No One’s Going To Jail


There’s No History To Be Better Learned – Than From The Torah & Christian Bible.

President Donald Trump . . . In spite of all the Powers Allied Against Him, especially from the People who Really Can’t see the Forest for the Trees, is Changing the World, whether the World Likes it or Not.

And if One Believes In Destiny . . . Or if Donald Trump Likes it or Not, or even Believes it or Not, Donald Trump has been Destined to be our Moses, To Lead Us Back To The Promised Land.

IN MY PERFECT WORLD, there would be Honest Competition in all Things, with the Emphasis on HONEST.

But This Isn’t My Perfect World . . . it is a Corrupt World, where Honesty & Integrity have Existed only amongst “CHUMPS” like you and me, who Bought into the Ten Commandment Narrative . . . Hook Line & Sinker.


We Grew Up . . . with the Understanding Pounded into all of us – THAT LYING IS A SIN, and that the Truth Shall Set Us Free.


I don’t Believe the Biblical (Torah) Narrative that God Destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah, and in the Process, turned the Un-Named Wife of Lot into a Pillar of Salt. And I don’t Believe there is any Virtue in the Biblical Story of Lot having Sex with his Two Daughters.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe that Sodom & Gomorrah weren’t Dens of Iniquity, which in one way or another were Destroyed, since there are Many Ways to Destroy a Society – Especially A Bad Society, without Raining Burning Sulfur Upon It.

For those who Doubt the Root & Meaning of the Story of Sodom & Gomorrah, understand this, the Story & Consequence of Sodom & Gomorrah has been Replayed Innumerable Times Throughout History.

IT SEEMS TO ME . . . That History has Recorded Multiple – Once-Upon-A-Time Great Civilizations, Cities & Nations, which were Destroyed from Within, as the People of those Societies Embraced Decadence OPPOSED TO VIRTUE, where Values were Based upon Greed, Power, Wealth & Deceit . . . Opposed to Righteous-Living, Contentment & Honesty.


Just think of Athens & Rome, which Fell To Avarice & Immorality, where the Ethics of Society Diminished . . . in Comparison to Hedonism.

Think About Several Great Relatively Modern Societies . . . Like France, which Fell to its Revolution of the 1700’s, Russia to its Revolution of the 1800’s, Germany, which was Destroyed by the Nazism of the 1900’s.


THINK OF THE BEGINNING OF THE DEMISE . . . Of Cities like Chicago Illinois, Detroit Michigan, Ferguson Missouri, Baltimore Maryland, San Francisco California . . . and so many others, where Decency has been Usurped with Greed, Corruption & Dishonesty at the Highest Levels . . . where those we Elect & Appoint . . . Are ThoseWe Seem To Have To Fear The Most.

Think Of Our Educators . . . Who Teach the Most Vulnerable Amongst Us . . . The Values Of INDECENCY, where Everything Goes, with little to NO TABOOS, where the Sky of IMPROPRIETY is the Limit.


The Truth Of Sodom & Gomorrah . . . is a Lesson we Choose to Ignore at our Peril, since History will not allow the Future to Cheat Itself from Paying or Benefitting Respectively from the Sins or Virtues of the Past.

No One Of Consequence Will Be Jailed For Their High Crimes & Misdemeanors.

THE SWAMP IS PERVASIVE & PROTECTS ITS OWN . . . But That Doesn’t Mean, that You & I will Not be Punished for ALLOWING the Crimes of Others to be Precipitated upon us all, because, No Matter what our Elected & Appointed “Servants” have Done – It Will Be Us . . . And Us Alone – Who Will Be Left To Pick-Up The Pieces & Suffer The Consequences.

As I wrote at the Beginning of this Editorial . . . IN MY PERFECT WORLD . . . Honesty Would Reign Supreme, where Honest Competition in all things would be the Religion of the Day, be they within the Scope of Education, Business, Politics, Sports . . . Etcetera.

And Where In My Perfect World . . . Those who Lie, Cheat & Abuse to Cause Harm to Others, would Pay Dearly for their Debauchery. But this Isn’t my Perfect World, and it will NEVER be my Perfect World, because at Best, all of us are Imperfect People, Mostly Struggling to do the Best We Can, where from Time to Time, it seems that the Glimmer of Perfection is within Reach, Which Is The Hope For Salvation That Keeps Us Going.

None Of The Real Bad Actors Will Go To Jail . . . But We Will Persevere.

This will Never be Done, because Debauchery will Never be Done. And as soon as we Vanquish Evil & Reap The Rewards . . . We will Return to Complacency, where History Will Repeat Itself All Over Again.

At Least Now . . . We Are Heading Towards The Right Side Of History.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, when the gov’t (FCC) gets full control of the internet they will shut-down independent political bloggers…or make it very difficult for them. I keep reading this will happen.
    Regarding Giuliani….99.999% are all the same, cowards. Put the heat on them and they all back down.
    It gets worse by the day.

  2. You are right, Howard. Man is far from perfect. Man is sinful, and selfish. We all are. But there IS a God in heaven Who knows us and loves us, and desires to save us from ourselves. That is why He sent His Son, Yeshua – Jesus the Messiah, who paid the penalty for our sins by shedding His blood on the cross …. for all who would BELIEVE in Him and His sacrifice. He sure has made a HUGE difference in my life!! I am so very grateful!!

  3. Yes! Jesus Christ is Lord! And Donald Trump is God’s man! We must pray for Donald continually! God bless Donald Trump and God bless America!!

  4. Ayn Rand said it so well: “You can ignore reality, but you can’t escape the consequences of ignoring reality.”

  5. Herodotus said it in his Histories — no man shall do evil but that he shall be called to account for it. When it seems that the bad guys get away with everything imaginable, it is only an illusion – we know a judgement awaits, if not in this world, in the next.

  6. We’ll never know if the Sodom & Gomorrha story is TRUE, but when THOSE words ARE mentioned, the relationship to SEX is easily made. SEX is no longer RESPECTED!Its ABUSE is also RESPONSIBLE for the DOWNFALL of our SOCIETY. Everyone, especially the CHILDREN, are now EASILY EXPOSED to aLL SORTS of SEXUAL ACTIVITIES, etc… and DON’T even REALIZE the MEANING of the word SIN! Sadly, the TEN COMMANDMENTS have been CAST ASIDE, due to our VILE SOCIETY and LACK of FOCUS on GOD! GOD help us ALL! AMEN!

  7. The old saying still and will always apply. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it !!!

  8. Great editorial!!! As to Sodom & Gomorrah, those cities are being excavated as I speak. It looks like a possible meteor was responsible for their demise. It has always been amazing to me, how G-d uses natural occurrences to benefit His means. Oh, I feel that G-d is using Trump for this space in time. Remember, David was a sinner who desired Bathsheba having her husband “killed” by being at the front lines of defense in battle. G-d tends to use “sinners” for His own benefits. Trump is destined…

  9. I have posted before….doing it again. I believe God placed Trump in office and He will not abandon us.
    Divine intervention is our only hope of turning this nation around..but we have to do our part. Pray, pray, pray.
    God is waiting for His children to turn to Him again. Thank you Howard for your constant vigilence on our
    behalf. Mary

  10. “What goes around comes around” or “as you sow, so shall you reap”. There will be a judgement day for all.

    You stated “Donald Trump has been Destined to be our Moses, To Lead Us Back To The Promised Land.”

    Despite his orthodox ways he is doing just that. Excellent article. Look forward to your daily comments.

  11. We have to believe that justice will prevail. That the entire Obama administration will be exposed for their high crimes and misdemeanours and that many of those who abused their offices will be put in prison where they belong. If no one is punished there is no justice and Western civilization is doomed to extinction.

  12. In a “perfect world”, everybody would be “honest” (nobody would “lie, cheat, and steal”)! For most Christians, God gave people “Free Will” (pay enough at Church so, whatever “sins” you commit are “forgiven”)! In “Garden of Eden”, serpent, not Eve, is to blame! Never mind- lots of “snakes” in today’s society too! (That apple was the “knowledge of Good and Evil” in the Jewish faith.) Many today don’t know the difference: No Torah, no Bible, no Church, no faith= no responsibility for your actions!

  13. There is no reference/mention of any kind in the Bible that is attributable to a Christian USA. I fear that even tho Trump is God-ordained to stop things either in answer to our prayers or just not our time yet, it is temporary. Some have said the Harlot of Babylon in Revelation may be the USA. I could never imagine how man was so vile that God destroyed all but 8 people in Noah’s day; I can now. It will get worse. I cringe at what must come before the end of things. God help us, our only hope.

  14. Another great editorial! Reminded of the education system when talking to my 24yr old nephew about Assad. He asked me what leader would kill his own people and I responded, it has been done many times before, in the last century look at Mao & Stalin. His response, “Who are they?” Then a 50yr old friend from SC, but also educated in Canada, said she didn’t know who Mao was either.
    Brenda Yu, Kelowna, BC

  15. Great editorial Howard. One of the problems that we face today is semantics. Most of our liberal and Democrat friends believe that the following words are all synonyms. Indecency, honor, impropriety, Lie, Honesty, Cheat, virtue, Abuse, Cause Harm to Others, corruption, vile, Debauchery, Good honesty and Evil. WE ARE NOT WITHOUT SIN . . . BUT WE ARE ALSO NOT WITHOUT VIRTUE. I believe that Bible scribes used words that they understood to describe things they did not understand.

  16. Even with all of the Trump haters working against him, Trump is changing America for better times ahead.

  17. ANOTHER AWESOME blog, Howard, & I received so much from the other posts, as well. In fact, the other posts give me HOPE! I definitely agree, we need to pray for Pres. Trump, his cabinet, his family, & ALL CONCERNED…..we definitely are living in “perilous times”, with so many evil forces going on in THE WORLD!! Christians & Jews…..we all need to pray unceasingly for our countries, the world, etc., our G-d is an AWESOME GOD!!!!

  18. Correct you are Howard. They all support each other to our detriment. It will never change, it might have if Hillary had
    won and we had an Obama Third Term. I shudder to think. The Mid-Terms are going to be interesting. If things go the
    way I think they will, it will be a correction and a real new beginning.

  19. Howard this is just a question of you. If you feel you can choose whatever portion of scripture. You choose to dismiss or believe. Is that not you choosing to fabricate your own Religious beliefs. Which in essence is creating your own personal God. Other than the Historical picture of who, what and why. The only True God “IS”. Described to us by his WORD given to us. As a longtime follower and friend in cause and heart. Would you define this statement and your true feeling to me. Is “God” Truth.

  20. My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
    Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay…………

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