The Proximity Of Losing It All


First There Was Macron . . . Now There’s Merkel – Then There’ll Be May.

I GET IT 100% . . . The American LEFT has Destroyed America’s Sovereignty, just like the LEFT Destroyed European Sovereignty – and if you Never Read Saul Alinsky’s Papers, but especially his Classic Book “RULES FOR RADICALS”, you might be excused for not realizing . . . NOT JUST WHAT’S HAPPENING, But Rather What Has Already Happened.

ACCORDING TO THE PHILOSOPHY OF SAUL ALINSKY . . . The way to Stage a Successful Bloodless Revolution in a FREE SOCIETY, such as the United States of America, is to use that Society’s FREEDOMS TO DESTROY ITSELF.


THE LEFT HAVE BEEN OVERWHELMING THE SYSTEM FOR YEARS . . . But it took Barack Hussein Obama, a Fully Determined Elitist Limousine Socialist, to get it done “Mostly” within the Framework of the Law.


1 – Take Over Academia at the Most Primary Level, so in Generations, Academics will Rule Education from Pre-Kindergarten to the Universities.

2 – Make as many People as Possible . . . Dependent on Government.


3 – Make Financial Success in a Mercantile System, Something for which to feel Guilty, and make the TAKERS the VICTIMS of the Success of the MAKERS.

4 – Create CHAOS wherever Possible, best amongst the Races. In the case of the United States of America – Convince the Black Population that they’ve never Ceased being under the Thumb of White Supremacists.

And where there are no White Supremacists or Racial Discrimination to Speak of . . . Create the Narrative. And Turn White People Against White People – ONLY BECAUSE THEY’RE WHITE.


5 – Create a Society of VICTIMS. Make Women Victims of Men. Make Gays, Lesbians and Whatever-Else VICTIMS of Heterosexuals.

Make the Elderly Victims of the Young. And make those who refuse to look after their own Health, the VICTIMS of those who do.

6 – FLOOD AMERICA WITH DEBT . . . So much Debt – that the Government will Eventually Run out of Money, or make the Value of the Money Valueless, until the Government will Not Have The Wherewithal to Provide for the Masses . . . INVITING MASSIVE SOCIAL REVOLUTION ON THE LEFT.


7 – Convince the TAKERS from the Earliest of Age . . . that the History of America has been Evil, that America has been an Imperial Power, even if Unfounded & Especially by DENIGRATING amongst many things . . . White Males, the Full & Legitimate History of the South . . . Including the Men & Women who Create Corporations, which Create Jobs.

And Then Overwhelm The System With Guilt Ridden Poverty.


IT IS THEY, who Indoctrinate the Media, the Lawyers, the Politicians, the Bureaucrats & Eventually THE JUDGES, from the Justice of the Peace to the Supreme Court, who will DEFINE a Nation, and Move a Nation in any Direction the Majority is Prepared to Follow, Until It Becomes Too Late.


They Came So Close . . . But Has Thus Far Lost It In The Stretch.

Since The Days Of Woodrow Wilson & FDR . . . America has been on an Irresistible Path towards the LEFT, towards Socialism and a One World Order, and with 8-Years Of Hussein Obama – The LEFTISTS of the United States of America, have Never Come Closer to Realizing their Socialist/Communist Dream of their Elitist Idea of Utopia.

For Almost a Century . . . Great Writers & Thinkers, such as Ayn Rand & George Orwell have been Warning & Preparing us for this Eventuality, but most of “us”, Didn’t Believe . . . At Our Peril.

I AM POSITIVE . . . that virtually all of America – has no Concept whatsoever, at how Close America REALLY Came to Losing America’s Freedoms & Independence. And even now, as President Trump FIGHTS Everyday to Preserve and Restore American Values . . . The Forces of the LEFT, Representing all that is Socially & Politically EVIL, will do all they can – As They Say . . . TO RESIST.

But . . . To Resist What?

I Wasn’t Startled . . . to hear French President Macron Demean Nationalism, as he Repeatedly Promoted a One World Order, using the Term of – New World Order, which were the Identical Words Used By Bush-41, just after his Iraq War.


You Also Stop A Bad Guy With Words . . . By A Good Guy With Words.

IF WE STOP BEING VIGILANT. And if we Stop Standing-Up to Say & Do all that Needs to be Said & Done. And if we don’t Challenge the LEFT wherever they Need to be Challenged, Especially at the Schools, the Media, the Courts . . . And If Need Be . . . ON THE STREETS, we won’t Deserve to Enjoy the Freedoms, which MILLIONS of People Sacrificed so much for us to Benefit From . . . And We Will Lose It All.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . President Trump ISN’T Just Fighting Political American Insiders. President Trump is Engaged in a Winner-Take-All Global War Against the LEFT . . . Where There Is Just One Rule – WIN!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. AMEN!
    Sir, you are right on the money. Top apologize for speaking the truth is not the sign of a hue leader.

    Norm Conant
    Valdosta, GA

  2. America almost lost it….I agree that Trump has stopped or delayed this from happening. Canada however under Justin Trudeau has been lost and will never be the same. As an immigrant from Germany as a young boy of 9 in 1954 I came to Canada with my mother and brother and became a citizen, joined the RCN and loved saying that I am a ‘Canadian’. Now I’m sad that we are done as a freedom loving country. I now weep for my adopted country to see what has happened to her.

  3. I am baffled as to what is the bottom line for the Leftists. Whether the take down is by the World Order of Things or by the do-gooder snow flakes there will be no,repeat, no Left-overs for lunch. What then??? Stupid is what stupid does!

  4. Bravo, Howard. You brilliantly exposed the issues. Truly one of your better editorials.

  5. Years ago, Grumman Aircraft made a movie, “No Points for Second Place.” Who has superior aircraft, associated systems and tactics, wins. In this case it was the F-14 with the Phoenix missile and the E-2 radar aircraft. Ideas, concepts, and beliefs- instead of machinery- is where this “battle” will be won… or we’ll have to start over. Remains true: NO Points for Second Place.

  6. Thanks for taking the time for your blog today, Howard… As always, you hit the nail on the head! I read all of your comments every day… least I know that you do your homework before commenting and we receive the truth as you perceive it… which is awesome… have a great week-end!!

  7. I would love to see the RNC sue these stupid democrats for trying to keep President Trump from taking care of business.

  8. Great Editorial!People must remember that HUSSEIN OBAMA spent MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to COVER UP his PAST HISTORY. WHY weren’t people ALLOWED to KNOW what he TRULY REPRESENTED, especially since he was ‘running for PRESIDENT’? He spent 8 YEARS DESTROYING America and is STILL INVOLVED in TRYING to do so!Doesn’t Pres. Trump have the RIGHT to UNCOVER his PAST to prevent him from FURTHER HARM to our Country?BHO is EVIL to the core and will continue to COMPLETE his MISSION/DESTRUCTION!GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. Please keep an eye what happens to us who live in Cali., because like or not Cali is leading the way of the left. Those of us who are normal, responsible Americans (conservative) are at a massive disadvantage with the powerful left. Things are a changing, even if it’s a little. Those cities who have joined the fight (it’s gaining steam) against Gov. Moonbeam and his RIDICULOUS IMMIGRATION POLICIES are showing the rest of the country, hope, there are still some normal people wanting a change

  10. Usually I don’t comment, but this post is spot on. Hillary’s mentor:Alinsky; Alinsky’s mentor:Machiavelli. Alinsky stated that the 1st radical was Lucifer himself. Like all these people, Obama put himself above national law, morals & judiciary, instilling Marxist principles in healthcare, education & religion. I have read what you stated above (including much more) and its terrifying! A short article “The Prince/The Gospel Truth” is good too. I do believe Yahweh is winnowing the wheat today.

  11. Hi Howard, & this is really “frightening stuff”, the NWO being shoved down our throats, by the “LEFTIST LOONS”! I hope & pray it’s not too late for the USA to change…..we already have seen, where Canada has headed under the socialists, etc. I think we all have to pray for our Pres. Trump…..he has his “hands full”, with what is going on in our country, the media, corruption, & trying to “drain the SWAMP”! AMEN, PRES. TRUMP…..YOU ARE OUR LAST CHANCE, & IF GOD BE WILLING!!

  12. This is one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time, Howard. And I’m not surprised you wrote it. It is so important that I posted a link to it on Facebook. And, of course, I will post it to my conservative email newsletter. All Americans and others who care about our republic need to understand the danger to its survival caused by all of the progressive politicians and groups you have identified herein. Thanks much.

  13. I have a thought: IF N.K. does decide to JOIN S.K. is it because N.K. is actually destitute and NEEDS all of S.K.’s money, manufacturing, food, education? If so, could this lead to an INVASIONAL TAKEOVER? Then What? President Trump and the rest of the world will have more then they bargained for. MYPOV An excellent blog today Mr. G. God Bless

  14. To reverse the 60+ years of indoctrination via public education is daunting thought, & w/all the chaotic situations here & abroad, Mr. Trump getting it done or started in 4-8 yrs would be a miracle. Who would pick up the mantle when Prez Trump is gone – Ted Cruz perhaps? With the # of real conservatives leaving Congress this term (Gowdy, etc.) it will be harder unless replaced w/more of same. I desperately hope they vote a genuine conservative to replace Ryan; & McConnell same hoping he’s out.

  15. I’ve been in this battle since 2005. I wasn’t political or even very concerned before then, but I was red-pilled by my husband and haven’t been the same since. Everything we have we owe to being born in America. EVERYTHING. I love this country and I would die for this country–if it comes to Civil War with the Left, I stand behind President Trump with the rest of the patriots although I pray and work everyday to try and do what I can to prevent that. Kanye helped our cause immensely yesterday.

  16. Donald Trump will not be president forever. The way things look now he will be fortunate to last 4 years in office and will possibly have an opposition congress for the last 2 years of his term. He is as opposed by Republicans as he is by Democrats. The swamp is still in place and he will not be able to do much while he is playing defence. He must go on offence while he has some power. He needs real Republicans to support him or the US will be back to the Democrat anti-US agenda very soon.

  17. My thoughts: It was said by many that Donald Trump could NEVER be elected US President. Fortunately polling doth not an election make. Nobody said the road since his inauguration would be smooth— and it hasn’t been. But consider the alternative.
    What I am leading up to here is that maybe the good folks of Canada will see the light and throw the present bozo out and replace him with a real leader. I have Canadian relatives who love Justin and hate Trump. Hope they have to eat crow!

  18. Thanks for the BLOG which amplifies what I have been “preaching.” Until 1996 I was a Federal Employee and was prohibited from active participation in politics due to my position. I have felt exactly the same as you have expressed in this blog.

  19. The leftist billionaires, Bloomberg & Soros have spend millions influencing Oregon elections, including DA’s and other local positions. We are one state senator from the left having a super majority. Gov Brown (yep, another one) and the leftist Dems passed a tax on small businesses that eliminates the Trump tax cuts. She is proud of our state abortion mill, that murders 300 unborn babies/month. There are two proposed gun bills that will literally disarm all gun owners. The left is destroying us

  20. Read Jordan Peterson and become ‘DANGEROUS’. I said in ’95 that it was just a matter of time from that point on unless the ‘Right becomes more ‘Dangerous’ than the Left.

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