-American the American Media Really Are. And perhaps More to the Point, it says what the American Media Really Think about the American People, to Subject their Audience to this kind of Social-Minded Filth.


1 – Trump should Definitely Testify, because I believe President Trump would Put Mueller More on the Hot Seat, than Mueller will Put President Trump on the Hot Seat.

2 – So Far . . . this has been a One Sided Game with Mueller making all the Rules. Not only is this Wrong & Unfair . . . It Is Nothing Short Of Seditious.

If Mueller has something to say After More Than A Year & A Half Of Terrorizing Good People, let him either say it NOW . . . or keep his Mouth Shut and Crawl Back under his Rock.

3 – As For Rudy Giuliani . . . He is the Perfect Man for the Job, especially since Giuliani is LETTING IT ALL FLY, such as Claims that there might have been other Women, perhaps like Stormy Daniels – and that President Trump NEVER CLAIMED to be a Choir-Boy – SO GET OVER-IT AND LET IT ALL GET OUT-THERE.

4 – And Giuliani Is Now Taking The Fight To Mueller. The Best Defense is a Strong & Aggressive Offense, Unlike the “Pussy” Lawyers who’ve Done all but Polish the Shoes of Mueller . . . Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop.


It Really doesn’t Matter what President Trump Says he will do with this Stinking Deal Orchestrated by John Kerry, the LEAST PRO-AMERICAN-AMERICAN who has ever Served in High Office, Second Only To Hussein Obama . . . Because one Way or the Other – This Disgrace Of A Deal . . . For All Intent & Purpose – Is Done . . . Done & Done Again.

Just To Remind Everyone . . . John Kerry was no less a Traitorous Son-Of-A-Bitch during the Vietnam War, when he also “Negotiated” with the Enemy as a Private Citizen, while American Service Men & Women Were Still In Combat & Kerry was Still in Uniform.

From all that I’ve been Reading & Following – The Russians DO NOT WANT to have a Violent Exchange with the Americans or the Israelis. As a Matter of Fact, the Last Fight the Russians want to Engage in would be with the Israelis, WHO CAN & WOULD KICK RUSSIAN-ASS IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

And I don’t see where the Russians would have Anything to Gain from Fighting for Iran, who the Russians don’t even like.

AND HERE’S A FACT THAT MIGHT BE TRUE . . . which I suspect is True, as I’ve Gleamed this information from Multiple Trusted Sources . . . The USA has an Armada of War Ships, Planes & Troops on their Way or in Place in the Middle East to Take-On Iran, Iranian Proxies & Or Russia if Need-Be.

But More Than That . . . The French & British are also Fully Engaged along with the Americans in the Region. They’ve Sent Mirage 2000 Fighter Jets (France) & Advanced Typhoon Fighter Jets (England) . . . If & When Push-Comes-To-Shove.

And the Israelis have PUBLICLY MADE IT CLEAR . . . that if Iran and/or one of Iran’s Proxies (Hezbollah, Syria and/or Lebanon), Should Lift A Finger Against Israel . . . It will be CURTAINS for the Mad Mullahs of Iran – And Assad Might As Well Plan His Own Funeral.

IMAGINE . . . All of this is Happening, while the American Media Focuses on whether President Donald Trump “SHTUPED” the Slut Stormy Daniels a Decade Ago, and whether Mueller can Find Anything Else to Keep the “Trump-Resistance” Alive.


SPECIAL NOTE . . . I Took Down the Old Pergola (by myself). I Constructed the New Gazebo (by myself). And this Morning, I made a Great Breakfast for Four on the Newly Improved Deck – Cooking entirely in the Improved Outside Kitchen.

I Wrote By Myself Because That’s A Big Part Of The Accomplishment.

And after all of this . . . I Still Didn’t Ride My Bike, because at 68-Years Old, after Schlepping all the Wood & Steel for the Roof, and after Sawing, Stretching, Bending, Carrying & Screwing the Steel Roof onto the Joists of my Making . . . I’M Far Too Stiff & Sore To Move – Let Alone Ride My Motorcycle . . . Maybe Tomorrow.

Getting Older Is Not All That It’s Cracked-Up To Be – But The Alternative Is Worse.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We can handle it Rudy and Howard…AND from another 100 million Americans & Canadians! A loss at Dieppe did not dishonor the intent and effort! Bud Farrell B-29 Gunner Korea

  2. For once say something I don’t agree with.

  3. I hated birthdays too. Then I found out how few of them I might have left. I’m with you on that one!

  4. The american sheeples are wimps, the republican house and senate are useless, the AG Jeff Session is hiding, the AAG rod rosenstein is in total control and corrupt. This witch hunt is gonna continue until the mid-term election and will hurt the republicains in votes. Same problems here in Canada with justine turdope. We are so screwed !!! Time for the sheeples to wake up and revolt !!! But that ain’t never going to happen !!!

  5. Trump should NOT meet face to face with Mueller it would be suicide. All this and Stormy are fueled by the Jarrett/Obama War Room. Trump has now pulled out of the “Agreement” not a Treaty provided by the Congress. This all smells so much with an idiot like Kerry in the mix. Billions were given to Iran, was there any “sharing” on these funds? On the flip, Shah Riva was no bargain a puppet that we helped put in place.

  6. The agent/publicist for Stormy Daniels must be elated. She has received more publicity than her agent could ever be imagined as the result of her abrogation of the non-disclosure agreement which she admits to having signed. The media is also elated that they can probably make more money off her than they ever could reporting actual events of importance. IMHO, it s all bout the money. I am sure that Mueller ended the intended investigation and for some time has been on a fishing expedition.

  7. What President Trump did in his private life is nobody’s business. It has no bearing on his presidential performance. I don’t believe anyone of us are without sin in many of our life’s experiences. How many of us would have a pass if we were put under the microscope? Never in my memory has anyone had to endure what this whole family has. I pray for this President that his strength will be sustained and he will “Make America Great Again”.
    Rita Chiavacci

  8. Stormy and Kerry…. two loads of crap!!!!!!!! And the left just loves them, shows how far ( the left ) has gone.
    I have just about given up any hope that we will return to what is right and correct, time will tell.
    Don’t sweat the age Howard I stopped riding my Yamanha at 75, not as much fun as it was. Now, at 84 I just thing abut a nice ride.

  9. Howard, You are Great!! LOL really enjoyed your blog today… get some rest and ride the bike tomorrow.. hahaha You’ve done enough already… just wish I could have been there for the breadfast, haha .. I know it had to be awesome.. Barry

  10. Muller and his lynch mob are a pack of hyenas. I have seen a film of hyenas tear apart a large male lion. Listen to Michael Caputo about his “interview” with the Muller inquisition team. Rather what Trump should say is “bring on the subpoena” and continue to hammer Muller as an out of control vindictive prosecutor who has no decency or integrity. Muller thinks he has an unassailable reputation, tear it down. Trump will win in court.

  11. It would be nice if you could attach a photo of your new Gazebo. How did you do all that work alone in just two days? Maybe i should hire you to build my deck for me. Provided that you are not too expensive.

  12. Writing to see if I got into your system…have not received your emails as of yet…still being sent to me by a friend

  13. The demacraps are behind this stormy prostitute affair .her lawyer is a obama backer and lawyer . stormy is probably
    getting big bucks for her lies .The media just adds fire to this and Americans who have any intelligence at all understand
    that most of this is B S and lies,but then again 50% of the people are stupid.


  15. Surely you’ve heard the saying, “growing old is not for sissies”; you wrote about the reason why. It’s pretty obvious that Mueller has little to justify the original purpose of the investigation so is fishing & unless stopped will continue until Trump ends his term(s). Left’s frenzy to unseat him is no doubt fueled & financed by OWO wealth & influence and by fear of losing ground gained under Obama.

  16. Howard,
    You have nailed it again! All this please from the Lefties makes nothing but more crap from those perfect Democrats, who have ruined more cities than any other single group. How is it that they’re so anti-America? I’m sick of them.
    Congratulations on your new gazebo – now, don’t forget to ride your horse – “The outside of the horse is good for the inside of the man” Xenophon said so, and him you can believe.

  17. 1. Stormy signed a ‘non disclosure agreement 2. Stormy accepted $130,000 3. Stormy is suing for ‘defamation of character’ 4. Trump paid Cohen for his law services with a retainer….what Cohen does with this money is Cohen’s own business. MYPOV: Stormy needs money for her flagging artistry. What better way to get NOTICED. Glad you did that GAZEBO all by yourself. Excellent accomplishment! ENJOY!! God Bless


  19. Great blog today Howard. Reading about all your accomplishments a few days ago reminded me of myself in my 50’s. I have a few words of wisdom for you. on’t stop, whatever you do don’t slow down. I was quite active through age 75, but the last of my golfing buddies died. I quit playing golf, in fact I quit doing everything. I started having my yard done and I watched Tv or played with my computer. Now at age 82 I am not able/capable to do much of anything. I walk 50 yards to the mail box each day

  20. What’s the “example” being set by our Government today-“loaded” with: “Two-faced liars”, Prostitutes, Traitors, “Social minded filth”, plus total disrespect/disparagement for our (duly elected) POTUS? They wouldn’t know a “good thing” (true American) if they were standing right in front of them since the focus today is on “Foreigners”, not speaking English, and those breaking the law! Please don’t tell me JFK or Clinton never had prostitutes! So, Monica was “just a (naïve) intern doing her job?

  21. Howard, you are learning the hard true that I also learned about growing old. It took me a little longer to learn the hard way that I can no longer do the things I did when I was younger and it hurts that it is a fact. At 84, I now have to depend on my younger wife to drive me anywhere as I have had to many operations. I think we should be able to work hard all our life but my body says otherwise. God bless you and yours.

  22. Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have the most live the longest! Enjoy everyday to the fullest.

  23. As an aside, lots of MAGA winners tonight. My friend Patrick Morrisey won the primary in W.Va. A true conservative! He stood in my living room at a tea party meeting when he started out, then went on to transform the AG department in the state! Many people from our little group are in state and county offices. It can be done people!! We just kept going…some had to run two times to win. Don’t give up!

  24. RE:”STORMY DANIELS–the LIBERALS have started the ME TOO movement, but the FAKE MEDIA keeps PROMOTING this SLUT over and over again! There may be some LEGITIMATE points to the ME TOO movement, but so many women DRESS like SLUTS [especially the HOLLYWOOD so-called STARS] and then wonder WHY men TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM…not that this gives the men the RIGHT TO DO SO, but it ENCOURAGES them, due to the SEXIST ATTIRE! The WORST part is that NOW, KIDS ARE NOT TAUGHT TO RESPECT THEIR BODIES! AMEN!

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