Israel At War With The LEFTIST SUPREMACIST Court



BEFORE I BEGIN . . . I NEED to Present the Symbolic Galganov Award For Marital Endurance, to my Beautiful Wife Anne, who by Tomorrow (May 1st), will have Endured 45-Years Of Being Married To Me.

If This Isn’t An Achievement . . . I Have No Idea What Is.


By Now Of Course . . . the Whole World is Aware of the FACT that Israel has Spilled the Beans of Truth on the LYING IRANIANS – Making Europe, Obama, Kerry & Clinton look like the JERKS THEY ALL ARE.

But other than Confirming what most of the World already Knew about Iran and this STUPID DEAL – TO ME HOWEVER – The Real News . . . Is How Israel’s Mossad, was able to Infiltrate Iran’s Most Sensitive National & Military Secret.


I Would Be Terrified Knowing & Not Knowing How Much Israel Knows.


A Lawyer . . . is Generally Someone who Studied the Law to Learn how to Obfuscate, Complicate & Screw his or her Client(s) while Mounting a Defense for said Client(s).

I have UNFORTUNATELY met and know many Lawyers, most of whom are Blood Suckers, who Feed-Off the Confrontation & Misery Between Others.

THAT SAID THOUGH . . . I have also known (And Still Know) some Lawyers, who are Men of Integrity, Decency, Compassion & Honor, who use their Knowledge of the Law to do what’s Right . . . but they are certainly in the Minority of Minorities.

ESSENTIALLY . . . Lawyers are Human Parasites Feeding Off The “Flesh” Of Their Clients, while Portraying themselves as People of Integrity, Serving the Good Of The People.

I have been Involved in MANY LEGAL CASES, and believe it or not, ONLY ONE on my Behalf. But, for all the others, they were Civil Cases, which Dealt with Freedom of Expression on the Behalf of Others.

Constitutional Law, Common Sense & Decency Have Nothing To Do With The Law.

Here’s An Example . . . In Canada, our Freedom of Expression Laws – as are Primarily Defined in the Charter of Rights & Freedoms, make it Clear, that we Canadians are FREE to Express our Opinions – Until the Lawyers begin to Define What is Freedom of Expression, and from there, Simple Challenges to Freedom of Expression Takes YEARS to Come to Final Fruition in the Courts, at Costs that very Often amount to a Million Dollars.

One Such Case . . . Where I was the Plaintiff – Involved my RIGHT on Behalf of the Entire Province of Ontario, the RIGHT to Post a Commercial Sign ONLY in the English Language, in the Province of Ontario, where the English Language Is REPRESENTED BY MORE THAN 96% OF THE POPULATION.

A Small, but Vocal Group of French Speaking Ontario (Bilingual) Ethnocentric Activists, DEMANDED that all Signs in their Respective Communities near the City Ottawa be Bilingual, FORCING Business People to use a Language, which they Didn’t Necessarily Want to Use.

This Demand . . . For A Singular Political Purpose – Became The Bylaw.

THIS WAS A SIMPLE QUESTION . . . Do we have the RIGHT to Communicate in the Language of our Choice? – YES OR NO?

MORE THAN A HALF MILLION DOLLARS LATER . . . And After Three Years of Court Appearances and Appeals, THE ANSWER WAS NO, even though the Charter of Rights & Freedoms & Common Sense Dictated Otherwise.

But, because ACTIVIST PRO-FRENCH LANGUAGE JUDGES Interpreted the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms . . . THE WAY THEY SAW FIT. Freedom of Expression was Eliminated in Ontario by JUSTICE CAVEAT.


THE JUDGES ARE LAWYERS . . . Who are APPOINTED by Politicians, who during their Tenure as Lawyers, made their Fame & Fortune by using the Complexities of the Law . . . COMPLEXITIES OF THEIR OWN DESIGN, to Squeeze as much Money & Privilege out of their Clients and the System as Possible.

Nothing Is Simple By Design Amongst The Lawyers – Complexity Means Money.

SO THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MOMENT . . . The Man or Woman Sitting in the Black Robe, in Judgment of You & Your World, was once a Lawyer, who before Becoming a Judge, used (Abused) the Law in every way Possible to Bend & Twist Decency.


BUT – WHAT HAPPENS . . . When Judges Decide To Make Laws . . . & Re-Create The Constitution & Laws Of Elected Politicians?

. . . Because That’s Where The USA, Israel & Canada Are At Right Now.


Conservative Israeli Law-Makers Have Had Enough.

Israel Is In The Cross-Hairs Of Defining Judicial Limits . . . Where over the last Decade-Plus, Israel’s LEFTIST Supreme Court has taken it almost Entirely Upon Itself to Decide what the Elected Government (Knesset) of the People Should & Should not be PERMITTED TO PASS INTO LAW – From the Development of Housing, the Search for Oil & Natural Gas, the Sale of Oil & Natural Gas, how the Israeli Military should Deploy & Conduct Itself . . . Right Down To The Legitimacy Of National Budgets.


Ministers (Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked & Education Minister Naftali Bennett), of Bayit Yehudi, who Sit in the Coalition of the Likud (Netanyahu) Cabinet, have made it AS CLEAR AS CRYSTAL – That either the Government of Netanyahu will REIN-IN the Self-Appointed Power of the Supreme Court – Or this Coalition Party Will Topple The Israeli Government & Force an Election on this very Issue.

If I Was Netanyahu . . . I Would Be More Concerned Than Just Somewhat.

Even Though Netanyahu Is A Very Popular Prime Minister . . . The Activist Israeli Supreme Court Is Not Popular . . . And if I was Part of the Canadian or American Judiciary, I’d be Paying Very Close Attention to See how this will Play-Out in Israel, Knowing just how much the People of the USA & Canada are also Getting Fed-Up with our UNELECTED ACTIVIST JUDGES.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Rudy has double downed on the fact that obama does not love america and most people agree. This president works like a dictator a person working against american’s exceptionalism culture religion, his allies are our adversaries, his adversaries are our allies. After a severe CRY to Obama and Congress from the people of the united state for obama not to NOT grant AMNESTY HE is going to DO IT ANYWAY not just work here but educated, and BECOME CITIZENS STUPID!

  2. Happy anniversary to you and Anne!! Always enjoy your writing. Thank you for keeping on keeping on.

  3. Please keep us aware, as aLawyer can really make a bucket of manure sound like the best thing going,…. until you get close enough to notice the stench!!

  4. You are absolutely right about the law in Canada. I am personally engaged with the Law Society of Upper Canada and have seen their evil at work: creation of false testimony, perjury and endorsement of fraudulent billing, etc., of the worst kind by their own minions. Like yourself, I am stonewalled, and can’t get a hearing. I name names and can’t even get them to sue me for defamation. And I keep trying. Can’t get a lawyer – they’re afraid. Cronyism writ large! Ho hum I’m still trying.

  5. Congratulations to you and your wife on your anniversary!! Wishing you many more !!

    The other item on my mind is the frustration with our “Prime Minister” ….. Prime Fool is more like it! He is wrecking Canada! Doesn’t appear to even LIKE Canadians (unless they are French, perhaps). I can hardly wait till the next election!!

  6. What’s the difference between a lawyer and a catfish ? One is a bottom feeder and the other one is a fish !
    Why will a shark not bite an attorney ? Professional courtesy !
    If you had a ship full of lawyers and the ship sank, what would you have ? A good start !
    This is a true story…..I have a friend that’s a lawyer and I was questioning his fee. He told me this and I quote…”A lawyer is like a prostitute. The more you pay, the more you get.”

  7. Happy anniversary,Howard, to you and Anne and may you be blessed with many more!!!

  8. Wishing you both many more happy years together. Thank you both for all you do.

  9. Happy Anniversary Anne and Howard. I know well how hard you have fought against the odds because they were against you. Many years ago I was being pressured out of my great job and sought a lawyer for advice. Best advice was write down and sign everything that is done against you, file it and bring it to me (the lawyer) if “they” ever touch you. Next he said, “Probably zero chance of winning anything in court because they are already stacked with Francophone Judges”. Wake up English Canada.

  10. Happy Anniversary on your 45th, my wife and I are celebrating our 52 yrs on this very day April 30th; like you said I do not know how she put up with me for this long. Israel I hope will do the right thing and not listen to the left bottom feeders.

  11. All the best to you Howard and Anne. I wonder how much information the Massad have found about Iran? I Bet a whole lot more than Israel is letting on to.

  12. Yes, Anne, you’ve demonstrated patience, endurance, and forgiving love. Howard, you’ve obviously demonstrated acceptance of patience, endurance, forgiveness and love (tee hee). See that’s how a couple reach 45 years of marriage and are still together.
    Happy 45th you two. Celebrate!!

  13. Your blog reminded me of a book I was encouraged to purchase entitled “The Most Dangerous Branch” by Robert Ivan Martin. sub title How the Supreme Court of Canada has Undermined Our Law and Our Democracy. A worthwhile read by your Canadian Readers and well as our American friends. You are spot on. Oh yes, congrats to you and Anne. “52” coming up for me and my sweetie. We are a rare breed!

  14. Happy 45th Wedding Anniversary to you and Anne. God Bless. Yes, the Iranians should wonder how the Moussad was able to infiltrate and retrieve nuclear documents. And these documents were televised just prior to the Trump/Buhari televised speech. (Planned, of course). I wonder what the rest of the world thought of this revelation and our Senate and House. My experience with lawyers has left me aware that I know….never trust them.

  15. Congratulations on 45. Wonderful! So Glad Trump is President at this time in History. He’s the RIGHT MAN and the RIGHT TIME! He will win the next election(s). He Will appoint good Conservative judges that will UPHOLD the Law and the US Constitution. This is a GREAT TIME to be alive and to be an American. Jealousy on this end. God bless our American Friends!!! Thank God every night he gave you Trump. 6+ more years of JUST leadership!

  16. When I read your stories about Canada/Quebec and their asinine and xenophobic language laws it makes me smile with satisfaction and thank God that I was able to escape that BS and eventually become an American citizen. I also thank God that Bibi Netanyahu and Donald Trump are simultaneously leaders of their respective nations, both of which I love. May 12th the Iran deal. May 14th the US embassy opens in Jerusalem. It looks like it’s showtime. Happy anniversary to you and Anne!

  17. Congratulations to you, Howard & Anne, on your Anniversary! I hope you have a really WONDERFUL DAY!! Please do something really special, for yourselves. I enjoyed what you had to say about lawyers, & also what your “bloggers” had to say, as well! Have a wonderful day on your Anniversary, Anne & Howard, & special blessings to you BOTH!!

  18. Congrats to you & Anne!! I can vouch for what you wrote about the Canadian Justice system being corrupted by lawyers & judges with their pro-French judgements. Forced Bilingualism is the only way to describe this. All enabled by our very flawed 1982 Constitution – designed by P.E.Trudeau to allow the minority French from Quebec to turn our Halls of Power into a French-dominated domain. Amazing that minority interests now supersede majority interests. Part of the nature of the NWO? So Sad!!

  19. Great article Howard. Have had my own challenges with the judicial system here in Canada. Judges are lawyers like you said but also the highest percentage of MP’s are lawyers as well, so have been most of our Prime Ministers. Lawyers should be banned from being MP’s as their main thing as legislators is to make new laws. How biased can you be, lawyers making more law. Happy anniversary, have our own 42nd coming up. Like the gentleman said earlier we are a rare breed. God bless you and family.

  20. Congratulations on yours and Ann’s 45th!!! Awesome when these days divorce is out of control.

  21. Happy anniversary you 2 !!! Talking about the courts here in Canada. That stupid recent supreme court decision about free trade between provinces which is written in plain language in the constitution but the judges ruled against it and now Canada is officially 13 countries. We make free trade deals with the rest of the world but our judges can’t even read and uphold the simple law of free trade between provinces. Talk about hypocrisy !!! They should all be fired for not knowing how to read.

  22. Happy 45th Wedding Anniversary to you & Anne! Recently read a definition of SIN online which FITS Judges & Lawyers to a TEE—-“We live in a culture where the concept of sin has become entangled in legalistic arguments over right and wrong.” Also CONSCIENCE is having a “MORAL SENSE of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a GUIDE to one’s BEHAVIOR.” The words CONSCIENCE & MORAL SENSE don’t exist anymore–as PROVEN by our “anything-goes” SOCIETY! This is WHY PRES. TRUMP is FEARED so much! AMEN!

  23. Happy 45th wedding anniversary to you both. We all must celebrate in Lancaster asap. Regards.

  24. Happy Anniversary Howard. I know what it means to be married for 45 years. I was married for 60 !!!
    May you have many more healthy and pleasant anniversaries. Steve Acre, Montreal

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