So Who Works For Whom?


Who Gets To REDACT? Who Gets To READ? And Who Gets To KNOW?


I Had Saturday Morning All Worked-Out For Me . . . First, I was going to make a Great French Toast Breakfast, then I was going to Write the Editorial you will be Reading following this brief Personal “Adventure”, and then I was going to Build a 10’ X 10’ 3-Season Screened-In Gazebo on the Deck to Replace the Sukkoth Type Pergola, which I built 4-Years Ago, and then I was going to get on my Motorcycle for the First Time this Season & Go For A Ride.


Much of the Province of Ontario, where we live in the Summer, was CREAMED by Sustained Hurricane Force Winds for Hours Upon Hours into the Wee Morning, destroying Trees, Shelters, Roofs & ELECTRICITY.

With The Fewest Words Possible . . . It Was A Mess.

But to our Good Fortune, we Sustained No Damage, other than being out of Electricity from 11:00 O’Clock Friday Night until 6:00 O’Clock Early Saturday Evening . . . BUT:

Because of the Lack of Electricity, and Staying on a Horse Farm, and being where the Hunt Hounds are Kenneled, where 15-Got Loose Because the Electric Fence stopped Working, you can probably Imagine the Rest.

And Neither Anne Nor I Slept For More Than An Hour Here Or There.


So . . . Instead of the Great Breakfast, this Forthcoming Editorial, the New Gazebo, and my Motorcycle Ride . . . I sort of helped (more as a Cheerleader) with the Restoration of Generated Power, and went with Frank on the Chase for the Hounds over Hill & Dale.

And Then We Went To Lowes & Home Depot, where Frank Bought Everything he needed (Home Depot) to Create a Permanent Generator Electric Grid Between the Barn, the Work-Shed, and the House.

Where I in turn bought a 3,000-Watt Dual Energy (Propane & Gasoline) Generator (Lowes), which Anne and I will keep with us wherever we happen to be. Neither of us ever like to be Caught-Off-Guard.


I Remember how Richard Nixon Hid Valuable & Pertinent Information from the American People, by Claiming National Security & Executive Privilege, only because Nixon didn’t want the People to know the Truth.

I also Remember Nixon’s Supposed Media “Hit List”, which Reportedly Singled-Out Specific Journalists for Special Treatment . . . Yet – when Push came to Shove, it was these “Threatened” Journalists who seemed to have all the Gravitas Needed to Take Down Nixon’s White House with Watergate.


In all Reality, I do not Believe President Nixon ever had the Media Under his Thumb as the Media Purported . . .

Don’t Cry Me A River When Bemoaning The Plight Of Journalists In A Free Society.


What Part Of Sedition Does The Mainstream Media Not Understand?

BUT EVEN WORSE . . . What Part of Sedition do the People (Electorate) not Understand? And doesn’t the Media Understand that Turnabout Is Fair Play . . . & What Goes Around Comes Around . . . and if the Media can UNSEAT a Legitimately Elected President through a MEDIA COUP D’ÉTAT– Isn’t the Media Undermining it’s own Legitimacy?

What We Are Witnessing Here & Now . . . is the Cost of Generations of Academic Propaganda, which has all but PRIMED Generations over the past Half Dozen Decades, where our Children were Taught to Believe in Socialism at all Costs, Over a System of Individualistic Freedoms, Based on a Meritocracy Constructed upon Judeo/Christian Values.

Make No Mistake About It . . . THE ROT STARTS AT THE TOP – And Unless Jeff Sessions is Playing a Political Game of Rope-A-Dope, Intending to Ensnare as many of the Leaders of the SWAMP as possible, in Conjunction with the Results of the Forthcoming Michael Horowitz (IG For The Department Of Justice) Investigation . . . SESSIONS TOO, MUST BE CONSIDERED TO BE ONE OF THE BIG-FISH SWAMP DWELLERS.

There Is Absolutely No Reason In The World . . . Why the People, to whom the Government Answers, and I mean all the Government . . . should NOT be Privy to ALL THAT THE GOVERNMENT DOES, outside of Real National Security.


And To The Very Best Of My Knowledge . . . Knowing who in Government is a Cheat, Incompetent, Liar, Thief – ETC . . . Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With National Security . . . But Everything To Do With A Gross Abuse Of Power & Trust.

Now I’ll Get On With Building My Gazebo . . . Then Taking That Motorcycle Ride.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have a very guarded attitude towards Rudi. He was the right man at the right time of the attack on the WTC on 9/11/01. He kept a panicked and stunned city in control. He later admitted he was terrified himself, but if so, it was not apparent. But, according to a now retired policeman, one of the first things he did when news got out that it was a jihadi attack on the city, was to order the police to guard the mosques. That should have been the least of his concerns IMO.

  2. The whole-house generator we put in the Louisiana home was the best 10 grand I’ve ever spent in my life. We are extremely popular with out neighbors as we always have power and LONG extension cords and the neighbors are all welcome to come sit in the A/C and cool off and watch the news while charging their various devices LOL. I’ll leave you with a quote I love: “Life is what happens while you were making other plans.” God has a sense of humor and I’m convinced He drinks.

  3. AG Sessions is doing nothing to control, or stop, the impious special counsel, madman Mueller, and IG Horowitz has delayed releasing his report for two months, shouldn’t we worry more that the IG, and the AG, believe they have enough on Trump to overthrow him than it’s just to clarify some points before issuing the IG report. Or is it a favor to their man, madman Mueller, to give him more time to leak more rumors and speculation damaging to Trump personally than on his presidential aspirations

  4. Just a question: Would it not be cheaper to totally get your electric power from your gas driven generator than by buying said power from your she-jerk premier?

    Hope you’re right about Sessions. I’ve thinking – actually hoping – along these lines ever the since.

  5. Found your comments on the weather amusing. Yup seems whenever I have big jobs to do here at my home, seems like we also get big winds, though here in Cali. those winds usually blow me back into the house and right on top of the sofa. Strange how weather works in different parts of the world,huh.
    Enjoy that ride, wish I could join you. Must be beautiful in your neck of the woods.

  6. Even the insensitive winds know enough to come in w/ unconscionable abandon, do their unfortunate damage, and disappear; which is more than can be said for all those DIYers “lacking candor” who have, up until now, thrived in the interminable ‘swamp’ known as government; fraudulent government. The catastrophic natural elements can do incredible property damage that, for the most part can and is rebuilt. Trump can and will break the legs of many Democrat & GOPe saboteurs. Their time’s running out.

  7. There is truth in everything you write. Saw a friend last evening, Saturday, who just arrived from Canada. Spent 4 hours in airport in Toronto Friday evening waiting for plane to depart. Then those hurricane winds you mentioned hit and nary a plane could take off or land!
    I felt so informed speaking to him of all things Canada, because of you HOWARD. Everything I know of Trudeau, père et fils,
    Everything about Toronto were his sentiments exactly in accord with yours!
    PATRICIA, Palm Beach Gard

  8. People are coming here to “change” the way we do things, not appreciate our nation for what was done in the past (Constitution, laws, statues, etc.), along with most “American Values”! (Traditions mean nothing today!) “Deep State” keeps USA in “deep doodoo” while media spreads blatant propaganda! This totally explains the disdain for somebody like Donald Trump or those who support this POTUS! Just who is America for today? Serious question everybody needs to ask themselves prior to voting!

  9. I’m past the point of thinking Sessions is going to accomplish anything. Either he never had the guts to do anything or they found something on him and he’s reduced to a title. IF he had any love for America he’s have resigned by now. He may well be the man that allows the swamp to overthrow the best president we’ve ever had. There will be no one else to take on the swamp once Trump is gone.

  10. I wrote a draft yesterday for my own blog, and concluded it with a reccommendtion that my readers remember and RELOOK, at the classic film,”Mr. Smith goes to Washington” starring Jimmy Stewart , (who is a retired Brigadier General in our Air Force during WWII, and see that despite all that has “changed” and been done “for the better” nothing has really changed in the entire time since it was filmed in the 1930’s!! Corruption, avarice, and thieves still run the “SWAMP”, and it must change!

  11. I was musing 2 days ago that I wondered if Sessions and Trump were giving these investigators and prosecutors just enough rope to hang themselves. With all those that Trump has fired and no sign of Sessions being fired, it is my opinion that there is MORE to this store that is yet to be exposed. Remember how Trump played the media during the campaign? Look how he is playing Kim ! Y’all just sit back and watch.

  12. As they say “dodo happens” You have to roll with the punches and hope for the best.If you know right from wrong you
    remove the B S from the press.

  13. Hey Howard talk about your ‘Social Justice Tribunal’ and ‘Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19′, so that the folks down here in the good ole’ USofA get to know where they are headed if they don’t stick up for their Constitution.

  14. Glad you were able to “ride out the storm” and nothing too serious happened to your property, etc…! RE: SESSIONS–there IS a reason WHY Pres. Trump hasn’t YET FIRED him. Wish I could BELIEVE that it’s for a POSITIVE one, but it’s very DIFFICULT to do so because I feel that he’s PART of the SWAMP, along with MUELLER & ROSENSTEIN! CORRUPTION doesn’t get resolved OVERNIGHT! Were it NOT for Pres. Trump, we would have NEVER been FOCUSING on a SWAMP and its VARIOUS CREATURES! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN

  15. Nixon may have had some sort of hit list but I doubt it meant much. The press treated him just like they are treating Trump. Of course he hated some of them. He was basically a good man.
    I’m still waiting for Sessions. I have thought perhaps he has to be very very sure that we are not like a banana republic where the new guys put the old guys in jail for no reason. Except he has plenty of reason!

  16. I am convinced that Mueller has completed the investigation that was claimed but has the funds to continue his fishing trip. Sessions appears to be doing absolutely nothing but sitting on the sidelines enjoying the show. Politicians all know that they need to do nothing other than keep their names in the news because most of the US populace vote on name recognition alone, not on job performance.

  17. Glad you and Anne are fine. “Article V Convention, or Amendments Convention, called for by ‘two-thirds (currently 34) of the state legislatures’, is one of two processes authorized by Article Five of the United States Constitution whereby the Constitution, the nation’s frame of government, may be altered.” – From Wikipedia. This basically means, 2/3 or 34 of the States can make Amendments. Term Limits comes to my mind, real quick. There is a movement for this, The Convention of States.

  18. The people in Congress, save a few, went there to get rich. They spend more time with lobbyist making money and less time doing what their campaign promises promised. Then they go out and do it again to get reelected. We the people have become complacent, when things are good for us, we do not do the work it takes to hold them accountable. All of Congress is guilty of putting themselves first and us poor souls somewhere down the list.
    It is time for term limits, stopping the lobbyist.

  19. Glad you & Anne survived your “hurricane winds” up there in your part of Canada! Go treat yourself to that wonderful breakfast you had planned, Howard, & we will hold down the “home front”, here in the states. Mueller, has DEFINITELY “worn out his welcome”, in my book! I hope it “blows up in his face”, BIGTIME…there’s “NO COLLUSION”, except in his own rotten mind, & thank goodness for Rudy G., being there for now! Pray for Pres. Trump, his family, & “wonderful cabinet”…it’s not over yet!

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