Stuff That Shouldn’t Be . . . And Other Assorted BS


Canada’s On Track To Legalize Marijuana . . . WHAT’S NEXT?

Being Stoned . . . in spite of all the Contrary Crap we are being told by the Politicians, Stoners, Dealers & Marijuana Retailers – is Essentially no different than being TANKED on Booze.

SO . . . Would you Hire a Drunk to work for you? Would you want to get into a car with a Drunk? Would you want Drunks to drive on our Streets? Would you want Drunks to Teach your children in School? Would you want a Drunk to Date your Child?

AND ON & ON & ON . . . ?

Yet, in all of Canada, soon, Marijuana will become a Legal Substance, just as it is in so many Cities and US States.

I’m not going to Labor this Point other than to Ask . . . Who in a SOBER Frame of Mind can’t see the Impending Outcome?

What Does This Say About Us & The Idiots We Elect To Run Our Politics?


So . . . Why do you Ask – is Trudeau, the Canadian Dilettante Prime Minister so MIFFED at the American President?

Try To Get This One Around Your Head.

After President Trump made it Clear, that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, especially those who Overstayed their Visas, and Remained ILLEGALLY in the USA, would be Deported back to the Countries of their Citizenship . . . Trudeau made this Grand LEFTIST Gesture, to show how much more of a Humanitarian he was in Comparison to President Trump, that Trudeau WELCOMED all Immigrants Unwanted in the USA to come to Canada . . . AND GUESS WHAT?

NOW THAT CANADA . . . Is being Overwhelmed with Immigrants, who Canada CANNOT absorb into the Country for More Reasons than we could Possibly List as Easy Reading (And They’re Still Coming), who the USA WILL NOT take back into America for Deportation, Trudeau the Schmuck, is Blaming President Trump, because President Trump is saying to Canada . . . YOU WANTED THEM. YOU GOT THEM . . . Merci Pour La Visite.


This Past Monday, According to Pamela Geller (The Geller Report) . . . Trudeau Welcomed Palestinian Supporters to Celebrate PALESTINIAN DAY On Parliament Hill, where in a Letter, Trudeau Praised the Palestinians for their Contribution to the Canadian Mosaic.

Four Questions:

1 – What Contributions did a Non People Make to the Canadian Mosaic?
2 – Who Are Palestinians . . . Other Than Arabs Demanding A Free Ride?
3 – Why Celebrate a Failed Community Who Hate Jews & Want What’s Not Theirs?
4 – And how many Billions of Taxpayer Dollars did Canada give to the “Palestinians”?

PS . . . I Should Mention That Jew-Hating & Israel-Hating Pro “Palestinians” were on Parliament Hill to Express their DESIRE to Take Back Jerusalem from the Jews . . . ‘Nuff Said!


Let Me Say The Following About Alan Dershowitz . . . I am unknowing of any Lawyer in Existence, who can Play the System as Effectively as Alan Dershowitz, who can Back the Wrong Horse Repeatedly, yet Convince the People that he’s the Best Handicapper that ever was.

There is No Lawyer I am aware of with a Higher Profile than Alan Dershowitz, who has become a National Hero (Icon) for Defending and Winning Cases for KNOWN MURDERERS, as if that is an Achievement to be Proud of.

Aland Dershowitz Is Antithetical To The Meaning Of Justice.

Alan Dershowitz Is All About Alan Dershowitz . . . Who has Perfected the Legal Art of OBFUSCATION, Muddying the Legal Waters, to the Point were Justice becomes MEANINGLESS, and it all becomes a Matter of Semantics, and how to Best Play The System.

Bury Them With Paper & Baffle Them With Bull-Shit!

PSWhile Obfuscating The System . . . Crooked Lawyers, Mostly All Of Them, are Running-Up the Tab, making Justice Unaffordable to all but the Wealthy.

If Alan Dershowitz Is So Smart . . . why did Dershowitz Claim to be a Victim of Obama, who Dershowitz Promoted as the American Second Coming, who Dershowitz later said Conned-Him, because Obama wasn’t the Man Obama Claimed To Be.

That’s Kind Of Rich . . . when you consider how so many “Ordinary” People like You & Me saw Obama for everything Obama was, even before Obama won the Democrat Nomination. But the so-called Smartest Man on the Planet was Conned.

AND IF DERSHOWITZ . . . is so Smart, and is a Man of Great Integrity, who Loves the Law as much as he Purports to . . .

1 – Why does Dershowitz still Support Crooked Hillary & Over-Sexed Bill Clinton?
2 – Why is Dershowitz Opposed to Finding the Truth about Crooked Hillary’s Emails?


Under Normal Circumstances . . . I couldn’t give a Rat’s-Ass about a Grifter like Dershowitz. But it’s not about Dershowitz . . . It’s About Fox News. It’s about a Cable News Network, which has become Powerful & Wealthy by Providing Real People with Real News & Analysis . . .

So, when Fox News gives this Type of Adulation & Approbation to the Likes of a Carpetbagger like Alan Dershowitz – IT’S A SLAP IN THE FACE TO THE PEOPLE WHO “BRUNG” FOX TO THE DANCE.

And Now That I’ve Ranted Somewhat . . . I Feel Better.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I didn’t know that Giuliani had sold out until I read it just now in your article, Howard. I’m floored. :-((
    I will not vote for any politician that will not go for the jugular – and rip it out. The GOP candidate that gets my vote is the one who will destroy the Democratic opponent. I want to see BLOOD. I want the truth to be told, no apologies, no reversing the attack on EVIL!!

  2. With all the crap that takes place in both Canadian and American politics ….. I’m glad I’m ‘old’! Trudeau is a DISASTER! He can’t put two words together without saying “uh …”. He has no CLUE what he’s doing, or SHOULD do! He is the most pathetic Prime Minister Canada has ever had! I can hardly wait until we can vote him out! I certainly HOPE the Libtards have realized their gross MISTAKE in voting for him – just because he had a familiar name???? His resume certainly isn’t impressive!

  3. I’m finding my life so much less hectic since I mostly stopped paying attention to the hum-drum prattle from the presstitutes. I scan the headlines and pick whatever grabs my attention, and it’s seldom anything political. You can say I’ve got my head in the sand, but I’m giving my focus to things that directly affect me. As for all these people who are investigating all these other people, I couldn’t care less. As for President Trump…MAGA!!

  4. Poor Little Trudeau–he NOW feels OVERWHELMED with ILLEGALS, well as Pres. Trump said–YOU WANTED THEM. YOU GOT THEM…Merci Pour La Visite–Yes, thanks for the visit! TRUDEAU=OBAMA, so Good Luck to Canada. At least, now America has TRUMP. Sure wish that you, Anne & your pets could move to the USA!Re: MARIJUANA–unless CONTROLLED and/or UNAPPROVED, all States will become like CALIFORNIA with people SLEEPING in the STREETS!People complain about BOOZE, but YET have added another SOCIAL DRUG! AMEN!

  5. Alan Dershowitz or Julius Grey, what’s the difference?? Then: An illegal immigrant found in your back yard belongs to someone else. So as a law abiding citizen one should return the said item to its owner; that is Mexico, Syria, Turkey, Honduras, Somalia, ……… fill in the blanks ….., the etc.

  6. Howard as much as I like you; I have to disagree on medical cannabis & recreational marijuana. This cancer was supposed to kill me 27 months ago; medical cannabis has been instrumental in keeping me alive& preventing the spread of a 100% fatal cancer with NO chemo. I’ve been a recreational user most of my life. I have an alphabet soup of degrees after my name. I’ve never been arrested or even gotten a parking ticket. It’s an end-of-day cocktail & helps my Alzheimer’s stricken mom tremendously.

  7. Howard, Your comments are well taken about our Prime Minister Trudeau that he has been a disaster. Unfortunately I don’t see any great one coming over from the opposition to oust him. Immigrants should wait in line and wait to be admitted. It is unfair for thousands of people who wait 2-3 years to be accepted into Canada, when so many others just cross the border illegally and ask to be accepted!! We must stop this now before it becomes an avalanche. Steve Acre, Montreal, Canada

  8. If marijuana is approved for medical use, it’s okay. If just ‘approved’, then it will be like alcohol – abused. That’s the nature of fallen man. And Trudeau is exactly getting what he asked for with opening his borders. It ain’t fun suffering consequences of bad decisions/choices. About time he learned there are consequences. Just a shame he had to include all Canadians in it with him.

  9. Don’t get me started on lawyers………. but……….I’ll kick in some money for a ship from SCAL to Vancover filled with the “people” from South America. Canada can have them !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I agree with you, Howard…..I can’t STAND ALAN D., & he’s ALWAYS ON FOX NEWS! Glad to hear that True-Dope got caught at his own game, inviting ALL those illegal immigrants to Canada, & it serves him right!!

  11. I affirm medical marajuana. My brother-in-law had terminal cancer. He was in horrific pain. He was maxed out on presciption meds that after while was not enough to stop his suffering. Someone dropped off some marajuana, we convinced him to try it. He was a retired police officer and totally against smoking it. We pleaded with him to try it. He did and it brought him instant comfort. Sometimes nature know what’s best. Thank you Jesus!

  12. Shakespeare wrote in one of his plays “KILL ALL THE LAWYERS’ need i say more.

  13. Glad you feel better, Howard! Thank you for enlightened me on Dershowitz and the dangers of legal marajuana, except for medical purposes.

  14. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink…I have to agree about the elected who have given a free hand to DOPE, etc. Thanks for the heads up on Dershowitz.

  15. Good edutorual. Howard, in regards to the legalization of marijuana, people are not aware as to how this will affect their travel to the US. THE SMELL OF MARIJUNA LINGERS ON CLITHES AND IN CARS FOR DAYS. Then if they want to cross the border, THEY MAY GET A RUDE AWAKENING AND BE TURNED AWAY AND A NOTATION WILL BE NADE ON THEIR COMPUTER FILE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.

  16. Howard, I have never been a fan of Alan Dershowitz. But when The United States and it’s President is under attack by government crooks like Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and a full cast of other malcontents I will accept and even welcome his defense of the US Constitution.

  17. I’m very disappointed in Fox News in recent times. The hosts all play from the same song sheet, repetition hour by hour especially Hannity who used to be good. I’m tired of regurgitation of same old stuff we’ve heard for a year. Tucker is better, he usually has a different slant on the news and a better variety of guests. I’m sure Canadian media is is gagged by Trudeau, feasible to believe when he increased CBC funding after previous PM said it would be cut. Palestinians on the Hill ????????

  18. “Paranoia” (plus “schizophrenia”), is tied to marijuana use- why “pot smokers” are “two-faced” (liars)! Legalizing pot will make most folks “not give a damn” about what’s going on in Government or many other issues! All this “Deceit, Deception, and Dishonesty” is indeed creating a “feeding frenzy” for attorneys, but with all the folks lying in our Government, others are compelled to do the same thing! Are truth and honesty “things of past”? Bill Clinton had more women then Trump- that’s a fact!

  19. I laughed when you said Dershowitz finally figured out what we knew all along about Obama. I feel that way a lot when people say they voted for him then were surprised. Oh really?? Where is your brain.
    Perhaps its an evolutionary process and they may go on to garner some more intelligence….hopefully.

  20. I understand that Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was about to legalize marijuana during his watch until he was made aware of the impact it has on young brains. The marijuana of that era was not as potent and dangerous as today’s model. Says something about our PM and his crew.

  21. What part of FOX news do you listen to ??? I agree about cnn, the clintbitch news network or msnbc and all of the rest of the lame stream leftist media but FOX is the only place where the truth is spoken.

  22. Has the water in Canada become so polluted that the politicians there can see the can and not know to poop in it, too? You guys have major problems.

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