When You Stand For Everything – You Stand For Nothing


Without Definition Of Who Or What You Are . . . You’re Nothing!

When You Stand For Nothing . . . You’re Nothing. And When You Stand For Everything, You’re Less Than Nothing . . . SO WHO & WHAT ARE YOU?

We Are Bearing Witness . . . to the Railroading of the American Political Dream, through a CONSPIRACY to Overthrow the Legitimately Elected President of the United States of America.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . President Donald Trump & the American People – Together . . . are in a Fight to the Death for American Electoral Freedom. And the Fact that NOT ONE PAST AMERICAN PRESIDENT is Charging to the Wall to Defend the Electoral Integrity of the Great Republic, SCREAMS to me, that all the Past Presidents . . . Are Willing Participants In This Seditious Charade.


The Moment Barack Hussein Obama Started to Apologize for America on Obama’s Global Apology Tour, and the American People Accepted this as a Long Overdue Expression of Regret for American Exceptionalism, was the Day America Started to Unravel as the Great Nation that it had Become.

I will State this in the Simplest of Terms Possible . . . Barack Hussein Obama, and the MILLIONS of mostly LEFTIST Americans, who Blindly Supported him, were in Fact Traitors to the American Dream, and to the Sacrifices Spent Globally in American Blood & Treasure for more than a Century.


Even though Emile Zola wasn’t in fact a Journalist in the Sense that he was All About Journalism, Zola was a Writer of Fact, History and Factually Based Fiction . . . But On January 13, 1898, Emile Zola, a Frenchman with Incredible Editorial Courage, Penned the Headline “J’ACCUSE” (I Accuse), which Accused the French Military & Government of Railroading Alfred Dreyfus, A Jewish French Military Officer, who was Sentenced to a Lifetime on Devil’s Island for Committing Treason (Espionage), which Never Happened, at least not because of Alfred Dreyfus.

BECAUSE OF THIS ONE HEADLINE, and Subsequent Story, which ACCUSED the French Hierarchy (Insiders) of DECEIT & COLLUSION to Frame an Innocent Man, for a Crime he did Not Commit, Specifically because Dreyfus was Jewish, and was thus an Easy Target, Emile Zola was Sentenced to a One Year Prison Term for Libel Against the French Government.

BUT ZOLA WOULD NOT SERVE TIME . . . For a Crime he did not Commit, and left for the Safety of British Law . . . And No Extradition.


Captain Dreyfus Was Innocent . . . AND ONLY BECAUSE OF EMILE ZOLA, Dreyfus was Exonerated. But there was a Traitor within the French Military, who was Amongst those Responsible for the Dreyfus Accusation & Imprisonment.

And Only Because Of The Courage Of Emile Zola . . . Who himself was Exonerated in the Case of the “Non Existent Crime” of Libel; the Truth of the Corruption of the French Military, Government Hierarchy & Extreme Anti-Semitism within the Ranks of Government, Were Disclosed For The French People & The World To Learn.


I’m Writing This . . . Because History Doesn’t Change – All that Changes, are the Names, Dates, Places & Circumstances. And Today . . . Here & Now, President Donald Trump is CAPTAIN ALFRED DREYFUS – And You & I Are Emile Zola.

SO I HAVE THIS TO ASK . . . How Far Are You Willing To Go To Be Heard? How Far Are You Willing To Go To Call-Out The True Traitors? How Far Are You Willing To Go To Stand & Be Counted?

Are You Prepared To Expose & Take Down The RINOS? Are you Prepared to Take to the Streets & March for Real Freedoms against those who March for a Non Existent Leftist Dream Leading to Dystopia?

Are You Prepared to Raise Money for True Conservative Patriots? Are you Ready to Knock on Doors, Place Lawn Signs and Hand-Out Pamphlets to Support the Men & Women you can “Trust” to Stand for Your Values?

And Are You Prepared To Take Down Any Politician You Supported But Lied?

Dreyfus Was Jewish . . . EMILE ZOLA WAS NOT. But that Didn’t Stop Zola from Jeopardizing his Entire Life, Including the Reality of going to Prison, to Defend the Rights & Freedoms of Another Person On Principle.


As A Canadian . . . in the Full Knowledge that my Country, Left to its own Devices, will Not Survive as the Country Left to Me by My Parents . . . I HAVE TO SPEAK OUT, and since Canada does not have a True Champion on the RIGHT, Canada’s Best Hope is for the Success of the American Champion Currently In The White House.

If President Trump Goes Down . . . The World Goes Down With Him.

So I Say With 100% Conviction To The North American LEFT “J’ACCUSE”!


“Live Free Or Die”

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, Does it sicken your Heart. When you listen to the other Cowards in the Republican Party. As they tuck their tails between their legs and run as the Cowards they are . From the Liberal “LIARS” broadcasting organization. And no I did not refer to them as “NEWS” media. Lies are not news. I have marked each Republican Candidate who refused to step up “WITH” Giuliani. As cowards and Traitors, to and of the cause.

  2. AMEN Howard! WE have to take our country back! Short of an all out war, I don’t really know how. I vote and support conservatives, and speak out and write letters, and try to tell my fellow citizens the reality of what’s happening. But it falls on deaf ears. It seems as if the only option left is a Revolution 2.0 for America!

  3. Just got in from mowing about 3 quarters acre with walking mower At 81 a little tired ,but not to tired to read Howard. Almost wish President would try Killary’s method for a month .Be rid of these crooked liars by then. Love my President .Dear God protect him and give him all the wisdom and strength he needs to deal with these evil people

  4. Thank you Howard for the best analysis I have read of the current situation in the USA. At least they have a saviour if he survives the onslaught; we unfortunate Canadians have no to stop our accelerating downward spiral. We can only hope and pray that President Trump will prevail.

  5. Well said Howard!! And I agree with you on most everything you blog.. because, I know that you do your homework before putting anything in writing..

  6. Very well said that “If President Trump Goes Down . . . The World Goes Down With Him.” Howard, you know that your FOLLOWERS do NOT FEAR to SPEAK OUT re: their COMMENTS, so I DO believe that we STAND for the TRUTH and PRES. TRUMP. He MUST continue to EXPOSE the RINOS! Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a DISGRACE to AMERICA & will be REKNOWNED as the WORST President ever–it’s ALREADY begun!The MID-TERM election is A CRUCIAL ONE for the REPUBLICANS! GO TRUMP GO! Pray that he will get more COOPERATION! AMEN!

  7. God love and bless you Howard – no further comment necessary I’m sure! friend will e.

  8. Diversity and tolerance have totally divided our nation, putting USA on “Fast Track” to Communism (or Dictatorship)! We allow “elitists” to control “millions” living here, but many are coming from nations which didn’t have “freedoms” we cherish or “ethics/honesty” (that kept this nation from “becoming like other nations”)! Speak up now, or there won’t ever be “Peace” in this world! Next election is “make or break” situation (so future elections will matter)! Time for SHTF ASAP! Great Editorial!

  9. An ancient wise-guy said, “Nothing new under the sun.” Being a simple pilot, K.I.S.S.: Only difference (behaviorally)between then and now are the last four digits on our (“modern”, extrapolated back) calendar.

  10. Spot on Howard,,,,,Praise God and pass the ammunition. Lock and load, let the games begin,,,,,,,,

  11. I’ve said it before …. I’ll say it again. I wish we had Trump as leader in Canada instead of Justin Trudeau!! Trudeau is a disaster!!

  12. Having been a New Hampshire citizen for 20 years, I TOTALLY agree with General Starks comment. The “illusion” of living “FREE is becoming just that, an “illusion!! I moved to Florida in 1996 because of age, and while beautiful, SNOW, and shoveling it is a heart attack waiting to happen!
    As a Floridian now WHY DOES MY SLEEPY LITTLE COUNTY NEED, ALBEIT “SUPLUS” for $2500, armored troop(25)carrier for the “County! “Just in case” THAT DON’T CUT IT!!! It was my TAX money that bought it!!!

  13. Reminds me of the current Mayor of Toronto who just announced his bid for re-election. A man I call Mayor Vanilla. A man who is most comfortable when he can have one leg on each side of the line that divides an issue. A man that gets nothing of any importance done. Best friend to the granola-eating bike-riding crowd; Big City needs be damned. Knows all of the political catch-phrases to use when needs arise. In short, he stands for nothing. I think Seinfeld wrote his show based on this man.

  14. This is typical leftist diatribe. Everyone and everything outside the so-called white, judeo-christian “norm” is considered a victim or a cause. So in the end much of their claims are just valueless, meaningless tripe.

  15. All that you write is true ,however this continuing replacing members of the Donalds staff makes me wonder what is going on
    like rats leaving a sinking ship or he is bulling his staff ?

  16. Howard, I agree with you. We have to take our country back! Short of an all out war, I don’t really know how because I vote and support conservatives, and speak out and write letters, and try to tell my fellow citizens the reality of what’s happening. But all those that I know or with whom I come into contact are all like minded conservatives with few exceptions. I choose social media to try to reach the blind liberal Democrats.

  17. You are SPOT ON, Mr. G. Thank You. God Bless. We are contacting Community Groups and meeting with them to decide the best course of action. Very positive at this point. Our OLDER CITIZENS are the MOST active as WE see exactly what is going on. Wish us luck.

  18. An excellent editorial, inspiring and yet quite depressing too. At 81 I’m beginning to feel tired and yet know I must fight on to bring down Trudeau who is killing Canada. You are quite right H, Pres Trump is probably OUR only hope for the future.
    I heard recently of a most ridiculous appeal Trudeau made to President Trump: to help stop the so-called refugees crossing from the USA into Canada. The irony of fighting for freedom of speech is so many people have no idea they are losing it.

  19. ANOTHER TRUTHFUL, & SPOT-ON EDITORIAL, Howard! I’ve enjoyed the comments of other “bloggers”, as well. We are SO-CLOSE to loosing our beloved USA, thanks to the LIBS, commies, etc. Barack HUSSEIN Obama should have been a “wake-up call” for the USA, but UNFORTUNITELY, he wasn’t! We Americans need to pay attention to what is going on in Ontario, with your PM True-Dope!! I’m praying for Pres. Trump, his cabinet, that he can & will SUCCESSFULY “DRAIN THE SWAMP”!!!

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